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Today is

Round of 20: The Results - March 1

Chico: Okay, the guys got better and the girls stayed the same, but the question we're here to answer tonight... Who's going home? The results... are in.
Gordon: We have them. Truly we do. and we'll give them to an hour.
Chico: Mr. Chico, here with you tonight.. Mr. Gordon here as well.
Gordon: Hola
Chico: Okay, we've got eliminations, challenges, and a Pickler later on in the broadcast, but first... time for some Fantasy Idol. Are you ready, Gordon?
Gordon: I'm Ready. So is Jason Block and, making her debut this season, Grandma Pepper!
Chico: Yay!
Gordon: Let's play...

SAFE, Trouble OUT!

Chico: First up...

Phil Stacey

Grandma Pepper: Not Stupendous. Trouble.
Chico: Safe
Gordon: A definite step backward last week. instead of sealing the deal for a
ticket, he now fights against 3 other people for 2 spots.

Jared Cotter

Grandma Pepper: Simon aside, voice looks and personality will send the girls
running to the phone. Safe
Chico: Safe
Gordon: Does anyone remember what he sang on Wednesday? Me neither.

AJ Tabaldo

Grandma Pepper: Good job. Safe
Chico: Safe.
Gordon: Absolutely had to deliver, and he did. I don't think it's enough. I keep thinking about Sway and how he left week 2. This may be his time as well to go. Out.

Sanjaya Malakar

Grandma Pepper: Really bad. Stepping out with my baby takes pizazz. Even his grandfather knew that. Out.
Chico: Out
Gordon: I will go against the grain here and say he survives. If you remember last week, according to Seacrest, he was in the Top 4. If he survives, it's only because the bland singers are not memorable enough to get votes...

Nick Pedro

Gordon: him. Buh-bye. Out.
Grandma Pepper: Some words of advice for Nick - Peggy Lee made Fever the world's sexiest song, You need to check her out. I did love your dedication. It's not enough. Out.
Chico: Say goodnight, Gracie. Out.

Blake Lewis

Grandma Pepper: Will be staying around. Safe.
Chico: Safe
Gordon: That's better. Now let's see if he can string 2 good performances in a row. Safe

Chris Sligh

Grandma Pepper: Really good! I Liked him. Safe.
Chico: Safe.
Gordon: Like Sundance, much better. Like Sundance, moves to the head of the line because no one that sang good from last week capitalized on it this week. Safe.

Chris Richardson

Gordon: He's got the kiddy vote. Safe.
Chico: Safe
Grandma Pepper: Did great! Made grandma proud. Safe.

Brandon Rogers

Gordon: Biggest disappointment of the evening. He has to do much better to make the Top 12 - that is, should he survive this week. Trouble.
Chico: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Needs to do a lot better. Much better. Trouble.

Sundance Head

Grandma Pepper: Good job
Chico: Safe
Gordon: Absolutely had to deliver, and he did. I don't think it's enough. I
keep thinking about Sway and how he left week 2. This may be his time as well
to go. Out.

Gordon: And now...the ladies...

Gina Glocksen

Grandma Pepper: Didn't love her. Trouble.
Chico: Safe.
Jason: "Alone" by Heart....screamed her performance. Pitchy as hell. OUT.
Gordon: I would have picked Heart's 'Never', but it works out very very well. Do one more hard song and you'll get the rocker vote - and with no male rockers, you will go very very far in this competition. Safe.

Alaina Alexander

Grandma Pepper: Not the next American Idol. Out.
Jason: "Not Ready to Make Nice" - Dixie Chicks. Pitchy...OUT
Chico: God no. Out.
Gordon: I can't see you surviving a second week. Great choice of song, but no execution behind it. Adios, Senora. Out.

LaKisha Jones

Grandma Pepper: Finally, a real performance and a real entertainer. Safe.
Jason: "Midnight Train to Georgia" - Gladys Knight and the Pips - Good. Not overwhelming. SAFE.
Chico: Safe... but she was much better last week.
Gordon: Common theme this week. Get out of R&B. Do something different. Safe.

Melinda Doolittle

Grandma Pepper: Wow!! Absolutely sensational! Melinda's the one - she's a songwriter's inspiration. I think we just heard our next American Idol.
Gordon: This is why she beats LaKisha. Now can she get out of R&B?
Chico: Safe.
Jason: "My Funny Valentine" - Best Performance so far. Way SAFE.

Antonella Barba

Grandma Pepper: Out of her league. Out.
Chico: Safe.
Jason: Celine Dion. Ordinary. SAFE though.
Gordon: Here's your problem. Any sympathy you may have had went out the window when you started to argue with the judges. When you do that, not even nude photos save your butt. Safe this week, but you will not make the Top 12.

Jordin Sparks

Grandma Pepper: Great! Definitely in the competition.
Gordon: Christna Aguilera is an excellent choice. I have her as a dark horse
Chico: Safe.
Jason: Safe.

Stephanie Edwards

Grandma Pepper: Nice performance, but not number one on my list. Safe this week though.
Jason: "Dangerously in Love" Beyonce. - I liked it, but it was a good copy. ...SAFE.
Chico: Safe.
Gordon: Here is your problem. LaKisha and Melinda have cornered the female R&B Market. You can't sing R and B now or else you will not make it to the Top 12, despite your excellent singing. Please, for your sake, select another genre next week.

Leslie Hunt

Jason: TROUBLE. She looked like she was having a seizure.
Grandma Pepper: Ok performance, but doesn't measure up. Out.
Chico: Out
Gordon: She did not do herself any favors with that performance. Too many strong singers in there could mean her swan song. Out.

Haley Scarnato

Grandma Pepper: I think she could do better. Trouble.
Chico: Safe
Gordon: Needed a good performance. Didn't get it. She's safe this week but out next week.
Jason: Queen of the Night - Whitney Houston - SAFE...but Vanilla.

Sabrina Sloan

Grandma Pepper: Ok...for now. Safe
Jason: "All the Man I need" - SAFE. Ok performance...nothing there.
Chico: Safe
Gordon: She was ok, not great,. And she also has to get out of R&B land.

Chico: Before we continue, Happy birthday, Brandon's Dad. =p
Gordon: Yay! And...we're...Live!
Chico: Okay, if you could give the game ball to one woman and one man... Me, it would be Chris R. and Melinda.
Gordon: I agree with you on both counts. They both took risks and it paid off.
Chico: And one thing I've noticed... I'm tired of people using the Jennifer Hudson excuse. It's a scapegoat. The fact is... you didn't deliver. And speaking of not delivering... who's up for a group number?
Gordon: Excuse me. Bathroom calls.
Chico: Meanwhile, we'll take "Joy to the World"...and Jeremiah and
his bullfrog. Do I sense a backing track?
Gordon: Backing Track?
Chico: On the group number, "Joy to the World"... I know they don't all sound like that...They can't. I know a few of the stronger singers go up and center ad-libbing. Melinda the most prevalent of those.
Gordon: I can't really tell what they are singing, since the background is washing them out
Chico: But as a group, they don't make the best choir...
Gordon: Nope. We have Ryan and 10 guys
Chico: Soon, it will be nine.
Gordon: None of the guys are feeling too good
Chico: It's time for the first cut. Samurai style.
Gordon: Phil - no seppuku needed, He's safe.
Chico: Chris R... not feeling too good. But grandma likes the move. Chris Sligh... also not in Trouble.
Gordon: Sundance...can keep on dancing. Safe
Chico: Blake Lewis... did Jamiroquai... and he's traveling, but not moving anywhere. Safe. He's traveling without moving. Good album. Go get.
Gordon: Jared is asked to come down and hang with Ryan. He
Chico: Nick... is out tonight. Thoughts, Gordon?
Gordon: Very expected. Bad choice of Song + Forgettable performance = Bye Bye
Chico: He was basically awash. The women are going to experience a similar cut, methinks. Nick Pedro sings us out with "Fever".
Gordon: I agree. You always get rid of the forgettable singers first,. That's why picking a safe song this early is tantamount to Seppuku
Chico: Speaking of... Nick has noticeably more charisma than yesterday. Now if he did that yesterday, he wouldn't be packing his bags.
Gordon: So NOW Nick decides to gyrate and make moves to the camera. Where was this yesterday?
Chico: Moral: Sing like you know you're going home. And now he can burn on outta here.
Gordon: Its time to get rid of a woman
Chico: That it is.
Gordon: Jordin is nervous
Chico: Stephanie is first... and nothing dangerous about her. She's still in it.
Gordon: Gina sang 'Alone'...but she won't be, because she gets to hang out with the women. Didn't Dial Idol mark both of them as eliminated?
Chico: Yep.
Gordon: Oops.
Chico: Sabrina is next... and her big voice... pays off. She's safe.
Gordon: Melinda is safe, of course.
Chico: Durrr. Which is more than what can be said for Alaina Alexander... She's also out. Her "Not Ready to Make Nice" was basically stifled from the get-go. She didn't really have the power to take on the Dixie Chicks, I thought. Gordon: Nope. She tells them all to sing their butts off and then she can't sing and goes to the women and gets a round of hugs instead.
Chico: And she completely forgot the first verse... ladies and gentlemen... THIS is why she is leaving tonight.
Gordon: The less said about this...the better. So lets go on, shall we?
Chico: Let's. It's American Idol Challenge time. Last week's winner... is scary looking.
Gordon: This weeks' Question -

Who Won a Grammy this year? Taylor Hicks, Carrie Underwood or Ruben Studdard?

Chico: Text a, b, or c to 51555 or freeroute to Please don't send us your answers. I can't stress that ENOUGH.
Gordon: We see Kellie Pickler, who tells everyone to be themselves.
Chico: Irony. And where the hell did that chest come from?
Gordon: Maybe from eating all of those Spider Sushi Rolls. She has also bought a lot of shoes.
Chico: Heh.. shoes.... Yeah, I'll believe that. She sings the co-self-penned "I Wonder".. INSERT JOKE HERE.
Gordon: Actually, she sounds good.
Chico: I'll have to differ. The SONG is good. The singer, she could be worse.
Gordon: True, but she sounds better now than she did on the show.
Chico: That's always the case. See, getting on the show is only the beginning. Throw in that studio magic and boom. I wonder if this song is about her dad.
Gordon: You think?
Chico: =p Okay, back to business.
Gordon: 1 more guy is on the chopping block. Chris not getting chopped. He's safe.
Chico: Brandon... is also safe.
Gordon: That leaves us with Sanjaya and AJ.
Chico: Gordon thinks AJ's going home. I think Sanjaya... Sanjaya also thinks Sanjaya. Sanjaya... is in a state of shock, because AJ is going to the land of parting gifts. Paula in so many words is calling shenanigans. Randy, same deal. But if you think about it... AJ wouldn't have won anyway.
Gordon: I'm completely not surprised by this.
Chico: Please explain. As AJ takes us out with "Feeling Good"
Gordon: Very bad choice of song. AJ is already on the bubble. He has to sing a well-known song and blow it out of the water. He did neither. 'Feeling Good' is not a well known song and he didn't do anything with it. In the first few weeks of Idol, the unknown people have to do something to stand out. The knowns have the advantage of the TV time. If both known and unknown tie, the vote goes to the known.
Chico: Except for tonight and again, we have a case of "shouldawouldacoulda." Shouldawouldacoulda... it's the song of fools. Aaaand the women are back. LaKisha... no surprise. She's coming back.
Gordon: Haley - safe.
Chico: And speaking of what you said before... Antonella, Jordin, and Doctor Who. One of them is going home. We both say Leslie. Antonella got mixed reviews...and she's back next week. Leslie and Jordin left..Leslie was forgettable. Jordin was unbelievable...And... Leslie was just caught up in the undertow. And it goes back to what you said about the knowns and the unknowns.
Gordon: Remember what I said about picking a bad song and not singing it with AJ? Repeat this and apply it to Leslie, who ironically, sings the exact same song that AJ did.
Chico: The onus is on the unknowns to be known. If they're not known, then they're going home (hey, there's Daughtry right now!). If you're going to sing "Feeling Good", you have to knock it out of the ballpark. See Cotter, Jared, who didn't sing the right song, but sang it as if he did. So we have 16 left.
Gordon: We do, as Leslie sings us out with the same crappy song that AJ just sang. Leslie can't sing the song either as Gina, Sundance and other cry their hearts out.
Chico: So who sang it better.. AJ or Leslie?
Gordon: Well, since they both got knocked out...uh...neither =)
Chico: I'm going off the board and I'm going to say Muse... or Michael Buble.
Gordon: I'll pick Jam and Spoon - now if someone picked the club version of this song, THAT would be nice.
Chico: So again, I'm not completely surprised by the results of this week.
Gordon: I believe I am 4 for 4
Chico: I completely missed AJ. But again, I understand. He wasn't going to get top 12 no way. Okay, final thought from the swami. Gordon?
Gordon: It's not good enough to not sing bad. you need to GET people to vote for you. All of you idolers for next year, please remember this,
Chico: Agreed. As for me, I'll disagree with Paula... again. This is not just a singing contest. This is a performing contest. It can't be enough that you sing well. Everyone sings well. Now it's time to let your personality go. Go out and sing as if it was your last song. That way you at least go out in a blaze of glory and showmanship.
Gordon: Instead of leaving it on the stage
Chico: In steaming tightly coiled piles. That'll do it for Idol this week... Tune in next week to see who'll make top 12 and who'll just make... said piles.
Gordon: For Chico, this is Gordon saying good night.


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