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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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August 27, 2005

Gordon: Anyone setting their TIVO yet?
Chico: Catching the vapors, aren't we, Gordon?
Gordon: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So we're back, and I have a big gavel and am not afraid to use it.
Chico: We'd rather see your ho, Gordon :-)
Gordon: I'm sure you would. We have some hos today as we start this session of We The Jury. Order in my Court!
Jason: Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Coffee Light with 2 sugars and a side order of eggwhites.
Gordon: You should have had that instead of that Roast Beef and Cheese sandwich on Wednesday night.
Jason: No kidding.
Gordon: How are your bowels doing, btw?
Jason: Better thanks. (hands Gordon his black robes)
Gordon: Thank you. Ahhh - feels nice. Good job on the dry cleaning.
Jason: Had it ready for last week. It was still in the plastic
Gordon: Good job.
Chico: (plays "Night Court Theme"). Criminal Court Part 2, WLTI, is now in session. The honorable Gordon Pepper presiding...
Gordon: Court is now in session. First defendant.
Chico: Should've known better than to give Mike the mic last week :-)
Mike: That was the best move of the entire live show, Chico :-P

ACCUSED: Jeopardy.
CHARGE: Shark-jumping.

Gordon: Without Ken Jennings, the show's ratings dropped during the summer. Also dropping? Wheel of Fortune, who in most markets is partnered with Jeopardy. With less people watching Jeop, that's less eyeballs that move over to the second half-hour to see WOF. Did Jeop's lifting of the 5 time champ rule start it's decline?
Jason: Innocent.
Mike: No way, no how. The ratings always slump during the summer.
Chico: Can I declare a mistrial in the hopes of railing Wheel later?
Gordon: No mistrial granted.
Chico: In that case, not guilty.
Jason: The show will always be solid. The show dips and yips like normal. KenJen was an anomaly. Until the next one happens. It's still on the skis.


Gordon: So Jeopardy is found NOT GUILTY. Jeop is free to go. Next defendant, Chico?
Chico: Next up...

ACCUSED: Shandi Finnessey
CHARGE: Spotlight-stealing without license

Mike: Whatever it is, guilty.
Jason: Wow.
Chico: JUSTICE! Next case... No, kidding.
Gordon: Explain, sir.
Chico: This can be related to the fact that she never stops talking!! Taking away from the game.
Mike: What she takes away from the game, she gives back in the form of donuts. Guilty.
Jason: Guilty.
Gordon: I don't think that this is what Chuck had in mind when he said interaction with the new hostess. Guilty!


Chico: JUSTICE! The sentence: she is to be fitted with a mute button and an off-switch and all auxiliary power is to be removed.
Mike: Don't you wish you had a blackout button?
Jason: Like the staples Easy Button.
Chico: Thank you, Jay Wolpert! :-) Next?
Gordon: Next up....

ACCUSED: Canada's Showcase Network
CHARGE: Distribution of obscene material

Chico: The fine folks responsible for Trailer Park Boys.
Jason: What material in particular?
Gordon: The obscene material, in this case, is Kenny Vs. Spenny, as they will be airing it's NEW season. Episodes include who can drink more beer, who can sell more Bibles, who old people like more and who can stay naked the longest.
Chico: Guilty!
Jason: Kenny v Spenny--obscene whether naked or not. Guilty.
Mike: Innocent. K vs. S is harmless, innocent fun.
Chico: Maybe so, but it's stupid after a while. It's no Kids in the Hall, that's for damn sure.
Gordon: Explain to me why we aren't seeing repeats of Sale of the Century or Temptation and we are stuck with this instead. GUILTY!
Mike: Let me ask you this... What would you rather see on GSN--Kenny vs. Spenny or Vegas Weddings Unveiled?
Gordon: Honestly - I'd rather see Vegas Wedding Unveiled.
Jason: Vegas Weddings.
Mike: Wow. Tough crowd.
Jason: Kenny V. Spenny is stupid and unfunny.
Chico: Actually, I'd rather see Kenny vs. Spenny. Vegas was horrible.
Gordon: It's both horrible. Would you rather drink bugs or fish parts sort of horrible.
Chico: Actually, I want to use my Joker and go off the board with SpyTV.
Mike: I'll use my joker and go off the board with....DOUBLE DARE FROM 1977. Booyah.
Chico: You win =p


Gordon: So the Sentence - they have to Watch a Marathon of Spy TV and Vegas
Weddings Unveiled until they promise to not create any new episodes. Next?
Chico: Next up...

ACCUSED: Simon Cowell
CHARGE: Making copies

Chico: Wait for it... wait for it... (Rob Schneider) Making COPIES! (/Rob Schneider)
Jason: Explain please to the jury.
Chico: Simon's "Million Dollar Idea" is accused of being a ripoff of a) a show airing on access cable, and b) USA's upcoming "Made in the USA", hosted by our good friend Todd Newton.
Jason: Well, if it smells like a is a copy...GUILTY.
Gordon: I'm copying my answer. Guilty! I'm copying my answer. Guilty!
Mike: Gordon: I'm copying my answer. Guilty! I'm copying my answer. Guilty!
Jason: Well, if it smells like a is a copy...GUILTY.
Mike: I'm copying their answers. Guilty as charged!
Gordon: I'm copying my answer. Guilty!
Chico: I'm copying all of you. Guilty!
Gordon: I'm copying my answer. Guilty!


Chico: The sentence?
Mike: 40 years of hard labor at Xerox's home office
Chico: JUSTICE!!!! Next?
Gordon: Next up...

ACCUSED: Lauren Sanchez.
CHARGE: Media whoring.

Chico: If the crime is begin a hottie, guilty as charged :-)
Gordon: The crime is...Media Hoe in Training.
Chico: Do explain.
Gordon: She's the Host of So You Think You Can Dance. She was a host on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period." She will have another gig with Randy Jackson in a new Fox show. Is she going to be overexposed at the 4th minute of fame?
Chico: Small conference, please. (conferencing)
Mike: We're playing What's My Line now?
Chico: I just wanted to say that...
Mike: Since this is the first time I've heard her name, I would say that she hasn't hit the point of oversaturation.
Jason: Guilty as a media ho.
Mike: I'll let her off since she's easy on the eyes.
Chico: I withhold judgment until the show gets (^_^)canned.
Gordon: So it's up to the judge, eh?
Chico: It's up to the judge.
Mike: Here come da judge.
Gordon: The judge says that she's starting to get close. I'll say not guilty, but a warning to her to watch herself, lest she turns into Trista Rehn.
Mike: Ow.
Chico: She better not.
Gordon: In which case Chico will be making fun of her mercilessly.

O Judgment withheld until show gets canned X O

Chico: Judge lets her off with a warning.
Gordon: We believe in rehabilitation.
Chico: Gordon's a benevolent judge. The last defendant...
Gordon: Last one!

ACCUSED: TPIR paintball bastard.
CHARGE: Assault with a paintball gun.

Chico: Defendant - The yuppie scum that accosted people in line for TPIR last week. Charge: Assault with a paintball gun.
Mike: Guilty. Hang him by his nuts. Assuming he has them.
Chico: I hope they do.
Jason: Guilty...have Bob Barker shove his long mike up their...
Mike: Paintballs, Jason?
Gordon: Thankfully, none of us got hit, but that's just a real bad thing to do and it shocked the poor girl that got hit.
Jason: Shameless and stupid.


Chico: The sentence... the maximum amount of time allowable by California law.
Gordon: Hear here.
Mike: And everybody in line at TPiR gets one shot at the shooter. Please.
Jason: Thanks to Tom Gauer for his help with the cops.
Mike: Yes, major props to Tom and everybody else who assisted the cops with this unusual situation.
Gordon: We're going to wrap this one up in a bow - but first, we break!
Chico: That's We the Jury. And Josh Yawn joins us in time for the Big Finish when we come back.

(Brought to you by Luggature. Unique. Versatile. Shaped like luggage. Funny to say.)

Josh: Hey people.
Gordon: Hey Yawn.
Josh: One of these days, Gordon will learn my first name.
Chico: Howdy Josh. We missed you last week.
Josh: I missed you guys too! I wish I could have been there.
Mike: We wish you were there. You missed a great time.
Josh: I found something the other day that would have been perfect for some kind of video retrospective on Tom Kennedy. I wish I would have found it sooner or I'd have sent it to you guys.
Chico: Well, methinks Steve might've had it.
Mike: Care to go into more detail, Josh?
Josh: I bet he didn't. It's an old commercial from the 80s with Jim Varney (my favorite actor) as Ernest P. Worrell advertising TPIR with Tom.
Mike: He did not have that. That was likely the only footage of TK we didn't see.
Josh: It's a hilarious commercial, one which I'm sure Tom never even knew existed.
Gordon: Let's finish this up - The Big Finish! Something we haven't discussed yet - Big Brother. Who's next?
Chico: Well, Rachel's done. Janelle is sure to follow. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone made James shake a little.
Gordon: I think Howie or James is next. It wouldn't surprise me to see him backdoored.
Chico: You've been saying that for the last couple of weeks now.
Jason: Howie is done.
Gordon: I was expecting the hamsters to be smart enough to do it by now.
Jason: Beau might make it to the final 2.
Gordon: It wouldn't surprise me if he did.
Chico: Next two weeks on Jeopardy! feature the best of Ken Jennings. Care to relive those moments?
Jason: Yes I do.
Mike: Yes. I didn't get the complete episode where he won $75,000. That's the reason I invested in a TiVo.
Gordon: It's going to be fun to see. Two years ago it was Jennings. Last Summer, it was Madden. Is anyone going to make another 15+ episode run this year?
Jason: We shall see. I think so.
Chico: I think we'll have one.
Gordon: Maddie Suchard?
Jason: If they had a kids J!, she would.
Mike: Yes. Mike Klauss. :-P I wish...
Chico: Who?
Mike: Did you say "who", Chico?
Chico: You said "Mike Klauss". I said "Who?"
Mike: You just blew any chance at getting a copy of the Malcolm pilot, mister!
Chico: You totally didn't get it, did you?
Mike: I got it :-P
Gordon: I don't think he wanted it, but he got it.
Chico: If I had to explain Mike Jones to you, I swear...
Mike: I told you I'm whiter than Gordon.
Gordon: No you're not. What one thing would you like to see at next year's GSC?: (besides Josh Yawn)
Jason: A Game Show Music Segment.
Mike: A roundtable with some of the best known contestants ever, like Thom McKee, Ken Jennings, etc. It was fun hearing Ruth Horowitz's stories. I could imagine that some champs whose runs went for months have some interesting stories.
Gordon: Last year, they had a contestant tryout for Jeopardy. I'd love to see a show step up and do it again (Jeop, Wheel, Millionaire, etc.)
Mike: We need Randy West there next year. Start saving your money now, as the bar tab will surely go high!
Chico: More music. :-) Okay, apparently we're all chickens when it comes to Millionaire, according to a study. Do you buy it?
Jason: Explain?
Chico: Researchers analyzed the behavior of 515 contestants participating in 11 tapings of the show. A total of three players won the $1 million prize. Two-thirds quit while they were ahead. One-third did not answer the final question correctly. "Failures" left the studio with an average of $17,438 while "quitters" went away with an average of $72,247.
Mike: Who says quitters never win?
Chico: The question: do you buy that we play Millionaire more conservatively nowadays?
Jason: Yes.
Gordon: No. Based on the money amounts you are citing, I think it's because the gamblers were going for $25,000/$32,000 while the quitters were at the top echelon ($50,000/$64,000 and higher). I don't think that the report is very accurate, as the contestants are in different positions on the chart.
Mike: I don't think it's conservative playing more than it is smart playing.
Chico: Interesting insight. With that, it's time for... Viewer Mail!
Jason: Do we have mail?
Gordon: We have mail.
Mike: Hooray mail!
Chico: Let's start with Gordon.
Gordon: This is from Jeremy Sawle. Thanks, Jeremy!

My name is Jeremy Sawle and I had caught the show "Ball Breakers" the other day on television. Well I am an avid pool player myself was wondering; How can you become a contestant on the show?
Chico: Good question. Well, there are two ways that I can think of..
Jason: Go to and see if they are looking for contestants.
Chico: That's one...
Gordon: Usually, we would say that we don't have information for you or that the tapings have ended. HOWEVER, there is currently a contest running on GSN's Website for Billiards tournaments - the winners would be invited to play on the second season of Ballbreakers - and the contest is still running. Go to for more details.
Chico: And that would be two. Hope that helps, Jeremy. And good luck! Next up, a bit of love from Gigi... Thanks Gigi!
Mike: Gigli? I didn't like that movie.
Gordon: Thank heavens...for little writers!
Mike: Oh, GIGI. My bad.

Why isn't Stacey Hayes on Lingo? I've noticed a new girl has replaced her and was wondering what happened to Stacey?
Gordon: POSED p-o-s-e-d. NAKED n-a-k-e-d.
Chico: Well, Gigi, apparently the producers of Lingo, as is wont to happen from season to season on TV, wanted to make changes, and apparently Stacey was one of them. Actually, she was two of them =p
Gordon: TWINS. T-w-i-n-s.
Mike: She was apparently too sexy for the show.
Jason: The pages of Maxim with her are still smoking.
Chico: Ah, too sexy! Too sexy!
Jason: or FHM.
Mike: 69 for a Lingo!
Josh: Who posed naked? Stacey?
Chico: Stacey... Apparently there were pictures, although Alex Davis won't hit a brother up.
Josh: Her absolute fakeness makes her undesirable with her clothes ON, let alone off. She's manmade.
Chico: You can read so much into that. Anyway, thanks for writing, Gigi! There's one more.
Mike: I'm trying to find you photos, Josh.
Gordon: Who's it from?
Chico: This is from Manny Cortes. Thanks, Manny!

Are the game shows on Nick GAS still being recorded? My kids are anxious to be part of one of your game shows. If the old shows are the only ones you have, you should consider bringing them back. In these times, kids need nice, interesting and innocent fun, as your game shows provide and represent.
Josh: Ooh, can I take this one Pleeeeeeease?
Chico: Okay... Manny, first of all thanks for writing. While we agree that kids need nice, interesting and innocent fun, unfortunately we have no connection to any network or production company.
Gordon: We are NOT associated with NICK GAS or any other show, but we'll let Josh Yawn answer this one in more detail.
Josh: When Nickelodeon was doing almost nothing but game shows, it was a time when they were the only kids' network and were able to do these amazing shows. Now, as time has advanced, there are more networks for kids... Disney, Fox Kids, Cartoon Network, etc. Nickelodeon has to compete to stay afloat. No longer can they do game shows because not only have they faded from the market all together, adult shows included, but their competition isn't coming close to touching them. Nickelodeon's programming consists of cartoons (to compete with CN) and tween sitcoms (to compete with Disney). While Nickelodeon recognizes its past, there's nothing that can logistically be done to change the fact that they have to do what they do to stay afloat. Now, there is good news.
Mike: You saved money on your car insurance by switching to Geico?
Josh: Nickelodeon is reviving Slimetime to premiere next month. Tapings are in September, so if you're in the LA area, stop on by! And, if your children are big fans of the classics, Hot Topic now sells classic Nick shirts. Double Dare, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, etc. And now more bad news...
Chico: I got the Hey Dude shirt. That's not the bad news, by the way.
Josh: Nick GAS was pronounced dead by the execs at Nick recently. One of two things are going to happen. One, the channel itself will go away. Or two, they're going to change it into another channel (a sports channel or Nick Rewind) are the two things being discussed.
Gordon: We need another moment of silence for Nick GAS


Gordon: Thank you.
Josh: Ah. So Manny, thank you for your question. Tell your children hello. Buy them a pony. Walk real slow and drink lots of water.
Chico: And if you would like to have your name posted in all its digital glory, all you have to do is hit up a mail to
Gordon: Would a My Little Pony count?
Chico: Don't think so, Gordon. Just remains for us to thank Josh Yawn, Jason Block, Paul Bailey (the address once again,, and Mike Klauss.
Gordon: Who?
Chico: Mike Klauss!
Gordon: Who?
Chico: Mike Klauss!
Mike: Not this again.
Gordon: Never heard of him.
Chico: See, THAT's how you do it :-)
Mike: I hear he's a damn good looking guy.
Chico: This was so much fun, I think we'll do it again next week. Until then, I'm Chico Alexander...
Gordon: And this is Gordon Pepper, once again thanking everyone who showed up for us at the live show, and once again saying...
Chico: We Love to Interrupt! :-)
Gordon: GAME OVER!
Chico: And a Van Ginkel: Spread the love :-)
Mike: Game over. And the balcony is closed.

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