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Today is

Round of 5: Then and Now - May 3

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and it's time to imitate a FOX show
Jason B: Which one?
Gordon: Party of 5!
Jason B: I'll be Matthew Fox.
Jason H: Yes, Joey Numbers....I actually accepted the chat invite. :-p
Jason B: Now it's Party of 6 :)
Jason H: Despite the fact I don't want Idol.
Gordon: We welcome you all to the Final 5 Recap. We start with the man who's thinking Idol 24....7, Mr. Jason Block.
Jason B: Good evening. I made it through, and I am feeling fine.
Gordon: Welcome back - figuratively and literally
Jason B: thank you.
Gordon: Next up - a Man who may be doing his own Prison Break out of Canada, Mr. Don Harpwood.
Don: Yo. Just got myself some pizza.
Gordon: Good pizza?
Don: Real good pizza.
Jason B: Its can't be that good :)
Gordon: We also have someone who's every Granny's American Idol. It's Grandma Pepper!
Grandma Pepper: Hi all you grannies out there! Here's to bringing in your favorite.
Gordon: Next - a man who may see his Chance of a Lifetime this Friday on Game Show Network, Mr. Jason Hernandez
Jason H: H-E-L-L-O! Thanks Gordon.....
Gordon: We also have the man we Unan1mously call the Game Show Man, Mr. Joe Van Ginkel, for his cameo.
Joe: :D
Gordon: And finally, the man who would love to take a Love Cruise away from Cleveland, Mr. Mike Klauss.
Mike: ...
Gordon: So while Mike is out on his Love Cruise, it's time for


Jason H: He's ogling over the DonD models, methinks. :-p (and who wouldn't? Rawr!)
Gordon: We start with...

Taylor Hicks

Jason B: Safe.
Don: Safe.
Joe: Safe
Jason H:
Gordon: Safe - Was his Beatles rendition the best of the night?
Grandma Pepper: Taylor is safe and he did a good job last night
Jason H: He did a Beatles rendition?
Jason B: Nope. Chris Styx was.
Gordon: Do you think that the voting audience will penalize Taylor for not necessarily playing by the standard Idol rules?
Jason B: Possibly, but not likely.
Grandma Pepper: I don't think the audience will. I think that if they liked his performance, that they won't penalize him at all.
Chico: Soul Patrol will save him. Safe.
Anthony: Safe

Chris Daughtry

Jason B: Safe as well.
Don: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: I think at this point that Chris and Taylor are bringing it home. Safe.
Chico: If he was any safer, he'd be on 60 Minutes. Yes, you have to be
cerebral to get that.
Anthony: Safe

Elliott Yamin

Jason B: Boring, bland and bye-bye. OUT.
Grandma Pepper: I agree with Simon about On Broadway. Elliott is in Trouble.
Don: At least trouble, but I'm not sure if he'll be out just yet.
Gordon: I don't think he's out. I do think that he needed to outsing Katharine last night and didn't. Trouble.
Chico: Yaminons had better start mobilizing behind their hero, because he's in TROUBLE.
Anthony: Safe

Katharine McPhee

Jason B: Coin flip on this because Katharine could go home tonight as well, but she is in TROUBLE.
Gordon: I think she outsang Elliott - and I LOVED her second song. Safe.
Chico: Safe... but just. I'm calling Chaos Theory for this one. Kellie's women friends have to go somewhere, right?
Don: Probably safe.
Grandma Pepper: Trouble. Everybody knows how I feel about Katharine, but I think at this point, Chris and Taylor are surpassing her in votes. I sure hope she comes out with a knockout in the next week or 2.

Paris Bennett

Chico: The fact that Paris singing her cute little butt off still wasn't enough to save her from the bottom two last week is telling. Out.
Jason B: Another TROUBLE. Her song selection was BRUTAL last night. And cursing didn't help.
Don: I'm thinking Out.
Grandma Pepper: I like Paris, and I like what she does on the stage, but
unfortunately, I think she will be saying goodbye tonight. Out.
Gordon: I like Paris too, but she needed to outsing anyone and didn't, PLUS I don't see her getting any votes from Kellie. Not good. Out. 1 more thing...we have, since there's only 2 troubles tonight, a 1 point bailout. Select someone who you would have in trouble if you had a 3rd selection and put that in your summary, like so -

Gordon: Bailout - Katharine. Trouble - Elliott. Out - Paris
Grandma Pepper: Bailout - Elliott, Trouble - Katharine, Out - Paris
Joe: What Gordon said.
Jason B: Bailout-Katharine. Trouble-Paris. Out-Elliott
Chico: Bailout - Katharine, Trouble - Elliott, OUT - Paris
Don: Bailout: Katharine. Trouble: Elliott. Out: Paris.

Jason B: Again...out on the limb.
Gordon: Well, hopefully the limb won't break
Joe: lol
Gordon: What good sushi buffets are in California, Joe?
Jason H: You're asking Joe?!? Joey Numbers, you like sushi... and you never told me?
Joe: No I don't. He's joking.
Gordon: I am, of course =). Jason - what good sushi buffets are there?
Jason B: Grumble
Gordon: And we!
Jason B: Here we go. And Ryan still dressing spiffy. And Carmen Electra's in the house. 45.5 Million Votes last night.
Gordon: Down 2 million votes, as noted by Grandma Pepper
Jason B: Interesting.
Gordon: Simon says that they all want to be the last one standing. Katharine says that she had a lot of pressure.
Jason B: Paris is always hyper.
Gordon: Paris says that it adds on to her already hyper personality
Gordon: Chris is going to sing in a pool of sweat. Our eardrums may be sweating as we get a group medley
Gordon: This isn't too terrible
Jason B: Its ok
Grandma Pepper: I like it. I think they sound great.
Gordon: We get screaming for the guys. Not so much for the girls. Is that a sign?
Jason B: Oh yes. This will be a Chris/Taylor top 2. And Melissa Gilbert in da house as well.
Gordon: Do you think all of them will get recording contracts?
Jason B: Everyone but Elliott.
Grandma Pepper: I think they can all get recording contracts this year
Gordon: We have a pink goofy Hollywood Swinging Commercial for Ford
Jason B: OK...that was weird.
Gordon: Recap, Jason?
Jason B: You had the final 5 driving around Hollywood looking at weird
characters, when they were all dressed weird. Elliott was punk, Taylor was in a football outfit, Catherine was in a hot miniskirt.
Gordon: Idol Recap - Paula went after Paris, Simon went after Taylor, Simon went after Katharine.
Jason B: Tommy Mottola and Elvis next week :)
Don: Nice.
Jason B: The final four will be whisked to Graceland to Meet with Tommy Mottola.
Gordon: Taylor will be going to Graceland - he is safe
Jason B: Taylor and Chris are safe.
Gordon: Paris is in...the bottom 2
Jason B: Ok. Paris sings Kiss. And hands Ryan her gum before doing it.
Gordon: Who will be joiing Paris?
Jason B: Elliott and Paris are in the bottom 2 and he sings On Broadway
Gordon: And in a quick voting turnaround, Paris is out
Jason B: Hey I wasn't that far off :) So why did she leave this week Gordon?
Gordon: Not enough of a fan base and too many weeks in the bottom
Jason B: And she sings "Be Without You" as we fade out.
Gordon: And with that, we fade out on this episode. Any last thoughts?
Don: Can't wait for next week. That's all I have to say.
Jason B: Not a surprise. Elliott is in deep trouble. It's going to be a fun final 4
Gordon: It should be. for everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, wishing you all a good Game Over.

(C-Note: BTW, the scores are...)

28 - Gordon
27 - Chico, Grandma Pepper
24 - Jason
23 - Donut
21 - Anthony

See you next week!


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