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Today is

Round of 11: The 50s - Results - March 22

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and I have a question for the panel.
Joe: Yeah?
Gordon: If Kevin Covais is Chicken Little, then what animals are the rest of the idolers?
Joe: Hmm...
Jason: Hmmmm.....
Gordon: Meanwhile, as they are all thinking, I'll be all introducing as we indulge in another American Idol Roundtable. We start with the bowling anchor of all bowling anchors, Mr. Anthony Rojas.
Anthony: Hello all.
Gordon: We continue with the New York Radio Trivia Personalilties of all New York Radio Trivia Personalilties, Mr. Jason Block.
Jason: Thank you very much.
Gordon: Continuing on, we have the Canadian of all Canadians, Mr. Don Harpwood.
Don: How's it goin', eh? (Couldn't resist. :P)
Gordon: And finally, we have a special guest - the Game Show Man of all Game Show Men, Mr. Joe Van Ginkel.
Gordon: We also have a VERY special guest this evening.
Jason: And who might that be?
Gordon: But we start the introduction with a letter that I have received this week.
Jason: Ok.
Gordon: The letter is as follows -

I find it fascinating and refreshing that Grandma Pepper is there to speak her mind on her opinions of American Idol. As a member of the 'Granny Vote', I myself have always been interested to hear what people think but there's no one in my age group that talks about it. I think it would be nice to hear what Grandma Pepper has to say on this week's Idol.

Gordon: I thought that was a great letter. So without further ado, I introduce, via cell phone, GRANDMA PEPPER! *applause*
Jason: Welcome.
Grandma Pepper: Hi everybody. Happy to join you.
Gordon: So now that we have the full group here, It's time to play.... SAFE TROUBLE OUT! You all know the drill. I give you a person, you say Safe, Trouble or Out. We start with...


Don: Safe.
Jason: Best performance of the year. Safe.
Joe: Safe
Anthony: safe
Grandma Pepper: Safe - I love Mandisa and she does a bang up job with every song that she sings.
Gordon: I agree with Grandma. Safe
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Safe
Chico (Via Email): Safe. One of the best of the night.

Bucky Covington

Jason: Trouble
Joe: Trouble
Don: To be honest, this one is a tough call for me, but my gut for some reason is saying out.
Jason: He was boring and not energetic.
Grandma Pepper: I liked his performance a little better this week, but I don't think he'll be around too long. I still think he's safe for now.
Anthony: out
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Out
Chico (Via Email): Trouble. Still has a fan base.
Gordon: I think that he has 2 problems. #1. He wasn't that good and #2. Kellie blew him out of the water. Definite Trouble

Paris Bennett

Jason: Safe. I liked her stuff.
Joe: Safe
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Safe
Chico (Via Email): Safe, although I still think that somewhere a model is missing her dress.
Grandma Pepper: Not her shining moment. Fever is a very sexy song and she is just not ready for that kind of song. Trouble.
Don: My gut says trouble.
Anthony: safe
Gordon: I wasn't thrilled with it, but I think that she outsang Lisa. Safe.

Katharine McPhee

Don: Safe.
Jason: Safe. 2nd best performance of the night.
Joe: Safe
Anthony: safe
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Safe
Chico (Via Email): Safe... I heart Katharine.
Grandma Pepper: Katharine has a beautiful voice and is among those who will be safe through the competition until it gets to the end. Safe.
Gordon: I agree with Grandma Pepper. She's untouchable for a while. Safe.

Taylor Hicks

Don: Safe.
Jason: Safe. Nothing special.
Joe: Safe
Anthony: safe
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Safe
Chico (Via Email): Safe, but a little too much like a preacher...
Gordon: Safe. I didn't like the performance, but too much of a fanbase to get done in by a mediocre effort.
Grandma Pepper: I don't think that Taylor Hicks has any fingernail chewing to do.

Lisa Tucker

Joe: Safe
Don: I'm thinking safe.
Anthony: trouble
Jason: Out.
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Trouble.
Chico (Via Email): Trouble. Didn't do anything for me.
Grandma Pepper: I liked Lisa Tucker's performance, but I'm anxious to see what the immediate future has in store for her. Trouble.
Gordon: I think that she needed a breakout performance and she didn't get it, as she was outsung by both Mandisa and Paris. Deep Trouble.

Elliott Yamin

Gordon: Safe, but barely and it would not surprise me if he was in trouble.
Don: Safe.
Joe: Safe
Grandma Pepper: Elliott is ok, but it would not surprise me if he wound up in the trouble line.
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Safe
Chico (Via Email): Safe
Jason: Safe, but not by much.
Anthony: safe

Kellie Pickler

Anthony: Safe. She has the Carrie Underwood audience/voters.
Don: I never thought I'd say this for Kellie... Safe.
Joe: Trouble.
Grandma Pepper: Safe, but I don't think that Kellie is going to make it to the end, and I didn't love the performance.
Jason: Safe...she did Patsy Ok.
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Safe.
Chico (Via Email): Safe. Q said she cheated, though.
Gordon: I would have put the Trouble moniker on her too, except for the fact that she actually gave a nice performance and that she dusted Bucky. Safe.

Kevin Covais

Jason: He is in trouble. But he isn't out.
Gordon: Oh yes he is. I think Ace stuffed Kevin in the coffin with his dynamic performance and I think Simon stuck the nails in with him giving Kevin the non-trouble suggestion of death. Out.
Anthony: Trouble
Don: Trouble. I was considering for a while whether to say out for him or Bucky, but my gut says Kevin will barely get through this week.
Joe: Trouble
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Trouble
Chico (Via Email): Out, this Chicken's gonna get plucked.
Grandma Pepper: Kevin, unfortunately, does have some finger chewing to do. And I think that last night could have been his last performance. Out.

Chris Daughtry

Anthony: very safe
Don: Safe. And currently my favourite of the bunch (if only because rock is my favourite genre).
Jason: Safe...but I HATED his performance.
Joe: Safe
Gordon: Safe.
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Safe
Chico (Via Email): Safe
Grandma Pepper: Safe. When we get down to the wire, barring some unforeseen turn, Chris will be one of the two left.
Gordon: Who do you think the other one will be?
Grandma Pepper: The other one will be either Mandisa or Katharine.
Jason: She is right.
Anthony: agreed.
Don: Looks good to me.
Anthony: very possible final 3

Ace Young

Jason: Safe...and his star rose last night.
Don: Safe.
Grandma Pepper: I like Ace and I would like to see him pep up his performances.
Anthony: safe
Joe: Safe, much as I can't stand him.
Gordon: Like Lisa, Ace needed a dynamic performance. Unlike Lisa, Ace
actually delivered one. Safe.
Aldo (Via E-Mail): Safe
Chico (Via Email): Safe, though his falsetto can only save him so many times...
Gordon: To sum this up..

Anthony Kevin, Lisa Bucky
Gordon Bucky, Lisa Kevin
Chico Bucky, Lisa Kevin
Jason Bucky, Kevin Lisa
Don Paris, Kevin Bucky
Aldo Kevin, Lisa Bucky
Grandma Pepper Paris, Lisa Kevin

Anthony: Aldo agreed with me.
Gordon: He did - are you concerned?
Anthony: We shall soon see - lol.
Gordon: And we're live...and someone's going home!
Jason: BTW...I think Mandisa's performance was as important as "Summertime" by Fantasia.
Gordon: We have 35 million votes coming in for the week, up from 32 million from last week.
Don: That's a lot of votes.
Joe: Indeed.
Gordon: We get the recap of yesterday's show. Kellie, Chris, Mandisa - good. Taylor - Weird. Bucky - So What, Paula - let's rock the boat...Kevin - Good, Lisa - Bad, Katharine - Good, Paris heated things up, Mandisa made Simon Sexy. Ace - Love-fest igniter.
Jason: That was fun. I liked that.
Gordon: We see the Ford Commercial as the Idolers go to the beach. Kevin has a 'Love Machine' shirt on and is left buried in the sand. Signs of things to come?
Gordon: Next up...Barry Manilow, who gets a standing ovation from the audience.
Don: Hmm...
Gordon: Who do you think did a better job with the Idolers - Barry Manilow or Stevie Wonder?
Jason: Manilow
Grandma Pepper: Although each one has his individual style, and each one has his own way and did a bangup job, I think I would give the edge to Barry Manilow.
Gordon: Manilow has a new album - the Greatest Hits from the '50's. Meanwhile, Barry performs 'Love is a Many Splendored Thing' for the audience. And then we go to break.
Don: Nice performance IMO.
Anthony: I cant wait for Korn Concert on Tuesday.
Jason: Bite me Anthony.
Anthony: That will be 1000x's better than Barry Manilow.
Jason: You have no taste.
Anthony: You can't say that - I have a mouth full of peanut butter =)
Gordon: Id rather watch Barry Manilow for 70 hours straight than go to a Korn concert.
Jason: Amen and hallelujah.
Anthony: lol. You guys don't cherish music. I love all music. I just think Barry is way out of my time.
Jason: Anthony...Korn isn't music.
Anthony: Did you like queen?
Jason: Yes I did.
Anthony: Led Zeppelin?
Jason: No. Overrated rock band.
Anthony: Nirvana?
Jason: Not great.
Anthony: Blink 182?
Jason: Pretty good.
Anthony: I just gave you 5 different kinds of rock music.
Jason: So?
Anthony: It's rock. Not just music. Big difference. Do you like System of a Down?
Jason: No.
Anthony: Is that not music? Because their music is very similar.
Jason: No it isn't. Prince is music.
Anthony: Prince is pop. Lol
Gordon: Here are the results.
Jason: Right.
Gordon: not in the bottom three this week.
Jason: Right.
Gordon: safe
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: safe
Jason: Right.
Gordon: safe
Jason: Right again.
Gordon: the bottom three
Don: Of course.
Jason: But he stole that from LIVE :P
Gordon: safe
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: safe
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: safe
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: Which leaves us with Kevin, Lisa and Bucky are all in the Bottom three
Jason: I am in there all the way!
Gordon: Let's see - Jason, Chico, Gordon, Anthony and Aldo all got all 3 right
Anthony: Wow...we didn't see that coming...not.
Don: lol
Gordon: Grandma and Joe got a very respectable 2 out of 3 right.
Anthony: So Jason - what about Limp Bizkit?
Jason: Early stuff, but yeah.
Anthony: Ok. Agreed.
Jason: Now, let's see who goes home.
Gordon: And according to one of the 'Highly Respected' Websites who 'Guaranteed' that their pick of 'Elliott' was going home...wel...pbbbbt.
Jason: Teh Suck(TM)
Gordon: Going back to the safe sofa is...Lisa.
Joe: HA!
Jason: Well, I was wrong.
Gordon: Not unusual for Jason
Anthony: Down to the two main people we picked out
Gordon: Paula says that the show allows to change the blueprint of your life and to keep your dreams alive. Keeping said dream alive is....Bucky.. He's safe.
Don: Looks like my gut was wrong. I'm not that surprised, though.
Gordon: Mr. Squishy is out. The Chaos Theory wins and I once again say, to everyone who said that my Chaos Theory column doesn't work...Pbbbbbt.
Joe: Chicken Little is toast.
Gordon: By the way, I'd like to point out that Grandma Pepper correctly said that Kevin would be leaving the show this evening.
Jason: Awesome!
Gordon: Do you all believe in the Chaos Theory NOW?
Don: Indeed, I do.
Gordon: Kevin thanks everyone as we see the funeral video, and Chico says that the mainstream sites who all picked wrong can suck on THESE nuts.
Chico (via cell phone): No, what I said was "Mainstream sites THEEEEESE NUTS!"
Jason: Can you explain why Kevin left please.
Gordon: I'll give you all 3 - Bucky landed there because Kellie blew him out. Lisa got there because Paris blew her out. Kevin got there because Ace blew him out and he left because his performance wasn't bad enough to get the people to vote for him. The bashing of Simon clearly did not help.
Jason: So who has to worry next week?
Gordon: Anyone who is in the Bottom three for 2 straight weeks is in deep trouble. That would be Lisa - but we still have a congested Pop group and the Bucky backswing could have Kellie and Taylor concerned...So I'll leave you with the same answer I did last week - Everyone except Chris and Katharine should at least be mildly concerned.
Don: Alright.
Jason: sounds good...what are the totals?
Gordon: The totals are...

9 - Chico
8 - Gordon
7 - Anthony, Jason, Grandma Pepper, Aldo
6 - Donut

Gordon: Still pretty good scores - and still rather close. Final thoughts?
Jason: No surprises yet. But there could be one coming soon if they don't step up their game.
Gordon: Some people may have considered this week a surprise, but not if you've been reading us ;). On that note, So ends another edition of American Idol Roundtable. For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, saying GAME OVER and spread the love.
Jason: See you next week!


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