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Eighteen players venture to Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars - ON THE SAME BEACH. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
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Origins Upolu, Samoa
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It's Gonna Be Chaos (Tikiano)
May 2


And then there was one. One man among women. It's Fallout's Vault 69 all over again. Worse: it's Survivor: Vanuatu all over again...except with an OLDER lone male!

As the man and women stoke the fire, Kat wonders why Troyzan said, "Do it" to her before leaving. Kim is SO relieved that Troy is gone. But EVERYONE wonders how Christina got THREE votes and nearly got kicked out. They figure it was probably Troy who blindsided her, though it DID show everyone just "how stupid Christina is" and how smart Sabrina is in comparison. that make SABRINA the big threat now, MUCH more than Tarzan. Maybe NOW's the time to snap the Girls Alliance...for the greater good. At least ALICIA thinks so and, according to her, she's "the most powerful player in this game". Uh-huh...


Alicia and Sabrina got to Tree-Mail...and, as soon as they open the lid, they see the logo of Sprint(TM)...and they SCREAM in excitement! Alicia KNOWS what this is...but, when they get back to One World Beach, they lie and say that a puzzle needs to be put together. then, with a "PSYCHE!", they show the box (which Kim promptly tells them to stop shaking so much). They open up the box to show a Sprint EVO 3D phone. And the message on the screen:

You've been living a life without limits
And simplicity supplies your power.
When spontaneous decious breed success,
It's more than food you chall devour.

Ayup, it's time for the "Loved Ones' Video Mail" that seems to come every year. First is Sabrina's brother Tony...and he actually SAYS that he's on the island. Leticia, Alicia's sister, says Alicia BETTER win because she had to work two shifts so she could get the time off to be there...but she also love her, of course. Next is Chelsea's father, Ken, who is also proud and says that everyone at home misses her. Then there's Christina's dad, Sung, who just recently had a kidney transplant but still has a short time to live...and, yet, made the painful journey to Samoa for her. Kim's sister, Beth, is next and she hopes to spend some time with her. Kat's cousin and best friend, Robby, is excited to be there and can't wait to see her. Finally, Tarzan's wife Terri tells her how much she misses him...and it reminds Tarzan how blessed he is to have her in his life. Sabrina starts to think that she shouldn't be selfish...that she hopes to let Tarzan rekindle his 30-year marriage after over a month apart.


Challenge Clearing awaits the eight remaining Tikianos. Uncle Jeff takes the EVO back and asks Tarzan about the massage to him. He says it helps his spirit knowing she's on the island. Well, the Loved Ones aren't just on the island. They're HERE! Out they come, one-by-one to hug and kiss and cry. Kim says Beth has been like a "second mother" to her. Christina's dad jogs into her arms and says he's been worried for her. Chelsea's dad is her "soft spot" to her "hard-ass" exterior. Sabrina's bro has been confident that she could handle herself out here. Alicia's sister admits that they're not all that emotional towards each other and usually say "I love you" through sarcasm. Kat's cuz seems to have Tourette Syndrome as most of his excited banted is edited out and his lips blurred a lot. Tarzan gets down on one knee as his wife comes out and she feels lost without him...though Tarzan says they have a "quantum entanglement" that keeps them together.

All right, mushy stuff over; let's get to the Challenge. The Survivors will be connected to a rope that is woven through an obstacle course. At Jeff's "GO", they will work their way down the rope, going through other ropes and cross the finish line on the other end. First to do that will take their Loved One to a beautiful spot on the island where they will reconnect over fish, chicken, beef kabobs and margaritas. Oh...and one more thing: the Loved Ones will be attached TO the Survivors as they head down the course.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

The trick is to slack the rope that entwines the course so that one can get through the loops made by them. Kim/Beth and Christina/Sung get through the first loop in front, Alicia/Laticia right behind. Kat/Robby are falling behind as are Sabrina/Tony. Kim/Beth widen the lead, though Chelsea/Ken are working well. Kat/Robby catches up and it becomes a four-team race, as it seems Tarzan/Terri and Sabrina/Tony are fading behind.

Kat/Robby pulls slightly ahead, forcing Kim/Beth to pick up the pace. Christina/Sung lag behind a bit as well. When the brother/sister team start to struggle, the two-sister and Chelsea/Ken work to catch up. And the end, it's Kat/Robby vs. Kim/Beth. The Survivors get through...the Loved Ones get through...


She's happy to finally win a Challenge...but she seems to be the ONLY one that's happy. It looks like all the other Loved Ones will have to say good-bye. Except...well, now Kim gets the hardest choice of all: which ONE Survivor and Loved One will ALSO spend time together. Kat quickly chooses Kim and Beth, probably because they got so close to winning it. Jeff says Kat can choose ONE MORE twosome...and she chooses Alicia and Laticia. then she explains that she's wanted to hang out with the two of them for a long time. Oh, and, she's also gonna get drunk! This doesn't seem to convince the others as the hug their Loved Ones good-bye and see them off (muttering that Tarzan and Christina should've been the ones picked). The winners get the EVO phone back to take some memories of their time together.


rA hostess takes the six to their table...and Kat is in heaven. Sure, she probably should have picked others...but she ain't gonna dwell on her "mistakes". She's gonna eat and drink and be merry...for two days from tomorrow she may be in the Jury. The Survivor girls brag about them being the Final Three and taking Tarzan, Sabrina and Christina out more-or-less in that order. Kim and Beth talk it over on the beach and Kim says she will get more Jury votes than the other two most likely. Yeah, she gave her word to Sabrina but, this close to the end, if she doesn't think she can beat Sabrina, she's outta here.

Meanwhile, back at One World Beach, Sabrina was going on how Kat was totally selfish and that Christina and Tarzan should have been chosen to spend time with their Loved Ones...as their Loved Ones may not be around for much longer. Chelsea suggests that the four of them gang up on the others and kick Kat to the curb. But Tarzan disagrees, saying that Kat isn't a "thinker" and, as such, is no threat at all. Still Chelsea wants to see Kat gone...and wants to talk to Kim about it when she returns.

(We skip Day 32 and move on to...).


Chelsea and Kim talk about getting Kat out of there. But Kim says that Kat and Alicia dobn't think anyone's gunning for them right now...and that Sabrina is the smartest of the others and should go next. Chelsea reluctantly agrees...just not wanting to go to the end with Kat around. Kim thought Sabrina was WAY too persuasive at the last tribal Counil and that she could grab Jury votes away from her...so she's history. She also wants to snag every Immunity from here on, not wanting anything to disrupt her plan.


Challenge Cove awaits again...and, specifically, a platform built out on the ocean. As Kim returns the Immunity Necklace, Uncle Jeff speaks of the Challenge to gain it. Everyone will stand on a curved ledge on the platform and hold on to a bar attached to a chain attached to a wench. Every so often, Jeff will turn the wench to make the Survivors hang further out on the ledge. Let go and hit the drink, you're it. Last Survivor holding on has a 1-in-6 shot at a cool million. One of the other five becomes the sixth Juror. They draw for spots, head out to the platform and get in position: feet between the paint marks and facing forward, bar held behind the back and above the hips. And the Challenge is on!

Barely a minute into the Challenge, Jeff starts to turn the wench. More rope gets let out and the seven Survivors start leaning further ahead. The physical stress starts to build, but everyone hangs on. 10 minutes into the Challenge, Tarzan looks like he's struggling. Sabrina can't take it; she steps backwards off the ledge and leaves the Challenge...though Jeff tells her she must drop in the water. Alicia smiles at Kat at this and Kat does a slight dance in responce. Tarzan lets out a huge breath...and drops into the water. Jeff tells the remaining women that, no matter how strong the alliance may be, you must be nuts to think you're safe.

Twenty minutes in and Jeff turns the wench again, leaning the women closer to the water...and Alicia gets VERY close...as in IN the water as she drops out. Chelsea's fingers start to slip...and SHE bails. So it's Kat, Kim and Kri...er, Christina. And Christina can't hold on much longer...and she doesn't. Kim vs. Kat (sounds like a Nicktoons show) for Immunity. But though they're part of the same alliance, they still hold on.

What with one thing or another...or, actually, NOTHING or another, one hour passes since the start of the Challenge...and Jeff turns the wench again. Further and further forward the women lean...harder and harder it is on the hands. Alicia and Sabrina are impressed at the way the two are battling. But then Kat starts pleading to Kim to let her win. Kim doesn't reply at all. And, after a few minutes, it's over. Kat lets go and splashes down...and, for the second time in a row, KIM WINS IMMUNITY!!


Kat is upset about losing the Challenge to "a 28-year-old". Alicia confirms with her, though, that Sabrina will be the one going home tonight. And yet...if ALICIA can beat Sabrina in a Challenge, why SHOULD Sabrina go? Kat, however, "brought it" today...and that's NOT someone you want to face-off against in an important Challenge. Alicia tells this to Kim...but Kim's adamant about booting Sabrina first. Sabrina then walks up to them...and Alicia says it's Kat going next. Still, Kim thinks Sabrina's the bigger threat, even though Kat hasn't pissed Jury members off the way Sabrina has. With Sabrina and Tarzan thinking Kat and Kat and Alicia thinking Sabrina, Kim and Chelsea seem to be the swing votes.

The two get together to work this sh...stuff out. Chelsea thinks Kat should go...and Kim stays with Sabrina leaving. So they have to agree on SOMETHING. Kim talks to Tarzan saying that the vote MIGHT change, but even SHE doesn't know it. Either way, SOMEONE will be blindsided tonight at.....


Council Hutch of Doom...Uncle Jeff...Jonas, Mike, Jay, Leif and a FAR less hairy Troyzan. Tonight, the Jury becomes equal to the Survivors.

Uncle Jeff talks to Kat about her reversals of fortune: going from not being picked for a Reward last time to picking the same girls who DISSED her to join her on a Reward THIS time. Kat admits that it was difficult, seeing the Loved Ones and knowing that four of them will have to leave because of her. She says that she picked those she would have a great time with. Form the look on everyone's faces, nobody's buying this malarkey.

But Sabrina says she DOES believe her...although she STILL thinks that anybody ELSE would've brought Christina and Tarzan along! Kat apologizes for being young and naive...but Chelsea thinks that saying that has been part of her strategy all along. Kat's getting upset that the whole Council is about her...but Jeff keeps it up by asking Tarzan's opinion. Tarzan agrees with Kat...and says her decision didn't bother him at all.

OK, what about TODAY's Challenge? Alicia was surprised that Sabrina lasted longer than Tarzan and was even MORE shocked that Kat held on till the end. It earned her respect...UNTIL the end when she pleaded to Kim. Sabrina added that Kat left Kim hanging on the "high-five" Kim put out. Again, Kat feels she's being ganged-up on. At the end of the day, though, Sabrina thinks honesty wins her respect. Kim thinks that may be true...which makes her nervous as it seems the "nice guys" finish FIRST in these games. Sabrina says she's not worried about being TOO honest as those who piss her off wouldn't get her vote for the million. Kat doesn't mind that; even if she loses a vote, "blindsides are always fun and exciting!"

It is time to vote. Kim is safe; all the votes need to be someone else. Tarzan, Alicia, Kat ("Sabrina, I love you so much...but it's time for you to go"), Sabrina ("Kat, you're a little untamed to take to the top"), Chelsea, Christina and Kim cast this important vote to send the first female to the Jury. Uncle Jeff tallies the votes and asks for 3Is. When no one produces one, Jeff reads the votes:





...and Kat!

The victim of a 6-1 vote, Kat gives the ladies a look that could make Medusa stop in her tracks. This is ONE blindside she DOESN'T find fun OR exciting. But the young timeshare rep has to hitch it back to Orlando...in a week, after her Jury duty is done. And, of course, she leaves in tears. Uncle Jeff warns everyone else: "If (a blindside) can happen to her, it can happen to YOU!"

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.