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Today is

Round of 8: Queen - Results - April 12

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper. Grandma Pepper is right by me, as we are celebrating Passover.
Chico: This is Chico Alexander, who will help to provide the recaps, but first... anyone watching Deal or No Deal right now?
Gordon: yah
Don: Yep.
Chico: Just to let everyone know that we haven't forgotten about that. You know we're in for TV clash of the titans on tonight, right? A wedding deal vs. a Queen deposed.
Gordon: I do - that ought to be interesting ratings. I expect Idol to win though
Chico: I'll be writiing up on the aftermath for tomorrow's column. The second half of DOND is on opposite the first half of Idol. *sings "Don't Stop Me Now"*
Gordon: While we are watching Deal Or No Deal for the first hour, and we see Miss New Jersey get selected with the case, we see that Minnesota is worth $200,000. How much is North Carolina worth, Chico?
Gordon: How much is North Carolina worth, Chico?
Chico: I'm going to guess, since the reigning Miss USA is from NC... Hmm... $750,000. You know the reigning Miss USA is sitting in the VIP right now.
Gordon: We also welcome Don 'The Donut' Harpwood with us this evening. Why aren't we seeing a Miss Canada?
Don: I don't know...
Gordon: Finally, joining us watching Deal Or No Deal at our wonderful Passover Home is Grandma Pepper. Welcome aboard, grandma.
Grandma Pepper: Hi everyone. Sure hope we're on the same wavelength tonight.
Gordon: And a Happy Passover to all of the Jewish people who are reading this column
Grandma Pepper: Happy Passover!
Gordon: Instead of Deal Or No Deal, we'll be getting to play...Safe Or No Safe!! Are we all ready to play?
Chico: Before we do, I have to do this... .."Ladies... PLEASE."
Don: Of course!
Gordon: Well, then we'll start with the ladies. Ladies...please!

Katharine McPhee

Don: Safe.
Chico: Safe. And I heart Highlander.
Grandma Pepper: Safe. Katharine was great, as always.
Gordon: I love that song and I love what she did with it. Safe.
Anthony: (Safe)
Aldo: (Safe)
Jason: (Safe)

Kellie Pickler

Anthony: (Safe)
Aldo: (Safe)
Jason: (Safe)
Don: Safe. Though she looked creepy at first.
Grandma Pepper: Kellie is safe. She did fine last night.
Chico: I wouldn't wish the Nina Blackwood, Bonnie Tyler look on my worst enemy. But as much as it pains me to say it... Safe. Even though I have to say, yes, Kellie, you have an accent. Stupid Pickler.
Gordon: Safe. She looked like Goth Country. Has anyone ever seen a Goth Country Chick?
Chico: I went to high school with one.

Miss Paris....wait a sec, Paris isn't a state?

Anthony: (Safe)
Aldo: (Safe)
Jason: (Safe)
Chico: Wow.. What a coincidence. We get to Paris... and they open up $750,000.
Gordon: Is Paris worth $750,000?
Chico: I dont' think America is ready for Rocker Paris.
Don: I certainly wasn't expecting her to pull off what she did last night, but I think she did enough to be safe this week.
Grandma Pepper: Paris is out of the bottom three for now. Safe.
Chico: I think that she was saved by another...But if I had a 4th vote.. Paris. Because I didn't buy rocker Paris for a bit. Did you buy Rocker Paris?
Gordon: I think Paris may be in a state of trauma after tonight. She did not sing very well and though I think she is not leaving, I don't like goth country, and I hate slut rock.
Chico: So you didn't buy Rocker Paris, either.
Gordon: Quite frankly, she looked like a ho last night, and I'm not talking media ho.
Chico: Gordon! She's 17!
Gordon: Tell me I'm wrong.
Chico: I can't, but for god sakes, have a little decorum :-)
Gordon: Did she or did she not look like a ho?
Chico: She looked like a vamp. You remember the poison videos, the hair band videos?
Gordon: exchange the v for tr. It's tramp and TR starts something else - TRouble. Since we're out of ladies, it's time for the guys

Taylor Hicks

Aldo: (Safe)
Jason: (Safe)
Don: I hate to say this, but though I see him making it past this week, I'm thinking trouble.
Anthony (Trouble)
Gordon: Really? I must have seen a different performance. I thought he was fantastic last night. Safe
Chico: True, but JPL syndrome's going to set in. Next time, he better be careful. Safe, but only just.
Grandma Pepper: I thought Taylor was great last night, though I must say if he's going to continue dancing, he should think about dance lessons.
Chico: Yay, Grandma Pepper :-)
Grandma Pepper: Thank you, Chico
Gordon: Adding on what grandma says, Taylor must also take microphone stand kicking lessons.
Chico: How many times would it take you to kick a mic stand, Gordon?
Gordon: I know the secret of kicking the mic stand. I've done it many a times. Unfortunately, they were all inadvertant

Chris Daughtry

Don: Safe. Easily.
Chico: Oh yeah. Quality safe.
Anthony: (Safe)
Aldo: (Safe)
Jason: (Trouble)
Grandma Pepper: If Chris continues to make the kind of selections that he made last night, he's going to wind up doing a Mandisa. Trouble
Gordon: I have to agree with Grandma and disagree with Chico and Don. Chris's song selection was absolutely brutal last night. He could have had a moment that solidified himself. Instead, he sang a horrifically bad song and only his voice redeems him from total sucktitude. I think he is safe, but just because of his fan base and it would not surprise me if he was in the bottom three.
Grandma Pepper: Chico, you liked that song?
Chico: I guess I'm the only one who liked that song. Ain't no shame in the game.
Grandma Pepper: Well, I guess those opinions are what makes this program. Chico: Yeah...
Chico: I liked it. I'll admit it. And there are three left. Gee. I wonder who my bottom three are.

Elliott Yamin

Grandma Pepper: Safe
Gordon: He was in the bottom three last week, so his fans will be voting, AND he had a very nice effort. He's safe.
Don: Safe.
Anthony: (Safe)
Aldo: (Safe)
Jason: (Safe)
Chico: Trouble. He was at the top of his game, but it wasn't nearly as good as the rest. I think his fans'll come out, but I don't think it's going to be enough.

Bucky Covington

Anthony: (Out)
Aldo: (Out)
Jason: (Trouble)
Grandma Pepper: Trouble
Chico: I thought that arrangement of Somebody to love was tripe. Trouble.
Gordon: I think he's in trouble, but I think he pulls a Savol and someone else gets the boot. Trouble.
Don: I would have said out, but I think someone else did worse. Trouble.

Ace Young

Don: Here's that someone else. Out.
Chico: Okay, HE'S out!
Gordon: If it's the Chaos Theory talking, then Bucky leaves, but I think that Ace was so awful and he bucks the Chaos Theory trend. Elliott's good singing gets the swing votes, which get eaten from Ace's stash, and quite frankly, his performance shows that there's no reason to keep him around. Out.
Grandma Pepper: I think Ace will be leaving tonight
Chico: Simon thinks that America respects honesty.
Anthony: (Trouble)
Aldo: (Trouble)
Jason: (Out)
Gordon: So, To Sum this up...

Gordon Paris, Bucky Ace
Grandma Pepper Chris, Bucky Ace
Chico Elliott, Bucky Ace
Don Taylor, Bucky Ace
Jason Chris, Bucky Ace
Anthony Taylor, Ace Bucky
Aldo Taylor, Ace Bucky

Gordon: The show is live and we are starting
Chico: A recap of last night...Queen rocked out.
Gordon: Simon goes after Ace, Chris and Bucky. Kellie doesn't understand Simon. The rest of the world doesn't understand Kellie. Randy thought that Paris rocked it out...
Chico: And Paris did her best Patti Smyth impersonation.
Gordon: And we get our FIRST group finals Medley!
Chico: To a montage of audition footage. This lot should really stick to singing solo.
Gordon: And the finalists are singing while getting montages of auditions from the finalists...and Queens...of the Queen variety
Chico: and for Joe... Becky O'Donohue. :-) That's what I was waiting for :-) The "Don't Stop Me Now" song..
Gordon: We get 'Another One Bites the Dust' while seeing the Idol contestants get eliminated. The singing is actually better than most of the finalist group medleys. Then again, a traffic accident with Tom Cruise singing on top of the wrecked car sounds better than most group medleys.
Chico: Everyone... WE are the champions... we are the champions.... no time for losers, because we are the champions...
Gordon: And if you switch back to DOND, we have the wedding proposal
Chico: Awwwwww. DEAL! DEAL!
Don: Dangit, the Canadian feed must have already gone past that. It's on a commercial up here...
Chico: DEAL! The graphic: "DEAL, ENGAGED"
Gordon: Howie should have put the show into break after he asked.
Chico: That'd just be cruel.
Gordon: And your point? =)
Grandma Pepper: I thought the medley was nice.
Chico: This week's Ford music video.. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by.... Pat Benatar. Not Queen...Bucky's getting pelted with golf balls... Fore-shadowing?
Gordon: Could be...
Chico: Is anyone homesick? Taylor misses barbecue. Kellie misses okra. Paris misses fried chicken with hot sauce.
Gordon: Elliott - Friends and family and playing basketball. Ace misses the mountains
Chico: Bucky misses his dog.
Gordon: Katharine misses her dog Lily. Chris misses the wife and kids
Chico: Chris wife and kids are here tonight, also here (albeit via satellite), Kat's parents.
Chico: And Ace's parent. And Elliott's mom.
Gordon: Next up, since we HAVE to fill an hour of show, we get montages of everyone's parents. AwwwwBarf.
Chico: This is what happens when you try to take on Deal or No Deal..Sucks, doesn't it?
Gordon: Yah
Chico: When we return to the show.. MORE TIME KILLER!
Gordon: We see Eliott bawling...and we see Howie talking to Brian Kennedy
Chico: In the meantime...Split Screen!


Chico: Brian has a 40 percent chance of six-figs, with a $148,000 deal on the table.
Gordon: If Brian is smart, he'll keep going
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: Listen to the wife, Brian...and Brian does
Chico: NO DEAL!
Chico: Next case.. 1, with Miss Alabama... home of Taylor Hicks and Bo Bice. Keeping on topic. This has break written all over it. Hey, whadda ya know?


Gordon: Back to Idol we go. What can we do for another segment of filler time? We can talk about next week's show - Rod Stewart!
Don: Rod Stewart, eh?
Chico: Montage!
Gordon: He's got a great American Storybook. Of course, we neglect that he's not American.
Chico: But he has 4. Great American Storybooks, that is. Okay, result time... wait. No.
Gordon: And we are ready for the results...but since the show lasts for another 40 minutes. I bet we have more filler.
Chico: Yep. Let's go back home some more.
Gordon: It's time for an interview with the Taylor Hicks band!
Chico: Sam & Brian, two of Taylor's bandmates chime in. And fish. Randy liked the old Taylor, albeit missing the mic stand. Paula liked it. Simon thought it was ridiculous... Taylor... SAFE.
Gordon: So THAT'S how we are doing the eliminations tonight, eh? and we're going to go split screen, because while Chico is discussing the montage...


Gordon: I'm on DOND. Behind Suitcase #1...IS...$200. Brian is walking around and the family is hugging.
Chico: Kat is always nervous, as we go around the back to Kat's house in Sherman Oaks, CA. See, the split screen is important.
Gordon: Yes it is. Ready for the next Banker offer?
Chico: Yep
Gordon: The Banker is wearing a red clown nose $25, $50, $400,000, $1,000,000 left. The offer is...$301,000
Chico: DEAL!
Gordon: I would not deal. Mom says deal. Woman says No Deal Brian wears the Red Nose, and...


Chico: The parents cite that she is very much the student of Idol. And .. alwww.. little Kat. Randy thought it was in her element. Paula was pleased. Simon thought it was strong...Katharine... SAFE! Going to McLeansville, NC with Chris Daughtry back at the .. uh.. family business. Mom says that "He could be a very good role model." Chris' brother looks like Chris. Judges: Randy thought it was a real rock performance. Paula says he supersedes Queen. Simon is disappointed with the self-indulgence. Chris has no regrets. America voted... Chris... SAFE! Hi, Gordon!


Gordon: Hi Chico! Brian says...Deal! Brian would have picked #14 next, and he would have revealed...$1,000,000. Brian's suitcase had $25
Chico: Good deal!
Don: Great timing on Brian's part.
Chico: And he's got a new fiancee. I'd say... he had a good night. $301K and the woman of his dreams.
Don: It was certainly interesting switching between AI and DoND for that half-hour.
Chico: Yeah. It'll be interesting to see how that'll turn out. I'll have the results... in my column tomorrow :-) Can't wait to see 'em.


Chico: To recap: Chris, Katharine, and Taylor are all safe. My bottom three... Elliott, Bucky, and Ace... are still pending.
Gordon: My bottom three of Bucky Ace and Paris...still pending. Next is...Kellie with the community snot rag.
Chico: Wee...
Gordon: You may think it's up your nose, but it's snot!
Chico: No comment. Let's go to Albemarle, which isn't that small.. It has a Wal-Mart. I've seen small. Linden, NC, just outside Fayettenam... that's small. That's one street and a B&B. Anywho.. Judges..Randy was entertained, Paula liked the inner rocker chick. Simon thought it was like "The Night of the Living Dead". Kellie... SAFE. Another week of stupid matches!
Gordon: Kellie has taken the snot rag and deposited it...right on top of Ryan's results.
Don: lol
Chico: Uy.
Gordon: Ryan delicately takes it off as we move on...Next up is...Elliott
Chico: We go to Virginia. He had allergies growing up.
Gordon: Eliott has diabetes and has an ear infection
Chico: Very serious stuff. It's also why his smile is a bit crooked. Seriously. I read up on this. Judges...Randy loved the vocal. Paula thought it was his best. Simon thought he pulled it off.. Elliott.... BOTTOM THREE.
Gordon: Doh Randy thinks that America is confused
Chico: Nope. I thought they were dead right. That arrangement wreaked. Elliott... freestyles.
Gordon: Ryan wants Elliott to sing, and we get another wreaked arrangement of Somebody to Love
Chico: yep. Is Simon holding his ears?
Gordon: Looked like it
Don: He was in the bottom 3 last week as well, right?
Gordon: yes he was. That does not bode well for Elliott
Chico: Nope.
Gordon: and if Paris is also in the Botom three, that will not bode well for her, either, beacuse both of them will consecutively be there,
Chico: She won't make it twice. Her contingent won't allow it. Back to the show. Remember.. Elliott.. Bottom 3.
Gordon: Ace is up next. I'm guessing he's joining Elliott in the bottom
Chico: Agreed.
Don: Indeed.
Chico: Let's go to Denver. Jay and Kay, his parents. He's the youngest of five boys... "He's always running for his life." Jay, Kay... Ace... Queen... all we need now is a 10. Judges: Randy thought Karaoke. Paula thought pitchy. Simon really really rally hated it. Ace.... BOTTOM THREE.
Don: No surprise.
Chico: None whatsoever.
Gordon: Paula doesn't think that he is in trouble
Chico: Which means, of course.. he's in deep doodoo... Simon doesn't think it was good enough.
Gordon: Randy doesn't think that he should leave...sort of...
Chico: sort of? Ace rocks the under 13 set with We Wil Rock You again...It really was Queen-lite, that.
Gordon: It was more Court Jester than Queen, so it comes to Paris and Bucky. Which one joins Ace and Elliott?
Don: I'm thinking Bucky.
Chico: I agree with Donut. We go to Rockingham, NC..
Gordon: We get the montage with...Bucky
Chico: The racetrack... still gone. But who cares? You've got Bucky Covington! Now we go to Paris in Atlanta, home of her grandmother Ann Nesby. She was raised in Minneapolis, but wanted to do her senior year at the ATL, and she wanted to be a gynecologist.
Gordon: Paris is crying all over the place
Chico: Judges for Bucky. Randy likes the energy. Paula liked that he stuck to his guns. Simon thought Paris was weird. Bucky.... BOTTOM THREE. Bucky sings Fat Bottomed Girls for his encore. Bottom three: Elliott, Ace, Bucky...Simon thinks the person leaving is Ace.
Gordon: The person leaving is...Bucky.
Chico: Finally.
Gordon: Chaos theory wins. Bucky leaves.
Chico: Which means that Kellie now has her ticket stamped for the final four.
Gordon: Make it Final 3
Chico: Provided she doesn't accidentally on purpose trip. :-)
Gordon: True. We get the funeral dirge for Bucky
Chico: Bucky's Bad Day Montage features him saying that "he has to do music". So now we go to Johnny Chaos. Gordon, what does Bucky leaving mean... aside from the fact that Kellie is now a lock.
Gordon: Bucky leaving means that we now focus on Pop, and next week, either probably Ace or Elliott is going bye-bye.
Chico: Alrighty. Can't wait.
Gordon: I bet you also can't wait for points, so here it is...

18 - Gordon, Grandma Pepper, Chico
16 - Anthony, Aldo
15 - Jason
14 - Donut

Don: This was definitely an interesting night.
Gordon: Yes it was. And it will get more interesting to come.
Chico: And with that, Happy Passover, Peppers :-), Happy Easter, Don.
Don: :-)
Gordon: Happy whatever you celebrate, Chico
Chico: I celebrate... life, the universe, and everything :0
Gordon: Well, there you go. For Don and Chico, this is Gordon, wishing you all a pleasant Game Over.
Chico: And to everyone... spread the love.
Gordon: That's a wrap.


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