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All those things you learned in elementary school are about to come back to haunt you... in the form of a quiz show that tests how dumb you've become.

Host: Jeff Foxworthy
The Class: Jenna Balk, Bryce Cass, Jonathan Cummings, Olivia Dellums, Francesca deRosa
Announcer: Mark Thompson
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Episode 3.4 - Cornell in the House
September 26

Yale... Columbia... Yale again.... All have tried... All have failed. But will Cornell go where no Ivy Leaguer has gone before... to the Million Dollar Question? Time to find out.

Our new student tonight is a Cornell graduate from Belleview Elementary in Denver, PHILLIP TORRES. He's brought with him Peri, a cockroach. He majored in entomology, and Peri will be functioning as a good luck charm.

In the crowd tonight is the Cornell Alumni Association. On the board...

5th Grade US History 5th Grade World Geography
4th Grade World History 4th Grade English
3rd Grade Measurements 3rd Grade US Geography
2nd Grade Animal Science 2nd Grade Science
1st Grade Social Studies 1st Grade Math

First up to help Phillip is Francesca.

1st Grade Math $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
How many sides are there on a right triangle?

Trick question. There are three sides on ANY triangle. Phillip goes with that... and he's right for $1000.

2nd Grade Animal Science $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
CLASSROOM CLUB QUESTION from Michael of Ethel McKnight Elementary
Which of the following is a term for a baby male horse?
a) Colt
b) Calf
c) Doe

Francesca is in. Phillip locks in A. Peri looks happy with it... and for good reason.

Next up to the desk is Bryce.

2nd Grade Science $5,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
When water boils, it turns from a liquid into a gas.

Phillip goes with TRUE. And he's right for $5000.

1st Grade Social Studies $10,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
How many US federal holidays are there in the month of August?

Bryce is locked. Phillip... doesn't think there are any. He PEEKS at Bryce's answer. He has... "one". Phillip goes against him and says zero.

Everyone in the class has it right with... zero!

Here to help with the milestone is Jenna.

3rd Grade Measurements $25,000   COPY SAVE
How many milliliters are there in 0.45 liters?

Jenna is in. Phillip calculates 450 milliliters. ... and he's got the money!

3rd Grade US Geography $50,000   COPY SAVE
Pennsylvania borders which Great Lake?

Jenna is in. "I didn't even know it bordered a Great Lake." Phillip goes with Lake Erie. He hopes to get saved. He doesn't have to. It's Lake Erie. The class was wrong. The WHOLE class was wrong.

Two classmates remain. Next up to help is Olivia.

4th Grade English $100,000   COPY SAVE
Which sentence contains a transitive verb?
a) The class ended early.
b) The teacher found his notes.
c) The students excelled.

A transitive verb refers to a non-subject noun. That's according to Phillip. He goes with B. A transitive verb needs a direct object to complete its meaning... so it IS B!

5th Grade World Geography $175,000   COPY SAVE
The mouth of the Indus River is in what country?

"Indus" sounds like India, but it's probably not right. "Kids, you shouldn't do this at home, but I'm dropping out of school." He would've said India... but it was Pakistan. But at least he's won more than any other Ivy Leaguer before him.

DROP OUT: $100,000

Next up to take the Quiz is a leader of the lunch ladies who graduated from Truman Elementary in Tacoma, WA, RALPH PESCHEK. He brought Jeff a hair net to match his own. He's a food service director of a local school district, and some of his ladies are with him.

Okay, lose the hair nets, I'm about to gag here. Francesca's the first to help out with this board.

5th Grade Cultural Studies 5th Grade Social Studies
4th Grade US History 4th Grade English
3rd Grade Animal Science 3rd Grade Art
2nd Grade World Geography 2nd Grade Measurements
1st Grade Astronomy 1st Grade Music

Francesca's best subject is 1st Grade Music. That's what we're going with first.

1st Grade Music $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
"By the dawn's early light" are lyrics from the song "America the Beautiful".

Ralph says TRUE... That's absolutely kee-wrong. They're from "The Star-Spangled Banner". If Francesca has FALSE, we play on. Francesca said... FALSE! SAVED!

3rd Grade Animal Science $2,000 PEEK COPY  
FIELD TRIP QUESTION from Dr. Brady Barr of NatGeo (in Japan!)
"This is a Japanese salamander, one of the largest amphibians on the planet. True or false? This guy's warm-blooded."

Fun fact: Ralph's an avid rugby player. Francesca is locked. Ralph goes with FALSE... Can't be saved this time. Doesn't have to be. He's right. All amphibians are cold-blooded creatures.

Next up is Bryce.

2nd Grade World Geography $5,000 PEEK COPY  
If Jonathan were in Mexico City and he walked due west, what is the first ocean he would eventually run into?

Ralph PEEKS at Bryce's answer... "Pacific". Ralph goes with it... and they're both right. Or as Jonathan put it.. "You got $5000."

2nd Grade Measurements $10,000   COPY  
Francesca has a jar containing US pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. What is the minimum number of coins she can take out of the jar in order to have 32 cents?

That's a quarter, a nickel, and two pennies. That's four coins... That works for $10,000.

Next for the milestone is Miss Olivia.

1st Grade Astronomy $25,000   COPY  
The planets in our solar system orbit around what star?

That star is our sun... and that's still true for $25,000.

3rd Grade Art $50,000   COPY  
According to the color wheel, what color is complementary to orange?

Ralph COPIES Olivia's answer. Primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colors are orange, green, and purple. The complementary is the primary color which is NOT included. So in this case, it would be BLUE. That's right, and that's what Olivia needs to have written...

Olivia said... RED. Game over.

FLUNK OUT: $25,000

New student next time.