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Today is

Round of 9: American Classics - Results - April 4

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and we are here to mourn another idoler.
Joe: Which we can only hope is Sanjaya. :D
Don: lol
Gordon: Joining me tonight we have America's Favorite Canadian recapper, Don Harpwood
Don: Good evening!
Gordon: We also are here with America's Favorite Gaaaaaaame SHOOOOOOOoow Maaaaaannnnn... Mr. Joe Van GInkel
Gordon: Finally, we have America's favorite Grandma, Grandma Pepper
Joe: Hiya Grandma!
Grandma Pepper: Hi Guys! It's Tony Bennett night, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather see.
Don: Hi, Grandma!
Gordon: Now we play America's Favorite Idol Selection Game...


Gordon: We start with...

Blake Lewis

Joe: I'm stayin' out of this one.
Grandma Pepper: Safe, but he didn't get it. On a scale from 1-10, I give him a 5.
Don: I thought it was a nice start to the show. Safe.
Chico: Blake... I have a soft spot for that song having just gotten back from seeing a graduating Achordant sing it. Blake... he could roll with us. Safe.
Jason: Safe
Gordon: Safe...but exposed his pitch limits. Chris was the best male performance.

Phil Stacey

Don: Out.
Grandma Pepper: Phil is going home tonight. Out.
Chico: Phil... Phil... You keep doing the same things... and it's not working. The people aren't going to buy it this time. Out. BTW give my best to the baby.
Jason: Out.
Gordon: Needed to sing like his life was at stake. Sang like...his bags were packed. OUT.

Melinda Doolittle

Grandma Pepper: I bet Tony was proud. I was. Way Safe.
Don: Should be safe,
Chico: Melinda... safe. Next...
Jason: Safe.
Gordon: Safe in her own wheelhouse

Chris Richardson

Don: Safe. Sounded really good to me.
Grandma Pepper: A lot better tonight, but still not safe. Trouble.
Jason: Safe
Chico: a good recovery from last week. But you can only see-saw from good to mediocre and back so many times. Still, a couple of people had it worse off than he did. Safe.
Gordon: Safe. Outperformed Blake. Next week is going to be crucial in a battle between him and Blake to capture Phil's vote.

Jordin Sparks

Don: Another good one. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: I don't agree with Simon. She's one to watch and she did a great job. Safe.
Chico: Miles better than last week. Safe.
Jason: Safe
Gordon: She's now the person to beat. Safe

Gina Glocksen

Grandma Pepper: Not bad, but not great either. Trouble.
Jason: Trouble
Chico: Confounds and confuses me. She's singing "Smile... though your heart is aching" in a shirt that she got from Hot Topic, which is about as demure as it gets (don't even make me get into the Transformers story)... It just seems like there's a conflict in image and style. She's going to be in trouble, but not for that long, because she's still good.
Don: Trouble.
Gordon: I have her in a coinflip with Phil. Trouble, and if she leaves, it won't surprise me one bit.

Sanjaya Malakar

Anthony: Sanjaya out
Grandma Pepper: Sanjaya and Simon keep topping each other - Sanjaya with how much he butchers the song, and Simon with how much more descriptive he can get with the butchery. Sanjaya's legacy will be forevermore when American Idol 6's name is mentioned, his name will be the first one uttered.
Don: I really wish Sanjaya would go away, but the way things are going, he'll probably be safe.
Joe: Especially if Howard Stern and the Vote for the Worst people have anything to say about it.
Chico: Sanjaya... he's safe due to the fact that people can't get enough of him. Because, you know... people are dumb.
Gordon: Sanjaya - and I'll quote from Chico. There's one thing worse than bad, and that's mediocre. Bland enough so that neither the 9 year olds will vote or that VFTW was entertained. That spells TROUBLE

Haley Scarnato

Grandma Pepper: Just ok. She's safe for now
Chico: Okay, when she goes to the bridge... it's sharp... and the piece as a whole is just Broadway meets night-club meets High School Musical. Good for Miss America, TROUBLE for AI.
Don: Trouble. Didn't seem as good as most of the others to me.
Jason: Safe
Anthony: trouble
Gordon: Haley - She was in trouble last week and her fan base knew it. She sings much better this week and she has nice hooters. Safe.
Don: LOL

LaKisha Jones

Anthony: safe
Don: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Sassy, great performance. Safe.
Jason: Safe
Chico: That leaves LaKisha... whose right up there with Melinda. Safe.
Gordon: Safe, but if there's a surprise in the bottom 3, she's it. So in summing this up...

Grandma Pepper: Trouble - Gina, Sanjaya. OUT - Phil
Gordon: Trouble - Gina, Sanjaya. OUT - Phil
Jason: Trouble - Gina, Sanjaya. OUT - Phil
Don: Trouble: Gina & Haley. Out: Phil
Grandma Pepper: Trouble: Chris and Gina. OUT - Phil
Chico: TROUBLE: Gina, Haley. OUT: Phil.
Anthony: Haley, Gina trouble out Sanjaya

Anthony: Wow. Am I in the right room?
Gordon: wow?
Gordon: Right now, we have the recap...and the Ford Commercial with them all at a car wash...which turns into a tropical jungle
Don: And a cameo by Kermit.
Joe: Frogggggie-baay-bieeeeeeeeeeeee!
Gordon: We have groups of 3. Group #1 - Blake, Chris and Sanjaya
Anthony: oh boy
Gordon: Group #2 - Haley, Gina and Phil. Group #3 - Melinda, Lakisha and Jordin. Group and the Top Group. Duh.
Don: Of course.
Gordon: Group #1 the middle and safe.
Anthony: Oh boy. I'm done watching this show.
Joe: San-jay-a-sucks! (clap-clap-clapclapclap!) San-jay-a-sucks! (clap-clap-clapclapclap!)San-jay-a-sucks! (clap-clap-clapclapclap!)
Gordon: Besides Rojas, is anyone else surprised that this is your bottom 3?
Don: Not really.
Anthony: America what are you thinking?
Joe: They're thinking Sanjaya needs to hit the bricks. :D
Gordon: Heidi Adams won last week's Idol Challenge. This week's question -

Who was known as Chicken Little? Kevin Covais, Bucky Covington or Taylor Hicks?

Don: Easy. Kevin.
Joe: Kevin
Gordon: Tony Bennett...has the flu.
Anthony: lol
Gordon: BUT we get instead...Michael Buble. Michael was voting for...Antonella Barba??!!?!?
Grandma Pepper: Michael sang my cup of song, I enjoyed it. Loved it.
Anthony: I put him on MUTE
Gordon: Going back to the happy couch...Phil
Anthony: :P. Told you guys were on crack
Gordon: Almost 33 million votes, and safe. Gina is out.
Don: I enjoyed seeing Gina's performances...
Grandma Pepper: 8 people left. 7 more are going to be crying before its over.
Gordon: Gina, and her pickle - leaves. She sings, and that's the show. Here's the points -

TROUBLE: Phil, Haley. OUT: Gina.

Don: 14
Chico: 13
Gordon: 12
Jason: 12
Grandma Pepper: 11
Anthony: 8

Gordon: Final thoughts?
Anthony: yea AI6 is the final season. lol
Grandma Pepper: These songs are the classics, and it takes real performers to take on these classics. Unfortunately, with the exception of Lakisha, Melinda and Jordin, it was sad.
Gordon: And with that, we end the show. Thanks to Anthony, Don and Joe for joining us this evening
Anthony: gee young people who cant sing classic oldies.. what a surprise
Gordon: For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, wishing you all a pleasant Game Over


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