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Today is

Round of 24: Results - February 23

Welcome all to the first recap show of the season. As you can clearly see, we are not doing Roundtable, thanks to the fact the results show is on Thursday and quite frankly, everyone is working on Thursday. Damn Idol Ratings Munchers.

However, never fear, as we will be doing the Roundtable Idol on Wednesdays starting in the Top 12. Also never fear, because I do have your Idol results.

Of course, we can't have a Idol show without my predictions, so here we go...

Men -

Kings of the Jungle - Ace (He's got the voice. He's got the Charisma. It's Constantin with the versatility and without the angst) Chris (Nailed Dead or Alive. He even sounds like a younger Bon Jovi), Elliott (He can sing fast and slow. A great opening song selection), Gedeon (THIS is what I'm talking about. Popular song that's not sung often and peformed well. Textbook great choice of song. Good job).

Sly Foxes - Bucky (He did a solid job on a song that you don't hear that much of), Taylor (A very nice job, but not a good choice of song. Not only is it too safe, but it also could alienate some audience because of the religious themes)

Skunky - David (Ok. He can croon. He better be able to do something else or he's going to find himself in Jon Peter Lewis territory). Will (Ok. Pitchy. Eh. Needs to give me something different), Sway (This isn't Roshambo in the nuts and then sing Idol. Like David and Will, you need something different as well)

Llamas to go - Patrick (Generic song that's been sung 50,000 times and did nothing to get rid of his massive ego that he showed to us during Hollywood week) Kevin (Shaky and pitchy all over the place. Bad choice of song), Bobby (What? Was? That?)

Women -

Lionesses - Mandisa (Now THIS is what I was talking about when we spoke about genre Crossovers), Lisa (She's 16? Wow. I think she's better than Paris), Katharine (I didn't like the song choice, but wow, did she sing the snot out of it)

Vixens - Paris (Too much bounce for me, but still a solid performance), Ayla (not the best song selection, but she brought it) Kellie (Not perfect, but she has the voice and she displayed the potential nicely), Kinnik (Did a decent job with a song that's been selected far too many times)

Skunkettes - Brenna (She was ok, but ok this year isn't going to get you in the Top 12), Heather (So thoroughly disappointed by the lack of fire on 'Tell Me That You Love Me' very wrong song choice),

Llama Mamas - Becky (Mangled lyrics, wrong spacing, and bad toning is not very good), Stevie (Opera? OPERA? Since when is thie American Opera Idol? Wha?) Melissa (Power vocals don't work if you are not on tone or on pitch)

I will say this year - this may be the best week 1 that I have EVER heard. If the singers continue to improve, then this could be the hottest top 12 ever.

But in order to get to 12, we have to get rid of 12. We start by getting rid of 4 and we talk to the judges about said elimination. Judge Randy Jackson talks about what it takes to be the Idol - singing, performing and charisma. Judge Paula Abdul says that the audience has grown which attributes to the larger votes, while Judge Simon Cowell says that the people who are leaving would be obvious, because they were terrible. He is also concerned that Ryan Seacrest keeps talking about his blue sweater. Creepy...

We start the musical part of the show with our first group medley - 'Take It Easy'. For the most part, they did take it easy on my eardrums, except for the Bobby and Kevin duet. Are they going to be the two guys leaving?

We'll find out in 45 minutes, but first, we get a recap of what both the females and the males have done for the past 2 days. After the recap, we see the 12 ladies in front of Ryan sitting on the happy couch. We get some moments with Brenna, who feels like a duck trying to paddle her way into the next week. Paris has a dream about the American Idol Finals - but she doesn't know who won it. Heather says that it's hard to eat food (though they do get a lot of muffins). Ryan asks if anyone is very nervous, and Becky raised her hand. Based on what I thought, she has good reason to worry.

Ryan will make 11 of them worry less, as we find out the girl with the least number of votes. Mandesa, Paris, Ayla, Lisa, Katharine and Kellie are all in the back row - and they are all safe. Heather, Stevie and Melissa...are all safe. Brenna, Kinnik and Becky all join Ryan up on the stage. Sitting down to the happy couch will be...Kinnik, which leaves Brenna and Becky. The girl with the lowest number of votes is...Becky, and her fears are justified. Brenna tearfully goes back to the sofa as Becky hears the judges comments. Randy tells her to bring it every night, while Paula sees a career for her, as does Simon - as a model. Uhhh...ok. Becky sings her reprise (actually quite well - if she sang it this way yesterday, then she's not going home) as we say goodbye to the first woman in the Top 24.

The guys are next up as we have our first pruning. Elliott loves the judge's comments, but says that he can always improve. Kevin loved getting his cheeks pinched by the ladies, but he's looking for kisses next (heh). Is Kevin getting the kiss-off? He could be, because the back row (Patrick, Gedeon, David, Taylor, Will and Bucky) are all safe. The corner guys of Ace and Elliott Chris and Kevin...are also safe. That leaves Sway and Bobby, who come up to the center of the stage. Ryan tells Bobby that he's out, and he replies that he knew, because of what he did. He's happy for getting there, and his reaction to me means that this was the right choice, because you don't want someone up there who isn't going to take it seriously. Paula gives him some words of support as he sings "Copacabana". Too bad that Bobby crapped out.

Back out come the women as we get to elimination #2. The back row, who was safe last safe again. Brenna, who was up there with Ryan last now safe (as is Kinnik). also safe, which leaves us Stevie and Heather. Ryan asks both of them to come up, and then tells Heather to...sit back down. Stevie is out and says that she had fun. Paula tells us what we all knew - the choice of the wrong song doomed her stay on the show. He get one more hearing of Stevie singing the wrong song as we get to...

...the guys for one more elimination. Will a front row be safe this time? Yes they will, which leaves the back row of Patrick, Bucky, Taylor, Will, David and Gedeon). Ryan tells Patrick and Bucky to stand to the side, while telling Taylor, Will, David and Gedeon to take a seat. Either Patrick or Bucky leaving, and Ryan tells Bucky...that it's not him. Patrick is out, and as Paula and Randy tell him that he has a bright career ahead of him, Simon tells him that he needs to stand out in the crowd in future endeavors. With that, Patrick sings his reprise and we are out.

We are now at 20 Idolists left. Join Chico on Tuesday and Wednesday as he sets them up and join me on Thursday as I knock them down.


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