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All those things you learned in elementary school are about to come back to haunt you... in the form of a quiz show that tests how dumb you've become.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Jeff Foxworthy
The Class Jenna Balk
Bryce Cass
Jonathan Cummings
Olivia Dellums
Francesca deRosa
Kassidy Vo
Announcer Mark Thompson
Creators Mark Burnett
Roy Bank
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John Stevens
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Roy Bank
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Episode 3.22
July 3

Summer's here, school's out, and the classroom is back in session after an extended pause. Tonight, the reigning Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Champion will try to digest the 11 questions needed to win $1 million...

First up, the undisputed hot-dog-eating champion of the world, from Highlands Elementary in Vallejo, CA... JOEY "JAWS" CHESTNUT! He has the belt in tow... And before we get to the test, we have a challenge for Joey... five dogs in 30 seconds... EASY.

But will this be easier? Here's the board...

5th Grade Social Studies 5th Grade Math
4th Grade Health 4th Grade US History
3rd Grade Astronomy 3rd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Vocabulary 2nd Grade Life Science
1st Grade Spelling 1st Grade English

The first question for $1000... Helping him out on it is Jenna.

1st Grade Spelling $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Spell the name of the following US state.

The state is... IOWA. Joey gets it right to get on the board.

1st Grade English $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
When reciting the alphabet, how many vowels come before the letter "P"?

A... E... I ... O... and then comes P, so that would be four. Joey takes care of the 1st Grade for $2000.

Next up to help... Bryce.

3rd Grade Astronomy $5,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
If Kassidy goes outside and sees a "blue moon", what phase of the moon would she see?

Joey goes with the second full moon in a month. Bryce had... "full moon". He can't save. He doesn't have to. He's got it.

2nd Grade Life Science $10,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Human beings are members of the animal kingdom.

Thinking that it's a bit of a trick question, and thinking that it's true, Joey PEEKS. Bryce said... "FALSE". He plays the strategy with "True". Either way, he moves on. The correct answer.... TRUE!

Third up to help Joey in the milestone is Kassidy. Watching him win is his family... Also, Joey promises that if he gets to $100,000, he'll eat some pulled pork.

2nd Grade Vocabulary $25,000   COPY SAVE
By definition, the word "auditory" refers to which human sense?
a) Sight
b) Taste
c) Hearing

Joey locks in C for $25,000... It's GOOD!

3rd Grade Animal Science $50,000   COPY SAVE
FIELD TRIP QUESTION from Dr. Tyler Lyson of National Geographic Channel
"The T. Rex was one of the most ferocious dinosaurs. What word does the 'T' stand for in T. Rex?"

Joey locks in Tyrannosaurus for $50,000... Good!

Next to help out is Jonathan. This is for a serving of pulled pork in 30 seconds.

5th Grade Math $100,000   COPY SAVE
What is the least common multiple of 6 and 10?

And he goes with 30... Let's see... 10, 20, 30... 6, 12, 18, 24, 30. He's right, and it's lunch time!

4th Grade Health $175,000   COPY SAVE
Who pioneered the concept for vaccinations with his research into preventing smallpox?
a) Jonas Salk
b) Edward Jenner
c) Charles Drew

Joey is thinking about smallpox... research in jail... Jonas Salk is looking good for him... Charles Drew doesn't sound familiar... Joey goes with A. The correct answer... is B. The only way Joey can continue is if Jonathan said B. The class... went with B (except for Francesca).

Jonathan said... C.

FLUNK OUT: $25,000

... which is still more than he makes eating hot dogs.

Next up, a 47-year-old single mother from Towslee Elementary in Brunswick, OH... VERONICA LODGE! (C-Note: looks like and shares the same name as a famous comic-book character). Her kids are 18 and 27. Her son says that Veronica's a "cougar". Rrowr.

Here's the board for Veronica and first helper Kassidy.

5th Grade US History 5th Grade Art
4th Grade Science 4th Grade English
3rd Grade Math 3rd Grade Cultural Studies
2nd Grade Life Science 2nd Grade Measurements
1st Grade Social Studies 1st Grade Animal Science

For $1000...

1st Grade Animal Science $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Zebras are native to what continent?

She goes with Africa... and we're off and running.

1st Grade Social Studies $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
What is the first word of the US Pledge of Allegiance?

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, etc. etc. etc.." I... is right!

Next up is Jonathan, who knows a hot mom when he sees one.

2nd Grade Measurements $5,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
How many US nickels are equal to one US quarter?

Jonathan was quick. Veronica's even quicker with five. Both are right!

2nd Grade Life Science $10,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Pure maple syrup comes from maple trees

Veronica went on a field trip to a maple syrup factory. This was easy for her. TRUE... Class said... the same thing. Everyone's right!

This is for guaranteed money. Frankie, help the girl out.

3rd Grade Math $25,000   COPY SAVE
Francesca has five shelves in her room. If she puts six dolls on each of the first four shelves and three dolls on the last shelf, what's the total number of dolls on all the shelves?

Veronica says it's like taking candy from a baby. She goes with 9... which is so wrong... Four times six... plus three... is 27.  Yeah. This is why Jeff says "Don't hit the button too quickly." Francesca needs to have 27 on her paper.

The class had 27.

Francesca had.... 33.


New student next time.

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