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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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October 29, 2005

Gordon: We're back, and Chico has our first game.
Chico: Yes I do.
Gordon: What is it, sir?
Chico: And Gordon, you can help out too. This is a little ditty we call Five Good Reasons. I basically give you a question, and you come up with five good reasons for that particular instance.
Chico: First up... the cuckoo clock Jason Block.
Jason: Hit me. Sorry wrong game.
Chico: Last week, we had what we call on WLTI a "repeat offender" in Sepideh Haftgoli. The recent law school grad/model/Lingo contestant turned up as a contestant on Score. Jason, as a "repeat offender" yourself, give me five good reasons why someone would want to go on more than one game show.
Jason: Ok. Here we go. 1. To make more money and prizes. 2. To prove yourself on different styles of shows. 3. To expose yourself to more and different audiences. 4. To get a mention on WLTI and GSNN.: 5. To satisfy your ego that you can beat anyone on any show. Done.
Chico: Good. See how easy that was?
Gordon: Jason - so when are YOU going to mention GSNN on PLJ?
Jason: (bows head shamefully)
Chico: And it should be noted that some of my best friends are repeat offenders... Jason... Tim Hsieh... Kim Lewis, if she's watching.
Gordon: ok - Next up - Mr. Brian W. Moore.
Brian: Unfortunately, I'm drawing a blank here.
Gordon: Well, I didn't give you the question yet =)
Brian: Oh, sorry.
Gordon: The question - give me 5 good reasons why MTV's next game show should be on Music Trivia.
Brian: 1. Because we're eventually gonna get sick of " The Real World'", "Road Rules", and crap that doesn't last long than a few episodes, or at least one season.
Gordon: That's one.
Brian: 2. Hoping that neither Andy Dick or Dan Levy won't be on stage after one's performance of "Your Face or Mine" and one's performance on "The Reality Show" and "The Assistant".
Chico: That gets a 10 for the YFOM reference.
Brian: Now I'm really drawing a blank here.
Gordon: Anyone want to jump in and add?
Chico: 3) Because Who Knows the Band? was actually interesting?
Mike: 4. You can only get Nexted so often.
Jason: 5. Because Turn It Up got cancelled way early.
Chico: That would be 5, J.
Brian: Of course. Thanks guys!
Gordon: There we go. Next one, Chico?
Chico: Hey, we're a family, yo. :-) Okay, Mikey. Got one for you. Last week, we made mention that there is "no danger in the Millionaire budget being dented heavily." Give us five good reasons why that is.
Mike: 1. The $25,000 question on the syndicated show usually has the difficulty of the $125,000 or $250,000 question on the network version. 2. Contestants are chosen based on their personality and interview(s), not their smarts.
Brian: Now that's not fair.
Chico: Tell me about it.
Mike: 3. Bad lifeline management. I think Millionaire players use their
lifelines badly. Or was that a rhetorical statement?
Gordon: Rhetorical - though I can give you the other 2 if you need a Lifeline =)
Mike: Yes, someone toss some help this way please.
Gordon: I'll give the other 2.
Chico: Go for it.
Gordon: 4. The people aren't figuring out the question. Even if you can't get a direct answer, you can still figure the answer out (up to $8,000) if you
logically deduce the answer. The people so far aren't doing that.
Chico: And the final?
Gordon: 5. The Money Factor. During the prime time run, the money didn't mean that much to people until you hit $64,000. Now, you are getting people who see $16,000 as life-changing money. They don't ant to take chances on it.  You won't see big winners until you see people who will take the chance at it - maybe you need a 'repeat offender' or two to go after it.
Chico: Which leads into the question, do people watch for the players or the game? Just as an aside. Because they like to cycle between the two... Just answered my own question there, didn't I?
Gordon: ok - Chico, I have one for you.
Chico: Okay, Gordon. Hit it.
Gordon: Give me 5 good reasons why the Donald kept the 3 people left and shouldn't have just canned the whole team.
Chico: 1) NBC has no filler for later in the year thanks to them sitting on Deal or No Deal, seemingly. Yes, I'm impatient, BTW. 2) Donald sees something in those three that were sent back. 3) Those three actually performed the task correctly. 4) They were all Excel outcasts, and he had to scrub the deck clean of the Capital Edge stink. 5) Each and every one of the fired were within a hair of getting fired anyway. There. Five good reasons. And now as a segue, G... Last week, Donald made some disparaging remarks that Martha's Apprentice was ruining his. Give me five good reasons why that is bullfunky.
Gordon: Well, as you know, I happen to agree with the Donald. BUT, should I be asked why this isn't the case...
Chico: That was the question.
Gordon: ok...1. The Apprentice's ratings have been sliding since season 2, so it was falling already. 2. The people on the last series didn't do much to
help out the show. In the first 2 series, you clearly saw people who were forerunners to the show. You didn't see that in the third series and you don't see it in the current one - this has been more of who's the least worst instead of who's the best. 3. As it's been pointed out MANY times, the only time the show has gotten interesting is when the Donald has done something wacky, leaving the first set of episodes without much spark.
Chico: This would be the wacky Donald episode this past week. Two to call.
Gordon: 4. It's up against a newly rejuvenated CSI - and if you wanted to see both shows, you could see the Apprentice's repeat another time (and you can't do that for CSI), so you catch the Apprentice another time.  That can't possibly be good for ratings. Finally... 5. None of US are on the show. Get some people from GSNN on your show, Donald, we'll spice up those ratings!  There's my 5.
Chico: You think you can do any better than those guys?
Gordon: I know Jason and I could.
Mike: No. I'm not a salesperson-type.
Chico: I'm an idea man, myself.
Jason: I would blow them out. I would win.
Chico: And here's an idea. Let's go to break!
Mike: GSNN on The Apprentice? <Trumpster> That's HUUUUUGE.
Chico: It's gonna be the biggest brawl ever... It's really great.
Gordon: Sounds good - we'll see how people can reason their way out of Chascos - Next!

(Brought to you by 1UP, only 100 coins at a Toad's House near you.).

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