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Today is

Round of 10: Pop - Results - March 28

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and appearing on FOX will!
Jason: Go Yankees!
Joe: And I'm going to Angels Opening Day on Monday. :D
Gordon: Who wants Sanjaya?
Chico: Pass.
Joe: Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? :D
Jason: I am going to a Met game on the 13th
Gordon: Where are the Sanjaya Fauxsocks going to play?
Jason: LOL
Joe: On the I-5 in the path of an oncoming tour bus.
Chico: It is.. GONE!
Don: lol
Chico: It's going, going, going, and like AI's credibility on the music stage, it is ... outta here!
Joe: How the hell is everybody? It's been ages since I've talked to you guys.
Gordon: I'm good here - how's it going?
Chico: Alright. Just came from the doc's.
Joe: Exhausted. We've been working six-day workweeks since about a month ago.
Gordon: Ouch!
Chico: At least you don't have 13-hour days
Joe: Good point.
Gordon: Welcome to another Roundtable Idol. We're here with a full house this evening
Jason: Hello there.
Chico: And the joker to Gordon's ace, I'm Chico Alexander, alongside Joe Van Ginkel, Jason Block, and Don Harpwood.
Joe: Salute!
Don: Yo.
Gordon: And Grandma Pepper
Grandma Pepper: Hi guys. How are you all doing?
Jason: Very well, Grandma.
Joe: Hi, Grandma.
Grandma Pepper: Hope you're well and happy
Chico: You all know what we're here to discuss... Last night, Gwen Stefani and her many influences took the stage.
Gordon: We heard Gwen...and Sting....and...Donna Summer??!!?!?
Chico: Apparently Gwen's a very far-reaching girl.
Jason: Yeah.
Chico: But who'll "Hollaback Girl" and who'll America tell "Don't Speak"?
Jason: I have my choice.
Joe: I can only wonder what Mr. Chylinski would say. Gwen went to my high school, near Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.
Chico: You know, this has to be said... I don't know what a Hollaback Girl is... and I don't care =p
Gordon: Or who will be a Rich Girl and who will fall below the 'South Side'?
Jason: Or who they will say "Hey Baby" and who they will throw out with the "Bathwater"
Chico: Enough puns already!
Gordon: It's time to hear what everyone says as we play....


Chico: *fanfare*
Joe: *plays "first call" on bugle*
Don: Heh.
Gordon: We start with...

LaKisha Jones

Chico: Safe, but no longer the favorite.
Don: Safe.
Jason: Safe. I liked her performance.
Grandma Pepper: Did what she had to do about her song choice, but it didn't bowl me over. Safe.
Gordon: I think she's safe for now, but as the crowd starts to thin out, she's the third best R&B singer, and that could be problematic. not this week yet though. Safe.
Anthony: Safe

Chris Sligh

Joe: Safe
Grandma Pepper: Unfortunately, he's leaving tonight. Out.
Jason: He is OUT. That was a horrible performance when he needed something good.
Chico: I'm going to make a bold statement... and agree with Grandma Pepper... He's going to feel the Chris Richardson backlash. Goodbye, Charlie. Out.
Anthony: Out.
Don: Out.
Gordon: Mediocre Performance + Everyone voting to save Richardson + The Sanjaya Factor + All of the other guys actually singing well, for once = Buh-Bye. Out.

Gina Glocksen

Jason: Not a pretender. Way safe.
Don: I really enjoyed Gina's performance. Safe.
Chico: I'll stand by her any day. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: She's safe, but for me it was just an ok performance.
Gordon: I would have called her trouble, but 1. She shone when she needed to and 2. Haley was awful. Safe.
Anthony: Safe.
Joe: Safe.

Sanjaya Malakar

Joe: OUT!
Chico: Can I say, what the crap is up with that hair, first of all?
Don: No clue what the hair was about.
Jason: His performance was brutal, the hair was worse, BUT Chris was worse. TROUBLE.
Grandma Pepper: When Sanjaya performs, Simon says it all. He and his mohawk will survive tonight - but in the Bottom 3. Trouble. His days are numbered. The girls and his stunts won't keep him there too much longer.
Chico: Big trouble... He'll make it to next week, but I have a feeling he's actually trying to see how low he can stoop.
Don: Despite the hair, he'll make it through the week, but he'll be in trouble.
Anthony: Trouble.
Gordon: I think the sad thing here is that despite all of this, he was not the worst singer of the evening. Chris was. Based on the fact that the vote totals haven't been increasing, I don't think the Howard Stern movement is having much effect, and hence, although he is not out, he is in trouble though.

Phil Stacey

Grandma Pepper: Better this week. Safe
Joe: Safe
Don: Safe.
Jason: Much better this week.
Chico: Mr. Rollercoaster, member of the Bald Brotherhood. He was actually good this week. That'll keep him out of the bottom for once. Safe.
Jason: safe.
Anthony: Safe
Gordon: I am not as convinced as the rest of you, but I think that Sanjaya will find his way to the bottom three and Haley will join him. Safe.

Melinda Doolittle

Grandma Pepper: Melinda is Melinda is Melinda. Safe.
Anthony: Safe
Jason: Another great performance. Safe
Don: Safe. It's Melinda, of course.
Joe: Safe
Chico: Do you even have to ask? She's so safe, she's safecracker...
Gordon: Safe - BUT - she and Lakisha have to both expand what they have been doing, or they will both be leaving much earlier than they should be.
Chico: I'll respectfully disagree with you here, G. I haven't seen Melinda do something uptempo until this week. Diversification isn't all about genre this, genre that, it's also about what style of song you specialize in.
Gordon: I want to see her do something that doesn't make me go - Oh look, the R&B singer is doing another R&B song.

Blake Lewis

Anthony: Safe
Joe: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Not the Idol, but Blake is the best of the guys. Safe.
Don: Certainly safe.
Chico: Blake's the best of the boys. Safe.
Jason: I liked this performance. SAFE.
Gordon: Did you know that 311 covered this song?
Chico: Yep.
Jason: Yes.
Don: Yep.
Jason: Yes.
Chico: The 50 First Dates OST
Gordon: Ok then. Safe.

Haley Scarnato

Chico: Oh look, Vibrato Girl is back. Trouble.
Joe: Trouble
Grandma Pepper: not great. Trouble
Chico: That was a forced performance.
Don: Should've been better. Trouble.
Jason: Oh yeah...Cyndi Lauper said...what were you thinking? TROUBLE.
Gordon: Cyndi Lauper may have been throwing something at her television set. The only reason why she will not be leaving this evening is because Sligh bails her out. Trouble.
Joe: (Friends at home, you'll notice that except for Chris Sligh, and Sanjaya, I'm pretty much going with the consensus here. :D)
Gordon: Well, Joe, we're all studly like that.
Chico: Okay, Mr. Studly, what say you about...

Jordin Sparks

Jason: I hated the performance. But she is way safe.
Joe: Safe
Don: Safe.
Anthony: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: For me, Jordin moved a step up tonight. Hers was the only performance I really really enjoyed. Safe.
Chico: Umm... Okay, the judges say she was most improved and that they liked it, but I didn't like it at all...Still safe, though, because of previous greatness.
Gordon: I thought it was an excellent performance. I think that the little kids liked this one. Safe and gaining

Chris Richardson

Jason: Didn't like it either. But he's safe too.
Grandma Pepper: Safe but only for now. I think he's on very thin ice.
Don: Safe.
Anthony: Safe.
Joe: Trouble
Chico: Not a winning way to close the show. I mean, if you're the closer, you got to bring it... and he didn't. Still, the backlash from last week is going to save him.
Gordon: He's going to be bailed out because he was in trouble last week. That
being said, he's living on borrowed time and it wouldn't surprise me if he
was in trouble. I'll say safe though. So to sum this up...

Jason: So Trouble for me--Haley and Sanjaya--OUT...Chris. S.
Chico: Trouble: Haley, Sanjaya. OUT: Chris S.
Grandma Pepper: Trouble Haley, Sanjaya. OUT - Chris S.
Gordon: Trouble Haley, Sanjaya. OUT - Chris S.
Anthony: Trouble Haley, Sanjaya. OUT - Chris S.
Joe: Trouble: Haley, Chris R. Out: Sanjaya
Don: I know this sounds like a broken record, but... Trouble: Haley & Sanjaya. Out: Chris S.

Chico: No, it just means that you're smart, Don.
Gordon: Would anyone be shocked if Sanjaya was eliminated?
Chico: ... Shocked? Hell, I'd be THRILLED!
Jason: Not a one.
Joe: Not me! I picked him!
Chico: We're going to TV City in five.
Joe: TV City > all :D
Chico: We're all waiting for start time. As in "Lady and gentlemen, it is start time... are you ready for START TIME!?"
Jason: Yes!
Joe: Let's get ready know the rest.
Gordon: Are you ready to see Sanjaya's new hairdo?
Jason: Nope.
Chico: Looks strikingly like his old one!
Don: Oh, geez... LOL
Gordon: And Ryan is wearing the Sanjaya do.
Jason: Very cool!
Chico: Seacrest comes out rockin' the fauxhawk. Why? No idea.
Joe: To see if anyone's paying attention.
Chico: Tonight, results, AI Challenge, and Gwen Stefani sings.
Gordon: Last week, No Doubt there was going to be a big night Jordin and Chris R. start with raves. Chris S. and Phil got policed.
Joe: WE WANT NO DOUBT! (clap-clap-clapclapclap) WE WANT NO DOUBT!
(clap-clap-clapclapclap) WE WANT NO DOUBT! (clap-clap-clapclapclap) WE WANT NO DOUBT! (clap-clap-clapclapclap)
Grandma Pepper: I found the show to be very disappointing. For the first time, I found it to be lackluster
Chico: Melinda and LaKisha take on Donna Summer... and win. Haley sees True Colors, but Blake's Lovesong to Paula was the best. But the star of the night... Gina...Oh yeah, and the thing with Sanjaya's hair.
Gordon: You don't think Idol is happy with Sanjaya? They are milking him for all its worth.
Jason: Or it could be the goodbye Sanjaya show.
Chico: I never said they weren't milking him. I'm just saying... you know, people are talking now. And most of the talk is... "What the crap is up with that?" Mind if I share something I told Gordon this morning?
Gordon: Go for it
Chico: "To stop Sanjaya, 1, 2, 3, here's a new way that's trouble-free... It's got the Chairman's guarantee.... Guarantee void in Tennessee... Just don't look, just don't look..."
Don: lol
Gordon: By the way, Fluffy the hamster has officially clinched the NCAA Bracket win, thanks to G-Town beating North Carolina.
Jason: lol
Chico: I'm still in the women's bracket hunt, though.
Gordon: How did you like your Kentucky Fried Tarheels, Chico?
Chico: Please don't talk about that game, Gordon. I begged to have a stroke. This week's Ford video... "I Fought the Law"..
Gordon: We go to the Wild Wild West, with Chris Richardson being the outlaw.
Jason: In Horses. Nice Mustangs.
Chico: Okay, there's a podium out, which means it's time...
Jason: Bottom Three. SAFE.
Chico: LaKisha is next... also SAFE.
Gordon: Phil is...back in the bottom three.
Jason: Whoa!
Chico: Not a shocker, but still.... what?
Gordon: Melinda
Chico: Chris Richardson... SAFE
Jason: SAFE?
Joe: O_O
Don: Wow.
Chico: "What do I have to do to get rid of you?"
Jason: Not a surprise.
Gordon: Nope. Neither is Haley going to join Phil in the Bottom Three.
Jason: Jordin is safe.
Chico: Leaving Gina and Chris S. We'll put you in suspense while Gwen Stefani sings with Akon.
Jason: Well why do you think Phil is there?
Chico: I don't know. I can probably tell you why Sanjaya is not there.
Jason: Why?
Chico: Of all 10 finalists in the running... he's the least threatening and the most teen-idolish.
Jason: ambigiously asexual.
Chico: Just a theory.
Joe: Like Gordon's Chaos Theory.
Gordon: He also wasn't the worst singer - and - he can put on a show.
Chico: I mean, Sanjaya's really going to have to step it up to mediocre in order to even stand a chance of going home.
Don: Heh!
Chico: Because as we all know, the pecking order is good, bad, mediocre. Right now, Sanjaya is just "bad". If he really applies himself, he could be mediocre... and then... God help him.
Gordon: The funny thing is that I don't think Idol wants him to go anywhere
Chico: Okay... we'll see who goes where after the AI Challenge. Today's question...

Who from Birmingham AL is dubbed the Velvet Teddy Bear?
a) Bo Bice, b) Ruben Studdard c) Taylor Hicks.

Gordon: Amanda Avila is not one of the choices?
Joe: Neither is Amy Jo Johnson, so shaddap.

Joe: It ain't Bo Bice, I'll tell ya that much.
Chico: Sorry, dawg. Go to to play. Now with "The Sweet Escape", here's Gwen Stefani and Akon.
Jason: I love her.
Chico: I have a soft spot for her... I'll admit it.
Don: Gwen rocks.
Joe: (In music, in baseball...and when I get my first hosting gig, in game shows, too. :D)
Chico: If you need an announcer, I hear Burton Richardson will be freer in a couple of weeks after Great American Dream Vote goes under.
Jason: LOL
Joe: <Burton Richardson>Alter-cockers!</BR>
Grandma Pepper: A pro performance from a pro.
Joe: Who? Gwen or A-Crap? (SMACK THIS, FOOL!)
Gordon: Don't forget to see Gwen and A-Crap on tour, starting April 21.
Chico: Back to business after Fox tries to sell you stuff.
Joe: Isn't trying to sell you stuff business, like trying to sell Sanjaya as a pop star? :P
Chico: That's going to take the power of a Wal-Mart.
Joe: (For those playing the home game, I've been working six-day workweeks and I'm just a little loopy right now.)
Gordon: What's the difference between now and any other time? =)
Joe: Shaddup.
Gordon: Everyone still believe Chris Sligh is leaving?
Joe: Not me.
Chico: ... Yes. Yes I do.
Jason: I do.
Don: I do.
Jason: Yup.
Chico: Okay, joining Phil and Haley...Chris Sligh.
Jason: Told you.
Gordon: No surprise. Phil, Haley and Chris S.
Joe: Bottom three doesn't mean he's toast.
Chico: Nope. Being sent back to the couches... Phil
Gordon: Phil is not toast
Chico: Backlash next week. Just watch.
Gordon: Gina better sing very very well next week.
Chico: Oh yeah. Who's leaving? Randy doesn't know. Paula won't say...Simon picks Curly.
Joe: Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
Chico: After three weeks on Idol, and after 30 million votes tabulated, leaving tonight... is Chris Sligh.
Jason: Good bye.
Chico: Hey... that rhymes!
Gordon: And we say goodbye to one of the 2 representatives of Vote For the Worst.
Chico: So I guess Chris won't be making David Hasselhoff cry any time soon...
Don: Bye bye, Sligh.
Gordon: And since Chris Sligh is part of VFTW, guess who his votes are going to?
Don: Sanjaya?
Jason: Sanjaya.
Chico: Sanjaya.
Gordon: Yep. Sanjaya will make the Top 8.
Chico: Chris Sligh sings "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" one more time before disappearing.
Grandma Pepper: Chris made a couple of bad mistakes
Jason: He was brutally bad.
Chico: He really was. He never found that pocket.
Gordon: He was bad when he absolutely could not afford to be
Joe: Welp, that's another year my horse gets shot before it reaches the finish line.
Gordon: We all knew that there was going to be a Chris Richardson backlash this week
Don: Who owes him $50?
Gordon: Phil does
Don: Ah.
Chico: And now there's going to be a Phil Stacey backlash.
Gordon: This actually was better than last night. If he sang it like that, he may have been safe and Haley may have been leaving.
Chico: Either that, or Phil's in the bottom twice in a row. If he goes there one more time, there's no going back. Tony Bennett is the theme ingredient next week.
Gordon: I think that if Gina sings well, that Phil is in deep deep doo doo
Chico: Oh, Gina'll sing well. How about Haley, though? You know she has to have a solid base somewhere, right?
Gordon: Haley's fan base will be coming out of the woodwork to vote for her. If I'm Chris Richardson, I have reason to be concerned as well.
Jason: Sanjaya is safe next week too I think.
Gordon: I think he will be safe, just becasue I expect Chris's votes to go to him.
Chico: With Tony Bennett as the theme? Who knows indeed.
Gordon: I think Tony Bennett fits right in the Wheelhouse of LaKisha, Melinda and Jordin. Old Standards. Phil's voice should also fit right in there. Gina could have some massive difficulty
Gordon: Ok. it's time to wrap this one up. Any final statements?
Joe: This is what I get for working nights.
Jason: This one was the least shocking elimination so far.
Don: If Sanjaya tries another weird hairdo next week, I'm changing the channel.
Gordon: And here are some points:

TROUBLE: Phil, Haley. OUT: Chris S.

Don: 9

Gordon: 8
Grandma Pepper: 8
Chico: 8
Jason: 7
Anthony: 7
Joe: 1

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, wishing all of you a good evening. Spread the love.
Chico: Nite all!
Jason: Good night


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