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All those things you learned in elementary school are about to come back to haunt you... in the form of a quiz show that tests how dumb you've become.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Jeff Foxworthy
The Class Jenna Balk
Bryce Cass
Jonathan Cummings
Olivia Dellums
Francesca deRosa
Kassidy Vo
Announcer Mark Thompson
Creators Mark Burnett
Roy Bank
Barry Poznick
John Stevens
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Roy Bank
Barry Poznick
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Episode 3.24
July 17

Last time, Larry the Cable Guy surprised everyone in attendance, as he blazed through the quiz and earned $300,000.

Now the stars keep coming with America's animal ambassador from Bearden Elementary in Knoxville, TN... JACK HANNA! Here to cheer him on is an African porcupine, a lemur, a kangaroo, an owl, and a loris.

Here's his board...

5th Grade Measurements 5th Grade Literature
4th Grade Ancient History 4th Grade Health
3rd Grade World Geography 3rd Grade Astronomy
2nd Grade US Geography 2nd Grade Grammar
1st Grade Math 1st Grade English

Jack is playing today for Partners in Conservation from the Columbus Zoo. His first partner is Jonathan. His first question...

1st Grade Math $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
How much is 99 plus 99?
a) 202
b) 1818
c) 198

Jack doesn't like math, but he knows that this is C. He's right to get us started.

2nd Grade US Geography $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee both border what river?

He goes with the Missouri after thinking the Tennessee... Both of them are wrong. It was the Mississippi. The class had it... and so did Jonathan. SAVED!

Next up is Francesca.

1st Grade English $5,000 PEEK COPY  
What is the plural form of the word "tooth"?

Jack knows it's "teeth" for $5000.

2nd Grade Grammar $10,000 PEEK COPY  
The following sentence is grammatically correct.
"Everyone in Mr. Foxworthy's classes love learning about grammar."

Jack locks in with FALSE.... It has to be "loves".

Now to the milestone with Jenna to help.

3rd Grade World Geography $25,000 PEEK COPY  
Micronesia is a chain of islands located in what ocean?

Jack goes with the Pacific. The class had Indian... Arctic... and Atlantic. Correct... PACIFIC for $25,000!

4th Grade Health $50,000 PEEK COPY  
What is the most abundant metallic element in the human body?

Jack takes the freeball and PEEKS. Jenna said... "Spine". That... obviously is not the answer. Jack went into this thinking that it was mercury... but that's not it either. It was calcium.

FLUNK OUT: $25,000

Next is a lawyer-turned-TV-host from Grant Elementary in Trenton, NJ... All rise for STAR JONES! She has a cheering section... not filled with animals but with posterboard.

Here's her board.

5th Grade Music 5th Grade World Geography
4th Grade US History 4th Grade Earth Science
3rd Grade Math 3rd Grade Animal Sciences
2nd Grade Spelling 2nd Grade Social Studies
1st Grade English 1st Grade Measurements

Star passed the bar on the first try, and now she's worried about measurements. The good news is that Francesca will help her. The question...

1st Grade Measurements $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
How many US quarters equal two US dollars?

Star's playing for East Harlem School at Exodus House. Four times two is eight, and she's on the board.

1st Grade English $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
How many common nouns are in the following sentence?
"Bryce sharpened his green crayon and colored a picture of a dragon for his teacher."

Let's see... crayon... picture... dragon... teacher... Four. She is thinking five. But "Bryce" is a proper name. Francesca had six... Correct... FOUR!

Speaking of, here comes Bryce...

2nd Grade Social Studies $5,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
If you are born in the US, then you are an American citizen.

Star goes with TRUE... and it IS true for $5000.

3rd Grade Animal Science $10,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
The average grasshopper molts five times in its life. When it molts, what is it doing?
a) reproducing
b) turning into a butterfly
c) shedding its exoskeleton

Star knows they don't do B... So it's 50/50. "When you didn't know, pick C." She does... Bryce said the same thing. And they're both right!

Milestone question, and helping out... Olivia.

2nd Grade Spelling $25,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
What is the first letter in the following word?

The word is... "psychic". Olivia is locked. It is a P as in Paul... Which is correct for $25,000!

4th Grade US History $50,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Who was President of the US in the year 1800?

Star takes a PEEK at Olivia's answer. She said... "Roosevelt". That was 1900, not 1800. She went through Washington, John Adams, and then... gets lost. She finds Thomas Jefferson.... but it's not right. It was John Adams.

FLUNK OUT: $25,000

New star pupils next time.

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