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Today is

Round of 4: Elvis - May 10

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I have a psychic premonition...that we
will be down to 3 Idol singers by the end of the night.
Jason: Thank you, Captain Obvious.
Gordon: And I am joined by my druid wards. We start with the man that refuses
to pay up for Sushi Dinner, Jason Psychic Block
Jason: You actually want Raw Fish?
Gordon: It's very tasty
Jason: FIne.
Gordon: We also have our Canadian version of Miss Cleo, Don Harpwood.
Don: I predict that something good is gonna happen.
Gordon: It's going to happen to whom?
Don: Not sure.
Jason: The good stuff....hmmm, let me consult the cards.
Gordon: Finally, we have the wise wizier of the group - Grandma Pepper! What
words of wisdom do you have for us this evening?
Grandma Pepper: The truth is I am a bit of a psychic. However, I can't
profess to have any vibes as to who is leaving
Gordon: Well, as we figure that out, it's time for...


Jason: 1 trouble...1 out.
Gordon: We start with the person that we all see leaving tonight...

Taylor Hicks

Jason: No. :) He stays. Safe.
Don: He's gotta be safe, if you ask me.
Grandma Pepper: Safe. He's safe, although I hated his rendition of Jailhouse
Rock, I agreed with Simon on this one, and when is he going to stop that awful
Gordon: Not his best performance. He's safe, but I can see him having
problems should he not raise his game.
Anthony: Safe
Chico: Safe

Elliott Yamin

Jason: There is the man who raised his game. Way Safe.
Don: He needed to step up, and I think he did. I still think he's in
trouble, but I don't see him leaving, either.
Grandma Pepper: Elliott did a good job. I think that he is not leaving and I
think that he bought himself some time. Safe
Gordon: I think he sang the best of the night - and I think that keeps him
around. Safe.
Anthony: Safe
Chico: Trouble

Chris Daughtry

Don: For Chris, I'm thinking safe, but I'm not 100% confident. (I'm not
psychic, of course.)
Jason: A good performance is not good enough tonight. TROUBLE.
Gordon: I'm going to say worse than that, in 2 of the past 4 American Idols,
we got an upset in the Final 4. Make it three of the past 5. Chris is OUT.
Jason and I have another disagreement on this, and a dessert is on the line.
Jason can treat me to that after dinner.
Jason: I have dinner, but you are taking care of dessert.
Grandma Pepper: Unfortunately, I think that Chris is the one who will be out
tonight. Out. I just think that the other three did better and that Chris will
not have gotten enough vote.
Anthony: Trouble
Chico: Safe

Katharine McPhee

Don: I'm thinking out.
Grandma Pepper: The vibes Im getting on Katharine, unfortunately, is that
she's in trouble. I hope that she comes through with a Blockbuster next week. I
hope her voters all got behind her, because there is a huge possibility that
she could go tonight. I would hope not.
Jason: And here's is where the Chaos Theory goes Boom. She was SO horrible
and SO bad that she sang her way out of the competition. OUT.
Gordon: It is evidently clear that Katharine was in trouble - and I think her
contingency did come out to save her - which means that a guy leaves - and
the guy is Chris.
Jason: Though there is that possibility, you are wrong and it's time to pay
for dessert.
Gordon: We'll see. To sum it up...
Anthony: Out
Chico: Out

Gordon: Trouble Katharine, Out - Chris
Grandma Pepper: - Trouble - Katharine, Out - Chris
Jason: Trouble Chris, Out Katharine
Chico: Trouble - Elliott, Out - Katharine
Don: Trouble: Elliott. Out: Katharine.
Anthony: Trouble - Chris, out - Katharine

Gordon: Jerry O Connell and Rebecca Romjin are here to show us that
we...are...Live! We see our Final 4 Contestants...and the final 3 judges. We get the
Recap - Simon thinks that Taylor is Karaoke, but Taylor redeems himself in
Randy's and SImon's eyes. Paula predicts that Chris will be in the finals, but
Simon thinks Chris was Flat. Simon hated both of Katharine's performances,
Elliott's performances had the judges wanting to hear more of him next week. One of
the people, however, will not make it to next week. It certainly seems like
it's pointing for Katharine to leave
Jason: It seems that way. :)
Gordon: We get Ford's It's a Wonderful World and the male idolers planting a
garden for Katharine and...Kermit the Frog??!
Jason: Kermit is the spokesfrog for the Ford Escape Hybrid.
Gordon: Well, there you go. Instead of music this week, we get a video tour
of Graceland, courtesy of Priscilla Presley. We see how a room was transformed
from a Racquetball Court to the Gold Album room. After the tour, we get to see
the other Presley - Lisa Marie, and they take a ride on a golf course
Jason: We see the final four sing Don't Be Cruel.
Gordon: If they stopped butchering the songs with falsetto, then they
wouldn't be so cruel.
Jason: into an Elvis Medley.
Gordon: We get 'Are You Lonely Tonight', 'Heartbreak Hotel' 'Love Me Tender'.
among others. We finish with 'Hunk of Burning Love' with all four of dancing
on the platform behind the judges. Thoughts?
Grandma Pepper: That was great. I loved it. They did better with together
with this tonight then they did individually last night.
Jason: Yes that was fun.
Don: It was cool.
Jason: Did you know that Elvis is the #1 earning dead Celebrity? He earned
$45M in 2005.
Don: Impressive.
Jason: Or his estate did.
Jason: Here is another stat. If Katharine gets voted off this will be the
first all male Top Three.
Gordon: Thats true. Here's a trivia question. What is the biggest number of
all females left on Idol?
Jason: I dont know.
Don: *Shrugs*
Gordon: The answer is...4. American Idol 3. The women left - Fantasia, Diana,
LaToya, and Jasmine.
Jason: Wow.
Gordon: We go to Rebecca and Jerry. Rebecca doesn't have a favorite, but
wants Taylor to do Jailhouse Rock again. That wasn't toooooooooo planted now, was
Jason: Sure. She had to whore her flick.
Gordon: I meant Taylor singing Jailhouse Rock. How planned was that?
Jason: Very.
Grandma Pepper: If that wasn't planted, I can't think of what was. She didn't
even pull it off.
Gordon: Now wouldn't that be funny, if that was his swan song and he was
asked to leave the show?
Jason: No kidding.
Gordon: Elliott and Taylor on Ryan's Right. Katharine and Chris are on Ryan's
Left. One of them is the Top 2. The other half os the bottom two.
Jason: I have the bottom two. And I think I have the bottom one :P
Gordon: So we all think that Katharine and Chris are in the Bottom 2?
Don: Looks like it.
Jason: Yes.
Anthony: Wow, you guys agreed on me - lol. Jinx
Gordon: Now 2 weeks ago, when the groups were split into 3 groups of 2, you
all remember that Katharine and Chris had the greatest amount of votes. Any
thoughts there?
Don: Interesting what a difference a couple of weeks makes...
Gordon: We are back to Ryan, and Taylor and Elliott...are safe. Simon is
asked who is leaving, and he says that Katharine should go. Simon is...wrong.
Anthony: Wow
Gordon: going home. And now Jason owes me desert as well as the
sushi dinner.
Anthony: Taylor just won the whole thing
Gordon: Chris is stunned and shocked. Do I get dap now?
Jason: Yes you do.
Gordon: Gordon and Grandma get some dap, please
Jason: You both do. Explain why.
Gordon: The Chaos Theory works beautifully. Elliott sang the best, so he's
safe. Taylor sang great, so he's safe. Katharine was in trouble and EVERYONE
knew she was in trouble, so everyone had to vote for her. That leaves Chris, and
with a mediocre performance, Chris wasn't good enough to rally his base to
vote for him, nor was he bad enough to scare his fans to vote for him. Therefore,
the Chaos Theory works again, and we have an upset for 3 of the past 5
seasons. Exactly as I predicted it.
Don: Wow.
Gordon: Who's The Man?
Jason: Bite me.
Gordon: Not my style.
Jason: It wasn't unexpected.
Gordon: It was to you guys - thats why you all said Katharine was leaving
=) I will start charging for my psychic powers.
Jason: Well...I will say it now. If Taylor doesn't blow it. He is your
American Idol. Bank on it.
Grandma Pepper: So Chris is gone, but it wasn't due to my psychic powers...or
was it ;)
Jason: It was due to his singing GP
Don: And yeah, Taylor definitely has the advantage now.
Gordon: Sure looks like it. Who wants to psychically see some points?
Don: I'm stuck in the cellar of the scoreboard, aren't I?

31 - Gordon
30 - Grandma Pepper
28 - Chico
25 - Jason
24 - Donut
22 - Anthony

Gordon: Any final thoughts before we wrap this bad boy up?
Jason: Taylor...the Soul Patrol is going to blow you into the final. Don't blow it.
Gordon: Agreed. Anyone else?
Anthony: Yes - Gordon sucks
Gordon: Anthony, don't hate me because I'm...beautiful.
Anthony: lol :P
Grandma Pepper: I'm glad Katharine's voters rallied behind her. I think she deserves it. And I hope a lot of her voters were us grannies ;)
Jason: They left after Kevin Covais.
Grandma Pepper: No way. Well, what am I doing here and why did I predict
Chris leaving correctly?
Jason: Because you are Gordon's Grandma. You are smarter than the average Granny.
Grandma Pepper: I can't help but think it's true. I thank you, Jason.
Jason: Not a problem.
Gordon: Ok for all of you and the Psychic grannies of the world, this is
Gordon Pepper, wishing you all a pleasant Game Over.


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