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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 29, 2004

Ryan:   Are you talking about the show or Pat Finn?
Chico:  Ryan, put me down for one of each.
Gordon: I'm sure the advertisers would gobble that idea up. Heh heh heh
Chico:  Gordon... quite punny...
Gordon: We haven't had a bad pun joke in a while
Chico:  Yeah, like what, three minutes?
Robert: I liked the 90s version
Chico:  Rob... you have a sick mind :)
Gordon: Anyways, with this Thanksgiving over, we have to look to the future - and with that future, we have to start planning ahead. I am creating my own deserted island that we can send people or things to, so they can get all fat so we can use them as turkeys next year.
Chico:  Think of it as Lost.. without the Hobbit.
Ryan:   I miss NBC Lost...
Robert: Then again, I also miss Beat the Geeks and Stump the Schwab
Chico:  We all miss Beat the Geeks. Especially season 1 shows.
Robert: got 47 of them on tape
Chico:  Really... We must talk later.
Robert: ok
Gordon:  Your first choice - The Schwab or Caroline Rhea. Which extra piece of stuffing needs to be stuffed on the island?
Robert: I like Howie Schwab
Chico:  Here's a hint, Gordon... not Caroline Rhea.
Robert: Give me Caroline to ship off to the island- I hated her on Hollywood Squares, I hated her on Sabrina
Ryan:   The Schwab.
Gordon: OK - so we're sending the Schwab to get fatter.
Robert: Who becomes head researcher at ESPN now? Curt Spear?
Chico:  He just won the big prizes. That's all. He couldn't stump the Schwab in the final.
Gordon: Next up -  Ethan Zohn or Oma...rosa. Ethan was a whiner on Survivor All-Stars. Omarosa...well, we know what she did. Both of them will be on Reality Star Fear Factor. Which one should go to the island to get some extra training?
Ryan:   Omarosa
Chico:  Omarosa should go on the island, stay there, never return, and .. well, get eaten by Schwab.
Robert: Schwab would eat her in 30 seconds and still would be hungry. Or they could make little Rerun's.
Chico:  There's a BAD injoke there.
Ryan:   Yeesh :)
Gordon: So we send Omarosa to be eaten - or to breed. Will she be joined by Jay Manuel or Kevin Peake. Jay is the annoying hypocrite in America's Next Top Model, while Kevin Peake let his friendships override his thinking in Manhunt. Which Model judge will get to judge which Rerun baby is prettier?
Robert: Janice Dickinson
Gordon: I will accept Janice Dickinson as a substitute
Chico:  I will also go off the bard and say Janice Dickinson. The first supermodel.. EVAR.
Gordon: Who would be the better choice for the Schwab to make babies with - Janice or Omarosa?
Robert: Why not both?
Ryan:   Sounds interesting...
Robert: Gotta populate the island somehow
Chico:  That's physically impossible. You know, simultaneously... But you have to imagine how their offspring would get along
Ryan:   What a headache.
Gordon: I don't want to think about it. Next up - Mike 'The Mouth' Matesou, Phil Helmuth or Josh Arieh. If you've seen the World Series of Poker, all three of them were all less than...sportsmanlike. Who gets to shuffle up and deal on the Island?
Chico:  Mouth
Robert: I say Mike 'the Mouth' Matesou but I want to see a boxing match between Mike and Phil first. Celebrity Boxing 3: Poker Edition
Chico:  Then have them sit courtside at an NBA game.
Gordon: Can we add Ron Artest and Jermaine O'Neal on the island, just out of principle?
Chico:  Judges? *bing* We'll take it.
Robert: Especially with that rap album coming out - and I thought Kellerman's was awful.
Chico:  *shudders*
Gordon: Choice #5 - ABC has decided to not do the Super Millionaire Sweeps. CBS has decided to pass on the Price is Right Christmas specials. Which executive should learn the error of his ways on the island?
Chico:  How about both of them? Can we do both?
Ryan:   CBS.  While Millionaire is good, TPIR is something that can be plugged in anywhere... even the dreaded Saturday night.
Gordon: We can do both - but who deserves it more?
Robert: ABC. I saw Desperate Housewives and it blows.
Chico:  ABC. Since they've been giving us the runaround vis a vis Millionaire for the better part of five years now.
Gordon: Last decision - The Fear Factor Feast or the Kave in Vanuatu - what should be the Island people's last meal before they get stuffed for Thanksgiving?
Robert: I say the Fear Factor Feast -   at least the Kave has some good stuff.
Chico:  The kava had some good stuff in it, but it reeked of raw sewage. But at least that's ALL it reeked of. I saw give'm the feast... with no chance of a Call of Duty prize pack.
Gordon: Ryan?
Ryan:   Bleeeeech. I eat cafeteria food every day.  Isn't that daring enough?
Chico:  Weird thing about that. You go to the cafeteria in college, you find about 15 ways to prepare chicken
Gordon: OK - so to sum it up - We'll send the Scwab, Omarosa, Janice
Dickinson, Mike Matesou, Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal, Stephen Jackson, and the heads of ABC and CBS to the island, have them eat the Fear Factor Thanksgiving feast, then stuff the executives and keep the NBA players, the Schwab and Omarosa and Janice to breed the island so we have plenty of being to stuff for next Thanksgiving.
Ryan:   I like it.
Robert: I still would have preferred Caroline Rhea
Gordon: We'll add Caroline Rhea, since we need another female
Chico:  You want to eat babies?! WTF?
Gordon: Well, it fits the adage don't let your babies grow up to be TV executives.
Robert: That's why the Wiggles and Spongebob Squarepants are uber-popular
Chico:  I don't know. Have you seen TV lately? They might do a better job of it. And what's wrong with Spongebob?
Robert: Too annoying for my taste
Gordon: So while I prepare the island, we'll take a break - and then Ryan gets to dish out some American Justice
Chico:  Who lives in a pineapple under the sea... W, L, T, I! =p
Robert: I regret making that statement.

(This break has been sponsored by the Game Show Newsnet Game Hunting Farm. Can't afford turkeys? You can go after whammies, dragons, klunks and other beings for only $10.00 an hour. E-mail WLTI for details)

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