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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Season 2
8p ET Thursdays

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All those things you learned in elementary school are about to come back to haunt you... in the form of a quiz show that tests how dumb you've become.

Host: Jeff Foxworthy
The Class: Olivia Glowacki, Mackenzie Holmes, Nathan Lazarus, Cody Lee, Sierra McCormick
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators/EP: Mark Burnett, Barry Poznick, John Stevens
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Zoo Productions
Origin: CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA

Airs: Thursdays at 8p ET on FOX

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Summer Session 1
June 12

So school's out for the summer, but that doesn't mean AYSTA5G Elementary is out.. Tonight, two contestants try to outwit the Quiz in our first summer session show of season 2.

First up, a 27-year-old graduate student of CJ Harris Elementary out of Pearland, TX... Cowboy TRAVIS BROUSSARD. Is he a professional cowboy? Who knows. My bet is on... no.

First up to help out... Sierra.

1st Grade Nature $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
TRUE OR FALSE: Pollen is part of a flowering plant's reproductive system.

He goes with true, and we're off and running.

2nd Grade Social Studies $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
A U.S. Supreme Court justice is appointed to serve for how long?
a) 4 years
b) 20 years
c) Lifetime appointment

This one's also an easy one. C gives Travis $2000.

Next up, Mackenzie gets the chair, and we get this...

3rd Grade Measurements $5,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
CLASSROOM CLUB QUESTION from Blake from Big Springs Elementary
What basic metric unit of mass is abbreviated "g"?

Looks like a gram to me. Looks like a gram to Travis, too. He's right.

2nd Grade Animal Science $10,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
TRUE OR FALSE: Only female tortoises can pull their heads into shells.

This is a bit of a toughie, so he takes a PEEK at Mackenzie's answer. That answer is FALSE. Now Travis can take the strategic way out... which he does. Correct answer: True.

Now to the Milestone Question with Cody on his cut.

1st Grade US Geography $25,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
The USA is located on what continent?

Travis goes with North America without even hesitating, so $25,000 is his. Next up...

4th Grade Health $50,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
By definition, "pulmonary" refers to what organ in the human body?

He thought about the heart... but he locks in lungs... Good call!

Olivia helps him to $100,000.

3rd Grade Music $100,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
What patriotic anthem written by Julia Ward Howe contains the line, "His truth is marching on"?

He knows the lyrics, but not the song, so he COPIES Olivia's answer. The correct answer: "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

Olivia says... "Hymn of the Republic." Not good enough, as Travis goes back to $25,000.

Next up, a 49-year-old box salesman from Mount Washington Elementary in Cincinnati, LANCE RUSHING. He says he wasn't the smartest of the class, but he worked well with others.

Let's see how well he works with Mackenzie. She's up first.

1st Grade Animal Science $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
TRUE OR FALSE: A ram is a male sheep.

A Ram truck is more manly, so Lance locks in TRUE. That's good for $1000.

1st Grade Grammar $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
CLASSROOM CLUB QUESTION from Regan from St. Edwards Elementary
How many adjectives are in the following sentence? "Sierra runs down the hill."

Lance says one... the card says zero. Mackenzie says "one". SAVED!

Interesting that he couldn't outwit a 7-year-old, though.

Cody gets the callup next.

3rd Grade Math $5,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
If Olivia ran 36 miles in 4 hours, on average how many miles did she run per hour?

Lance is thinking PEEK. Cody says 9 miles. That's what Lance goes with. That's right for $5000.

2nd Grade Earth Science $10,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
TRUE OR FALSE? There are no glaciers in Africa.

This one only SEEMS like a no-brainer. But Lance seems to think that there is a glacier SOMEWHERE. He locks in FALSE. He's right! There're two atop Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya.

Sierra is going to help Lance with the Milestone question...

2nd Grade Music $25,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
How many strings are on a standard viola?

Lance has no idea about this, and he came to win, so he COPIES Sierra's answer. Correct answer: 4. Sierra's answer... 4! He's got $25,000.

The bad news... the rest of the quiz is all him.

4th Grade Anatomy $50,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
The lumbar section of a typical human spine contains how many vertebrae?
a) 5
b) 15
c) 30

Lance said 15... But it was 5. At least he didn't lose anything.

New student next time.