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Today is

Round of 24: The Results - February 22

Welcome to the first results show of American Idol. I am Gordon Pepper, and once again, I am the moderator. Now as this is the first episode, we don't have the full crew yet. However, we do have their predictions.

Guys -

Well, none of them did anything on night one, but keep in mind that Idol is a marathon and not a sprint. That being said, certain people need to lace up the shoes...

Rudy Cardenas

Gordon: You don't have to lace up anything, you're not getting past this week. Out.
Chico: Not the best start for the night. Out.
Jason: OUT. His performance of Free Ride was totally uninspiring. He had a big job to do in the opening slot and blew it.

Brandon Rogers

Jason: Eh. Neither here nor there. It just was. Safe.
Chico: Experience pays off. Safe.
Gordon: He's in my Top 6. He has the potential to be a dark horse because of his background. I think both him and Melinda will surprise.

Sundance Head

Jason: The judges hated him. I didn't hate on him as much, but it wasn't a breakout performance. Safe.
Chico: Still hasn't pulled something out to make America like him.
Gordon: Awful Awful Awful. That being said, he got a ton of exposure time and that will make him safe for at least 2 weeks while we get rid of the unknowns who sucked.

Paul Kim

Gordon: A known who sucked. Should be safe this week. MUST produce next week. Trouble.
Jason: Wouldn't be surprised if he left. He would be my alternate if I didn't have another choice to go. This was a horrible performance.
Chico: I'm going to have to recuse myself, because "Careless Whisper" is my signature cover song... that and I'm afraid I might have to hurt the poor boy's feelings.

Chris Richardson

Chico: So what?
Jason: OK. Again. Didn't thrill me, but didn't bore me either.
Gordon: Safe only because you can only get rid of 2 guys this week.

Nicholas Pedro

Chico: Is that ALL he can do?
Jason: Eh. A lot of boring performances on Tuesday night and this was one of them.
Gordon: Not the song that I would have picked. Must choose better next week.

Blake Lewis

Gordon: Best male performance of the night. His versatility is going to make him a very strong candidate to win the whole thing. At least Top 4.
Jason: My male leader after week (weak) one. A standout performance among average singers. Very very good stuff.
Chico: Better than he realizes. Safe, but kinda in a daring way.

Sanjaya Malakar

Chico: The hair was the best part of that.
Gordon: We're going to find out this week just how loyal Indians vote for their own, because his song didn't appeal to almost anyone else.
Jason: Also in my bottom 2. Chicken Little 2007. He should be gone after this week. If I were I would latch onto him like a leech. He is 17, sounds like he is 12, and looks so out of place. And his performance of the Stevie Wonder tune was just brutal.

Chris Sligh

Jason: His performance was ok, but his attitude hurt him this week. You have to man up, and fighting with the judges will only get you so far.
Chico: This year's Jon Peter Lewis.
Gordon: Not bad, but, and a BIG but, do NOT argue with the judges. Kevin Covais and you remind me of each other. Unfortunately for you, neither Kevin, Vanessa Olivares or anyone else who played that role lasted higher than 11th.

Jared Cotter

Jason: Another ok performance. It was very bland.
Chico: Too safe.
Gordon: He sang like he wanted to get to the Top 12 but not win the competition. That seems just about right...

AJ Tabaldo

Jason: Middle of the Road stuff...nothing good or bad.
Gordon: No face time, no good performance, and someone who was the same ethnic type, Sway Penala, went out week #2 last season. AJ is nowhere near as good as Sway. Out this week.
Chico: Bye...

Phil Stacey

Jason: My 2nd choice for best performance. Good stuff.
Gordon: Not great. Good. This season, with guys, good gets you into the Top 12, but probably not a heck of a lot further.
Chico: A good note to end the show on.

And now, the ladies...there are a LOT of great singers here, but they are almost all in the R&B roots. The first one who gets out of R&B and starts getting into pop and country will have a HUGE advantage to winning this competition.

Stephanie Edwards

Chico: Came to play.
Gordon: I see 4 women being in the final 6 this year, and I see her being one of them. Can she diversify?

Amy Krebs

Chico: Can't make us love you. Out.
Gordon: I see 4 women being in the bottom 6 this year, and she is one of them. She survives this week, but not by much.

Leslie Hunt

Chico: Kinda unnatural.
Gordon: Weird and affected. She'll be competing for the final 2 slots for the Top 12.

Sabrina Sloan

Chico: Should've gone to Hollywood a long time ago.
Gordon: Dark horse. She could surprise with some good song choices.

Antonella Barba

Chico: I wish I could miss that.
Gordon: The only thing that spares her is if enough people look at her pictures of her licking other women's breasts and hope she'll do the same thing live in front of millions of people.

Jordin Sparks

Gordon: Not only does she pick a great song, she picks a non-R&B song that was completely different than anyone else did. Top 4 and a Dark horse to win the whole thing.
Chico: Now give us another reason why you should stay there.

Nicole Tranquillo

Chico: Indulgent!
Gordon: The definition of Indulgent - picking a song that you love that no one else has ever heard of. The definition of eliminated - what Nicole will be if she picks another song like that again.

Haley Scarnato

Chico: Operatic. Too operatic.
Gordon: Another singer competing to make the final 12 and then be one of the first women eliminated in the finals.

Melinda Doolittle

Chico: Enjoyed it.
Gordon: Best female performance of the evening. Great song selection, and I am feeling that her background will get her diversity a plenty. Top 4.

Alaina Alexander

Chico: You're not THAT special.
Gordon: It was bad that you had to go right after her, but worse that you did absolutely nothing up there. People with A's are leaving early, Alaina, Antonella, AJ...

Gina Glocksen

Chico: Should've gone through last year, really.
Gordon: Terrible choice of song, but she pulled it off. Now PLEASE pick a GOOD NOT OVER SUNG song. Please?

LaKisha Jones

Chico: As if to say "My name is LaKisha Jones... REMEMBER IT."
Gordon: Everyone loved it...except me. It's a song that everyone selects. My fear is that she's a one style pony, as I haven't her sing anything besides R&B. There's always one major upset in the show, and she's probably it.

We start the show with Ryan telling us that over 32 million votes were cast. We get the introduction of the judges. We get some opinions - Randy says the guys weren't good, Simon says that there are 2 or 3 guys with potential, and Paula thought that the guys performances could only go up (with Simon disagreeing in the distance).

We hear about the Idol Coaches for the contestants who get to the Top 12 - Diana Ross, John Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Tony Bennett, Martina McBride, Lulu & Peter Noone (From Herman's Hermits) and Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees. After getting the recap, we get our first group medley, which should sound hideous. What makes it worse is that they get to mangle a song I like - 'Sowing the Seeds of Love', by Tears For Fears. After hearing the performance, the song was emotionless, but at least it wasn't awful, which is what the first group song usually is.

Ryan goes over to the guys, where unfortunately, 2 people have to leave. Nick is petrified, Chris is nervous about his banter with Simon (and he should be nervous) and tells America that he loves Simon. Ryan calls out the back row. Brandon is safe. Sundance Chris Richardson Nick Blake Only Paul is standing next to Ryan, and Ryan tells Paul that he's leaving. Paul actually had a good voice, but the song choice did him
in. He sounded completely karaoke. Paul says that it hurts, but at least he got this far. We get to hear "Careless Whisper" one more time. He sounds actually decent (though he still wrecks the falsetto part) and if he sang it like that on Tuesday, he'd probably still be in the competition.

Next up - the women, round 1. The back row of the ladies show up. The safe people are - Jordin, Stephanie, Sabrina, Leslie and Melinda. Antonella is now next to Ryan, who tells her that...she's safe??!? Yep, she's safe, too. Ryan calls up the real first person who is out.... Amy. Simon tells Amy to stand out more. The judges agree that she's out, not because she sang badly, but because she didn't make an impression and she chose the wrong song. I agree with Simon. She sings her final song, and she sounded better yesterday. The boring bland song did her in.

Text to the American Idol Challenge. Blah Blah Blah. Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, or Fantasia Barrino. Who's album was called 'Breakaway'. Blah Blah Blah. New Album from Fantasia. Blah Blah Blah. Fantasia is going to be in The Color Purple on April 10th. Blah Blah Blah. Song from Fantasia Barrino called 'I'm Here'. Blah Blah Blah...

We go back to the women for the second elimination. Haley is safe. LaKisha is also safe and so is....Gina. That leaves us Nicole and Alaina. Leaving us is...Nicole, who's indulgence does her in. Just a reminder to everyone that you have to pick songs that people know.

One more elimination to go. It won't be Chris, who hopefully has learned a lesson with picking on Simon. Phil gets to be safe, as well as Jared and AJ. This leaves Sanjaya and Rudy, and one of them is in the Top 4. That person is...Sanjaya. Leaving is Rudy, and Paula says that she's disappointed that he left. Simon and Randy aren't, but Paula gives him props. I'm not surprised here, because he picked a horrific song and didn't execute.

We see the funeral videos, and then we end the show. Four people down... 19 more to eliminate. Join us in 7 days when we eliminate 4 more.


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