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Today is

Round of 6: Love Songs - April 26

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and we are past the halfway mark of the finals. Anyone saee the light of the tunnel yet?
Don: I'm starting to see one, and I'm hoping it's not a train...
Jason: No light here. No dominant superstar.
Gordon: We'll talk about whether or not that is a good thing or bad thing. But first, we have a bunch of good things - our lofty panel.
Jason: No loud jackets here.
Gordon: We start with the guy that may be bald like Chris Daughtry, Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: I have the half Chris going. Nice bald spot in the back with a nice receding hairline.
Gordon: Then we have someone who I don't know if he is bald, but he is Canadian like Howie Mandel, Mr. Don Harpwood.
Don: I have plenty of hair.
Gordon: And finally, someone else who has plenty of hair, and who doesn't look like Howie or Chris (and that's a very good thing), Grandma Pepper!
Jason: Hello Grandma.
Grandma Pepper: Hello out there. This is Grandma Pepper, back on terra firma. Back from being out on a limb from last week.
Jason: Well, I was with you Grandma.
Gordon: So as promised from the intros, we start with the singers. Is this the best final Idol 6 ever?
Jason: Yes.
Don: Yep.
Gordon: I agree. I think any of them can win, and I think that the depth this year is amazing.
Grandma Pepper: I think they all have great voices, and I feel worse and worse each week, as one by one, they get knocked out.
Jason: Let's compare this to last year.
Gordon: Last year's top 6 were Bo, Carrie, Scott, Anthony, Vonzell, Constantine
Jason: The only person who could compete this year is Vonzell.
Gordon: I think Bo would have a shot, but Chris is the better rocker.
Jason: Maybe. But this year...anyone could win. And I would buy an album from at least 3 of them.
Gordon: Based on their music, I would buy Chris and Taylor and Katherine
Jason: Ok, then Chris, Taylor and Paris.
Grandma Pepper: I would buy Katherine's album. I would possibly buy an album from Chris
Don: I'd buy albums from Chris and Taylor as well.
Gordon: So we have figured out what albums we would buy. Now it's time to see who we think who is going bye-bye, as we play...


Jason: It's my favorite game :)
Gordon: We start with Jason's favorite singer...

Taylor Hicks

Grandma Pepper: Just Once is a had song to sing, so he didn't need the kind of arrangement that would make it harder. I hope songwriters Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil did not tune in to see it. The tragedy is that with the right kind of arrangement, he could have brought the song home. But he's safe.
Don: I'm thinking Safe, though he could have certainly done better last night.
Jason: Taylor Hicks's soul patrol gets a bit of a bump on the way to the final 2. TROUBLE.
Gordon: This reminds me of the round of 6 last year, where Constantine, who was considered the favorite, got knocked out. That couldn't happen again, could it?
Jason: I don't think so. He didn't do that bad.
Don: I can't see the Soul Patrol letting that happen.
Gordon: He wasn't great, but i think that the Patrol bails him out. Safe. However, with the caliber of singers this year, I don't think that he can afford to do it again.
Chico: Safe
Anthony: Trouble
Jason: I agree with Rojas--oh boy.
Gordon: Be afraid, Jason. Be very afraid.

Chris Daughtry

Don: Safe.
Jason: This was the song he had to sing. It was a #1 hit and he was hot. Way Safe.
Gordon: He had to take a song and knock it out of the park. He delivered. Safe.
Grandma Pepper: He did a really good job last night. Safe
Anthony: Safe
Chico: Safe

Elliott Yamin

Jason: Best Performance of the night. WAY SAFE.
Gordon: I thought Chris was better, but I thought Elliott was a solid second, Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Elliott is safe.
Don: Safe.
Anthony: - Safe
Chico: - Safe

Katharine McPhee

Don: Trouble.
Anthony: Trouble
Chico: Trouble
Grandma Pepper: It hurts me to say this, but she's in trouble.
Jason: A bomb of nuclear proportions. She is gone. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: I was thinking that that's a possibility, but I was keeping my fingers, eyes and toes crossed, because I didn't want to think that, but it's a possibility.
Gordon: She was mediocre, which is problematic. She does have a fan base, but she's still in the bottom 3. Trouble.

Kellie Pickler

Jason: One bad performance, shame on you. Two in a row, shame on us. TROUBLE.
Don: After her performance, I thought one word: Yipes.
Grandma Pepper: Kellie is in trouble. In order to be the American Idol, you have to be able to do it all, and Kellie is not doing it all.
Gordon: Kellie is growing old, and unfortunately for her, so are her performances. She could be a chaos theory buster, but I think she still has enough fan base. Trouble.
Anthony: Trouble
Chico: Trouble

Paris Bennett

Gordon: She had the best performance last week, and she was in the bottom three against Chris, who got a boost tonight. She needed to outsing anyone, and she didn't. Out.
Jason: She was a lot better than people give her credit for. SAFE.
Don: Hmm...
Chico: Out
Anthony: Out
Don: I guess I won't bet against the Chaos Theory. I'll say Out for Paris.
Grandma Pepper: I think Paris is out tonight, and Im going to be sorry to see her go.
Gordon: So to sum it up...

Gordon: Trouble - Katherine, Kellie - OUT - Paris
Grandma Pepper: Trouble - Katherine Kellie - Out - Paris
Don: Trouble: Katharine, Kellie. Out: Paris.
Chico: Trouble - Katharine, Kellie. Out -Paris
Anthony: Trouble - Taylor, Katharine. Out = Paris
Jason: Trouble Kellie and Taylor--Out Katherine.

Gordon: This is pretty unanimous
Jason: Except for me.
Gordon: We broke a voting record - over 47.5 million votes.
Jason: Wow.
Don: Whoa.
Gordon: We see judges. We see Ryan calling Randy the only sane judge this year. People called in to complain on the unfairness of Simon. Simon says that he gave Katharine the wrong appraisal. He called it a good performance. Is it too little, too late?
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: Paula tells Simon, who called her harsh, to shut up. We see a recap. David Foster and Andrea Bocelli do the honors. Katharine sings a David Foster Ballad and gets spanked by Simon and Randy. Paris got some affection as she sings Babs - but Paula goes after her. Elliott wins Paula's heart. Kellie unchained vocal screeching pain as Simon goes after her. Simon and Paula fight over Taylor. Chris makes it a love fest. Ryan forces the judges in a love hug. AwwwBarf. Speaking of Barrf, it's a Ford music video with the singers looking for a lost dog.
Jason: Cute.
Gordon: and the dog has...puppies.
Jason: He is the baby daddy
Gordon: We next move to Foster and Bocelli, who are impressed with the Idols. Andrea adds that he will be on tour in June, while Foster and company will be making more records. Andrea sings 'Because We Believe' What do you believe about the performance?
Grandma Pepper: I can listen to Andrea Bocelli 24 hours a day. The man is sensational.
Jason: Wow.
Grandma Pepper: His album I would buy anytime
Don: That was great.
Gordon: Nice performance. The sales for an audience, who I suspect has heard him for the most part, for the first time, should spike up big time.
Jason: Very much. It happens to all the artists who appear here.
Gordon: I think this would be a little different. Most of the viewers know who Rod Stewart and Queen are. They may not have the same familiarity with Andrea Bocelli, so he could see a bigger spike than usual.
Gordon: This week, instead of 2 groups of three which would be expected, we have three groups of 2. In Group 1, Chris and Katharine. In group 2, Taylor and Elliott. In group 3, Kellie and Paris. We have a Top 2, a bottom 2, and one in between. The middle two, who are safe, are...Elliott and Taylor. Is your bottom 2 Katharine and Chris...or Kellie and Paris?
Jason: Kellie and Paris
Don: Kellie and Paris.
Grandma Pepper: Kellie and Paris
Anthony: Kellie and paris
Gordon: I'll go Kellie and Paris, because Chris had the performance of the night and his group would be out to vote. Ryan says that Chris and Katharine...had the highest set of votes last night. THEY are safe. Either Kellie or Paris are gone. Paula calls Kellie adorable, but says that Paris has the better vocals. They are both in the bottom 2 for the first time. One of them will be
there for the last time...and it's Kellie.
Don: Whoa.
Anthony: about time
Jason: YES!
Gordon: And somewhere in North Carolina, Chico is rejoicing.
Jason: Chico is doing the happy dance.
Don: Who wouldn't? (Besides Vote For The Worst)
Gordon: And look - Chico is on the cell now.
Chico: (Via Cell Phone) The world makes more sense now. I don't have to quit the series, because Kellie's not going to win. I would like to see any of the 5 people take it, so game on. Vote For the Worst...THESE NUTS!!
Jason: Can I give a shout to the Vote For The Worst?
Gordon: You may, Jason
Jason: You guys have no power. You are overrated. Bite me.
Gordon: Fair enough. Kellie thanks everyone...and we don't even get a song from her as we end the show.
Jason: So Gordon. Why did Paris stay?
Gordon: Remember last year, when Constantine rode high, until he was so bad that the group abandoned him?
Jason: Yeah.
Gordon: Well, it's a year later, and yet nothing has changed. Kellie's last 2 weeks were so brutal that not even vote for the worst will save them. This was eerily similar to what happened to Constantine - and he also departed in the Final 6.
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: This year, the vocal competition is so tough that you can't afford 1 bad performance, let alone 2 in succession. That being said, the only reason why Paris is still around is because of how awful Kellie was. She needs some more bad singing love from someone else or it's exit, stage right for her.
Jason: I agree. But you were almost right.
Gordon: As I've said in every column, Tuesdays, especially this year, will change everything, and a really bad performance will alter the chaos theory - just like tonight.
Jason: Agreed. So points please :)
Gordon: The point sare...

25 - Gordon,
24 - Chico, Grandma Pepper,
22 - Jason,
21 - Anthony,
20 - Donut

Gordon: As we close, do we have any final words for Kellie?
Jason: Save that Idol Tour Money.
Gordon: And with that, we end another show. For everyone, this is Gordon, wishing everyone a happy Game Over
Jason: Spread the love, y'all.


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