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Season 2
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Today is

Finals! - August 14

Gordon: Today, I am watching the Calypso Tumblers on Extra, the TV Telemagazine. However, I will not be watching them in the finals I will be watching 8 acts performing...and then see 4 of those acts be eligible to have votes in the finals. This is Gordon Pepper, along with Don the Do...well, since it's the finals, are you a fancier donut? Maybe a cruller?
Don: Yeah, cruller sounds good!
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, along with Don 'The Cruller' Harpwood.
Don: Lol
Gordon: Welcome to the final voting episode of America's Got Talent.
Don: It's a 90-minute show. How will they fill the time?
Gordon: We will fill the time by having all 4 finalsists perform twice.
Don: And when will we find out who wins? Next week?
Gordon: That would be correct, Don. Next week is the FINAL episode of this season. Jerry reminds us that a million dollars is at stake. He also reminds us about our judges and we see the AGT Top 8. We get the finals! The first act to perform in the finale is...Cas Haley!
Don: Nice!
Gordon: Each finalist gets 2 performances. The first is the judges choice, the second is the acts choice. The judges want Cas to be memorable, so they select 'I Can't Help Falling in Love With You'. And lo and behind, another reggae performance.
Don: Of course.
Gordon: David said he brought his own style to it, while Sharon says that he found his comfort zone. Piers says it wasn't as good as Elvis, but he says that he could be the king tonight.
Don: I thought it was nice, as usual.
Gordon: It was nice, but I wanted to see more. Of course, he's got another act to give us more. Next up is... (ordering a pizza)...(pizza gets here)...
Don: lol
Gordon: ...Butterscotch!
Don: Whoo!
Gordon: Again, no surprise. Butterscotch gets, from the judges, 'What's Going On', by Marvin Gaye. I'm actually looking forward to this.
Don: This oughta be good.
Gordon: She takes it as a fast beat and she displays her vocal range. It was good. I am disappointed that they didn't give her the tricky vocal aria in the middle to navigate, but it was good. David selected the song because he wanted to see if he could flat out sing - and she can. Sharon loved the piano side of her, and said she did well on a tough song. Piers wanted to hear the beatboxing, and Butterscotch promises it in the second song. I agree with Piers, adding that the judge's selection could have actually hurt her if she didn't execute it. Fortunately, she did. Your thoughts, Don?
Don: Good first effort, and I can't wait to see her next performance.
Gordon: Third one Fator!
Don: I'm a bit surprised; I thought there were a couple others that did better than him last week.
Gordon: Piers wants contemporary. he wants him to sing 'Friends in Low Places' by Garth Brooks. He's got a country-western dummy, and although its not as good as his previous efforts, its more than good here. He gets a standing ovation.
Don: That was great!
Gordon: David says that he moves from Dark Horse to Favorite with his song choices. Sharon wonders if there's anyone he can't impersonate, while Piers says that he made country music entertaining. Out of everyone, Terry has been the person to be able to tackle every genre.
Gordon: 1 slot left. Who gets it?
Don: Right now, I'm thinking that since they're the only non-singing act left, it could certainly be SideSwipe.
Gordon: SideSwipe was the only non-music act to get this far. Final act is...Julienne Irwin!
Gordon: We both get 3 right. We get the funeral interviews. Robert Hatcher is still feeling great and waiting to jumpstart his career. Jason says that the only place to go is up as we see their funeral videos. We get the same with The Glamazons and SideSwipe.
Don: The Glamazons had been doing quite well until last week...
Gordon: Yes, and I wonder if SideSwipe's egotistical comment at the end of the show didn't hurt them.
Gordon: David wants to see Julienne go contemporary. The choice - 'What Hurts The Most' by Rascal Flatts. She can sing contemporary, but she falters on the low notes. David calls it very good, despite the mistake. Sharon liked it, but she wants more int he next performance. Piers doesn't like her because she proved him wrong with her voice. As you remember, Piers thought she wasn't going to make the final 4.
Don: I'm with David on that.
Gordon: I think she's good. I don't think good wins a million dollars. But all of the acts have a second chance. Cas Haley will sing Stevie Wonder's 'Sir Duke'. Now THIS is what I was looking for and have been pining for. Something completely different from Cas. Not only does he sing it R and B style, but pulls it off, complete with fireworks in the back. Dave says he has a great shot to win the million. He's now told everyone that. Sharon loves Cas. Piers called it brilliant. I call it his best performance of the season.
Don: The Canadian feed is behind again, so I'm currently seeing the act. And it is really cool!
Gordon: Cas says that he waited his whole life and would be in America's
Debt. Campaigning for Votes!
Gordon: Butterscotch performs one more time. She sings 'Dance To The Music'. She does it forwards...and backwards. VERY Impressive.
Don: Wow. Simply awesome!
Gordon: David calls it her best performance ever. Sharon calls her multi-talented. Piers says that it was the first time that he saw her own the stage and was impressed that she didn't play it safe. Butterscotch say that she's smooth like butter and hard like scotch, adding that she thanks everyone for coming with her on her journey. How are you enjoying the journey, Don?
Don: There have been some rough points earlier in the season, but at this point, I'm enjoying it quite well.
Gordon: Terry is back, with an idea that he guarantees will stand out over the rest. Terry brings back Winston the Turtle, who got dumped because he was accused of moving too fast. Heh.
Don: lol
Gordon: Winston sings 'Crying Over you', which was done by Roy Orbison. He gets ANOTHER standing ovation and Piers is one of the people standing. David calls it an awesome job. Sharon calls the turtle an amazing artist.
Don: Very impressive once again.
Gordon: Piers thinks that Terry will be the winner. Terry says that there are 4 phenomenal entertainers, and he says that he wants the audience to vote for him if they feel that he should win the million. We end the night with Julienne Irwin. Julienne is accused of singing too many classics. Her choice is...'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. Sadness.
Don: Nice entrance, though.
Gordon: I hate this arrangement. yes, she gets to display her vocal range, but she makes vocal errors - errors that none of the other singers have made. She knows it, too, as she grimaces a little. David thought it started shaky, but she kicked it into high gear. Sharon says that she did her parents proud. Piers, while thinking that she did not to enough to win, says that she had a brilliant performance, adding that if America likes to give people votes for making him look stupid, she's going to get a lot of votes. Heh. Julienne says that if you perservere and drive, they can be here next year.
Gordon: We get a quick recap on the performances, and Jerry tells us that the difference between first and second was less than 1%, so VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!
Don: What a night!
Gordon: It was a great night. So who wins?
Don: For me, it's a close one between Butterscotch and Terry Fator. But I'm going to go with Terry.
Gordon: I think any of them will win - even Julienne, just because she matches the same demographic of Bianca Ryan, who won the whole thing last year. I will go with Terry Fator, though I would be happy if any of them won. And with that, we end the coverage on the pentultimate episode. Join us in 7 days when we crown a champion.


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