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Today is

Round of 10: The 21st Century - Results - March 29

We celebrated all things 21st century on American Idol last time, but one singer is "So Yesterday." We'll find out who in a moment, but first...

An idol's life is a busy one, with rehearsals, press conferences, and of course the occasional performance. One of their highlights this week? Because this is Fox, a private screening of the new movie "Ice Age: The Meltdown."

It's like one big happy family... but there's going to be one more empty seat at the dinner table tonight.

After a Ford video ("Give a Little Love"), we get what seasoned professionals of the 21st century can do. That's right... A live performance coming. This week, it's international multi-platinum artists Shakira and Wyclef, singing "Hips Don't Lie" off of the Oral Fixation, vol. 2 album.

After that... a recap of last night. Song choice was not on par according to Randy.

Simon rips Kellie, Lisa, and Bucky a new one on that, while Taylor was compared to Clay Aiken.

Meanwhile, Katharine scored a hit, while Chris was mixed. Paris got Randy moved, while Simon thought it was a little girl pretending to be Beyonce.

It's result time... Three people have the lowest poll totals.

Bottom row... Mandisa... Chris... Kellie... Taylor... Paris.... All safe.

Top row... Elliott, who holds his ears... The judges disagreed on the arrangement... but loved the voice. He's safe.

Lisa did not impress the judges. She was in the bottom three for the last two weeks. She... is in the bottom three again.

Ace disappointed the judges with his song choice. He joins Lisa in the bottom three.

Which leaves us with Katharine and Bucky. Katharine impressed the judges. Bucky didn't exactly wow the toughest room...

So joining Ace and Lisa in the bottom three.... is Katharine. Unhappiness and shock abound, but remember the Tim Connolly rule: you can't complain if you don't vote.

That said, it's time to send one person back to safety.

That person... is Ace. That leaves Katharine and Lisa as your bottom two.

Simon: "I watched the show back last night. Any of this lot could have been in the bottom two. It was a really poor performance. The public knows best. I have absolutely no problem with this bottom three."

Paula: "America votes. Keep that finger dialing."

Randy: "Whoever goes home tonight, those votes are going to somebody. You're never really safe. You gotta be great every time. Pick better songs!"

Lisa thinks that whatever happens happens... Katharine is a bit surprised, but again, whatever happens happens.

That said... the person leaving tonight on American Idol is.... Lisa Tucker. Katharine is safe.

As we get Lisa's funeral dirge, what happens? Well, Randy says that Lisa's vote has to go somewhere, and the most likely candidates are Mandisa and Paris. Meanwhile, I expect Katharine's fanbase to come out of the woodwork to support their heroine.

But how long will that support last? The quest for a title marches on. Next time... We play som'n' country. In the meantime, Lisa sings us out with "Because of You."



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