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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

August 13, 2007

Rob: ARGH!
Jason: NO!
Don: They'll make you wait minutes at a time.
Rob: Yes, they'll take up 110 minutes of a 120 minute show.
Gordon: Would you prefer Jessica York staring at you for 110 minutes of 120 minutes of a show?
Chico: That and they'll bring up a 3 minute clock to pull a name... but they wouldn't have a name ready for at least five minutes.
Jason: Hell no! Quiznation is so bad now.
Gordon: BTW Ed, have you seen the abomination of a show called Quiznation on GSN?
Ed: Is that the overnight show where people waste money on text messages or phone calls, thinking they're going to win cash on obvious questions?
Chico: That'd be the one, yes.
Ed: I first saw something like that on Australian TV last year, before I got GSN.
Jason: But we have the internet component...increasing the pool...and saving GSN from the British scandals.
Ed: But it's basically pay to play, right?
Rob: For the texts, yes.
Chico: But now that the British company that finances the US show is bottoming out, we see a ripple effect. And the end result... Jessica York stares at me at 110 minutes. Any other woman in any other place, I'd love to have stare at me for 110 minutes in the middle of the night...
Ed: I'll alert David Letterman's stalker.
Gordon: We're in the process of a weekend experiment where we are watching 2 nights of Quiznation just to talk about how low the show has fallen.
Don: Was last night the first?
Chico: Last night was the first. I'll think of something to do during that time.
Gordon: And tonight is the second. You are all invited for more torture.
Jason: Thanks.
Ed: Was it ever high enough to fall? The format seems inherently lame.
Jason: At the beginning it was. But now, its in deep doo-doo.
Chico: Well, it's like radio... only it's on TV. And it actually worked once they got the pacing straight off.
Don: It's gotten ssslllllllloooooowwwwwww.
Rob: Slower than 5th grader.
Chico: Seems like once Mel left, it was all downhill from there. But yeah, we're going to have to find something to occupy our minds for those two hours, so let's go shopping with... Are You Buying What they're Selling?
Gordon: Here's how the game works. We'll give you a product. You tell us if you'd buy it. Discussion ensues. There are no winners or losers. Just friendly banter.
Chico: Start it off, Mr. Pepper.
Gordon: We start with...

'Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food' by Gordon Ramsay. We know how he likes to yell at other chefs. Would you cook his recipes?

Chico: He's a great chef, so why the heck not. I'd buy it if he was offering.
Jason: Yes, I would. He does have the skills. He just doesn't have people skills :-)
Rob: I'd buy that. He knows how to cook, he knows how to manage, he knows how to promote. For evidence on them all, watch Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.
Chico: This fall on Fox =p
Don: Sure, I'd buy it.
Chico: I've got Ted Allen's book.
Jason: I actually have Jamie Oliver's books. He makes some good stuff.
Rob: He's the Naked Chef right?
Chico: Jamie Oliver = Naked Chef.
Gordon: He definitely knows how to promote. I do have a Rachael Ray cookbook. I may as well add Gordon Ramsay to my collection.
Rob: Ted Allen is the only member of the Fab Five with any worth.
Jason: Yes. I also like Nigella Lawson, and the Two Fat Ladies.
Ed: I'll stick with a microwaved Big Bite from 7-11.
Gordon: Mmmm. Big Bite
Chico: So "Fast Food" by Gordon Ramsay... BUY.
Jason: Yes. You can tell I am a Food Network junkie.
Chico: Iron Chef tomorrow. You will watch. =p
Ed: Is there a Junk Food Network?
Jason:'s called E.
Chico: *rimshot(
Don: Lol
Gordon: Next item up for bids, Rich?
Chico: Next up...

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader has spun off a computer version for the PC, a console version for the Nintendo DS, and a home game version.

Jason: Nope, nope, Nope.
Rob: I'm gonna sell this. It's my least favorite show on right now. Jeff Foxworthy is annoying. And my DS doesn't need to be corrupted with that pile of garbage.
Chico: I can see where board game aficionados could pick this up.
Gordon: If I have a kid, why not? Its educational and my kid would learn. I'll buy it.
Chico: And if I have a 5th grader with a DS... why not? I mean, it's educational, right? That and he would more than likely already have Family Feud for the GBA, and that was worth a tattoo removal.
Don: Yeah, it wouldn't be for me, but I bet the kids would like it.
Ed: I feel uncomfortable talking about 5th graders in a chat room. I think Chris Hansen might be watching. So I vote no on this one.
Gordon: Ouch.
Don: Lol
Gordon: Chris Hansen is the guy behind the 'To Catch a Predator' series AND who's now in hot water over it.
Jason: Chris's called entrapment...even though the people are scummy vermin who should be scraped off the bottom of my shoe.
Chico: Is Chris Hansen here?  .... no? Nothing? Okay. Three sells, two buys, one "not for me, but the kids would like it". So a qualified SPLIT. Next item on the block Gordon?
Gordon: If you don't want to give your kids a game, what about taking them to Idol Camp?

You can take your kids to a week of music classes by American Idol stars. Only $2,900.

Jason: I actually like this. It's supports the arts. I buy this.
Rob: It's interesting, yes. But the price point is too high. So, I'll have to sell this.
Chico: If I had the money, then sure, why not.
Gordon: If my kid is serious and he actually has musical talent, then this is essential. I think it is pricey, but the social experience he/she will have will be priceless. I will buy it and grimace while writing out the check.
Chico: I'd love to take my kids to learn the arts of performance while supporting the already money-hungry music industry =p
Jason: The industry that's in deep deep trouble, Chico.
Don: It's quite expensive, but the idea is a good one. If I could afford to send my kids there, I would.
Gordon: I remember going to Governor's School and I still use the stuff that I learned there when I was in high school.
Chico: You were a govie, Gordon?
Gordon: Yes sir. Governor's School of the Arts.
Chico: I was a govie...
Gordon: Which one?
Chico: Of course, it was Governor's School West of North Carolina, and no surprise, I was a math student =p
Ed: The camp sounds primarily designed to fleece the kids' parents. So I vote no.
Gordon: I do agree that the price tag is high.
Ed: I think they can get a lot better training for that kind of money.
Rob: So, can we get a split because of the price point?
Gordon: I would only send my kid if I had the money to lay out. If I didn't, then I wouldn't send my kid there. But if I had the cash, it would be a great experience.
Ed: Just because someone was an also ran on Idol, doesn't mean they're qualified to teach. Keep in mind, if the rest of America had consumer habits like mine, the whole economy would quickly grind to a halt.
Gordon: I wouldn't send him because of the teachers. I would send my kid there to socially interact with the other kids and to find other that are like him and are musically talented - or at least hoping I would find that.
Chico: Then you'd send him to the local school of the arts... and hope you have the money for tuition.
Gordon: Yep.
Chico: Okay, next up...

Constantine Maroulis has a CD out after being on the Idol stage, in the Idol audience, and on the Bold and the Beautiful...

Jason: Yeah, I would buy it.
Chico: You want to talk Idol also rans? I'll paraphrase Nicholson here. "Just what the world needs. Another pop star." Sell it, please.
Rob: Reality show, Soap Opera, and he was on the Soup. But, I can't stand him. I'd rather buy Amanda Palmer's new Solo Album coming out soon. Sell.
Gordon: If I wanted someone to smolder me, it would not be Constantine Maroulis. Sell.
Don: I think I have enough music already, so I'd pass.
Ed: Nothing against the guy, but I'd have no interest in buying his music unless I've already heard it and know that it's good.
Chico: Agreed. That's basically what I base my music interests in. "Have I heard your stuff before?" "Did I like it?" "Would I spend $10 on it?" The answer re: Constantine is Yes, kinda, and no.
Ed: The only ex-Idol hopeful I'm remotely interested in is Kimberly Caldwell, since I've heard her say my name on the TV Guide channel.
Jason: LOL
Rob: Doesn't get much greater than that. You mention me, I'll buy your CD.
Ed: I don't even know if Kimberly Caldwell has a CD, but if she does, I might buy it.
Gordon: There you go. Next one....

Mega Buzz! The Huge Game Show CD hit in Australia comes to the US. It's an 8 person buzz-in game, which sounds very familiar to some sort of Smarty Pants competition we've somewhat heard about. Check it out here -

Rob: Eh, why not. Maybe it'll give me a chance to win the thing next year. I'll buy it.
Jason: Oh hell yes, this is mine. Buying it.
Ed: I'll have to check that out. Put me down for a yes on this one.
Chico: Buy.
Gordon: We may have to show this to Paul Paquet next year. Im buying.
Don: I'd buy, if I had a PS2.
Rob: I think that's a sweep.
Chico: I think so. Does it come with buzzers?
Gordon: I don't know
Chico: Nuts.
Gordon: No, It doesn't come with nuts.
Don: lol
Gordon: Last item?
Chico: Last item...

Deal or No Deal has been on every play-at-home medium possible... except the Nintendo DS.... That changes later this year with the release of Deal or No Deal DS.

Rob: No thank you. Sell.
Chico: The free online version is fine enough, thanks. Sell.
Gordon: I prefer the one you can play on NBC's Web Site. You know, the one that costs no money. Sell.
Jason: No Deal.
Ed: WGAS! It's a boring game on TV, so why would I want the home version? Sell.
Don: Seems interesting, but I read a review saying that it had ugly graphics, and the amounts aren't randomized properly. Sell.
Ed: Does it come with the models?
Gordon: If you bought 26 inflatable ones and pumped them up, sure.
Chico: ON THAT NOTE.... I think we maxed out our card here. We're going to need a commercial to pay it off.
Gordon: We'll wrap this one up and come back with the BIG FINISH - Next!
Ed: Holy cow, it's almost time for Grand Slam. Hurry!
Chico: DUDE!

(Brought to you by The Drew Carey Armor Set. Protects against Big Spinning Wheels, Plinko boards and rotating turntables.)

Jason: careful out there :-)
Chico: Wait. What happened again? Short version?
Rob: Drew had his arm caught in the Turntable.
Chico: Ow.
Don: Ouch.
Chico: Price is Right is a tough job.
Gordon: Big Finish Time - Will Drew get to the tapings withouth needing a stretcher?
Jason: Yes he will :-)
Rob: He won't need the stretcher.
Chico: He'll be fine.
Gordon: Will the Power of 10 Ratings be good enough so that the CBS Executives won't be taken out of their offices on a stretcher?
Jason: The showcase hoedown :-) I think so.
Chico: They'll be fine.
Rob: Yeah, the show's fine. Nothing to worry about.
Don: It should do alright.
Chico: A lot of people say "Hey, Power of 10 lost in the 18-49s". To them I say... Bunk. It won in total households, and 50+ people have money, too. So Nyah.
Jason: Nyah indeed
Ed: Drew will carry the show and the show will carry Drew.
Gordon: Hells' Kitchen 3 - Rock Vs. Bonnie - Who wins?
Jason: I say Bonnie.
Chico: Rock'll take this one.
Rob: Rock will win, If you smell what the rock is cooking.
Don: I'm thinking Rock. But they said it'll be close.
Ed: No paper or scissors?
Gordon: No Paper or Scissors - just Rock.
Rob: Paper's on Top Design and Scissors is on Shear Genius.
Chico: Both of which are not on right now.
Gordon: Do we have any mail?
Chico: We've got time for one mail...It's from Myke Perrey from Indianapolis, IN.

From: Myke Perrey

Jason, I absolutely agree with you about Drew AND Todd. I was a Newton guy, but I can t say they made a bad decision putting Drew on TPIR. Look at all the press it s getting press it likely wouldn't get if Todd was named as host. I wouldn't be surprised if they repeat the premiere show in prime time. agree that Todd should have hosted Gameshow Marathon, but I don t think Ricki Lake sunk it by herself. What made GSM hard to watch were the celebrity contestants. It was cool to see them recreate the old sets and music and all but the players were awful! Would someone please explain to me why network executives believe we want to watch rich folks win MORE money even if it s for charity?! They had to dumb down all of the games to insure the stars won them. I would have MUCH rather watched civilians playing seven classic games than a bunch of D-Listers (sorry Leslie Nielson.). I love Kathy Najimy and Paige Davis, but on GSM, they kinda made me want to go all Elvis on my TV. Actually, Paige wouldn't have done a bad job hosting GSM, either.) I hope Todd hangs in there and Fremantle gives him a shot on another show on a network in prime time don t see Drew going 35 years. Todd may get another shot at TPIR.

Jason: Thanks, Myke.
Gordon: Thanks for the email Myke, but I have to disagree here.
Chico: After seeing Drew Carey on Power of 10, I don't doubt that CBS didn't make the right choice.
Rob: CBS made a wise choice.
Gordon: I think that there were a number of reasons why Game Show Marathon failed, but I dont think that the network execs need to be at fault here. As mnuch as I like Todd, Drew is the better choice.
Rob: Drew is the much better choice, he's well known, plus he's actually quite good at hosting. Todd, to me at least, is not. When he's not asking questions, he's bad.
Chico: The rare two-for.
Gordon: Let's wrap this up before we're all paralyzed by Grand Slam. A special thanks to Ed Toutant for joining us this evening.
Ed: I wouldn't trade this experience for a million dollars, but you couldn't pay me a million to do it again. Hey, I'm kidding! Make me an offer!
Jason: Thanks Ed.
Rob: That's Ed.
Gordon: And thanks to our panel of Jason Block, Robert Seidelman, Don Harpwood and Joe Mello
Chico: You want to e-mail us, OR Phyllis Harris, if you're reading... good luck tonight. We'll see you next week. You the audience that is... For Gordon Pepper and everyone at GSNN, I'm Chico Alexander. Until next week.. You know how we do.. Game over and what?


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