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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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October 29, 2005

Pierre: What's UP! (Me in a Mario outfit).
Chico: That was for you, Pierre.
Gordon: Brian Moore is no longer here, but we welcome Pierre Kelly to the nut house
Pierre: Act now and get Yoshi asbolutely free! Hey guys!
Jason: Hello Pierre.
Chico: Funny you should be dressed as Mario. I'm a 1UP Mushroom.
Gordon: So Pierre - what are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Pierre: Sonic The Hedgehog or a Katamari ball.
Gordon: Since it's Halloween time, I figure that it's only appropriate if we brought all of the costumes over to the big hall for some Buen Trato! You all ready?
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: Ok - you'll all start bank account. Sort of.
Chico: Ooh! How much?
Mike: So we have $4. Now what?

Mr. Voice: This is Gordon's account in Nice to see what a $10 deposit will do. Total value - $130.

Mike: Ooh
Gordon: I like the morons in =0)
Chico: Wow! A sponsored prize!
Jason: Nice cash.
Gordon: Now you can keep my bank account - or trade it for the big box on the display floor - and this box is labeled The Price is Right. What will you do?
Jason: I am keeping the cash
Mike: I will go for the box.
Pierre: Take TPIR.
Chico: I'm keeping the cash.
Gordon: Inside the box is....

Mr. Voice: A Popcorn Popper! Actually, the one that Mary Bailey won on the show this week. Total Value = $1,335.

Jason: Nice.
Pierre: Aw Yeah! It's on & poppin'!
Chico: Get it poppin' like Fat Joe, man.
Gordon: Jason and Chico have my money, while Mike and Pierre have the Popcorn Popper. Do any of you want the curtain? It's Labeled 'Millionaire'. Any takers?
Jason: I'll take it.
Pierre: nope.
Chico: Nope.
Mike: Sure, I'll take it. I'm a greedy SOB.
Gordon: Jason and Mike get the curtain, and they now have....

Mr. Voice: A Llama! We've seen a few over the last week, and it's time for you to have one for yourself. You got a Cha-Cha-Chasco! Brrrrrap *stamp*

Jason: Darnit.
Mike: Mmm, llamaburgers.
Pierre: Take me down to the llama city...
Gordon: However, I continue the dealing for everyone on the next item - a small box labeled The Biggest Loser'. Do you want it?
Chico: I'm in.
Pierre: Let's take "Biggest Loser."
Jason: Yup. I am in. Better than A Llama.
Mike: I'm a loser if I don't pick it. Gimme one too.
Gordon: Ok - inside the box is...
Mike: Please let it be pudding.
Chico: Come on, pizza.
Mike: or Caroline Rhea
Jason: Krispy Kreme
Pierre: Vanilla Pepsi
Chico: Bueller?
Mike: Not two llamas.

Mr. Voice: A Trip to Las Vegas! The contestants from the show got to go there to gamble, and now you can to, with $1,000 of spending money. I'll even throw in Trato Hecho's $600 Gas Card. A sweet prize worth $3,995!

Jason: BOO YAH
Pierre: That'll work.
Chico: Sweet!
Mike: Yay gas!
Gordon: But I have another deal for you.
Jason: Uh Oh.
Gordon: We have another curtain - and this one is labeled Mega Match. Do you want it?
Pierre: Wowzers! No
Jason: No way.
Chico: No thank you.
Mike: Wusses. Gimme the Mega Match.
Gordon: Only Mike wants the Mega Match. What do we have for Mike?

Mr. Voice: A New Audio System! The show has had a lot of musical guests lately, and now you can sound just like them with a new audio set, loud speakers and musical instruments. A great prize worth $7,000!

Gordon: So everyone seems to be happy so far.
Jason: Even better.
Pierre: Should've had it.
Jason: So far.
Gordon: I have one FINAL deal for you.
Pierre: Make it good.
Gordon: I have 2 curtains. One of them says The Apprentice - Martha Stewart. The other says The Apprentice - Donald Trump. Notice the symmetry. Do you want to trade what you've got? And if so, which one?
Chico: Nope. Not gonna do it.
Gordon: Chico is going to Vegas.
Pierre: I'll trade up to The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.
Gordon: Pierre wants Martha.
Jason: I will go with the Trumpster.
Mike: I fear what could be behind either of those curtains. I'll stick with my goods.
Gordon: 4 different prizes. Chico keeps Vegas. Mike keeps his Music stuff.  What do we have for Pierre?

Mr. Voice: We have... a Day with Merv Griffin and his dog! That was one of the items offered up on the auction this week, and it's one a game show fan would love. In addition, we'll match what was auctioned for it - $7,500 - in cash!

Gordon: A Gran Trato worth $15,000!
Pierre: Take that, Pat & Alex!
Jason: Nice job.
Gordon: Congratulations, Pierre!
Chico: Nice, Pierre.
Mike: Very nice indeed.
Gordon: Now Jason.
Jason: I know I am so chascoed.
Gordon: Last time we played this game, you won a used paper shredder.
Pierre: Poison Mushroom! Poison Mushroom!
Mike: I'm smelling cab fare to JFK...
Gordon: What do we have for Jason this time?

Mr. Voice: You have won...a radar gun! This is one of the things that people were too busy playing with instead of actually selling items. So you win a
radar gun - and a pink slip. Total value - $49.95.

Chico: At least it wasn't two paper shredders.
Pierre: Ha Ha, the Poison Mushroom got you now, Jason.
Jason: Not a chasco, but I stink :-)
Gordon: Well, almost everyone's happy as we end this edition of Buen Trato.
Chico: And we end this edition of WLTI with the Big Finish right after Gordon goes out and fishes the fountain for change.
Mike: I'll trade ya a pair of drumsticks for the radar gun, Jason.
Jason: LOL
Pierre: ...unless you add a percussion section for the SMW underworld.

(Brought to you by, home of Gordon's $130 and about 5 million fish. "I just want your money. I'm not picky as to who I take it from." Check us out at

Chico: And Gordon says "Pay me, f(^_^)ers!"
Gordon: =) Ok - off to The Big Finish! We haven't chatted about Survivor yet. Who's leaving?
Pierre: Stephenie.
Chico: How about Gary? You know, just to keep everyone guessing.
Gordon: I'm going to say Judd - the merge is coming up soon and it's time to get rid of strong people. The Amazing Race - who's leaving - or is it another non-elimination lap?
Mike: The Gaghans, please. They've been 2nd to last too often.
Pierre: Those 4 Illinois Sisters.
Mike: The Godlewski babes hang on even though they have no money.
Chico: Gaghans are out. I bet. Last week something horrid happened on the Feud... One team had 295... The other came back in triples and sudden death to win. How painful is THAT?
Gordon: There's another nominee for most valiant loss.
Pierre: It all depends on the score.
Chico: Hold on. I'll bring it up. The Guyoviches were defending against the Hernandezes on Tuesday. The Hernandezes won the first three rounds and now have 295. The Guyoviches steal the bank in the triple round with 156. Sudden Death goes to the champs. Final score, 312-295.
Gordon: Ow.
Jason: Ow indeed.
Chico: Talk about a close one.
Pierre: Down to the wire.
Gordon: Ok - do we have any mail?
Chico: I got another one from John Lee. Our good friend John Lee. His probing question...
Mike: The question of the week from John.

From: John Lee

I saw Daniel Avila's $2.2 million miss on Greed. When Chuck had said that the last correct answer on the question on Odors was Chocolate, he mentioned "because it's not a pungent smell." So, if it's Tuna that's the pungent smell, what is it about Tuna that gives it the pungent smell?

Pierre: I don't know. the aroma?
Gordon: I always thought the question was a little fishy, myself.
Chico: Well, to answer your question, perhaps it has something to do with the way that it is prepared.
Jason: High-quality fresh tuna will have a characteristic odor that's fishy but not strongly so. Generally, the eyes will be clear. The skin will not be overly slimy. The gills will have a deep red color rather than a brownish pink. From the Oregon Sea Grant.
Chico: A fresh tuna will give you a pungent aroma, but one that is nicely prepared with aromatics will cancel that smell out. That's six years of watching Iron Chef right there.
Mike: Possibly the oils in the fish. Sorry, I didn't get my degree in marine biology.
Pierre: That's Science for you right there.
Chico: But you see where I'm going with this. This question was based solely on opinion. Meaning you're going to get some good answers, but not any of them will be right. More than likely, of course.
Pierre: Think what Hot Potato did years ago.
Chico: Exactly. So John, we hope we've enlightened you to the wonder that is tuna. That's good eats right there.
Gordon: Fortunately, tuna was not one of the right answers, or we'd be arguing on it all day.
Pierre: Very NOVA-like.
Chico: So if anyone asks, you heard it here. One more from Kelly Anne Berardi. Thanks for writing, Kelly Anne! I will just say... Mike, get ready for your answer.
Jason: Here we go.
Pierre: Do it, Mike.
Mike: I wonder what this could be about...

From: Kelly Anne Berardi

My father was on The Same Name Game Show when he was 4-6 years old. I have been trying to obtain a copy of the episode and was told by a few people that it has aired on The Game Show Network within the last few years. My dad passed away on September 30th and if I could find a way to get a copy I know my mom and our family would really enjoy having it. Any help you can provide would be wonderful. Thank you.

Mike: Alright... First, let me offer my condolences. I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing.
Chico: He speaks for all of us.
Jason: Agreed.
Mike: The best possible way to find the episode? Go to Post a message basically stating everything in your e-mail. Mention as many details about the show as you can--air date (even just a year might help), celebrities on the show, your father's name, anything relevant. With any luck, one of the kind souls on the Internet might have this episode. I hope you find this episode soon. I know your family will treasure it.
Gordon: Sounds good to me. Is that all?
Mike: Tell 'em Klaussie sent ya. And the name of the show is The Name's the Same. That might help out this person in her search.
Chico: Got it. Anyway, if you have any probing question you want to answer about games, tuna, or anything, just drop us a line. You know the addy, it's
Gordon: Ok - that wraps it up for this week. A special thanks to Jason, Mike, Brian and Pierre.
Pierre: Time for us to go home and reminisce about blue hedgehogs, foxes that fly and red echidnas.
Jason: Time for lunch.
Chico: ... And you can't see the name at home, but ... I know why he was on "The Name's the Same."
Mike: Time to watch the Tuesday 10/25/05 episode of The Price is Right another half dozen times. It was a really big shoe, Chico?
Chico: Yes it was.
Gordon: ok - so for all of the loonies at GSNN, this is Gordon, wishing all of you a safe Halloween and a happy Game Over.
Chico: Be careful out there tonight with the little trick-or-treaters.  And as always... spread the love.
Gordon: and the treats.
Mike: And be generous with the candy.

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