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We watch the games so you don't have to...

Today is

Jeopardy! by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings
Host: Alex Trebek

Jared Cohen
Narberth, PA
private equity analyst
$26,223, two days

Alex Hovan
Champaign, IL
graduate student

Angel Gomez
Los Angeles, CA

Jared showed that winning on Wednesday was no fluke on yesterday's show. Can he pull the hat trick today?

Jared starts with $200 Film & TV Spaceships, tying Alex at the TV time out with $2800 to Angel's $600.

Alex finds the Daily Double under $1000 "B" Writers. He bets $1200 on this: in 1958 he moved to Paris & met fellow Irish writer James Joyce, with whom he formed a lasting friendship. "Who is Bennett?" It was Samuel Beckett. He drops to $2600, where he'll end the round. Jared slips back in to the lead with $5200 with Angel at $3600. Looks like Alex will get the first go in Double Jeopardy!...

… with $400 the Eurovision Song Contest, finding the first Daily Double under $1600. He goes $2500 on this: though she's from Quebec, she won the contest in 1988 for Switzerland with "Ne Partez Pas sans Moi". "Who is Dion?" "Don't Leave Without Me" was the song, and Celine Dion was the singer for $5500. Jared finds the other under $1600 Groups. In a distant third, he bets $3599 on this: infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, the justice, the pantaloon, second childishness. "What are stages of development?" More specific, they're Shakespeare's Seven Stages of Man, leaving him with a dollar. Alex has $11,100 against Angel's $8800.

Final Jeopardy! in “Americana”: the original one of these on Mass.'s Little Brewster Island was built in 1716; automation didn't come until 1998. Correct response: What is a lighthouse?

Jared's response: "What is Kebert Xela?" ... Contrary to the Family Guy episode, Alex remains in OUR dimension. Alex wins this with $18,100. Jared disappears with $27,226.

Lingo by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7:30p ET/6:30p CT on GSN
Hosts: Chuck Woolery & Shandi Finnessey
Insurance agent friends Nathan & Kat Best friends Renee (nanny) & Leann (recruiting manager)


1 4 0 0 0

It's the Friday Lingo for $14,000.

Nathan & Kat start with a C, but Renee & Leann steal their CRACK. Nathan & Kat get the opportunity pass with TOWNS. Kat comes up with a stopper. Nathan & Kat get the draw back with HIRED. And Kat draws red AGAIN. Renee & Leann get LEAFY to tie. Leann has red hands. Nathan & Kat serve up SERVE and QUEEN ... and the Lingo for 150-50.

Renee & Leann get a J. Nathan & Kat steal JOKED. They lead, 175-50.

Starting round 2 with Renee & Leann and an F. Nathan & Kat steal FACES. Then comes SUNNY, but Kat draws the red AGAIN. Nathan & Kat put together PANEL for the steal. Nathan has Lingo for the win, 425-50.

With three Bonus Lingo letters, Nathan & Kat get LABEL, SPINE, FETCH, ALONG, and DANDY for five balls and $500. Money ball is 43. Nathan goes in... and gets 59. He has Lingo later for $5000.

We begin next week with $15,000.

Poker After Dark by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  2:05a ET/1:05a CT on NBC
Hosts: Shana Hiatt & Oliver "Ali" Nejad
Johnny Chan has eliminated all he surveys... save for one...

Johnny Chan - $72K
Joe Hachem - $46K

Blinds start at $1000 and $2000. Joe rallies as blinds go up to $2000 and $4000. Joe calls 8-7 against Johnny's K-3?. The flop: 8-6-8, two spades. Joe bets $5000. Johnny puts Joe all-in. Three 8s vs. a flush draw. Johnny needs a spade or runner-runner to win. Turn: 10?. River... 4?. Joe's got the huge chip lead with $69,950.

And if that wasn't enough, the next hand of Joe's: pocket rockets (A?A?). Johnny's got Q-5. Flop: K-8-J. Double check. Turn: 8?. River: 2?. Joe's got two-pair for $32,500.

It's the final hand of the night. Johnny's all-in with 10-8? against Joe's Average Joe (A?J?). With Phil Hellmuth clowning in the background, we see a flop: 4-2-A.  Joe spikes a pair. Johnny needs runner-runner or this game is over. Turn: K?. This game is over. Joe's the new champion of champions with $120,000.

Six more poker pros go at it for bragging rights next Monday. Meanwhile, enjoy the Director's Cut tomorrow.

The Price is Right by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  11a ET/10a CT on CBS
Host: Bob Barker
For many a loyal friend and true worldwide, this is it. June 15, 2007. After 35 years and 6586 shows, the time has come for Bob Barker to step down as host of America's longest-continuously running game show. This will go down, win or loss, as history in the making. And you have a front-row seat (unless you're Joe Van Ginkel, in which you have a seat about two or three rows in... love ya, mean it), so settle in and enjoy...

Francisco Velasco, Kristen Bogle, Philip Barrett (who's been in line five days), and Denise Leveque have the best seats in the house, as they bid on an HDTV, showing Bob's first entry from 1972. Actual retail price: $2799. Winner... Denise! She's excited to play for a Chevrolet Corvette. The game is Lucky Seven. First number... 4. That's right. $40,000+. Denise's first guess is 4... 5. That's a dollar. Denise's next guess is 6... Right on. Next up... 3? 7. That'll cost $4. She can only miss this last number by one either way. Denise goes with a 6... 5! That $45,675 whip set is HERS!

Next up, a $1499 necklace. It looks lovely on Gaby. It'll look even lovelier on Kristen. But that's nothing compared to $50,000 Plinko! Given chips from Bob, a $20 pool lounge. a $35 chocolate mill, a $28 iKitty, and a $33 candy dispenser, she wins $1500.

Round 3, a stairstepper. $2699. Francisco's. We've given a car, we've given money. Francisco gets a shot at... a ski boat! The Range Game is on tap. Francisco stops it at $19,650. The price... $19,670! That's within range.

Both Denise & Kristen get another spin to settle things in the first Showcase Showdown. Kristen gets 40. Denise...  A dollar! Bonus spin... no more money, but she does have $1000.

Starting the second half with a CD jukebox. Dean Lindstrom, who fell on down, wins the $2495 prize. Can Dean win a Chrysler 300? It's either $29,560 or $24,041? Dean goes with $29,560... Dean smacks it... Right!

Someone's going home with a $3149 motorcycle. It's Melva Cranston, who gets to play for a camping trailer worth $11,880. Let's go Grocery shopping for Snorestop, Zout stain remover, Nasoclear, Soft Scrub cleaner, and Dial body wash. One Snorestop is $12.99. Two Dials... $5.99 each one. $24.97 is the final total. D'oh!

Yeah, give it up for Confetti Man...

Philip gets one AND ONLY ONE more chance for some more face time with Bob (he was on the local news apparently) with a sofa. Price: $1545. Winner... PHILIP! He's finally done it! After a five-day wait, he gets to play for board games... or a Ford Explorer... or a piece of Bob's pension. A small piece, mind you. First number of the car... 2. The 7... Piggy bank. The 6... Car. The 1... Piggy bank. The 5... Car! The 2... Board games. The 0... Car! The 3... and Philip wins $7.31. The car was $26,850. No four wheeler for Philip, but he only needs one wheel to get to the Showcase.

Denise plays the blue as topper. Philip plays the manly pink as the runner. First Showcase has fun with "Saint"... a trip to St. Maarten, a trip to see St. Patrick's burial in Ireland, and a chance to be a saint in a Lincoln Navigator. Denise does the nice thing and passes. Philip bids $61,000. Denise gets to do some waiting at the dentist's office. Denise tags a grill, a Mediterranean cruise, and a Cadillac convertible at $84,823. Actual price: $90,761. The difference is $5938. Philip's Showcase is... $68,677, a difference of $7677. Denise is the big winner today/tonight on the show, driving home with $140,235 in prizes, including $1000 in cash!

Now some words from the WGMC...

"I want to thank you very very much for inviting me into your homes for the last 50 years. I am deeply grateful. And please remember... Help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered. Goodbye, everybody!"

No, Bob... Thank you. Will we see Bob Barker on The Price is Right again next year? Stay tuned...

STATS: breakeven, $202,505
FINAL STATS FOR SEASON 35: 500-550; $11,438,571

¿Qué Dice La Gente? by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  7p ET/6p CT on Telefutura
Host: Marco Antonio Regil
Garcia (Janeece, Jessica, Hilda, Lazara, America) Ramirez (Hemel, John, Natalia, Ervin, Miyer)

Four rounds down, and the Garcias lead, 211-51.

Triple: an indispensable quality of a professional woman (4). Miyer gets #3, responsibility. Hemel gets #2, intelligent. Natalia gets #4, educated. The Garcias get one last shot at it with presentable.. Number one for the win, 430-51.

Dinero Rápido for $5000: Lazara & America get 192... and after roaring out of the gate, too...  for $500.

Garcia (Janeece, Jessica, Hilda, Lazara, America)
Ortiz (Maribel, Angel, Marcos, Renato, Ricky)
$6000, two games

Ortiz lead after three, 137-28. Double: other than animals, something you see at a zoo (3). Lazara gets #1, people. The Ortiz get a shot at it with plantlife... Got it for the win, 317-28. Other answer: cages.

Dinero Rápido: Renato draws... "buena suerte." Hhe and Ricky get 198... so close, yet so far. They return Monday with $6500 total.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire by Don Harpwood, GSNN

Air time:  Check local listings
Host: Meredith Vieira
Going into today's episode, Matt Sieracki (Pittsburgh, PA) made it to $4,000. At his radio station, he's quite low in the hierarchy as the overnight DJ. But when he and a daytime guy (who is higher up in that hierarchy) both auditioned for this show, that daytime guy didn't even pass the test, while Matt not only passed, but got to this point! Nice. Anyway, the game resumes...

In his 2006 book "The Unusual Suspect," which Baldwin brother relates his newfound calling to the religious life?
A: Alec
B: Billy
C: Daniel
D: Stephen

Matt has it narrowed down to two, but he decides to see what the audience thinks. 68% are thinking D. He goes with that... and it's D!

What candy brand shares its name with a popular British game that is similar to bowling?
A: Whoppers
B: Goobers
C: Skittles
D: Jujubes

Matt calls his girlfriend, Kate, but she doesn't know. She'd guess A, though. Matt then uses the 50:50, but it removes A, as it narrows it down to B and C. So, having no idea, Matt walks with $8,000! The answer, by the way, is C.

Next up is Renee Dessommes (Brooklyn, NY). She's nervous, because she has been waiting so long to get here. And apparently, Renee reminds Meredith of actress Renée Zellweger! Yeah, I can see a bit of a resemblance there... Anyway, Renee starts by correctly saying that studies say 65% of people in their early childhood have imaginary friends (from what I heard, a number of people in the Grateful Dead stage would likely have something else). Renee sweeps the lower tier, then moments later...

William Shatner portrayed an alien overlord called "The Big Giant Head" on what long-running TV series?
B: Futurama
C: Mork & Mindy
D: 3rd Rock from the Sun

Renee asks the audience, and 57% say D. She trusts them... and they're right! Then, after using the 50:50 to get to $16,000...

Although he never visited the U.S., who wrote "Amerika," a novel about a European living in America?
A: George Orwell
B: James Joyce
C: Franz Kafka
D: Marcel Proust

Renee calls her father, Lawrence, and he says C, but he's unsure of it. Renee goes with C anyway... and she gets $25,000 for it! She gets the Switch-the-Question lifeline, but she ends up using it right away, leading to this...

[$50,000] (Q)
Which of these potent potables is not one of the 50 official flavors of Jelly Belly jellybeans?
A: Irish coffee
B: Margarita
C: Strawberry daiquiri
D: Piña colada

It's a free guess. Renee is sure that it's not C or D, and she's not sure whether to go with A or B. She considers it for a bit, then decides to lock in B... but it's A! Darn. Well, at least she has $25,000! And that will do it for this week.
Yo Momma Atlanta by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Air time:  6:30p ET/5:30p CT on MTV
Hosts: Wilmer Valderrama, Jason Everhart & Destiny Lightsby
We started with 40. Tonight, it's down to one. It's the Best of the Week show! Tonight's players...

- Ritz from Union City
- Yo Yo from Marietta
- Navv from Cabbagetown
- Da Product from Southside

Round 1 is the Freestyle Round. Navv, who compared Ritz and Yo Yo to Tony the Tiger and the guy from the Honeycomb box, gets the call out. He challenges Ritz, leaving Yo Yo vs. Da Product.

First, the judges...

- Rob from College Park
- $mall-¢ from Jonesboro
- P from Ben Hill
- Que from Dunwoody

Semis round 1: Ritz vs. Navv. It's a 4-0 decision to Navv.

Semis round 2: Yo Yo vs. Da Product. It's a 2-2 tie. The final vote goes to Wil... Yo Yo gets it.

Now to the final. Yo Yo vs. Navv. Helping judge is the Ying Yang Twins. The final jokes...

Navv: ... reminds me of a clothes hanger. Take the clothes off her, wear her (^_^) out, and throw her back on the rack.
Yo Yo: "Every hit song the Ying-Yang Twins came out with has been dedicated to your momma."

And the winner this week... Navv! He gets another $1000... AND dinner at Wil's restaurant Dolce, tickets to the Hawks, and a ticket to the Best of Atlanta finale.

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