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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Season 2
8p ET Thursdays

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September 6

All those things you learned in elementary school are about to come back to haunt you... in the form of a quiz show that tests how dumb you've become.

Host: Jeff Foxworthy
The Class: Kyle Collier, Alana Ethridge, Jacob Hays, Spencer Martin, Marki Ann Meyer
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creators/EP: Mark Burnett, Roy Bank, Barry Poznick, John Stevens
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions, Zoo Productions
Origin: Manhattan Beach Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Airs: Thursdays at 8p ET on FOX

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Episode 2.2

Last time, Robert Rudder made it to the Million Dollar Question, but he decided not to play it. Now two new players enter the class. First, on skates, a 44-year-old HR coordinator who attended Virginia Road Elementary, MONICA LEWIS. She was skating back then.

First one to help Monica is Kyle. Let's play...
1st Grade Animal Science $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
TRUE OR FALSE? The pterodactyl was an ancient reptile that could fly.

Monica goes with TRUE... Kyle also said true... And we're off and running for $1000. Next...

4th Grade Earth Science $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Lightning is what type of electricity?
a) Current
b) Alternating
c) Static

She goes with static... Right again!

Next on the stage is Alana, who lost her tooth before the show.

1st Grade Spelling $5,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
How many vowels are in the following word...

"Podium". Three vowels, all free. Monica goes with three, and she's up $5000.

4th Grade Health $10,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
The hardest tissue in the human body covers up the teeth. What is its name?

Monica thinks that it's enamel...

Kyle says, "Emdul."

And she's right again for $10,000!

Next up is the milestone for $25,000. Helping out is Jacob.

5th Grade World History $25,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Charles Lindberg flew the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight from New York to what city?

Jacob is locked in. This is one of those that either you know or you don't. Monica decides to take a PEEK. Jacob said... "San Francisco." Monica guesses ... Boston.

Not right. It was Paris, as Monica flunks out with nothing. Transatlantic means "across the Atlantic."

Next up, a 36-year-old security consultant from Long Island who attended Tecumseh Elementary, TOM KRESNOV.

First up to help is Kyle. Second time tonight. So far, he's two for two.

2nd Grade World History $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen lived approximately when?
a) 1400 AD
b) 1400 BC
c) 500 AD

Kyle is locked in. Tom says A. Tom is... wrong. Correct is B. The only way to stay is if Kyle said B... He did. SAVED!

2nd Grade US Geography $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
How many US states have the word north, south, east, or west in their name?

Tom counts them out at five. Right for $2000!

Next up is Marki. Here's round 2.

1st Grade Math $5,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Which number has a 7 in the tens place?
a) 75
b) 57
c) 157

Tom's almost positive that it's A. He locks it in... And he's right.

Brooke, his wife, and John & Jana, friends, are all in attendance here.

1st Grade Animal Science $10,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
TRUE OR FALSE? All adult kangaroos have pouches.

Okay, it's first grade... and it's true/false. Can't make it any easier.

He uses his PEEK. Marki said... "FALSE".

And he can't be saved. So he goes with FALSE.

Right! It is only the females!

Next for the milestone is Jacob.

3rd Grade World Geography $25,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
The Equator intersects what other imaginary line at zero degrees latitude, zero degrees longitude?

Tom decides... after a long time... that it's the Prime Meridian.

He's got $25,000!

Now let's double that to $50,000...

4th Grade US History $50,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
On March 14, 1794, who received a patent for the cotton gin?

Jacob is locked in. Tom wants to say Eli Whitney. He goes with it... And he's right for $50,000!

Next classmate to help is Alana.

5th Grade Measurements $100,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
If you traveled two decameters and a hectometer, how many meters would you have gone?

Tom wants to start a family with the money he wins today.

... and he's going to drop out with $50,000.

Correct answer was 120. Brooke is called up for an important announcement. Remember that Tom wanted to start a family with the $50,000. That's apt, because Brooke is having a baby!

Next time, a new student... or perhaps three.