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Season 2
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Today is

Semifinals 1 - July 25

Gordon: We've seen the best that America's had to offer. Despite that, the judges have let 20 acts in. We get glimpses of the acts who didn't get in. And we get a glimpse of Don Harpwood. Hello, Donut
Don: Hello.
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, recapping the action, as Julenne Irwin, Lonestar, Robert Hatcher, Johnny Comw Lately, Butterscotch, Kashif, Kevin James, Manuel Romero, Side Swipe and The Glamazons will be airing. 5 of them will make the finals. The other 5 will get as far as Michelle L'Amour and Leonid the Magnificent did. The judges come in to the tune of Carmina Burana while the Jerry comes in. The judges get to crituque, but the acts are based on YOUR votes. The judges, however, still have their "X"'s and still have the potential to end an act early.
Don: No checkmarks like they had at this point last year; just the Xs.
Gordon: Sharon says that there are still tension. Gordon says that I see a change of judges next season. We see the Top 20, and then we see the first act of the finals - Johnny Lonestar. Johnny here is trying to keep American culture alive, while swinging his rope for cowboys everywhere. He swings his rope a few times and jumps through it. Then he swings a huge rope, lassoes the judges and Lip Syncs 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy'. I thought that you had to step up your game in the finals. This...wasn't it. X
Don: He's still good at what he does, but it just seems to me like the same thing he has been doing before. X
Gordon: Piers likes it while Sharon wants to squeeze his buns. David, like us, wants to see something else beside the rope tricks. Next up, 14 year old Julienne Irwin, the lone surviving kidlet. Julienne says that she's been
practicing everyday and is doing this for the small town girl. She's singing 'Bless the Broken Road', and sounds MUCH improved over when I have heard her last.
Gordon: She had a great song selection. She may have played it safe, but she sang a very nice song. Don?
Don: Yeah, it could have been a bit better, but it was nice nonetheless.
Gordon: Piers called it an amazing performance. Sharon calls her a great role model, while David says that she took the stage. I didn't love it as much as the judges did, but I thought it was solid. Next up - one of my faves, Kevin James
Don: Ah, magic time!
Gordon: Kevin, who loves Comedy and Horror, says thet everyone will be talking about this tomorrow. I can't wait :) Kevin's wearing a radioactive outfit. He's taking out a hand, heart and foot, then pulls out a brewski. And...that's it? Huh? X
Don: The ending was too anti-climactic. X
Gordon: Kevin says that he is saving the best for last, but Sharon points out that he has to get to the finals. Piers wonders what the heck was that and David was looking for the Payoff. Kevin was talking about the living body parts, but it didn't translate very well with the judges and I am hoping that it translated better with the audience.
Gordon: Next up - Robert Hatcher, who has turned from working in the sewers to singing. He's singing...Whitney Houston??!!?!?
Don: Oh, boy...
Gordon: Ok. First of all, you don't sing songs covered by a member of the opposite sex. Second of all, he could have - and should have - sung a much better song, a song that shoots out his vocal range. Julienne did a better job.
Gordon: Not worth an X, but not worth a rave review.
Don: All I have to say about his performance is "eh".
Gordon: Piers, who didn't think that Robert could be a contender, changes his mind. Sharon tells him to watch his hand movements (but calls him a star anyways), while David tells him to stay focused.
Don: Agreed.
Gordon: Next group - Johnny Come Lately. Round 1, we had the good Johnny Come Lately. Round 2, we had the broken Johnny Come Lately. They want to be the next Stray Cats, Sublime or Beatyles. Good Luck. Their song - Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Definitely much better than the Vegas Auditions. It was solid, but like Robert, I felt that I wanted to see them more technical and challenge themselves. Piers wants more contemporary and less mimicking and I think he's right on the money...for once.
Don: Yeah, I was hoping for better than that, but it was still good.
Gordon: Sharon says that despite the bass, it was good. David says to not be tentative and rehearsed and to go crazy in the finals. Spike is still worried on his chord which fell out, but you can't cry over spilt notes.
Don: Yep.
Gordon: Next up...oh boy...Kashif. Kashif is going to bring Bollywood Dancing - and have female Bollywood Dancers. This is going to be either really good...or reallty bad. This is...really bad. X
Don: He somehow got some audience members on their feet, but eh... X
Gordon: The problem is that the women are doing the chorography really well and it seems like Kashif if completely off time. Now the 4 women behind him I will pass through. Piers says that he danced horribly. Sharon likes it. David equates it to a bad dream and that his career is over, equating it to 'Baywatch on Acid' but calls him a charming guy. He also calls Piers out on changing his mind, correctly saying that Piers made sure to vote him through to the next round. What David doesn't say is that he ALSO voted him through to the next round.
Don: I can't really see Kashif moving on after that, to be honest.
Gordon: Maybe the Mary Jane Brownies that Kashif gave the panel finally wore off.
Don: lol
Gordon: Butterscotch, meanwhile, is very modest with trying to find herself. Butterscotch plays a trumpet while doing Summertime and creating a beat box and singing at the same time. VERY impressive.
Don: Nice and calm. I liked it.
Gordon: She raised her game, big time. I wasn't nuts on the trumpet, but at least she went for it and she gets marks from me on it. Piers hates the outfit, but thinks that she is gifted and talented. Sharon didn't like the trumpet, but thinks she is also talented.
Gordon: David bets on her to win the competition. I may agree with David.
Don: Me too.
Gordon: Returning to the Top 20 - SideSwipe. They combine martial arts, dancing and chanting and ripping off their clothing. I want to see more dancing and less shouting. Piers says that a little more dance and a little less martial arts will advance them a possible championship. Sharon wants to oil them down and Piers thinks every girl in America will vote them through = but he also wants them to step it up.
Don: It's a neat act, but I agree with David about them having to step up.
Gordon: Jerry said that he never looked like that. heh. He probably never looked like Manuel Romero either, an 19 year old who has sang to the pope. He starts horrifically off-pitch. He recovers, but there are too many singers who outperformed him this evening. Hence...X.
Don: X
Gordon: Piers says that he's holding back and he wants him to rip it out. Manuel says that Piers is right and he says he will bring 110%. I agree with Piers, but I don't think he's going to get that chance.
Don: Agreed.
Gordon:'s Glamazons! They talk about how its ok to be big and to follow your dream. They sing 'Hot Stuff'. It's another credible job, but I miss the harmonies and high vocal range stuff that blew me away the first time I heard them. Piers is available and thinks they are talented. Sharon loves their comfort level. David says that they can sing. I agree with David, but I wish they sang a more powerful song. I think some acts stepped it up, and I think it's going to be costly to some groups tonight.
Don: I'd say that was a nice way to close the show.
Gordon: My Top 5: Julienne Irwin, Johnny Come Lately, Butterscotch, SideSwipe, Glamazons.
Gordon: Yours, Donut?
Don: I agree with that completely. I would have expected Kevin James to go through to see what he'd have in the finals, but his act tonight was too disappointing.
Gordon: Next week - 10 New Acts and 5 Finalists. This is Gordon Pepper and Don Harpwood, wishing you all a game over and spread the love.
Don: I hope that bucket will be ready for next week...
Gordon: Bucket at the ready...


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