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Today is

Round of 12: Stevie Wonder - March 15

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I'm about to say the words that most American Idol fans are longing to hear!
Jason: Kevin Covais is going home?
Gordon: We may be hearing that, but no. We welcome you all to the FINAL 12 of American Idol - and we welcome you to the Roundtable!
Don: Yay!
Jason: (applause)
Anthony: Oh boy
Jason: Good evening GSNN American Idol Fans!
Gordon: We are here for you, and let's meet the people who are here this evening. From NYC, where he will make sure that no one will Beat the Block - Mr. Jason Block is in the house!
Jason: This year, I am going to win the AI Elimination title. The belt is coming to Brooklyn!
Gordon: Next up, from lovely NJ, my commentator in crime, Mr. Anthony Rojas!
Aldo: Lovely?
Anthony: lol
Gordon: Anything you'd like to say, Anthony?
Anthony: town is lovely
Aldo: lol
Gordon: Thank you, Anthony. Next up, from the lovely country of Canada, Mr Don Harpwood is with us tonight!
Don: I thought about singing... But I'm going to refrain, as I don't feel
like shattering any glass.
Gordon: Thank you, Don. Finally, we have returning as the Pulse of America, 'American Aldo', Mr. Aldo Villalona!
Jason: (applause)
Aldo: American Aldo. That's too much.
Gordon: Anyway, tonight starts the special march to the American Idol championship not only for the Top 12, but for us, as we play... SAFE, TROUBLE, OUT!!!!
Jason: Yeah baby.
Anthony: Grrrrrrrr
Jason: Bring it on Anthony.
Aldo: lol
Gordon: Here's how it works. I give out a name. You say if they are safe, in trouble or out. For the first 7 weeks, it's 1 point for each trouble right, a 2 point bonus for the out, and 1 point if the person out is in your trouble list. You all ready?
Don: Ready.
Jason: As I will ever be.
Gordon: Chico will be playing via e-mail.
Jason: You have his choices?
Gordon: I do
Jason: Ok.
Gordon: Last week, Anthony stunned all of us by going 4 for 4. How did you do it?
Anthony: With my lovely charming wit
Aldo: Cocaine is a hell of a drug
Anthony: lol
Jason: But this week will be different, Anthony.
Gordon: And away we go with...

Chris Daughtry

Anthony: safe
Don: Safe.
Anthony: #1 in my eyes
Jason: Safe. Great choice.
Aldo: safe
Gordon: Safe
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Safe

Ace Young

Jason: Safe, but his performance was not the best.
Don: I'll say safe.
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Trouble
Aldo: I agree, Trouble
Anthony: Safe, but he didn't do well - he sounded screechy
Gordon: Safe. He didn't do well, but some people did infinitely worse.

Kellie Pickler

Gordon: That would be one of said people. Trouble.
Jason: Trouble.
Don: Trouble.
Aldo: safe
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Trouble
Anthony: Trouble

Elliott Yamin

Anthony: safe
Jason: Safe.
Don: Safe.
Aldo: safe
Gordon: Safe, but I do not like his song selection. He also does not have the charisma and he needs to start being careful
Jason: True.
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Safe


Don: Sssssssafe!
Jason: Safe.
Anthony: safe
Aldo: safe
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Safe
Gordon: Safe. She and Chris are amazing vocal talents. And Grandma Pepper loves her.
Jason: She didn't have a Mandiiisa like performance, but she has enough weeks to gain it back.
Gordon: That's true

Bucky Covington

Don: Safe.
Jason: Safe. His out of the box choice worked, as Kellie's did not.
Aldo: safe
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Safe
Anthony: Mandisa is safe, Bucky safe.
Gordon: Safe. Great performance, and one of the reasons why Kellie could be in trouble. Do you buy Kellie's I don't know anything about anything background?
Jason: Nope. There is a difference between dumb and playing dumb.
Gordon: Which one is she?
Jason: Playing dumb. She is a smart little minx.
Gordon: But will that backfire?
Jason: Eventually.

Lisa Tucker

Anthony: safe
Don: Safe.
Jason: Safe. A fun performance.
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Safe
Gordon: safe, but she got exploited big time last night. She needs to get younger and connect with the kiddies - something I don't think she has done yet.
Jason: That I agree.
Gordon: I see her and Elliott in the same ship - and it's sinking
Jason: Yep.

Katharine McPhee

Anthony: safe
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Safe
Don: Safe.
Jason: Way safe. 2nd best performance of the night.
Gordon: She needed a good effort - and she got it. Very nice job by her. Grandma likes her, too.
Aldo: She did a nice job. Safe

Taylor Hicks

Anthony: safe
Don: Safe.
Aldo: safe
Jason: A very fun performance. He is growing on me. Safe.
Gordon: Great performance by Taylor. It's the best that I've seen him. Safe.
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Safe

Paris Bennett

Anthony: safe
Don: Safe.
Chico: (Via E-Mail) Safe
Aldo: safe
Gordon: Safe
Jason: Best performance of the night. Love Paris in the evening. :) Safe.
Aldo: very nice

Kevin Covais

Chico: (Via E-Mail) Safe
Anthony: Trouble
Jason: OUT!
Don: Trouble, but I think his fanbase will at least keep him in it this week.
Anthony: Agreed
Aldo: Out...Ewww...Do I have to agree with Jason?
Jason: But I wouldn't be surprised if he did stay. This is a coin flip.
Anthony: Nope. His fans will save him one more week
Gordon: Trouble. It wouldn't surprise me if he's out, but I think that despite violating a major Idol rule (do NOT argue with Simon), that he sticks around for 1 more week.

Melissa McGhee

Anthony: Out. I think she was the worst of the night with no support from fans. Her time is up
Don: She messed up lyrics. So did Carrie Underwood, but Melissa is not Carrie. Out.
Anthony: Agreed
Jason: Trouble, but I would not be surprised if she was out. I did say this was a coin flip. It's mangled lyrics versus white boy nerd.
Gordon: I agree with Anthony (ack!). She forgot lyrics, she was not good, and what makes it worse is that Simon called it her best ever, which will probably not trigger people to think that she is in danger. All of these things will lead to her expulsion. Summing it up -
Anthony Kellie, Kevin Melissa
Gordon Kellie, Kevin Melissa
Chico Ace, Kellie Melissa
Jason Kellie, Melissa Kevin
Don Kellie, Kevin Melissa
Aldo Ace, Melissa Kevin

Gordon: And everyone's choices have been locked. I am VERY concerned that my choices match Anthony's
Anthony: (giggling inside)
Aldo: Hahaha
Jason: Maybe Anthony is learning from you.
Gordon: He can learn how to bowl from me, too =)
Anthony: I'm sorry, did I not bowl 225, 219, 204
Gordon: I shot a pair of 223's and I beat you 2 out of 3 games, boy
Anthony: I felt rusty
Gordon: Suck it up
Jason: And we are LIVE!
Gordon: The votes are in...and someone's out.
Jason: Seacrest at his hip best in a gray suit and pink shirt.
Gordon: Ryan says that America has cast 32.5 million votes. Not a record, but it's nice. We get the intro of the judges, and the recap of the Stevie Wonder 2 Hour of Power
Jason: Stevie is the man.
Don: Stevie Wonder rocks.
Gordon: We get Melissa forgetting lyrics, Kevin telling off Simon, the string of nice performances, and then... a break.
Aldo: lol
Gordon: And we get the first Ford Commercial of the finals, "All I Want". We start in the woods with Idols coming out of trees and singing.
Don: They couldn't afford a real campfire?
Jason: With Puppet animals like squirrels - which is what Kevin is singing with.
Ace is coming out of a bear costume. Katharine is a park ranger. While Chris is singing, Bucky is sticking his head out of the back of a Ford like he spent the night in there with Chris. That's not exactly an image I want in my head.
Anthony: Ewww
Gordon: We get to Stevie Wonder, who says that he gave out his constructive criticism, but he also thinks that there is at least one potential superstar there. With that, we get to see Stevie play a Media Ho, as he sings his new song, 'My Love is On Fire'. Is his song on fire?
Jason: Eh. But Stevie is Stevie.
Gordon: I agree. Not the best Stevie Wonder song I've hear, but it's not terrible. I do like the flute section. Maybe the song will grow on me. And we get a quick look of the crew of the latest Fox show that will tank - The Loop
Jason: And more media ho cross pollination.
Gordon: And now we're down to someone who's going to tank. We start with Ace and Kevin. One of the two is safe. One of the two in the Bottom 3. That person in the bottom is...Ace.
Jason: Holy cow. Ace is in the bottom three.
Don: Wow.
Anthony: Maybe going first hurt him
Gordon: Paula and Randy are surprised. Simon agrees, but says that it's a wake-up call.
Anthony: And the first half of the group did blah
Jason: Yes they did.
Gordon: And Jason already is going to be wrong with his out. Not a good start for Mr. Block.
Jason: It happens. I did say it was a coin flip. I flipped wrong.
Gordon: You flipped when you should have flopped
Anthony: Yea, well his chicken little fans saved him this week
Gordon: They knew they had to vote for him. Could Ace be leaving?
Jason: No.
Don: Nah. I'm sure someone had fewer votes.
Gordon: Paris the performing safe
Jason: No surprise there.
Gordon: Kellie the country safe
Don: Wow.
Jason: Wow indeed.
Gordon: Taylor the Drunk dad at a safe
Jason: Ok.
Gordon: Chris, who the audience is screaming safe.
Jason: Of course.
Gordon: Melissa the lyric forgetter...and Elliott are grouped together...and Melissa is in the Bottom three. Elliott is safe.
Jason: I think we all got that.
Don: No surprise there.
Gordon: Mandisa the powerhouse is safe. Katharine is safe. That leaves us with Lisa and Bucky. One of them are in the Bottom three. That person is...Lisa?
Anthony: wow
Don: Yipes.
Jason: Oh my goodness.
Anthony: No one guessed this
Gordon: So your bottom 3 are Ace, Lisa and Melissa.
Jason: I assume you can explain the chaos factor.
Gordon: I can indeed, Mr. Block.
Gordon: All 3 have a few things in common. All 3 people are there because they sang safely and they didn't sing too well, yet it wasn't bad enough for people to call in and save them. Also - all 3 of them are from a congested genre. Lisa from the land of 3 R&B female singer...
Jason: ...Ace from the male rocker. And Melissa from the pop divas.
Gordon: Yep. Here we go.
Jason: Ace is safe.
Gordon: And leaving us is...Melissa. Melissa thought that she would be gone - and she is. We get the funeral video of Melissa leaving the show, including Simon giving Melissa the kiss of death in a compliment as Melissa sings us out.
Anthony: Time for the Loop. Whooo hooooo
Gordon: Based on the Chaos Swing, who better be concerned for next week?
Jason: Kevin and Kellie.
Anthony: Could be bucky, kevin, kellie
Gordon: I thnk Kevin better be getting a lot of grannies next week. Here's the points after Week 1...

Chico - 4
Don, Aldo, Anthony, Gordon - 3
Jason - 2

Jason: Very good scores gentlemen.
Gordon: Good going everyone. We see you all next week. For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, wishing you all a pleasant good evening. Spread the love.
See you next week.


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