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Today is

Round of 16: Result Roundtable - March 9

Chico: Would be safe to say that the band is together again...
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and...the American Idol Roundtable Band is here.
Jason: ROCK!
Chico: Word...
Gordon: While we are waiting for Billy Shears - and Anthony Rojas, who will be joining us via cell phone this evening, let's introduce the contestants. First of all, from WPLJ, Mr Jason Block.
Jason: Good evening, and if I ever was in a band...I would have played the synth.
Gordon: Next up is...hey, it's my GSNN partner in crime, Mr. Chico Alexander! How's it going, buddy?
Chico: Better than this morning.. I was pretty much left to rot in bed this morning.. But I'm better, and if I was in a band, I'd play the turntable... like DJ Homicide of Sugar Ray.
Jason: You LOOK like DJ Homicide of Sugar Ray.
Chico: I just need a beanie now...But back to the business at hand... This... was a good week
Jason: For some of us.
Gordon: For some singers too. Other singers...well...not so much, which leads us to...SAFE, TROUBLE or OUT!!!!!
Jason: Lets get to it!
Chico: Same here. I believe you know how I feel if you read the site already, but so we're clear...
Gordon: Here we go...

Paris Hil...I mean Bennett

Jason: Safe...but not by much.
Gordon: Safe, but only because of her prior body of work.
Chico: She didn't really shine on me this week... Conga was definitely a low point. I say trouble.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Safe
Chico: The Cowell corollary: "You're only as good as your last performance."

Lisa Tucker

Jason: Safe, but it wasn't a good song choice.
Chico: Jimi's protégé is safe. It was more of a stage song, though. Not a performance song.
Gordon: I agree - but she did sing it decently and she should be safe.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Safe

Melissa McGhee

Jason: OUT...
Chico: Gone. Good song choice, but she did nothing with it.
Gordon: Out. I think she has an opening but did not take advantage of it.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Safe

Katharine McPhee

Jason: Safe.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Safe
Chico: Bouncy... err.. Safe.
Gordon: You filthy McNasty. She's safe though.
Chico: You were thinking the same thing! I just happened to say it.
Gordon: Errr...uhhh...doesn't the clouds look lovely this evening?
Chico: It's dark.

Kinnik Sky

Jason: Gone.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Out
Chico: The sky is falling! The sky is falling! If you're going to sing Alicia Keys, you have to be as good if not better than her... She's out.
Gordon: The Sky has fallen...but I'll continue this joke on the guys side...

Ayla Brown

Jason: Safe, but she needs a better song choice.
Chico: I agree... Natasha Bedingfield is definitely out of her scope of advantage.
Gordon: Safe, but because of her body of work, and not because of this past week. I actually liked the song choice, but she didn't execute it.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Out


Jason: waaaaaaaaayyyy SAFE.
Chico: Favorite.
Gordon: Definitely the favorite on the female side and safe.
Chico: Safe, but in later rounds, dangerous.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Safe

Kellie Pickler

Jason: Trouble.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Trouble
Chico: Safe, but only due to the Simon vote of confidence...But you can only ride that so long... See: Underwood, Carrie.
Gordon: I agree. Not a good song, the internet community is finding out that she is not telling the truth up there, and that could come back to haunt her big time - especially should that info come out into the mainstream media
Chico: Saywhatnow?
Jason: And what info is that?
Gordon: I think Bo's past came back to cost him the Idol Championship. Imagine what the backlash would be if they found out that someone was not being honest up there.
Chico: Out with it, Gordon...Dude, you know something...
Gordon: In terms of her singing background, she's not as inexperienced as she has you believe, especially as she has won state pageants by singing in front of thousands of people before.
Jason: Doesn't show.
Chico: .. That's it?
Gordon: There's other stuff as well. Most of it allegations generated by, but some of the theory is fascinating.
Chico: Let's leave it at that...
Gordon: But let's ask the question. If someone is playing the naive card in order to get more votes, do you detest the person for lying of admire them for trying to play the game?
Jason: I hate liars.
Chico: Got to give the woman props for knowing that this is a game... but I can imagine that when the country is playing judge and jury, that's going to hurt her... So no, she does not get the Chairman's salute.
I admire her for playing the game. That being said, I think that should the info come out that this kills her from winning Idol.
Chico: She's a already a longshot at best.
Jason: She could be out by next week anyway.
Gordon: We'll see if she's out tonight., Now the guys...

Gedeon McKinney

Jason: Safe. Way Safe.
Gordon: Safe.
Chico: I'm going safe, yes.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Out
Jason: What are you smoking, Rojas? :)
Gordon: And this is why Rojas finishes at the bottom of the AI guessing game...

Chris Daughtry

Jason: Safe, but by his body of work. Bad bad choice of song.
Chico: The favorite of this site is SAFE. I didn't think it was a bad choice. I think it suited him.
Gordon: It wasn't a wonderful choice of song, but he wasn't close to being the worst of the night. It was
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Safe

Kevin Covais

Chico: Chicken Little is plucked.
Jason: OUT!
Chico: So boring...
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Trouble.
Chico: Which is really sad for the competition, because every group needs a Screech.
Jason: No they don't.
Chico: Yes they do.
Jason: You need talented singers. He ain't it.
Chico: We'll just make Gedeon the Screech. Everyone wins!
Gordon: Yay!
Jason: So noted.
Chico: He sure likes to enunciate, doesn't he?
Gordon: So the Kinnik Sky falls on Chicken Little.

Bucky Covington

Jason: Trouble.
Chico: I'm going to go trouble. I didn't think much of his performance
Gordon: Trouble. Not only did I not like the performance, I'm not sure that America will move on 3 country rockers. Should Kevin survive, it could very well be at Bucky's expense.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Safe

Will Makar

Jason: Yer OUT!
Chico: He's out.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Out
Gordon: ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz Will Beseeingyou...Out
Chico: As someone who is learning Japanese, He should know what "Taijo" means...Because he'll be hearing it.

Taylor Hicks

Chico: Safe.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Safe
Jason: Safe, only because I can't give two trouble.
Chico: It wasn't that bad. I mean, there were far worse.
Gordon: I disagree with the Block. I actually liked his choice of song. I thought it was a different side of him.
Chico: And he really brought it.
Jason: I absolutely hated it. But that's just me.
Chico: You cannot dispute the fact that he had the audience rolling with it.
Jason: No. I just hated it.
Chico: It takes all kinds.

Elliott Yamin

Chico: Safe again.
Jason: Safe. I liked it a lot.
Chico: He's a consistent sort.
Gordon: It didn't do anything for me, but he should have a nice sized fan base. He's safe.
Anthony (via Cell Phone): Safe

Ace Young

Jason: Way Safe.
Chico: He just saved himself last night. But he has to be consistent, dead on every night. Not just when he's in trouble.
Gordon: However, should he keep those sorts of performances up, he could be someone to watch. Safe.
Chico: Last week, I don't care what you say, he was not on it. Even so, he could be the reason why there are a run on beanies at Lids in the next couple of months. That's everyone... Oh, going back to a point made earlier... you know Bo Bice is performing tonight, right?
Gordon: Yes I do.
Chico: He's singing his hit single "The Real Thing", right?
Gordon: I believe so.
Chico: Just thought I'd bring the point forward.
Gordon: Plus, we'll be getting a group medley!
Jason: Yay.
Chico: Yay... Choral pop singing again! Am I the only one that finds that a bit... weird? I mean, when they had 24, it reminded me of high school show choir.
Jason: Or "High School Musical" on the Disney Channel.
Chico: I hear that's a good record, actually, J.
Gordon: If you were going to buy any Idol's record in the current group now, which would it be?
Jason: Mandisa
Chico: I'd buy Katherine's...
Gordon: I'd get Chris Daughtry.
Chico: Good choice as well... but you asked for one, so... :)
Jason: And we are LIVE.
Chico: 16 singers. 12 spots. Who will be back next week? It's showtime! We start with the hardest working man in show business... and 12 empty seats.
Gordon: 12 singers on the left hand side of the stage. 12 seats on the right hand side of the stage. 46 million votes determine who gets to migrate.
Chico: A synopsis of what happened! Bucky sang country, Chris sang rock. Mandisa belted soul, and Taylor... also belted soul. Paris... choked on Conga, Elliott didn't choke... but Will split the panel. Lisa skewed older again, while Gedeon did the same (and succeeded). Ayla underwhelmed by being current, and Kevin put everyone to sleep.
Gordon: While Katharine...uh...kept everyone and everything wide up.
Chico: Katharine scored thanks to Aretha, Ace scored thanks to Michael...Kellie soured on I'm the Only One... and Simon called her on it :). Melissa... bombed.
Jason: And so did Kinnik.
Chico: The votes are in... but first...A performance by the platinum selling runner-up from last year... Bo Bice!
Gordon: Yay!
Chico: Our hero. Bo's a dad now. He calls it an incredible experience.
Gordon: Bo likes to sing to his new child every night.
Chico: Bo had to move house, thanks to this show.
Gordon: That will teach Idol to show people's houses on the air. They had people camp out outside of his house. Those wacky fans.
Chico: He sings his single "The Real Thing"...Good song, really...Sounds better on the record, though.
Gordon: The song sounds better in the studio than live. It's an 'ok' performance for me.
Chico: I agree.
Gordon: Now...who had the better performance. Bo this week, or Carrie Underwood last week?
Chico: Don't make me say it :)
Jason: Carrie did, by a landslide...and yes Chico, say it.
Chico: Fine... Carrie Undertone had the best performance... There. Happy?
Jason: Very.
Gordon: Could America have gotten it right after all?
Jason: They did.
Chico: Time'll tell the tale on that one. Meanwhile, we go to break thanks to "The Real Thing"... Diet Coke. Am I the only one who noticed that? =p
Gordon: Nope =)
Chico: And we're back... with results...First, the women. We're looking for the lowest votes.
Chico: Randy didn't like Lisa....
Gordon: ...but she doesn't have the lowest number of votes.
Chico: Simon didn't like Melissa...
Gordon: Melissa...does not hae the lowest number of votes either
Chico: Simon didn't like Ayla...
Gordon: And Ayla doesn't have the lowest number of votes.
Chico: Kinnik... Gone.
Gordon: Well....that's a change of pace, as Ryan just tells her that she's out.
Jason: Not a surprise.
Gordon: SImon predicted that Kinnik is leaving - and she is.
Chico: Advice? Randy says keep believing in herself. Paula is sad to see her go. Kinnik sings her swan song, "If I Ain't Got You."
Gordon: Ryan is not even letting Simon get an opinion in, although he sneaks in a 'It was nice to know you'.
Chico: Comments from the panel?
Gordon: After listening to her very sharp encore, it's easy to see why she got the least number of votes.
Chico: Thank you. Kinnik thanks Columbia and Duluth, GA. Next, the guys enter the hot seats. Ace says be proud of this...Gedeon says "God bless everyone." Now to the lowest voice...Simon didn't like Kevin...
Gordon: Kevin says...he won't be saying anything, but he does not have the lowest number of votes.
Chico: Simon thought Gedeon was Cabaret...
Gordon: Gedeon does not have the lowest number of votes
Chico: Simon thought Bucky was "okay"...
Gordon: and Bucky does not have the lowest number of votes
Chico: Randy and Paula liked Elliott...
Gordon: And he
Chico: Will... gone.
Jason: We are two for two.
Chico: That we are. He thanks the judges and America...
Jason: And Will is very gracious in defeat.
Gordon: Will says that he has learned a ton and that he has improved a lot.
Chico: Paula is very proud.
Gordon: Randy says to discover who he is as a singer. Simon says that he is very mature and with his attitude, he will go far.
Jason: Simon was very generous as well.
Chico: He sings his swan song, "How Sweet It Is." It's actually better than it was last night... Ironic... don't you think?
Gordon: This pretty much represents how he's been in the competition, Good. Solid. Boring. Average. Non-remarkable. That will get you to the Top 24, but
not the Top 12.
Jason: And we see, although he is mature, why America voted him out.
Chico: Shot of Bo applauding.
Jason: The Top 12 will get filled...right after the break.
Chico: We're back. Now to fill in the seats for the top 12... Randy didn't like Paris' song choice...
Gordon: but the first seat goes to...Paris!
Chico: Next... Randy, Paula, and Simon all liked Katharine....
Gordon: And she's in the Top 12!
Chico: Kellie is next... Randy and Paula liked it, but Simon calls her a minx...
Gordon: Kellie the Minx is in the Top 12 as well.
Chico: "Thankee." Oh gosh...
Jason: Meow.
Chico: Mandisa. The judges liked it...
Gordon: Mandisa gets a bigger stage to perform on, as she moves to the Top 12
Jason: Oh yeah.
Chico: Lisa is next... she's the youngest...
Gordon: and she's in the Top 12.
Chico: Which leaves Ayla and Melissa...
Jason: Which will we find out after the break. Any surprises? None here.
Chico: nope. Okay, Ayla... Melissa... which ones?
Gordon: Ayla advances. Melissa is toast
Jason: Ayla is in. Melissa is toast.
Chico: I agree... and I should note that I've been 10 for 10 so far this season.
Gordon: Randy thinks that Ayla will advance.
Chico: Randy says Ayla.
Gordon: Randy is...wrong.
Chico: Wha?!
Gordon: and so is everyone else...except Rojas??!?
Jason: Holy crap.
Chico: Ayla takes it hard..
Gordon: A screaming Melissa advances, while all Ayla can do is stare down and tremble. She thanks Ryan and her fans.
Jason: Do you think the publicity hurt her?
Gordon: No. I think a safe performance on Tuesday hurt her.
Jason: I disagree. Ayla was tons better than Melissa.
Chico: I'm going to have to agree with Gordon here... As for Ayla, this journey helped her realize what was important in life...The guys give her a standing O...
Gordon: She's struggling to not cry . Randy tells her to keep working hard.
Chico: Randy says that she's got a winner's spirit. Paula calls her a winner.
Gordon: Paula tells her to keep working on her dreams. Simon says that it was the song and not her, and says that she's a winner.
Chico: She sings "Unwritten" one more time...
Jason: And we see although that we were wrong, America could have been right. She is singing worse than Tuesday.
Chico: ... Yes she is..
Gordon: Ouch. Bad last note.
Chico: So yes, Melissa did deserve to be in the top 12.. How long will she last, though?
Gordon: If she doesn't raise her game - big time - not very long.
Jason: One week.
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: Down to the guys.
Chico: All three judges liked Taylor...
Gordon: Taylor is the first person to advance
Chico: And he does a jig...Randy and Paula like Ace, so...
Gordon: Ace is also moving on to the Top 12
Chico: Boom. Top 12. Randy and Paula liked Chris...
Gordon: And Chris gets to go party with Taylor and Ace
Chico: Three to go.. Kevin... was labeled everything from Chicken Little to a sex symbol and ... he's in the top 12?
Gordon: Wha?
Jason: Holy crap, Kevin is in!
Chico: Has america gone crazy?
Gordon: I see we cab see who the Scott Savol is going to be this year, don't we?
Chico: Elliott ... survived the Brittenum twins.. who are in the house.
Gordon: Elliott gets paroled.
Chico: Ah, right. That leaves Bucky and Gedeon.
Jason: Bucky is out. Gedeon is in.
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: Gedeon is in. Rojas can't be right on all 4...can he??!!?
Jason: He is 3 for 3?
Chico: I don't know... I might be tempted to join him this season...
Gordon: Should Bucky get in and Gedeon be out, will Chico Alexander build the shrine of Rojas right next to the Temple of Maddie and the Altar of Bai Ling?
Chico: I thought you had the lease on that :)
Gordon: You can have the lease to the Shrine of Rojas. All yours.
Chico: Decision time...
Gordon: Simon thinks that Gedeon advances. Simon is...wrong
Jason: No WAY! Gedeon is out?!?
Chico: I'll be building that shrine now...
Gordon: Bucky is in the Top 12, the now-eliminated Gedeon wants people to pray for him, Anthony is right in all of his choices, and I am about to be violently ill.
Jason: I don't get it.
Chico: Gedeon is surprised, as he thanks the fans. "Pray for me. This is NOT the end." Final swan song... "When a Man Loves a Woman."
Jason: This was a shame.
Chico: America got it totally wrong this time...This was the performance of a final 12 contender..
Jason: They went 2 for 4 tonight if ask me.
Chico: Agreed. We get to the "Bad Day" montage...
Gordon: If there is any thought that this could be the year of the white country/rock male (starting from AI 4 and moving to AI5), this show confirms it.
Chico: No kidding. So... Once again, your final 12 are... if I can find the blasted list...
Jason: May I?
Gordon: You May.
Chico: Rock it.
Jason: Paris Bennett, Lisa Tucker, Melissa McGhee, Katherine McPhee, Mandisa and Kellie Pickler for da ladies. For the guys...Chris Daughtry, Kevin Covais, Ace Young, Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin and Bucky Covington.
Chico: One of these characters is the American Idol.... God help them :)
Jason: Next week, 2 hours and the music of Stevie Wonder
Chico: Should be a good show.
Jason: And then we get one elimination a week until the final on May 24, 2006.
Chico: Early favorite to leave?
Jason: Melissa McGhee
Chico: It's either her or Kevin... Depends on how the cards fall.
Gordon: I think the first week of performances will tell the tale on who will be leaving first.
Chico: And thus, will tell the tale on who'll leave the rest of the season... if Gordon's Chaos Theory pans out... and it will.
Gordon: It may - but it definitely has it's work cut out for it this season, as there s a lot of very good talent.
Jason: There are 4 people who could win it.
Chico: Yep. Mandisa, Lisa, Chris, and Ace. My four who could win. Who are your 4?
Jason: Mandisa, Elliott, Chris and Paris
Chico: Mr. Pepper?
Gordon: I'll go Mandisa, Chris, Lisa and Katharine.
Chico: Alright. With that, we're going out to get sexy nerd glasses and sexy beanies.
Jason: And get ready for the top 12 next week.
Chico: Hope you are as well. Thanks again to Jason and Anthony. He's been Gordon Pepper, he's been Jason Block, I've been Chico Alexander... Spread the love. Cheers, y'all :)
Jason: See you next week!


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