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Eighteen players venture to Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars - ON THE SAME BEACH. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu, Samoa
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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Bum-Puzzled (Manono)
March 7



Michael is a bit miffed about Tribal...especially about the Misfit Alliance that he now knows exists. He thinks they're voting off the strong guys...and that will mean that they'll be worse off come Challenges. Tarzan doesn't think that Mike knows, though; he and Troyzan consider ditching Billy next, as he's the one most likely to try to strain the bonds in the M.A. The -zans vow to tell the others in the Alliance the next morning.

On said morning, we smell the girls cooking some makeshift escargot. Jonas and Troyzan make an offer: if THEY can use the net to catch fish, they will give Salani half of their catches. Chelsea, who thinks it's hysterical that the roles have reveresed now that the girls are winning, says she doesn't want to feed their "enemies". Jonas says that, in this case, the MEN do all the work and the WOMEN still get fed. The girls still say no...and Jonas says he doesn't care.


Challenge Clearing...5-by-5 boards...slingshots...a lovely bunch of coconuts (look and them all in a...pile)...oh, and Uncle Jeff. What fresh hell is this, Probst? Why, it's Slingshot Coconut Bingo, of course! We take turns slinging coconuts at the huge wooden boards, knocking out one of the 25 spaces therein. It ONLY counts as "knocked-out" if a MAJORITY of the spaces is gone from the frame. First tribe to get five spaces knocked-out in a line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) wins Reward. And that reward is a CHOICE. Under scarf #1 is COMFORT: blankets, pillows and a mattress. Scraf #2 hides PROTECTION in form of a tarp. And scarf #3 has LUXURY: coffee and donuts. Bill volunteers to sit-out and we get our orders set.

(I'll order the spaces 1 through 25, starting with #1 on the upper left, moving left-to-right and top-to-bottom to the bottom-right as #25.

Coulton vs. Monica. They both aim for #3...but neither knocks enough wood out to call it a knock-out. Tarzan (#14) vs. Sabrina (#18). Sabrina's not enough...but Tarzan's eventually falls open. Troyzan (#23) vs. Kat (#8). Kat's gets KOed...Troyzan's not so much. Lisa's hits the frame between two boards but Michael kills #18. Kim's goes through the KOed #8, Leif's busts #7 but not KOed. Chelsea likewwise hits the frame, Jonas connects with #8 but no KO. Monica kills #19, Coulton misses the board completely.

Tarzan hits frame, Sabrina KOs #18, giving them two connecting squares in two different places. Tina falls but hits #11 (no KO), Jay finishes #23, giving THEM two connected. Lisa finishes #3, giving three in the middle row to Salani. Michael's shot comes up short. Leif goes over the board...and Kim destroys #13, meaning a KO of #23 for them will win it!

Chelsea vs. Jonas. Jonas...KOs #8, giving the men three-in-a-row...but it's all up to Chelsea. She pulls back...aims low...and KOs...#17. Well, now they're two away from winning vertically. Coulton pulls back...and shoots through KOed #18. Monica pulls...aims (with help from the girls)...releases...and NAILS it! It's a good BINGO! Any other called? Challenge is close...SALANI WINS REWARD! The men think it was just luck, though.

But...WHICH reward? Is it COMFORT...PROTECTION...or LUXURY? After a discussion, they choose PROTECTION. They grab the tarp and the men follow them back to One World..


OK, so we lost...not a big deal. We're evened up now, right? Er,...right?! Jonas says no, as the men still have one more member than the women. Bill disagrees as Salani has the ever-important "mo". Leif and Bill talk about getting a 3I (though, so far as I know, Coulton has the only one for Manono)...and Leif let slip that Coulton asked him to vote for Bill. Well, now,...THIS is news. And Bill is now more nervous.

Michael spills to Coulton about Leif and Bill yakking. Coulton says, "That little Munchkin is about to get knocked back to Oz." (FINALLY, a "small person" joke!) When Leif gets called over, Coulton grills him about what was said. And when Leif confessed to telling Bill that he was targeted, Coulton said, "You've just sealed your fate!" It looks like Leif is out of the Misfits...and is thinking he'll be on the next flight to the land of the Oompa-Loompas (Coulton's words, not Leif's).

Again, no excitement for Day 10, so...)


The mail comes in a dozen puzzle pieces which, when out together, reads:

When pairs of minds work together,
Being well-balanced is an important part.
You can't outrun a vote against you,
So, today, you'll just have to be smart.

Hmmm..."pairs"..."well-balanced"..."smart"...odd. Let's see...


Yet another obstacle-course at Challenge Clearing. Salani gives the Tribal Immunity Idol back to Uncle Jeff and he clues us in on the Immunity Challenge. Six tribe members will be tied together in pairs by the wrist. One-by-one, the pairs will walk across a see-saw (keeping well-balanced) and then solve one of three smart puzzles: a reed puzzle, a pyramid puzzle and a sliding-square puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, the pair takes the key hanging from the puzzle and brings it back (via the see-saw) to the beginning before the next pair takes off. When all three keys are back, the seventh member uses the keys to unlock three locks. First tribe to unlock all three locks and raise their flag gets the Idol and chills while the other goes to kick other person off. We sit out Jonas. Our pairs are Tarzan/Colton, Jay/Michael and Troyzan/Bill, with Leif being the unlocker.

"For Immunity...Survivors ready...GO!"

The old and the gay run neck-and-neck with Chelsea/Alicia over the see-saw and to the reed puzzle. It's all about fitting the cut reeds together to make three full reeds. The ladies seem to have difficulty...but the guys are quick and easy. They finish...though Coulton has to reign Tarzan in before leaving sans key. As Salani still struggles (with what Uncle Jeff calls the "easiest" of the three puzzles), Jay/Michael take off to fit four pieces into a three-cornered pyramid (and Coulton groans at Tarzan's yelling at them).

The ladies are getting anxious, wondering what Chelsea/Alicia are DOING over there. Manono finishes the puzzle and run back with the second key, allowing Troyzan/Bill to go over the see-saw and head for the sliding-square puzzle, which is supposed to show the Survivor: One World logo when done. Suddenly, Tarzan shouts, "CHEATERS!" Apparantly, the girls havelooked over at how the men finished the first puzzle. Chelsea tells Tarzan to plant his lips on her backside. It still takes them quite a while to FINALLY get it right and run back with their first key, allowing Kim/Sabrina to get a-goin' on the second puzzle. Again, the girls look over at the men's completed puzzle...and, again, Tarzan shouts "CHEATER!" (right in Coulton's ear).

But it seems all for naught. Troyzan/Bill finish their puzzle, grab the third key and run back. Now all Leif has to do to save his OWN little ass is to unlock the locks before Salani makes another incredible comeback. The girls, despite a model to show how the puzzle works, aren't fast enough, though; It takes only a minute or two for Leif to unlock it all, pull out the rod that was locked-in and raise their stingray-covered flag! MANONO WINS IMMUNITY!

Leif gets the honor of taking the Idol (and dancing around Native American-like in joy). After blasting the women (and Alicia specifically) for blowing this Challenge, Uncle Jeff sends us back home...eight happy and seven wondering WTF happened to their "mo".


Bill is RELIEVED that they won...as he truly felt his head was in the guillotine. He and Leif go to Old King Coul-ton and try to hash things out between them...but Coulton feels that, since they won, there's no reason to talk to ANYONE about the game. Bill keeps trying, but Coulton is adamant...and Michael is smiling alongside. Coulton finally stands and flat-out says he doesn't like Bill...that he doesn't want to talk to or even SEE anyone he doesn't like...and that Bill's next out the door the next time they lose an Immunity Challenge! Bill corners Coulton and calls him a "stuck-up brat" before Coulton finally backs away.

Coulton tells Tarzan and Jonas about everything over the last three days...and even wonders if they can't trade places with Salani at Tribal just so Manono can kick off Bill. Oddly, enough, Jonas LIKES that idea. I mean, if INDIVIDUAL Immunity Idols can be given up, why can't the TRIBAL one be? He doesn't WANT to do it, though. Still, Coulton calls the shots...and Jonas doesn't want to be on his S-list so...

Jonas isn't the only one not thrilled about this idea. When Coulton tells Jay and Michael, Jay thinks it's too hasty. But when Troyzan tells Tarzan, HE's all for it (though HE'S more towards getting LEIF out instead due to his betrayal of trust). In fact, Tarzan TELLS Salani that they're considering it! When the tribe gets together, Tarzan chews Leif out for the betrayal and brings up the idea. Jay is confused: do they want Leif out or Bill?! Tarzan syas that they can stew about it until they lose an Immunity Challenge...or they can just go tonight and get it over with...but, either way, Leif is outta here next. Tarzan looks for a unanimous vote...but only he and Coulton initially vote yea. Bill is rocked by just the idea...though he'll admit that he'll be safe if everyone blames Leif. Jay's still confused...Coulton thinks he's STILL in control...



"It's called a change-over...the movie goes on...and no one in the audience has any idea"...




Uncle Jeff awaits the tribe without the Immunity Idol. He sees a line of flickering torches approaching...he prepares himself for what he's going to say...the tribe enters the Council Hutch of Doom...

...and it's MANONO!!

Surprise, Uncle Jeff! You won't be looking at the ladies tonight! For the first time in Survivor history, a tribe has given up their Immunity Idol to the other one! And the shocked look on Jeff's mug...absolutely PRICELESS!!

So...Jeff's first obvious question: WTF?!? Troyzan says it was to vote Bill out at first...but, since Leif broke the tribe's trust, it'll be HIM instead. Leif says he plays with his heart on his sleeve and he liked Bill as a friend more than a tribe-mate. He thinks he's going home...but he hopes that the fact he's sacrificing himself will turn things around and get the tribe to keep him. Jay admits that he went with the majority to save his own backside. Bill says this might be a dumb move, but it's better to have a tribe united.

Coulton says again that he hates Bill and Bill turns around saying that they're just different upbringing and possibly a race problem. Coulton is a private school-goer with an African-American acquantance...in his housekeeper. But he emphasized that his problem with Bill is NOT race...but profession. He tells Bill to get a "back-up job" as well as being a comedian...but Bill throws back that Coulton doesn't have a job in her life. Coulton talks about those who judge gays.

Tarzan then says that talking about race is definitely a wrong thing! He wants people to be judged by actions, not race! Uncle Jeff goes into a talk about Coulton and Bill having to either get through this game together or THROUGH together...and that this vote will be VERY crazy!

It is time to vote. I think we know what's gonna happen. Everyone votes...Jeff tallies and asks for 3Is...and, upon none being given, Jeff reads the votes...







With a 7-to-1 vote, the comedian takes his last bow. He gets his torch snuffed and heads out. Uncle Jeff tells the Manono that this is VERY risky giving up Immunity...and time will tell if it was the right thing to do.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.