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Today is

The Hollywood Round: Part 2 - February 14

Last time, 175 answered the call to continue on in the search for the next American Idol. Of those, 109 remain. Today, days 3, 4, and 5 of Hollywood Boot Camp.

Next round: pick a song, pick a key, pick a group. At 2a, some head to bed, some head to rehearse. One group does both. Anthony and Terrell practice, while Sway and Elliott go to bed. Terrell calls this unacceptable. They said they were going to stay up two hours, go to bed, and then wake up and practice again... or as we at the 'net call it, another day in paradise.

Terrell calls up Sway, hoping to get him out of bed. Doesn't work. Meanwhile, another group is practicing their partner's moves.. without their partner. Terrell turns his anger to Elliott. "This is the reason why... I don't do groups." He promises Anthony that if he does all the talking, he'll get them through.

Nothing like the sight of a beautiful woman, first thing in the morning. Sway and Elliott decide to eat breakfast first, and Terrell is on the verge of a breakdown. Meanwhile Brenna complains that no one called her for practice.

Across the room, Nick and Marcy practice without her.

Meanwhile, the rest of the groups... don't have any drama worth taping. So we go back to Terrell to see if they can get Elliott and Sway back together. One last chance before the performances begin, as the judges get in their judge chairs.

Paris Bennett's group (Paris, Stephanie Scott, and Hanna Freeman) is next. Meanwhile, the Idolphonics of Terrell, Anthony, Sway, and Elliott are back together.

Judgment of Paris's group... No chemistry, says Simon. Paris... is through. Hanna... is gone. Stephanie... is through. Simon calls her "a lucky girl."

Next up, the Idolphonics. The good: Elliott and Terrell... even if he forgot the words. Terrell decided to talk for the group about salvaging the group. Randy thinks that Elliott was the best, though. Simon called it a horrible group performance. Terrell... Elliott... and Sway are all through. Anthony, meanwhile, is going home. So much for Terrell's promise, as he now goes to bashing Anthony off stage.

Next, the Rat Pack (Kevin Covais, Josh Jordan, David Radford, and William Makar) with "Fly Me To The Moon". Four good performances. Two great ones. Kevin and William... All four make it through.

More practice. Epiphany used to be a quartet until Tyra Schwartz left to join the Try-Hards. And the new group... not happening. Tyra is wondering if she's making a big mistake.

Back on stage, Derrell Brittenum "Can't Help Myself" to move on to the next round... but not without a moment. "I'm very disappointed. I would like to thank you guys for the opportunity, but my spirit has been broken." Gee, the way he sounded, you'd think that he thought that Terrell didn't make it. That said, he withdraws himself and his brother from the competition.

Terrell tells him to go right back in there and apologize. Meanwhile, the theatre has a "Band of Gold led by Mandisa Hundley, Brooke Barretsmith, and Sarah Enouen, all of which move on to the next round.

Next.. Lyric trips! Guess which song this is!

"Sugar pie honeybun, baby da nuv love you,
Don't have myself, I love you 'bout a thousand times
In and out you go, out of my life
Beat my bare behind, love you and all my time
When I tongue a blame,
Turning into flames
Burning in my heart,

You know I cannot hide...
The love I feel inside."

"It's the easiest lyric in the world, that song!" It is, you know!

Tyra, meanwhile, changes her fortune by rejoining her group, but will Epiphany take her back? They were really tight to start. Lucky for Tyra, the group lets her back in.

Meanwhile, the Try-Hards are trying too hard. Meredith Bandas and Leah Barretsmith both are out of the competition. So is groupmate Lauren. Meanwhile, Brooke is inconsolable. And Tyra just might've done herself a favor.

Meanwhile, Derrell is back on the stage to apologize profusely. Simon has the last word here... "I am fed up of your hissy attitude. You resigned publicly in front of them. I think they're sick to death of you. I'll decide with Paula and Randy whether we want you back in 30 minutes."

In the meantime, here's Epiphany (Celeste/Shontai/Tyra/Nicole). Could've been better. Celeste, Nicole, and Shontai... are in. Tyra.... is also in!

Brenna, Nick, and Marcy are next... Brenna's interpretation involves "kissing a bitch behind about 1000 times." Brenna says that she's not a group person, and she's the Simon Cowell of the group.

Nick... had the worst 24 hours of his life... is through. Marcy and Brenna... will be working again tomorrow as well.

And finally... Broke Note Mountain of Garet Johnson, Matthew Buckstein, and Michael Evans... But first.. The Brittenums. They get their wish. They stay in the competition. Now, it's time for Cowboys with "Doo Wah Diddy". It's about as comical as it gets. Simon: "I think you'll look back on this and wonder why you possibly blew the opportunity of a lifetime by trying to be bad comedians." With that, Simon dismisses all three. They console each other. Garet wants to wait a few years before "becoming something". "Who knows what's on the road for me."

And finally, day four... one solo performance out of 95 songs. A cappella. No feedback. Just as in previous years... All of the singers are separated into four holding rooms. There've been in the past two and two for the cut.

Room 1: Gina Glocksen, Nicole Kurt, and Tyra Schwartz. Here's Simon...

"You haven't made it. Cut. Sorry. It was very nice to meet you all."

Room 2: Sway, Rebecca, and Chris Daughtry... Here's Simon again...

"This group... has made it through to the next round of competition."

With that, Simon heads off to London on business, leaving Randy and Paula to break the good... or bad.. news.

Room 3: Derrell Brittenum, Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks... Here's Paula


Another room through. It just leaves room 4.... Terrell Brittenum is waiting... So is Ace Young. Here's Paula...

"Congratulations, you made it through!" So only one room gets cut. And 44 keep on dreaming, as Derrell keeps looking for his brother... And here he is! Congratulations, boys. But alas, it's not over... Because next time, Paula, Randy, and Simon will cut the roster to 24.. 12 men and 12 women who will go on to the public vote.


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