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Today is

Round of 7: The Great American Songbook - April 19

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I welcome all of you to another American Idol Roundtable
Don: Hey.
Gordon: How's everyone doing tonight?
Don: Doin' good.
Jason: We are doing well.
Joe: I've been suckered into AI chat haven't I?
Jason: Suckered isn't the right word...try convinced :)
Gordon: And yes, you have Joe
Joe: I'm in a computer lab
Gordon: I'm having smoked Catfish in a kosher cream cheese/honey sauce
Jason: One more day Gordon.
Gordon: And we're going to do Play by Play American Idol, if you wish to join us to either be serious or make fun of everyone. Speaking of which...oh, look - Celebrity cooking showdown! btw - the ratings for this are the lowest for ANY show this season. Maybe they would get better ratings if they cooked the celebrities.
Jason: I would see that.
Don: Heh.
Joe: I heard that the new IGAS should be cooked, too
Jason: Gordon thinks so.
Gordon: Roasted and basted in the cream cheese and honey sauce I made tonight. Delicious.
Jason: Yummy. So is Grandma Pepper: making an appearance?>
Gordon: Yes she is
Jason: Ok.
Jason: The Final 7 turned up their A game this week...well most of them did.
Gordon: And we have the people who I know can cook better than the celebrity chefs.
Jason: I know I can.
Gordon: We start with Cantaloupe and Joe Watermello
Joe: -_-;
Gordon: Thank you , Joe. Next up is the salad, with nice green Grandma Pepper salad!
Grandma Pepper: Hi voters! I am looking forward to seeing what tonight will bring.
Gordon: How do you like to be called a salad, grandma?
Grandma Pepper: A green salad is great. Look at all the help I am giving to all
of you people who are dieting.
Gordon: So why are you joining us for the pre-game instead of watching Celebrity Co! oking Showdown?
Grandma Pepper: I can't stand Tom Arnold, I don't k now who the other two people
are, and I don't want to watch a show on something that I'm not going to wind
up eating, anyways.
Joe: I'd be lucky if I saw anything at all.
Gordon: Next up, we have Jason Blocks of ham and cheese
Jason: Good evening. Never thought I would be called a Jewish Ham :)
Gordon: We finally get to some DONUT! Welcome to the show, Don Harpwood
Don: I can make a real good grilled cheese sandwich. :)
Gordon: And with that, we're going to cook ourselves into... SAFE, TROUBLE or OUT!!!
Jason: Whoo Hoo.
Gordon: We start the show with...

Taylor 'Ham' Hicks

Jason: Safe.
Don: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: I think Taylor is great and will remain up there.
Gordon: Safe. Is he the favorite to win this?
Jason: No....and I will explain who later.
Grandma Pepper: Although he's not my pick at the moment, I think he will be
duking it out at the end
Jason: What does Chico and Anthony say?
Chico: Chico - Safe
Anthony: Safe

Chris 'SourDaugh'try Bread

Don: Safe.
Jason: He is my favorite. Last night was a star making performance. Way Safe.
Grandma Pepper: I liked what Chris did. It was a nice change.
Gordon: I liked what he did, but not as much as you guys. Although I think he
did a nice job with a change of pace song, I don't know if he brought anything new to the party
Anthony: Safe
Chico: Safe

Katharine McNuggets

Jason: Again..way safe here. This was her wheelhouse.
Don: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: Katharine in my book is great. I love watching her and listening to her.
Gordon: I thought she was good - but again, not as good as what everyone else thought. i thought what she did last week was better.

Paris 'Eggs Bennettdict'

Don: I'm thinking safe.
Jason: 2nd best performance of the night. Way Safe.
Grandma Pepper: When Paris was singing 'These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You',
I was reaching for the Kleenex. She looked so pretty this week. Paris, don't ever part with that outfit, You look just beautiful in it.
Chico: Safe
Anthony: Safe
Gordon: I'm going to have to disagree here. She did great, but she does not have the fan base. In the words of Simon, when everyone sings well, it turns into a popularity contest. Trouble.
Jason: Gordon, you are out of your mind.
Gordon: I may be...but...I may not be...

Kellie and her peppered Picklers

Anthony - Trouble
Chico - Trouble
Don: I did not like her performance last night. But I'm thinking just trouble.
Grandma Pepper: I may be going out on a limb with this, but Kellie knew she had a problem with Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, and at this stage of the game, should have switched pronto. In the event that it could be an upset vote, I see this as an 'Out' move.
Jason: Wow...big call by Grandma.
Grandma Pepper: Thank you Jason. That makes me feel a lot better.
Jason: Not a problem, Grandma Pepper.
Gordon: I think you are all underestimating the power of Pickler's fan base. Safe.
Jason: This is our biggest disagreement. Gordon and I have a dinner bet on this. She is in big trouble and will be in the bottom 3.
Grandma Pepper: Ok. We shall see.
Jason: I will love the steak dinner you buy me ;)
Gordon: I hope you like seafood, Jason.

Ace Young Fresh Trout

Don: Trouble.
Jason: He folds...OUT.
Grandma Pepper: Not ready to be the American Idol - and it's showing. I did like the slick downed look, however. Trouble.
Anthony: OUT
Chico: Trouble
Gordon: I think that he was the weakest, and I think he should be going - but - I think that he survives this week...but barely. Trouble.

Elliott 'Yam'in

Jason: He will survive the curse. Trouble.
Don: Bottom 3 for consecutive weeks = doomed. Out.
Grandma Pepper: I agree with Simon. Elliott has a personality problem and it's costing him votes. Trouble.
Gordon: I'll go further than that. Tonight, his personality problem costs him the competition. Out.
Joe: Personality costing votes in a singing contest? *rolls eyes*
Anthony: Trouble
Chico: out
Gordon: So, to sum this up...

Grandma Pepper: Trouble - Ace, Elliott. Out - Kellie
Gordon: Trouble - Paris, Ace. out - Elliott
Jason: Trouble--Elliott and Kellie; OUT--Ace
Chico - Trouble - Kellie, Ace - OUT - Elliott
Don: Trouble: Ace, Kellie. Out: Elliott.
Anthony - Trouble - Kellie, Elliott. Out - Ace

Jason: I agree with :) I want to ask a question to Grandma Pepper...why do you think you take Kellie out after one bad performance?
Grandma Pepper: Because I think it's getting so close and with the kind of music
that we had last night, it could produce an upset vote, such as the vote with Katharine being at the bottom and what happened to Mandisa, although with Mandisa, it was more than one performance, but it was an upset vote, too. Given the possibility that there could be an upset vote tonight, it would be Kellie.
Jason: Honestly, I think I lot of people would be THRILLED to see Kellie go. I dont think it will be happen, but it wouldn't shock me.
Joe: A lot of people would be thrilled.
Gordon: By the way, Miss USA has won Wednesday's Celebrity Cooking Showdown
Grandma Pepper: Terrific. That's wonderful. I'm going to sleep really good tonight.
Gordon: And the Crowd Goes Mild.
Grandma Pepper: Group 1 is Elliott, Kellie and Katharine. Group 2 is Ace, Paris and Chris.
Gordon: Which group is the Bottom three?
Jason: Group 1
Don: I'm thinkin' #1.
Grandma Pepper: Group 1
Joe: I go with the consensus
Jason: Gordon?
Gordon: Well, 2 of my bottom three are in Group 2, so I'll say group 2.
Jason: Jump off the cliff my boy.
Gordon: My, it's looking quite steep. Back to the show. Taylor is still asked to go to the group that's safe. Taylor goes to Group 2...then is told by Ryan that he's in the wrong group. Taylor turns around and walks to group 1 before Ryan can finish.
Don: ... Wow.
Jason: Say what?
Gordon: The bottom three is Ace, Chris and Paris. And Jason, I'll take that sushi now.
Jason: This is bullsh(bleep).
Gordon: Safe is...Paris. That leaves Chris and Elliott. Chris couldn't be leaving...could he?
Jason: No fu(bleep)ing way.
Gordon: Simon thinks that Ace is leaving tonight. Simon is...right.
Don: Whew...

21 - Gordon
20 - Chico, Grandma Pepper
19 - Jason (and a Sushi Check), Anthony
16 - Donut

Jason: Still a close race.
Gordon: I finally have first all to myself. Ahhh... =)
Don: Seems lonely at the bottom...
Gordon: So with that. we are done. For everyone, I am Gordon, finishing out
this food laden evening with some green tea ice cream - and Jason picking up the check.
Jason: Not a problem...(grumble)...good night.


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