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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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May 14, 2005

Jason: So have you passed out the scripts?
Gordon: Yes I have and it's time to Roleplay!
Jason: Yay!
Gordon: You all know the drill here - You get a person, place or thing, and you act it out.
Chico: I'm the Baron von Wolpert, and you are all guests at my mystery mansion :-)
Jason: Got it.
Gordon: Let's start with...The Block.
Jason: You would :-)
Gordon: I would. Jason, you are...Ken Jennings. You are going to be in NYC on May 23rd for your new board game. Should I have to worry about past Jeopardy contestants looking to challenge you right then and there?
Jason: Of course, I would. Everyone is gunning for me. But I am Ken Jennings. I have over 2 Million bucks, a commercial deal or two and a board game. I am the big kahuna. Besides, no one can beat me...
Chico: Yeah, we'll see about that, Mr. Smartest Freaking Man in America.
Jason: ...especially that radio trivia guy Jason Block...who does that guy think he is anyway?
Jason: He can't beat me, he won't beat me. I am the Trivia God. And Ken, if you are reading this, this is all in FUN. :-)
Chico: Sounds like an idea for a Japanese show: God of Trivia. It would be anime, of course :-)
Gordon: Would you like some cheese and bread for the ham?
Jason: Whine actually. :-)
Gordon: Ok. Chico...You are...a WPT poker table.
Chico: I am a poker table. I'm a sexy, sexy, poker table.
Gordon: You are the sexiest. What sort of wood are you?
Chico: Oak. Nice and rich.
Gordon: Are people sick of watching you on all of the poker shows yet? Or is the populace still looking to see more of you in more shows?
Chico: I think that people like watching me whenever, wherever, but the novelty will wear thin, and quality will take over, the cream will rise to the top, and my cousin on Ultimate Poker Challenge? He'll be mulch.
Gordon: But you think you, on the World Poker tour, are safe?
Chico: As long as Shana does her job, which is, of course, look pretty. :-)
Jason: Sure.
Gordon: Of course.
Chico: One for you. Gordon, you are Don Priess, Shop Till You Drop announcer. Your network has just been ... well, let's not mince words here... Pax is (^_^) canned. Do you find work elsewhere and if so, where?
Gordon: There has to be somewhere that I can use my talents. Maybe I can journey with JD Roberto for Outback Jack 2. Maybe I can be the voice of the Radio on Gilligan's Island 2.
Jason: Race Tracks, etc.
Chico: Poker commenters!
Gordon: That's It! I can go on the Poker Shows and talk about products. If they go to the right Casino Shop, they can earn extra chips to their table play. We'll call it Casino Shop till you Drop! The public will love it!
Chico: (BZZZ!)
Gordon:  Next!
Chico: Okay, Jason... You are a geek.
Jason: Oh?
Gordon: I thought this was supposed to be Roleplay, not real life =)
Jason: Quiet, you :)
Chico: With all the non-hoopla over "Beauty & the Geek", which beauty would you rather be paired with?
Jason: Who are the beauties?
Chico: Hmm... We have any one of the Barker's Beauties, Pam Mueller, and Paula Abdul. Go.
Jason: Well, if you give that has to be Shane Stirling of TPIR. But I did see the chick from Lingo in Stuff magazine this month...when I was in my mom's basement...I think it's Stacey.
Chico: Yep, Stacey.
Jason: The blond with the big....
Chico: Stoppers!
Jason: She would be cute.
Gordon: Her stage name is Faddy Come Lately.
Jason: Faddy Come Lately...who would be a woman...a REAL LIVE WOMAN...her real soft skin...HELP ME! I can't stop! Snap me out of it! Please...
Gordon: I sort of want to see how this plays out and let Jason keep going so he can get in trouble with his real girlfriend.
Chico: I don't.
Jason: LOL
Gordon: awww.
Chico: Because I don't need MORE women troubles =p
Gordon: You're no fun. Anyway, Chico, you are...The American Idol band. Simon Cowell has called you out for giving certain singers better arrangements than others. In the great theme of accusations of rigging and fixing for the past few weeks, what do you have to say to defend yourself?
Chico: No fair playing favorites. I say get rid of all the judges and impart an impartial jury! Let's see... Randy's impartial, we can keep him. Clive Davis would be cool... Need a woman, though.
Gordon: Any ideas?
Chico: Deborah Gibson was good on AJ. We can bring her back. And hey, how about that Chico Alexander guy? He can fill the role of resident evil... Mmm.. Resident Evil.
Gordon: Travis Eberle?
Chico: Dude, he's on next week! We're talking about right now! =p Okay, One more, Gordon. You are ... Kalan Porter, pop singer and reigning Canadian Idol. Are you worried about this year's talent stealing your thunder? Or are you looking forward to the third-year curse?
Gordon: I'm only worried about one thing - Ryan Vickers from GSNN coming to audition. I'm not afraid of anyone else.
Chico: ROFL
Gordon: But I do have a beef though - why is it that no one knows about me in the US? If the Idol machine is that good, then why can't I come and perform in the land where the big bucks are? I am the Idol champion, darn it! You get dopey finalists that fade into obscurity to perform and yet you don't have a international champion up there? What's up with that? What would you prefer - A forgettable medley with Scott Savol or me? Huh?
Chico: I vote on Kalan.
Gordon: Then go to the websites and petition me to perform.
Chico: I can't... But there are some out there...You think someone will perform on this week's show? This is the final three show, after all.
Gordon: Depends on how long the recap show is - if it's an hour, then most assuredly.
Chico: Historically, it's been an hour. This week... Only half an hour on account of the sudden success of Pamela Anderson. Oh well.
Jason: More Anthony Fedorov!
Chico: Heh. Well, we know who Jason's favorite was.... Okay, good round of roleplay. You all deserve Oscars. And we deserve a break. Big Finish after this. The kids call it WLTI.

(Brought to you by the Phone-a-Friend Network. We have a friend for all of your needs, from answering tough trivia to figuring out bad poker hands)

Chico: Okay, we're back with only seconds to spare. It's time for the Big Finish! Who wins Survivor?
Jason: Tom.
Gordon: Tom wins in the first ever 7-0 shutout.
Chico: I agree, Tom wins. Who wins The Apprentice?
Gordon: I'll say Tana.
Jason: Who ran the video game tourney?
Chico: Kendra ran the video games. Fight Night Round 2. Good stuff.
Jason: She wins.
Chico: I'm sounding like the Donald, aren't I?
Jason: Great game too. I have it.
Chico: Me too.
Jason: Excellent stuff.
Gordon: American Idol - who loses?
Jason: Carrie in a major upset this week.
Chico: I think Carrie's minutes are rather limited. I hope Carrie's minutes are rather limited. Please Carrie go away now.
Jason: She KNOWS she is in trouble now. The pressure will get to her.
Chico: And then... total brain freeze... and body freeze... again.
Gordon: I think she has too much of a fan base, sorry.
Chico: She will crack.. And now that Vonzell's fans know that she's in trouble, they're going to crack the phone lines.
Gordon: We'll see about it. JUST to be different - Vonzell leaves.
Chico: And speaking of seeing, something we all like to see around here...
Jason: MAIL?
Chico: MAIL!
Jason: WOO HOO!
Gordon: MAILAGE!
Gordon: Here's the first one from 'Sometimes I hate GSN'.
Chico: Well, that could be anyone!
Gordon: Hush.

So I'm watching GSN last week and they promote the "Games Across America" programming block along with the 70s show that go along with it on Saturday nights.

They promoted "Hollywood Squares" for the upcoming Saturday night (May 7) and the promo featured (rejoice!) footage from the Peter Marshall shows with shots of the logo, Paul Lynde and Marshall himself. I set my DVR with hopes of recording these episodes and putting them away for occasional future viewing. What do they actually show on Saturday night? Six episodes from the Tom Bergeron run.

Don't get me wrong, the Bergeron run was a decent series (it did a lot to preserve the game play of the Heatter-Quigley years) but, honestly, GSN guys, there's nothing special about it when you already run the 1998-2004 series about 50 times during the week. But on a more compelling note, how could you seem to promise episodes of the 70s run and then kick me in the stomach with the Bergeron episodes? Maybe GSN doesn't have the rights to the old "Squares" episodes anymore, but, please, guys, don't promise me one show and then deliver a very different version.

That Saturday night I was royally bummed. Circle most definitely does not get the square!
Jason: I would be too.
Jason: Bad move, GSN.
Gordon: Thanks for the e-mail. I have to agree on the False Advertising promo
Chico: I have to agree, but you know, I liked both versions. Not the issue, I know, but still.. No good, GSN.
Gordon: OK - next letter.
Chico: Alright, last mail comes from a lady that likes to call herself Ayn Van Syke. Thanks for writing Ayn! She says...

Hey, guys! This is such a good site. I am impressed. BTW, this is the only season of Nashville Star that I watched and I really enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, even more so than American Idol.
Chico: Well, I have a question... I can understand why, but... why?!
Gordon: Actually, for me, I thought the talent was comparable.
Chico: I mean, on one hand, you have an obvious fix. On the other hand, you have singers that are quick to be forgetful (save for a few, and we know why).
Jason: The talent pool was much better on NS than AI.
Chico: Well, play it out here. You watched it. I'm going on "the big picture" here.
Gordon: I think what separated the show for me was the behind the scenes stuff. There was too much emphasis on Star over the things that weren't related to singing, while Idol focused on why we watch the show to begin with. For me, the more entertaining show this season was Idol
Chico: We watched for the singing. And to get to know each person as a person, rather than as a group. Like "there's naked, and then there's naked. How's THIS for naked?"
Jason: Both shows were very good this year.
Gordon: I don't need naked that way. Anything else?
Chico: Only to plaster our address with another plea for mail!
Gordon: And the address is...?
Chico: CBS!... No, that's wrong...
Chico: Yeah, that's it.
Jason: Send us mail, we love it. We will back next week to discuss the finale of Survivor...The final 2 of AI. And who will be going against Ken Jen.
Chico: It's gonna be good stuff.
Gordon: Sounds good to me. For Chico and Jason and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, this is Gordon Pepper, wishing you a seasonal Game Over.
Chico: Spread the love, y'all!

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