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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 29, 2004

Gordon: I hear Whammies taste just like chicken.
Chico: Yum.
Gordon: We are back here, and while that last segment drove Ryan to discover his own island, James Dinan from TRASH has joined us. Welcome, James
James:  Hello there. Thanks for putting me on the Big Show...patent pending.
Chico:  Before we get started, why don't you tell everyone out in Webland who don't know what exactly TRASH is.
James:  Well, TRASH is Testing Recall About Strange Happenings.  Since 1997, TRASH has written, promoted and produced pop culture-themed trivia tournaments for college students and alumni across the US and Canada.
Chico:  Cool. See, I could've gotten into that if I knew about it when I was at Carolina, and if I could've found three other people who were into it.
James:  Earlier this month, we held 10 TRASH Regional tournaments, and this coming April, we will be hosting our Annual XFL Million-Dollar Game of TRASH Trivia, TRASHionals 2005: The Fish That 8 Pittsburgh, at the University of Pittsburgh. TRASH is expecting 30+ teams from across the US and Canada to converge on the Steel City for TRASHionals. They'll be answering questions on everything pop culture -- sports, TV, movies, pop music, best sellers, kiddie stuff and "the unexplained".
Chico:  Example..
James:  For example, the first question read at TRASH Regionals 2004 concerned a certain software engineer from Salt Lake City whose obliterating the competition on J!
Robert: Ken Jennings.
James:  A later question made mentioned of Monticore the bird from Joe Schmo II, while still another asked players to name the Survivor season from tribes
Chico:  Ah. So if I said "Chuay Gahn," you would say...
Robert: season 5
James:  Exactly
Chico:  Cool, cool.
Robert: Can I try a question.
James:  Sure
Robert: The name of Adam West's 1991 TV Pilot that is getting heavy play on Trio.
James:  Hmmm...
James:  I'm going to guess...Lookwell?
Robert: you Looked well
Robert: That's right.
Chico:  *applause*
James:  You're a perfect fit for TRASH play! :) You and your audience will be happy to know that there will be plenty of game show and reality show trivia to ponder at TRASH tournaments. We had plenty of game show vets appear at TRASH Regionals as players and officials earlier this month. WWTBAM multi-millionaire Kevin Olmstead was an emcee at the Cleveland regional, while $1.8 M winner. Ed Toutant competed at the Texas Regional. 2004 J! TOC winner Russ Schumacher led his team to victory in Colorado, while 1997 College TOC champ Craig Barker did the same in Cleveland.
Gordon: Excellent - Good luck to all teams. There will be a contingency of GSNNers there, as Jason Block and myself are planning on going. If teams want to try to get on the waiting list, who should they contact?
James:  Contact yours truly, James Dinan, at
Gordon: Thanks for the report of the TRASH games - and speaking of games, what's the next one, Chico?
Robert: What a segue-way.
Chico:  Alright, it's the decision that justice is lost in the game show world, therefore I have assembled this jury, Gordon, Rob and James.. to weigh in on several crimes... Gentlemen, this is... We the Jury..
Gordon: Either prosecuting or defending the turkeys, your honor?
James:  I've digested mine.
Robert: Just finished mine last night.
Chico:  Yes you will be. Alright, we have a blotter of six to go through today, I have a golf game so justice will be swift and certain.
James:  Darn straight.
Gordon: Yes, your honor - who is the first Butterball?
Chico:  First up, Ivana Ma is accused of being a sour grape. In the last couple of Apprentice shows, she gave us more than her fair share of grievances over the other players. What say you, the jury?
Robert: I'm gonna say, Not Guilty - She had fair reason to as Jen-Bot stole her thunder when being questioned about the idea behind her design.
James:  Not Guilty
Gordon: Well, she has done it, but I think it's been warranted. Besides, she takes off her clothes in the next episode, so I would have to charge her more on public lewdness. Not Guilty
Chico:  Alrighty then. Ivana, not guilty.
Robert: Next Case please, your honorable one
Chico:  Next up, Jeff Gross, for fourteen counts of bad-assery and one count of chickenheartedness. If you remember, he went 14/14 going into the Million Dollar Question last week
Gordon:'s a lot of money to be chickening out on., so I'll go with not guilty
Robert: He's guilty on the first 14 counts but not guilty on the 15th count
James:  Guilty of being a BA, not guilty of chicken heartedness. If you have no lifelines on the table and don't know the $1M answer, it's too foolhardy to take such a risk.
Chico:  So guilty on being a badass, not guilty on being a chicken.
James:  Although I'd love to hear that minor-key loss music outside of a CD.
Chico:  Alright, the next case: Frank Nicotero: three cases of spoiling. On Friday's show, he ruined Fight Club, The Sixth Sense, and Citizen Kane. The clip should be up.
James:  Not guilty.  VH1 did the same with 6th Sense on I Love the 90s, and no one went ape-doody.
Robert: Fight Club wasn't all that great, Sixth Sense creeped me out, Citizen Kane is one of the best movies of all time. Not Guilty as well
James:  Besides, the target audience have probably seen the first two films, and don't give a rat's patoot about Citizen Kane
Gordon: Not Guilty
Chico:  Right. Not guilty. We just needed something to pad the blotter, I'll be honest.
Gordon: We seem to be a nice and benevolent jury - totally against character =)
Chico:  Well, I've got something for you, then. NBC, charged with one case of grand assault on good taste for the reckless airing of The $25 Million Hoax.
James:  I'm going to say guilty. 
Robert: Not Guilty, This has been done many times, although in different situations - Joe Schmo, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance
Gordon: Yes - but I am sick of seeing it done so many times. When is mean-spirited reality going to finally realize that the ratings for those sort of shows suck? Guilty!
James:  Not a smart idea during the November sweeps.  You're basically saying that you're sacrificing the Monday at 10pm ET slot to CSI Miami and MNF
Chico:  So guilty, guilty, guilty. NBC, you should be bloody ashamed of yourselves.
James:  NBC knew they had a bad show on their hands, and should have either kept it in the can, dumped it to Bravo, or waited until the summer
Gordon: You realize that even in it's worst moments, Last Comic Standing had double the ratings of The 25 Million Dollar Hoax - and My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. Can we add FOX in there for My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss?
Chico:  I'm going to allow it.
Robert: Chalk up another stinker for George Gray
Chico:  Next - To flight attendants Frankie and Georgia: accessory to a failure. While Rebel Billionaire is an excitement to watch, the excitement hasn't translated to ratings.
James:  Guilty.
Robert: I watched the first episode and stopped watching.  The show is an Amazing Race Knockoff mixed with Apprentice - Guilty.
James:  Also doesn't help that you're airing a show mocking the genre at the same time. The only way you can save this show is to change its title to "Brick" so you can have a Brick/House programming block.
Chico:  Hey.. are you knocking my House?
Gordon: This is actually a good show, which unfortunately, they marketed it as a Mark Cuban-like show. The show is better than that, but we have seen Mark Cuban already. Perhaps if FOX raced THIS show up before Cubans instead of Next Great Champ, then this show would have hit good ratings. I agree with James that MBFOB isn't helping. Not guilty on the show - Guilty, however, on FOX's programming staff.
Robert: They've been eluding us since 2000.
Chico:  I will reduce sentencing if Georgia and Frankie meet me in my dressing room after the show.
Gordon: OK, Bill O Reilly, who's the last Turkey?
Chico:  One final turkey...
Robert: Just insert our favorite Whipping boy, J.D. Roberto
Chico:  Tom Bergeron, Bruce Vilanch, and John Moschitta on this week's Balderdash for deliberately trying to stage an H2 reunion and Steve Earley on Friday's show for accessory to the fact.
Gordon: No JD Roberto? I'm shocked.
Chico:  And tack on JD Roberto for overacting in an emcee role - simply because I'm the judge and I can.
Gordon: Ahhh - There it is
James:  Not guilty...I mean, you need witnesses to prove that this occurred, and I don't know anyone that's watching Balderdash, or PAX as a whole.
Earley to bed, Earley to rise, makes J.D. Roberto one to dispise. Guilty for everyone.
Gordon: They did it - but they pulled it off well. Not Guilty.
James:  Heck, it took me 2 weeks to find PAX on my cable system. I can't even go after JD, since his show is getting higher ratings than Balderdash. Don't ask me how.
Robert: Because most of the viewing audience of PAX are families, and they think a show about lying isn't fit family fair
Chico:  So to sum up the case... Gordon, not guilty, Rob guilty, and James?
James:  Guilty
Gordon: Wait a sec - you switched your vote!
James:  Oh sorry...not guilty
Gordon: I accuse Chico of Jury Tampering!
Robert: Next time J.D.
Gordon: Runaway Jury!
Chico:  Boy, I have the gavel, I'm bout to beat you with it.
Gordon: I may enjoy it, in a sick perverse way
Chico:  We have a mistrial because Gordon wanted JD on the blotter and that just complicated things :)
Gordon: Suuuure - blame the jury, not the host.
Chico:  That's the show, I'm outta here! When we come back, it's the big finish!
Robert: There go da judge.

(This break has been brought to you by I, JD. It doesn't matter what JD Roberto says, Chico and Robert will be throwing items at him. Items supplied by Pepper's Paraphernalia Parlor)

Chico:  The Triple P store... Throw (^_^) :) Oh wait, I can't say (^_^), can I?
Gordon: You want the FCC to go after us as well as MNF? Let's quickly run over to the BIG FINISH! Ivana bares all - will she be bearing right out of the competition?
Chico:  Probably.
Robert: Yes, it almost happened to the ladies on the 4th ep of last season.
Chico:  Although if anyone deserves it, it's Jennifer.
Gordon: Survivor - Will the new alliance hold or will Robert be right and Ami will take control of it once again?
Chico:  I doubt Ami'll get control of the game back. I think the last vote did enough to jar her collective conscience. But even if she does make it to the final two, she will not win the money.
Robert: I'm right.
James:  Given Survivor, it wouldn't surprise me if the alliance changes again
Chico:  You can't assume anything with this lot, can you?
Gordon: I think she could win the money if she gets to the final 2 - depending on who she brings - but I don't think she's getting to the Final 2.
James:  True.
Gordon: Jeopardy - we predicted that this week, Jennings loses - what will happen to the ratings post Jennings?
Robert: Plummet
Robert: Lower than wheel and Oprah
Chico:  It's like a turning point: everything that happened before Jennings, and everything that happened after.
Gordon: BJ and AJ?
James:  Ratings will fall, but won't collapse... it will return to its distant 2nd/3rd position
Gordon: I agree with James - the world won't end - only wait for the next monster to rule the roost.
Chico:  Well, we've got another date for you. January 16: Iron Chef America.
Gordon: Iron Chef - I'll be watching it
Robert: I'll watch the first ep, although this might be a hint that they are losing the Japanese eps.
Gordon: You can only repeat the Japanese episodes so many times before you lose ratings
Chico:  Little bit of a change from the original lineup. Puck is out, and in... Morimoto... Booyah.
Robert: Japan's Iron Chef: Japanese
Gordon: Booyah indeed - Morimoto was my favorite Iron Chef. He rocks.
James:  As long as they stay miles away from the UPN special, it will be just fine.
Chico:  If it's anything like the original four eps... You needn't worry. Well, one more bit of Viewer Mail time...This one comes from Brian B...It reads:
My co-workers and I were trying to remember what were the questions that Robby Roseman and Brian Fodera missed to lose on ABC's Millionaire show.  If you have the time could you please let me know what the questions were. Thank You.

James:  Roseman's question had to do with the animals Hannibal used to cross the Alps. Correct answer: Elephants. Incorrect answer: Llamas.
Chico:  Thus the birth of the term, "llamaed out"
James:  Brian Fodera was the Little Jack Horner question. Correct answer: Plum. Wrong answer: blackbirds
Chico:  Thanks again Brian for the mail. And if you want to get in on the love, you can always punch up some mail... Show'm the addy, Gordon.
Chico:  We'd love to hear from you. And that's game called. Big thanks to James Dinan for hanging with us.
Gordon: and also thanks to Robert Seidelman and Ryan Vickers.
James:  Had a great time...thanks!
Chico:  Drop in any time, man.
Robert: We gotta do it again.
James:  Absolutely.
Chico:  For Gordon, I'm Chico. Don't get trampled in your shopping or it just may be... Game over.. See ya!
Gordon: That's a wrap.

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