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Episode 34.9: The Double Up
November 11

Chico: Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of our fortnight and allowing our fortnight to be a part of yours.
Gordon: And with that, I see hamsters, and cheese and...Turkey? No, we're a little too early for..yah! It's alive! (Turkey runs out of room)...someone has figured out we're vegan here.
Chico: Or I smell an evil cat hiding in that turkey.

(snickering comes from other room)

Gordon: Silly Eve. Roll that Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: Thank you Doug Morris. Now the first item... I need a bag with a tag and a bat to match. It's a biggie.
Gordon: (Wheels in items)

GSN has picked up another old favorite... And much more of a fit to Pat Finn's talents... Shop 'til You Drop drops December 2

Gordon: I like the idea. It's a cheap pickup, and you have to be wondering, as it's cheap to produce, is this the next thing GSN is thinking of making new episodes for?
Chico: Maybe. It isn't that bad of a show. It got better over time. Then JD Roberto came and ruined everything.
Gordon: For me, it was always in the 'I'll watch it if there's nothing else on' category, but it wasn't a bad show.
Chico: I believe we get the part of the run where Dee Bradley baker is the announcer. Of course he's now on American Dad! Another big GSN pickup....The syndicated Saaaaaaale of the Century! GSN is banking on variations of a theme here
Gordon: Another easy show to recreate. PLEASE no Temptation.
Chico: How about the Super Deal? Can we recreate that daddy?
Gordon: We can in the datebook.
Chico: And get me a dream car while you're at it.

It's November, so it's time to award $50,000 again in real cash money if you win the Big Deal. And it's Dream Car week on The Price is Right. Gee, I wonder if it's November sweeps time.

Chico: Possibly. I also know if you're a fan of Millionaire... And a fan of Nashville... And you like big moments... You don't want to miss Wednesday's show. We won't say what happened, but a former Whoser is involved.
Gordon: November is coming, and I need more heat in my apartment. I also need to get more fully loaded.
Chico: Hic

Okay if you are a fan of the Voice, there's a new way to save your favorite. You can do so via the Twitter Voice Save. Here is how it works. When the bottom 3 is revealed, you'll have five minutes to tweet the name of the artist you wish to save and the hashtag, #VoiceSave.

Chico: Thoughts, G?
Gordon: It's a money grab because the bottom 3 have as much chance of winning this as chyron operators have of getting voting numbers right on shows.
Chico: Be kind, man
Gordon: Kind? I thought that was a fruit and nut bar.
Chico: I'll tell you one thing. It does cancel out chaos theory and makes the show that less fun to watch. But it does show that they care about who wins. Not so much about how they do afterwards, but who wins. As for Kind, you're a nut. And speaking of nuts...
Gordon: (Wheels in Whiteboard)

Are YOU Smarter than...those same pesky chyron people that contnue to muck up shows because they can't get their numbers straight. This time it's the X Factor, who couldnt possibly need another reason for their show to go down the drain like Roto Rooter.

Chico: We'll get to THAT later
Gordon: 2.3 million people for their first Top 12 show. not good. Now for Haterade.

A man goes into a bank and robs it. He uses the ID of...wait for it...Nick Cannon. Nick is in a different country at the time, so it wasn't him. but ouch.

Chico: Why you wanna do that for?
Gordon: It wasn't me. I wouldn't use Nick Cannon's ID. I'd use yours.
Chico: Now HOLD ON A MINUTE! Why you wanna do THAT for?!
Gordon: Cause then I can go on a vacation with all the money. Where would I be going?
Chico: England.
Gordon: Good show!

A by product of X Factor tanking (again, we'll get to that) is that Simon Cowell may be freed up to return to Britain's Got Talent, which is not faring too darn well without him. It's still doing good, but not spectacular.

Gordon: Simon will certainly help out that show.
Chico: Yep Can't hurt.
Gordon: Neither can more media hoes. (Plays Luda)

In this week's Media Ho Report, jeff Probst hangs out with 2 and a half men, Aisha Tyler does HBO, Mariah Carey throws Nicki Minaj very far under the bus...Tim Gunn does a Runway companion show, Watson does the Cloud, and Wanda Sykes will once again bring back Last Comic Standing, the show that refuses to die.

Chico: The Lazarus show
Gordon: It is. but none of them are the hoes of the week.
Chico: What have you sir?
Gordon: Your hoes are Bob Barker and Drew Carey, who will be reuniting - again - for a Price is Right week of shows. Think Monty Hall.
Chico: That would be December 12
Gordon: Sounds about right.
Chico: Guess whose 90th birthday that will be.
Gordon: It could be Trader Bob's
Chico: Could be.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes. And that's Brainvision. Shut it down.
Chico: Done and done. Okay, still to come... What are the chances that a talent show will die and stay dead? That and more as we Play the Percentages. See you after the break on WLTI.

(Brought to you by Twitterversity Challenge. A college bowl game for those who like to speak 140 characters at a time... And use hashtags and initials like SMH and FML)

Chico: Okay... There's trivia, and then there's just trivial. If you are on Twitter all day and you are not paid to do so... Something wrong withcha.
Gordon: I would play the percentages that you are an electronics geek.
Chico: You know this, man
Gordon: I do. I have a feeling we have other percentages
Chico: We do. First up...

400,000-plus for the first two editions of season 2 of The Chase. What percentage would you give season 3?

Gordon: 75%. Not everything is based on ratings. I hear the app is doing very well online too.
Chico: I'll go with 85%. Good show, great production values, killer buzz. GSN would be rather foolish not to pounce on this.
Gordon: Next one...

The chances that we'll see someone who has played Survivor before make it to the Final 3 this season/

Chico: 98.6 percent. There are some non champs who are playing like champs. If Tyson doesn't make final 3, I'll be surprised.
Gordon: Tyson and Gervase are both playing this game much better than they used to, yet it wouldn't surprise me if you had a coup. That being said, 90%
Chico: Next one...

Next week is Dream Car week and Supwr Deal Week on CBS. Part 1: what is the percentage someone wins a Dream car, and part 2: what is the percent someone wins the Super Deal?

Gordon: Part 1 75%. There will be at least one game where the producers will go 'Take the damn car', and someone will. Part 2. 16%. This is a HUGE combination of luck and guts, so this isn't a gimme.
Chico: I will go 80 percent on part 1. It's basically going to be "hard but not impossible." Part 2... 10 percent. A lot of things have to happen before you can even think about the super deal.
Gordon: Next one...

Ruben Studdard was just put back into the game on The Biggest Loser. How nice. What's the chances he makes it to the end?

Chico: 5 percent. He's going to have to work, and if you ask me, we've pretty much gotten all the star power we can out of him.
Gordon: 6.9 percent. He's not losing it fast enough and with multi-contestant eliminations looming, he's going to be cut quicker than his last record contract.
Chico: I see what you did there. Next...

It's the question we've been teasing all episode. The X Factor... Do we see season 4?

Gordon: No we don't. This is way too expensive to produce to get those ratings numbers. i can't go into negatives, but another 6.9%.
Chico: I'll do you one better. 0.69% See what I did, G? You see that?
Gordon: I was THIS close to doing that, but I didn't because I think FOX needs Cowell, and that could cause a renewal. Last one...

Juan Pablo Galavis (sp) is your new Bachelor. What's the % that we will get a wonderful marriage from this betrothed man.

Chico: Here's the thing. I'm thinking in this case he's not just looking for a wife, he's looking for a mother. On the other hand, the typical Bachelor contesti is NOT of the matronly mold. 0.69%
Gordon: Yeah. this isn't looking too good. 0.23%
Chico: A third of an O-69. There's a sentence that doesn't come up often enough.
Gordon: Exactly.
Chico: Okay, questions and answers at the speed of light. What's the percentage of that happening after the break?
Gordon: 100%.

(Brought to you by Obamatank. Forget sharks. We dare you to be able to find a health plan that 5 businessmen will accept. )

Chico: We're gonna get letters. And maybe an NSA probe. Who knows?
Gordon: He did it (points)
Chico: (Points back, shakes head) But I will do a Speed Round. And it starts.... Wait for it... Wait a little more...A little moRIGHT NOW!
Gordon: Survivor: Does the pagonging continue?
Chico: If they're smart it does. I think Ciera has to sell mama down the river. Dream Car week. Do we see a big winner?
Gordon: Yes we do. What about LMAD?
Chico: One person takes a shot at it, nobody wins it. Teacher's Tournament. Who wins it?
Gordon: The MAWG.
Chico: I'm going to go dark horse. The not-MAWG
Gordon: Millionaire celebritty week - does anyone go all the way?
Chico: Hmmm... That's a good question...I myself don't know. what I DO know is that there wouldn't be a presser released if someone DIDN'T.... ABC
Gordon: Dun dun dunnnnnnn. Any emails?
Chico: Let me check my wonder bag...From Stephen Buus on our FB wall...


Stephen Buus
Did Anne Baxter just get the reverse Thomas Hurley treatment on Teachers J!?

Chico: I think he's referring to the moment in the quarter finals where she misspelled her response but it was deemed correct as it did not affect the pronunciation of ... I think it was "Diana Nyad".
Gordon: I think Jeopardy has been fairly consistent throughout the years on this.
Chico: Yep. And this didn't change this week. Thanks for the post. And hey, if you want to be cool like Stephen, like us on Facebook! Or follow us on Twitter @wltiongsnn. Or just mail us at And with that we're going to take our ball and go home. Next week, The Chase, The Voice, the Race, Survivor, Jeopardy, Millionaire... And that's just the first act!
Gordon: And we bring the cars and cash. For Chico, this is Gordon, saying Game Over and Spread the Love.