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Season 2
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Today is

Semifinals 3 - July 31

Gordon: For the past 2 weeks, you have been voting for your favorite acts. Who did you vote for, Donut?
Don: I didn't think Canadians could vote...
Gordon: Who knows. I voted for Man-kira/spears/whatever it was. all 10 times. We will find out if my votes meant anything very soon. I'm Gordon Pepper. Joining me is Don 'Donut' Harpwood.
Don: There's the dramatic opening again.
Gordon: Carl Orff, if he was still alive, would have thrown something at the television set to see his Carmina Burana wasted on this opening. We get the recap of what happened last time, including Man-Kira/Spears/Trannybabething
Gordon: 5 out of these 10 will advance. Then we get the Top 10, 5 of which will be decided by your votes tonight to get to the Top 5 finals. First act in...Terry Fater and turtle
Don: Whoo!
Gordon: Second act in...Calypso Tumblers!
Don: Nice.
Gordon: Third act in...Cas Haley!
Don: I'm liking this so far!
Gordon: So far, no surprises...4th act in...The Duttons?
Don: Um, okay...
Gordon: Last act in...Jason Pritchett?
Don: Okay, that was a surprise. I'm surprised the 2nd Story Guys didn't make it.
Gordon: OUT: Southern Girls, 2nd Story Guys, Fault Line, Popovich Pet Theater and Man-Kira/Spears/whatever. Sharon is wondering why certain acts are there. So am I, but this is the LAST time I have to write Man-Kira in this recap. Ever.
Don: Thank goodness.
Gordon: First up - The Duttons, who decide to perform 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'... badly. X.
Don: They did a little better than they did last week; just a little, though. Piers X'd them as a few of the fiddlers advanced towards the judges.
Gordon: I can't blame Piers. They scare me as well. Next up - Robert Hatcher sings 'Because You Love Me'. Once again, he sings another women's song.
Don: The judges approved of him, though Piers thought it wasn't his best vocally, and he struggled with a high note. I liked that last act.
Gordon: He should be good enough to get by, because they are only cutting two acts, but he's got to do better if he wants to win the money. Next up - Jason Pritchett. I'm sorry. I don't like his singing. X.
Don: Jason Pritchett - Better song choice, but I still don't see him winning this competition.
Gordon: Someone who I do like - Butterscotch. She does a great job this week.
Don: Butterscotch - Wow. That's all I can say.
Gordon: Next Up - The Glamazons. They do the song well, but I'm not sure if it was the right song to sing.
Don: Sounded good. Maybe not their best, but I still liked it.
Gordon: Piers loves them, while Sharon loves their Chutzpah. Dave likes it, but he's like almost everything this show. Next up - Cas Haley. I don't know the song, but I really like how he performed it.
Don: That was awesome.
Gordon: Dave says that he was blown away - again. Sharon adores him, while Piers wanted a song that better showcased his talents. Piers is looking for something better that doesn't feature him shouting the song out. I don't disagree with his assessment. Terry Fator is next, while singing 'Unforgettable' to a...female puppet. The female puppet seems to be attached to Terry, snuggling up while he's singing. At the end, the puppet wants marriage.
Don: Heh.
Gordon: David is impressed that the puppet sings better than he does. Sharon realizes how hard that is, while Piers wants to sell Terry's tickets when Terry gets popular. Heh.
Don: I'm impressed.
Gordon: Julienne Irwin wants to impress you. She stays country and boy, does she impress me. Once again, another perfect song selection. David says to not push it too hard while Sharon says to watch the pitch.
Don: *Applauds Julienne*
Gordon: Piers says to lower the temperature and pick a better song. I don't think that it sounded as bad as they made it seem like. I didn't have a problem with it.
Don: Me neither.
Gordon: The last act...SideSwipe We get 3 guys....and then a 4th, with 4 kids. KIDS! X
Don: Oh, boy...
Gordon: The kids, unlike the Dutton kids, actually get into it with some cool moves. Maybe the X was too hasty.
Don: Cool stuff, there!
Gordon: David thought it was too confusing in the second part. Sharon says that she liked it, but she wants to see a bar raised. Piers says that's it's never fun to watch the kids, and it makes him want to puke. SideSwipe responds by saying that the kids are brought in for precision purposes. Piers says that the kids cost them a million dollars. SideSwipe says that performing with the kids is worth more than a million dollars. We would like to congratulate Piers, for singlehandedly moving SideSwipe into next week of the Finals.
Don: Indeed.
Gordon: So we move from 8. Who's leaving?
Don: I'm honestly not sure. I'd guess maybe the Duttons and Jason Pritchett, but I could be wrong.
Gordon: I'm going to...agree with you. But do we agree with America? Join us in 7 days to see if we do, and what the final 8 does.


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