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Today is

Round of 12: Diana Ross - Results - March 13

Chico: Okay, Diana Ross. Big voice, big hair, big repertoire. The Idols got to sample from said repertoire...
Gordon: And tonight, someone's taking a big shower because yesterday, they took a big dump.
Chico: Ewww.. Don't forget to flush first! Anyway, time for the first round of Safe, Trouble, Out.
Gordon: Gordon Pepper here along with Chico Alexander as we start the finals.
Chico: For those new to the coverage, please explain how this works.
Gordon: Ok. All of us select one person who we think is out and 2 people we think are in trouble. We get points for that and whoever has the most points unseats me, who is the big champion. We start in order, so we start with...

Brandon Rogers

Chico: Can I sing? I'd like to sing... "When I think of home, I think of.... Brandon Rogers." He's out.
Grandma Pepper: I think this is last night, but if he gets to stay, he has to get with it. I don't think he'll have the opportunity to get with it. Out.
Jason: Out.
Don: Out.
Gordon: You can't forget the words and not even give a good attempt to fake it. Out.
Anthony: Out.

Melinda Doolittle.

Grandma Pepper: I'm joining the goosebumps list! Safe
Chico: Amazing how polar opposite performances were 1-2 this week. She's so safe.
Gordon: I think that she's safe, BUT she needs to get younger.
Chico: I don't know. I mean, I was familiar with the song. But then again...  heh.
Gordon: You're an old fart
Chico: You're older than I am :-)
Don: Safe.
Anthony: safe

Chris Sligh

Grandma Pepper: Wrong song choice. Watch it. Trouble.
Gordon: Safe only because he had some good will left over from the first 3 weeks.
Jason: Trouble
Chico: Diana Ross a la Coldplay. Points for taking a risk, but it's way too early for that. His fans will bail him out though.
Don: Safe.
Anthony: safe

Gina Glocksen

Grandma Pepper: Not my cup of song, but safe
Chico: Another favorite who will be saved by her fans. She needs to watch the theatrics, though. Safe.
Don: Safe.
Gordon: It is my cup of song, and I think Rock Chick is safe.
Jason: Safe
Anthony: safe

Sanjaya Malakar

Chico: Who easily had the second-worst time of the night. And the worst hair.
Grandma Pepper: The very fact that he chose that song shows how far out of his depth he is!!! He's safe for now, unfortunately. He's not going yet.
Chico: But he has the most loyal fans, so he's not going anywhere.. although he needs to.
Gordon: He's got Vote For The Worst, Hawaii, and now Howard Stern behind him. Safe.
Don: Safe.
Jason: Safe
Anthony: safe

Haley Scarnato

Grandma Pepper: Think that she was just nervous. Can and will do better. She has the American Idol look, which won't hurt her. Safe
Chico: Cute. Vulnerable. Forgetful. At least owning up to it. I think she's safe... for now.
Don: Trouble.
Gordon: I think that she could be a very interesting dark horse if she can get a good song going next week. Safe.
Jason: Trouble
Anthony: Trouble

Phil Stacey.

Chico: He wasn't as scary-looking, you know?
Grandma Pepper: Okay job. I liked him. Safe
Chico: It was a middle of the road performance, so yeah... safe.
Don: Safe.
Gordon: He was good this week. he can't keep on having up and down performances, especially since I think the guys are going to be targeted to leave early. Safe for now though
Jason: Safe
Anthony: safe

LaKisha Jones

Chico: Now SHE's falling into the Mandisa trap.
Grandma Pepper: How could you not love her!!! Safe
Chico: But she's safe.
Don: Safe.
Gordon: I think they both are, but neither will get snared yet. Safe.
Jason: Safe
Anthony: safe

Blake Lewis

Grandma Pepper: Not great tonight. Has sung better. Safe
Chico: Gotta hurry it up. He's got fans. Strobe lights will save him. Safe.
Don: Safe.
Gordon: You can't take these risks early. Safe, but wouldn't surprise me if his lack of mainstreamism puts him in the bottom three.
Jason: Safe
Anthony: safe

Stephanie Edwards

Chico: Trouble. Copycat.
Don: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Not a bad performer, and I think she will heed the judges advice. Safe
Chico: We're live, BTW. Challenge and Diana Ross later.
Gordon: I think that if Brandon doesn't leave, she will. Trouble.
Anthony: Safe

Chris Richardson

Chico: Don: Trouble.
Grandma Pepper: Not his shining hour. Trouble
Chico: Me... trouble. He's been BETTER.
Jason: Safe
Gordon: I think that Taylor Hicks is not in Idol this year - and he may be leaving sooner than later if he tries to emulate it. Trouble.
Anthony: Trouble

Jordin Sparks....

Anthony: Safe
Grandma Pepper: DEFINITELY IN THE TOP 3. Safe. The girl is a performer.
Chico: That's what you call a closer. Safe.
Don: Safe.
Chico: We have the first group number... with a tribute to the lady of the night, Diana Ross...
Gordon: Isn't it nice when they sing normally without trying to make weird arrangements to it?
Chico: Totally.
Gordon: I love it. Not only am I humming, but I'm toe-tapping. Now where was this vocal clarity last night?
Chico: Lost in the lyrics, I bet. :-) It was the top 12 curse. The first round of the finals is always the most painful. It's like dipping your foot in the pool... finding out it's too cold, and then drawing back. Last night was almost a jerk response.
Gordon: And here our obligatory FOX Star cheese shot with Michael Rappaport.
Chico: Woo-hoo. Watch our crappy sitcom. So Anthony, you watched last night... Thoughts on the night overall?
Anthony: i thought it went well for the women
Gordon: First Ford Video
Chico: The song, "Float On" by Modest Mouse. And Chris S has bigger hair than usual.
Gordon: We get hippies, Afros, Breakdancers, Mods, and Modern era
Chico: The term is beatboys, not breakdancers :-) Okay, let's talk top 12.
Gordon: And we start early.
Chico: Three people will join Ryan center stage.
Gordon: Lakisha is, Gina Brandon the bottom three, but at least he realizes this and is not shocked.
Chico: One point for me :-)
Gordon: 1 point for everyone. Jordin
Chico: Chris R... safe.
Gordon: Melinda in the bottom.
Chico: Well, I can understand that... he gave a middling performance. And the hierarchy is good, bad, middle. Chris S is safe tonight.
Gordon: Stephanie is safe as well. And so is Blake
Chico: Blake... Kim Wilde wanna be... :-) Which leaves Haley and Sanjaya. We'll see who joins Phil and Brandon.... after the break... Diana Ross... and this week's AI Challenge. Okay, G. Why is Phil in the bottom this week?
Gordon: Phil's in the bottom because 1. the guys suck and 2. He has been very very inconsistent.
Chico: That's true, but I want to go a step further in saying that the performance... forgettable. I only remember the name of it because "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" is my favorite Diana song. This week'a AI Challenge...
Gordon: Who did Simon Cowell predict would sell more albums? a) Kelly Clarkson, b) Carrie Underwood or c) Taylor Hicks.
Chico: Text to 51555 or free-route to Please don't send them here.  Oh, did we mention that Diana Ross has a new CD coming out? And tonight, she's performing a bit from it, "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday".
Anthony: really .. why?? she broke?
Chico: Probably.
Grandma Pepper: I think she's Lady Diana Ross.
Gordon: She still sounds great.
Chico: That's true.
Grandma Pepper: She's lady Di. That says it all.
Chico: She engages the top 12 in her act. Particularly Melinda... Gee, someone's playing favorites. A standing O all around, and really, why the heck not. She'll be on tour soon. Check for dates.
Gordon: don't forget to go to a media ho...I mean Diana Ross's web site.
Chico: She says that this show is an inspiration to America's young people... and that SHE'S going home. Nice call. Nice safe uncontroversial pick.
Gordon: Haley or Sanjaya in the bottom three?
Chico: I'm going out on a limb and saying Haley.
Anthony: well to be honest that's a toss up
Chico: Sure I could say Sanjaya, but that would be TOO easy.
Anthony: I think Sanjaya is staying other week just because Haley forgot her words and thats bad
Gordon: You can make a case for either of them to be at the bottom.
Chico: That's true. But Haley has more of a personality now than Sanjaya.
Gordon: I'll say Sanjaya is at the bottom, because I think Haley is going to get the sympathetic vote.
Chico: If only because she broke down on stage after her performance, while Sanjaya just stood there pretty as usual.
Grandma Pepper: I agree with that and go with Sanjaya.
Chico: A split in the panel. This is a tossup in every sense. (watching "Til Death" commercial) So that's what Television City looks like in the daylight.: Okay, go time.
Anthony: wow
Chico: Haley... is safe.
Gordon: And going to the bottom three is...Sanjaya
Anthony: well he did need to go weeks ago
Gordon: So much for VFTW and Howard.
Chico: Going back to the couches... Phil.
Gordon: Phil gets to go back to the safety couch
Chico: Brandon and Sanjaya are in the bottom two. After the national vote of 28 million... Sanjaya.... is safe.
Gordon: Sanjaya .is staying...but only barely.
Chico: You know what this means, right? Sanjaya's fans are mobile now.
Anthony: lol. great line
Gordon: Brandon is gone. And not surprised.
Chico: Farewell montage for him... and "It's never over."
Grandma Pepper: I want to say how lucky the group was to have that experience with Diana Ross
Chico: Yep. And it's only the beginning.
Grandma Pepper: Whether they leave or they stay, it can only be so close, and all of them were thrilled by it
Gordon: And what did Dial Idol predict was leaving?
Chico: Stephanie Edwards. It's my first time at God I hope I got that right. Please say I got that right.
Gordon: Yes - they had Stephanie. And...everyone got 3 points.

TROUBLE: Phil, Sanjaya. OUT: Brandon

Gordon: 3
Chico: 3
Anthony: 3
Grandma Pepper: 3
Don: 3
Block: 3

Chico: If you knew then why'd you ask me? Was this some sort of trap?  Okay, explain the scoring now... one point for each person you have in the bottom three, and two if you correctly call the vote out?
Gordon: right
Chico: So you and me and everyone else have a running score of... 3. I want to blame the utter sucktitude we have this year for us being off. It was easy to see who was going home... Who was in the bottom? That was a tough call.
Gordon: Very true. You could have had 7 people in the bottom without an issue. You could have seen any of the guys down there. I'll say this for Dial Idol - if your name wasn't LaKisha or Melinda, you could have been down there tonight.
Chico: Or Jordin for that matter. You didn't need Dial Idol to figure THAT one out.
Gordon: but at least we got the evictee right.
Chico: That wasn't hard. The question is... who follows him? I think next week will also be telling. My eye will be on a lot of people. And if you don't perform... well, you're in trouble.
Gordon: I think that The guys need to be very, very concerned. 3 guys at the bottom - and I don't see that trend ending anytime soon
Chico: I don't know... Sanjaya at the bottom. Might just be enough to mobilize. Which means Blake and the two Chrises may have to give 115% next week.
Gordon: yep - Stephanie is not out of the woods either.
Chico: Okay. The pace is set. Come back next week to see who'll stumble out of the gate and who'll play catch-up. We'll see you then. G'night, everybody.
Gordon: gnight


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