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Season 2
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Today is

From 35 to 20 - July 18

Gordon: We started with 71 (or 70, if you believed yesterday's promo). We then cut it to 35. Now we have to get rid of 15 more. Gordon Pepper here, as well as Canadian Talent Don Harpwood.
Gordon: We start with...Ivan the Action Figure?
Don: Apparently...
Gordon: If you remember, he was the person who had the accident. He was told that he will not be advancing (no kidding), but he is invited to come back and audition next year. Maybe he will dismember something next year. Won't THAT be fun?
Don: Hopefully, he won't get hurt again next year.
Gordon: Now remember in Idol, where each act is told if they made it or not?
Don: Yep.
Gordon: We have the same thing here. Each act will be going up to be told. Jason Pritchard is told that he has to show up for work or be fired. However, if he leaves early, he may be disqualified. He leave to his cruise ship. We have the judges rambling about different talents. The talents are all nervous. Ramble, ramble, ramble. David says that it's a
representation for everybody - even the freaks. Uh oh...
Don: Oh, boy...
Gordon: By the way, also joining us is our Barf Bucket, used when we feel that an act that shouldn't be advancing actually advances. We have used this bucket many times this season.
Don: Is it being emptied every so often?
Gordon: Yes, I emptied it last night. SideSwipe is up first. Now if you remember, they got to the semi-finals last year. Piers says that they need to be entertaining. Sharon says that it has to be more dance. SideSwipe...makes the Top 20.
Don: Nice.
Gordon: Next up - Terry Fater. Decision...Semi-Finals. Johnny Lonestar, the rope artist...advances as well. The 2 magicians are next - Anthony Reed and Kevin James. Anthony Reed....Goes Home. Kevin James....Advances.
Don: I thought for a bit that we'd see both advance...
Gordon: The teacher outlasts the pupil. The 3 Redneck Tenors are next. Piers says that they have caused the most's!!?!?
Don: I'm stunned.
Gordon: So are the Tenors, who say that they were everything that America is looking for. They say that the judges don't know talent if it fell on them. Based on what I've seen, I'm inclined to agree. So meanwhile, they won't get in, but I'm guessing that either Man-Kira, Leonid or Kashif will.
Don: And that really worries me.
Gordon: I DO have the bucket here.
Don: Good.
Gordon: Needless to say, I don't even have to bother asking the question of if you think that the best 20 are going through. 29 Acts left. 16 Spots to go. The Second Story Stiltists... advance. The Acapella band Fault Line...Advance. And somewhere, Chico Alexander is rejoicing.
Don: Indeed.


Gordon: The Popovich Pet Theater...Advance. Southern Group Girls...Advance. This is the first that we have heard of them. Cocoa Brown...also a no?
Don: Whoa.
Gordon: So apparently, we don't want comedy.
Don: Maybe according to the judges...
Gordon: The Duttons (and Kidlets)...Advance. I will be seriously ill if the kids show up again. Michael Smith (The very large dud who had to fight the flu) is holding a pic of his grandmom. He does not advance, which is the right call. I would have had MAJOR problems if he advanced and not the tenors.
Don: Ditto.
Gordon: Any problems with the people who are in so far?
Don: Of those that made it in, I have no major problem so far.
Gordon: And with that, we have...MAN-KIRA!
Don: My stomach is on standby...
Gordon: Man-kira says that he did his thing and he wants to see what's next. MAN-Kira...advances???!!!!??!??!
Don: Now I have a problem. *Throws up*
Gordon: David is stunned. Don is making a mess on the floor, since I have the bucket. Would you like the bucket, Don?
Don: Yeah.
Gordon: (Hands the bucket)
Don: *Takes the bucket; throws up some more*
Gordon: Sage the 7 year old...will not advance. He cries on Jerry. Awww. Teenage boy band The not advance. They cry on their moms. Not on Jerry though. Leonid is back. Will he come back to the finals? The answer...No.
Don: Thank goodness.
Gordon: He says it's enough and that may be the end of him. Is it the end of the Glamazons? No. They advance. So we only have room for one fat singing group. I have a feeling that the 'Redneck' thing may have hurt the trio. Urban Boy Acapella Band Amir is next. They are...done with the show, which is fine with me, because they didn't cut it. Cas Haley is next...and he gets through. Apparently he was a split decision. 18 Year-old Manuel Romero...also advances.
Calypso Tumblers, which we didn't see much of...move on, which is good, because I finally want to see what they can do.
Don: Same here.
Gordon: Butterscotch, the Beat Boxing, piano playing singer...also advances, despite being given a very hard time by Piers for not being emotional enough. After NOW we finally see some emotion from Butterscotch, as she cries over Jerry. We see quick cameos of the people who didn't make the cut, including Lil' C, more kids, and the 80 year old Eva. Jason Pritchard, from his cruise ship, is told that he makes the Top 20. 4 places left. Robert Hatcher (who we also didn't see much of yet) also makes it - and cries in front of the judges. He also cries on Jerry. Johnny Come Lately...come to the Top 20. 2 Spots left. And as there are 14 people who have been rejected, there's only 1 more person to be rejected. Kashif...makes it??!!?!?
Don: Whoa.
Gordon: How's that bucket doing?
Don: It's about half full.
Gordon: Julienne and Fallon are the 2 last people. One of them will make it, and one of them will go home. The person And with that, Jerry says that the decision is FInal thoughts?
At least Leonid is gone. But with Man-kira still in it, I'm still feeling nauseous.
Gordon: Man-Kira and Kashif, who both ominously warn us all that they are coming. With that, they will be coming next week, as we will be. For the Donut, this is the Pepper, saying Game Over....and Spread the Talent.


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