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Episode 25.15/16 - 2010 Year in Review Double Episode
December 20/27

Jason: Explosive Taste.
Chico: And no chopped nuts. I know you're allergic.
Jason: Thanks.
Gordon: We don't want Jason to get sick.
Chico: No. We don't. Welcome back, this is the We Love To Interrupt Annual Year in Review Spectacular. If you missed the first half, you missed a round of GSN fail, a few rats, and a cute guy with a a guitar getting thrown off of a building.
Gordon: He's still falling.


Chico: He's not falling any more.
Gordon: (Looks down)...no, he's not.


Gordon: So we move on to July, with the heart of GSNN's World Cup Game Show Tournament and Season 3 of Silent Library.
Gordon: And we get the New York Giants, who show us they can choke just as well on a game show as they can on a playing field.
Jason: You ain't kidding.
Chico: Yeah, you saw that didn't you?
Gordon: Sure did. I don't even have to watch week 17. Here Chico (Gives Chico Giants Jersey). Put that with the Carolina Panther gear. I'm sure that's been in storage for a while.
Chico: Yep. Luckily, I came prepared... (Puts Jersey in box labeled 'Do Not Open Until August'.)
Jason: Aw.
Chico: But the story of the month: Rich Fields, as he is unceremoniously canned from TPIR. Only to find his foot back in the booth at Wheel of Fortune... albeit temporarily, but still, it could parlay into something. The precipitating event later in the broadcast, but still... A class act, that Rich Fields.
Gordon: Very true. Something less classy; Big Brother, which showed up in July.
Chico: This year... there was.... a mole.

*Cooper pops out*

Jason: Which lasted all of...one week

*Cooper pops under the hole*

Chico: Lamest. Twist. Ever.
Jason: But it had the game show quote of the year by Britney!
Chico: But tell me what the quote was.
Jason: "I lost my dignity on a slippery wiener!"
Jason: She said it!
Gordon: We had all sorts of slippery wieners in the form of Come Dine With Me, Ocho Cinco: The Ultimate Catch, Pros Vs. Joes, and Joey Chestnut winning a hot dog eating contest****

*** NO Kobayashi, who would have spanked him like a Sorority Pledge Girl.

Chico: Gordon's still miffed that Kobi didn't get a shot at it.
Gordon: Sure am. Deal with it.
Chico: While we're on food, Gordon Ramsay launched a new show... MasterChef. It was one part Chopped, one part Hell's Kitchen and one part Next Food Network Star.
Gordon: THAT would be the hit of the Summer...sort of.
Chico: A hit all over the world, and by that we mean Australia... it arrived in America, and we'd eat it up and ask for more. And here's the tricky bit; while you're watching people be creative with food, or cheering on the constantly-put-upon judges, Gordon, you're also learning about food, and cooking, and haute cuisine. Sneaky, isn't it?
Gordon: Very. Speaking of that, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle shows up in July - and a Haterade makes a cameo appearance.
Chico: As a well-dressed moppet.
Jason: Very well dressed.
Chico: If I had to pick a best new host of the year, it would be Scott Conant. I mean, he knows his stuff, he has the delivery. He respects the competition...Him or Colby Donaldson. But probably Scott over Colby. After cooking, more dancing. Your Chance to Dance on CMT.
Gordon: ...blech.
Chico: Pretty much. It was about "having fun" and "paying tribute to the great dance scenes of pop culture."
Gordon: That would make me Scream - like Scream Queens which debuted in...


Chico: You want to scream in August? Two words... Bachelor Pad.
Gordon: Eek. Here's more: We have the return of Shaq and the departure of Carnie Wilson from GSN, who sues GSN for $277,500 on her way out the door.
Chico: Yeah. It didn't take long for them to find a suitable replacement.
Gordon: We'll talk about the replacement later.
Chico: Yep.
Jason: Of course :)
Chico: Another August stinker... Money Hungry.
Jason: One of the two morally repugnant shows this year
Chico: VH1's salvo into the battle of the bulge... 10 teams front $10,000. Winners take all. Surprisingly, we had a problem with this.
Gordon: What about Dating in the Dark?
Chico: I said my piece when that launched last year.
Gordon: But we did have good shows. A new season of Chopped, Ultimate Gamer, She's Got the Look, The Great Food Truck Race and the Hair Battle Spectacular.
Chico: And a whole lot of summer shows bow out. Some with honor. That brings us to this question... What do a watermelon, a computer geek, and Steve Harvey have in common?
Jason: I have no idea.
Gordon: They have no hair.
Chico: Wrong computer geek, G.
Gordon: Oh. Sorry.
Chico: They would al l make big hits in...


Chico: Steve Harvey on the Feud, already the most viral game show out there, now making it his and drawing the audience numbers in to assure that it goes on as long as he's able to. Computer Geek - Thinking Roger Craig, who christens Jeopardy!'s 27th season in championship style by rocking out the largest one-day total EVER.
Jason: BOO YAH!
Chico: That would be $77,000. And the watermelon came on what many consider to be THE moment of the latest Amazing Race... when Claire Champlin gets hit square in the face with one.
Jason: THUD!
Gordon: Squishy, but they rebound and come in second on the show.. We also have some nice debuts from Top Model, Wheel of Fortune, Survivor, Top Chef, Ultimate Fighter, and TPIR.
Chico: And you know what was on TPIR? The folks at CBS gave us 100,000 reasons to watch.
Gordon: We Pay The Rent for a potential $100,000.
Chico: A simple game if you know the trick.
Gordon: Yep
Chico: But people have been playing it to $10,000 and no more.
Gordon: Also not a bad move. 10 grand in the hand is not a bad thing. We also had The Biggest Loser, Hell's Kitchen - and a new format for Millionaire.
Jason: BARF!
Chico: The money ladder? Mixed up. The category board? mixed up. The game? Divided in two. The lifelines? NEW, in the form of Jump the Question. It didn't really hurt the show, but it didn't really do anything for it either. Of course diehards had a few words, only a few of which were actually suited for print.
Jason: I said my piece.
Chico: WE KNOW.
Jason: I didn't say I was going to say it again
Chico: I'm just saying, "You said your piece. You said the whole thing, dude."
Jason: But certain people are still promoting the show. You know who you are. I won't. I can't
Gordon: 2 more shows that got tinkered with - Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader and Don't Forget the Lyrics, both of which look to be D.O.A. on the schedule.
Chico: Yeah, DFTL was a little short. Needed more game. As it is, it's no wonder it's moved off to 2am. I am not joking. And 5th Grader, while better timed this season than last, didn't do any favors.
Jason: Can we have more players instead of celebs?
Chico: But Jason! That would be entertaining! How about some more game and less of the extraneous stuff?
Jason: You think?
Gordon: Which is why both shows will probably not be featured in the 2011 review. But we also have Dancing With the Stars, and...hey who predicted that Jennifer Grey would win the series?
Chico: I believe that would be... Gordon?
Jason: Again :)
Gordon: Hey It IS me. How about that.
Chico: So yeah, Gordon's studly. Again.


Gordon: October is also a studly month. But we had the departure of Kathy Greco from The Price is Right.
Chico: She called it "retirement".
Jason: It could have been called "pushing"
Gordon: True, and with that, we also have FOX knocking out their programming in NYC.
Chico: And ABC as well. Don't forget them. Plus... a NEW network for kids and their families give us two new favorites...Pictureka! and Family Game Night.
Gordon: Good entries from Hasbro and The hub.
Jason: Combine that with more stuff from Nickelodeon and Kids shows are on the way back.
Gordon: Here's some more good entries: The Next Iron Chef, The Arrangement, The Challenge: Cut Throat and Destroy, Build, Destroy. Other entries, like Hole in the Wall and Dance Cam Slam, we'd like to send to the waiter to return back to the kitchen.
Chico: It's exactly what you think it is.
Gordon: Now we get our turkey stuffed in...


Gordon: With all-stars, all-stars, all-stars.
Chico: A lot of stars. But we start November by saying goodbye to a true legend... Mr. Charlie O'Donnell. Truly a class act in his voicing of the Wheel of Fortune.
Jason: And in this day of instant info, we got a lot of reactions through Pat Sajak's Twitter.
Chico: Needless to say, he was at a loss for words.
Gordon: True.
Chico: But we did have some laughs in the month. I know one star who now hosts the Newlywed Game... and yes, I do approve of Sherri Shepherd.
Jason: She's good. She's very good.
Chico: She has the sass and the quick wit... now if only she can declench.
Gordon: We have lots of stars - Skating with the Stars, Jeopardy College Championship, Celebrity Week on 5th Grader
Chico: I got another star... Carrie Ann Inaba hosting 1 vs 100 on a webcam wall. Aside from that whole dealie with the webcam wall, it's not a bad show.
Gordon: We had the expulsion of our first Apprentice Contestant due to cheating via texting. Anand gets booted and we have Idol contestants on Don't Forget the Lyrics (not like that does much)
Chico: Well, they make Mark look BETTER. =p
Gordon: More November craziness as Caitlin Burke solves a Wheel of Fortune Puzzle with only 1 letter showing.
Chico: Said letter. an L.
Jason: Caitlin Burke rules.
Chico: Which goes to prove that yes, you can hack Wheel of Fortune too.
Gordon: And then there's the phenomenon known as...Bristol Palin.
Chico: The woman that had all of Dancing with the Stars up in ... arms? Wha? Turns out that her imagined popularity was just that... imagined. Couldn't get her the W when it counted. That went to Jennifer Grey, which Gordon called. Just wanted to point that out. On the other end of the dial came not one... but TWO quitters on Survivor in the same round. NaOnka quit because she was just sick of it. Purple Kelly was tired of the rain. I still say NaOnka's quit was the weaker of the two because... well, she just said. "I'm done. F this. F you... I'm done."
Gordon: And the quitting by NaOnka let Fabio waltz is with the unlikable Chase and Sash to win Survivor.
Chico: Yay for that. I guess. That happened in...


Chico: Also in December, a show that I deem THE WORST REALITY SHOW EVER. And yes, I did count Married By America.
Gordon: And no it's not The Bachelor.
Jason: Not even close
Chico: Although... it just might be. It was Bridalplasty on E!. Brides to be racing and challenging to win plastic surgery.
Jason: Insane.
Chico: All I could say was... Seriously, E!... F you.
Gordon: There were much better viewing choices - like The Sing-Off (Congratulations to Committed), Minute To Win it, Cupcake Wars, American Ninja Warrior and Top Chef All-Stars
Chico: I agree with all of that. And that brings us to... *checks watch*... wait a minute... wait a minute.... NOW. You've just spent 22 minutes going over 365 days.
Gordon: Did you have fun?
Jason: I did :)
Chico: I did.
Gordon: Cool, because we have a whole show for you also!
Jason: Awesome!
Chico: Dude! That's just too much awesome! I think we need a break first!
Gordon: Sounds good. we break - and then we do a show...next!
Chico: This is the We Love to Interrupt 2010 Year in Review... You give us 22 minutes... we'll give you 2010.

In Loving Memory...

actress/panelist, "Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour"

actor/panelist, "Match Game" & "Hollywood Squares"

scorekeeper, "The CBS Television Quiz"

producer, "
Caesars Challenge"

actor/contestant, "Who Wants to Be Governor of California? The Debating Gamel"

host, "The Weakest Link South Africa"

producer, "True Beauty"

announcer, "Generation Gap"

CBS announcer

judge, "Last Comic Standing"

host, "
GSN Live"

host, "Art Linkletter's House Party"

contestant, "Survivor Palau"

singer, "Hollywood Squares"

creator, "Triple Threat" & "Star Search"

composer/guest for Goodson-Todman

actor/contestant, "Game Show Marathon"

announcer, "Wheel of Fortune"

actress/panelist, "Pyramid"

staffer, "Let's Make a Deal"

"Frank Sidebottom",
"Remote Control UK"

actor, "Acting Crazy"

producer, "Match Game"

"Wheel of Fortune Australia"

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