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Eighteen players venture to Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars - ON THE SAME BEACH. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu, Samoa
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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One World Is Out the Window (Manono)
February 29



Aww, ain't that nice? Manono have asked the Nina-less Salani over to their place because a storm's coming. They say they'll see how tough it gets before deciding. It gets SUPER tough...but we don't see the ladies. They're either brave or stubborn...or BOTH!

But, come morning, the girls call Troyzan over, who drags Coulton and Tarzan over, and BEG for relief. So, kind that they are, they allow the seven ladies to warm themselves up. This does NOT suit Matt well when he comes back with water. He allows it...but he's not going to let the girls mooch off them when there's barely enough room for the nine guys, let alone seven others.


No DIY deal this time. We meet Uncle Jeff at Challenge Clearing...though it's STILL raining and blowing a bit. The Challenge is a one-vs.-one memory test. Uncle Jeff will lift a curtain and show a series of items. When one tribe member thinks they have it down pat, they pull a lever closing the curtain and then run to a box of items and replicate the items exactly as shown. First to get the sequence right gets a point. First to five points gets Reward. And the Reward is fishing gear and a canoe with paddles. More importantly, they're playing for momentum...which the girls need DESPERATELY! Manono sit out Tarzan and Leif for this Challenge.

Round 1 is Matt vs. Sabrina. The order: skull, chain, bottle, bag and two shells. After a few seconds, BOTH reach for the lever and race for the item boxes. They both put the items up fast...but Matt makes it to his mat first so his is checked first. No dice. Sabrina has it right and Salani is up one-nil. Round 2: Coulton v. Monica. About a second after seeing it, Coulton pulls the lever and starts to arrange. But he doesn't even have the right NUMBER of items, let alone the right order. Monica, however, gets it right. Two-zilch.

Jay vs. Alicia for Round 3. Alicia pulls the curtain down after a second or two...and then takes time to make SURE it's right before hitting the mat first. And she's RIGHT! Three-nada. Round 4: Troyzan vs. Kat. EIGHT items this time around. The curtain goes UP...and Troyzan IMMEDIATELY drops it down! He then casually puts the items up on his box while Kat struggles. But is he even RIGHT? Not even CLOSE! But neither is Kat so...they both go back to the start. But Troyzan...he backs away before Kat pulls the lever...but neither is right AGAIN. It takes SEVEN RE-RACKS to get a winner...and it's Kat at last! One point away from a shutout!

Round 5: Bill vs. Christina. Order: two bags, cattle skull, bottle, two shells, bottle, cattle skull. Christina pulls the lever...but Bill is already half-way to the box when she does. Bill pulls back...but then goes back with his mind changed. Christina is first on the mat and gets it checked...and you can almost here Uncle Jeff muttering, "FINISH HIM!" as he proclaims Christina right! SALANI WINS REWARD! FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Uncle Jeff tells the ladies they need not share the canoe as they head back to One World. And the men? Uncle Jeff tells them that Salani now KNOWS Manono can be beaten.


OK, so we lost...not a big deal. We still have the better shelter AND a fire going. But here come the girls begging for an ember since all their coconut shards are too wet to light up. Jay tries to bargain for permission to use the canoe...and, though nothing is finalized, they let them have an ember. Matt says this HAS to END...and, oddly enough, conservative Coulton agrees. The guys start to argue about what to give without getting when some of the girls arrive AGAIN, wanting to warm and dry out. And when they say they don't know about the men using the canoe, Manono starts to bicker with them Bill is ESPECIALLY ticked, thinking the women are using the men's sense of chivalry to get what they want for nothing! Tarzan has the cooler head, though, and asks the ladies to get a concensus from the rest of the Salanis about letting them use the canoe in place of giving them everything they had recently. Even Coulton, who is SO not "one of the guys", can't seem to understand what the girls are thinking.

(I'm guessing nothing of import happen the next day...so we shoot straight to...)


At last, the sun comes out...and, at last, Salani uses the canoe and fishing gear. (And, at last, I see some underwater bikini shots...sweet!) They come back with a few small fish...but it seems enough to worry Troyzan a bit, thinking Salani is back on their feet and ready to win again. And Manono just CANNOT let that happen!


Challenge Clearing has another obstacle-course-like structure built in it. We hand the Tribal Immunity Idol back to Uncle Jeff and get our instructions for the Challenge. It's another loud-leading-the-blind Challenge (that my tribes are SO good at performing!). One caller leads three blindfolded pairs of tethered tribe members through the course, dumping water and puzzle pieces from water towers along the way. Once all five bags are collected, the caller uses the pieces inside to solve a 3-D tree puzzle. First tribe to get the puzzle right gets the Idol and kicks back at One World while the other tribe drags their buts to Tribal Council to send somebody home. Manono sits out Coulton and Jay, Bill will call and the tethered pairs are Mike/Matt, Jonas/Leif and the two -zans.

"Survivors ready...for Immunity...GO!"

The tethered women seem to be sans clue...but they do seem to be bypassing the obstacles. Doesn't matter, though, 'cause Bill gets Mike and Matt to the first tower and gets them soaked for the first bag of pieces. Sabrina is just shouting and not helping much as Jonas and Leif get bag #2. Tarzan and Troyzan get to THEIR tower...but have a hard time finding the handle. They do...and Alicia and Kat get THEIR first bag at last. Quickly after that, Matt and Mike get #4...and Chelsea and Kim get #2. Manono gets their fifth bag as Salani returns with their third.

Now it's all on Bill to finish the job. As the ladies go off course, Bill starts untying the bags and dumping out the pieces. As Salani gets bag #4, Bill slowly tries to work out where the pieces go on the tree. And by time Salani gets #5 and Sabrina starts working, Bill's about half-way done.

Fortunately for BOTH teams, the others are allowed to remove their blindfolds and help the callers work things out. So Sabrina starts to inch closer to Bill, though Bill gets good advice as well. Both teams are relatively quiet, not shouting instructions but just easily egging them on. Sabrina starts to catch up to Bill and eventually ties. It's neck-and-neck as the last of the ten pieces fall into place.

Bill gets his seventh...Sabrina gets her seventh. Bill gets his eighth...Sabrina gets her eighth. Sabrina gets her NINTH...Bill gets HIS ninth...and the one that gets the final piece in place first....


In an AMAZING comeback, the ladies finally get their hands on the precious Immunity Idol...while the men get to go to Tribal for the first time. Matt, for one, cannot wait to use the power he's been building up over the past eight days and kick someone to the curb.


We wave to the ladies en route to our camp and thank Bill for doing a great job, not blaming him for losing the Challenge per se. Coulton, however, DOES blame Bill for blowing a HUGE lead...and, besides, he didn't like Bill from the start with his "Yo, yo" talk and his butting-in on things constantly. He gathers the Misfit Alliance together. But Tarzan minds them that Bill is their "floater"...but Coulton adamantly states he wants Bill gone yesterday at earliest and an hour ago at latest. Tarzan thinks it's MATT that's the real danger and should be the one who goes.

Up walks Jay from the Fraternity Alliance...and suddenly the conversation halts. Jay thinks this is a bad sign, but Coulton states that Jay is safe. Tarzan asks Jay if he wants to join them. Jay quickly decides that he'd rather play it safe than have a target on his backside so...he says he'll vote for whoever they want to. But as they're discussing whether Bill or Matt gets to go home, up walks Matt...and, again, things go silent. Tarzan says they're talking strategy (obviously)...and that Matt's presence is spoiling that talk. (Geez, why not just say, "You're first, power monger!" and get it over with?!)

After the talk, though, Matt pulls Troyzan aside and says that while taking out the strong guys is an easy thing to do, the OPTIMUM thing to do is to have a core of guys wanting to go DEEP into this game. He suggests the two of them along with Jay, Jonas and maybe Mike and one other person. Troyzan claims to like the idea as Matt goes into a "rooster and chickens" analogy for their tribe and alliances. Matt wants it clear that HE'S in charge...and that Coulton has to go (not knowing, of course, about Coulton having a hidden 3I). And, of course, Troyzan was lying about how he supports Matt. According to Troyzan, "It ain't Survivor unless you're lyin'!" He tells the Misfit Alliance about this...and they go back to flip-flopping betwixt Matt and Bill. Coulton wishes he could get rid of about FIVE Manonos before things would be right for him.


Ah, the Council Hutch of Doom...never thought we'd be seeing you until the Merge...or, at least, the annual "Dual Council" where one from both tribes are voted out. Uncle Jeff puts us through the primary stages. Torch...fire...life. No fire on torch, no life in this game; you go home without even the THOUGHT of Redemption.

Mike states that while he and Matt clicked quickly, there are quite a few alliances and it's hard to keep track of them. Tarzan only knows of an alliance of five...and that's who he's putting his faith in. Coulton is not uncomfortable; he's sure he's not going home tonight because he has a 3I. The look on Matt's face at that point: priceless. Coulton won't be a "James", having an Idol and yet being voted out anyway.

Mike says that Coulton has always been of two tribes, spending more time with Salani than Manono. When Uncle Jeff confronts Coulton about that, Coulton says it's not all that much of a shock...but Jeff says Coulton has become a HUGE target. Bill thinks Coulton judged the others and assumed Manono would never take him in and, thus, turned his back on them. Tarzan thinks a different way, though: Coulton is smart, he already has alligences with some of Salani and Manono NEEDS them. Matt disagrees, thinking Tarzan's crying out for help.

Matt is agitated that Tarzan jokes around and it's hard to take him seriously...whereas Matt talks like he WANTS to be taken seriously. He thinks tonights vote is a crucial one, since "you always have to re-assess" in this game. Bill smiles and says it's intense being at Council...but he's "jacked-up" and ready to see who goes home.

Apparantly, Uncle Jeff feels the same way. It is time to vote. One by one, the nine men walk to the alcove, scribble a name onto a piece of parchment and place it in bone-covered urn. When Coulton votes, we don't see it, but we hear him whisper, "You pissed off the wrong queen" as he places it in the urn. Uncle Jeff goes to tally the votes, brings the urn back and asks for 3Is. Coulton hangs on to it, despite what he said. You know the deal: Jeff reads the votes, the results being final and the one with the most votes goes home immediately. Uncle Jeff reads the votes...







...and the rest are for Matt (though the last two are not shown).

By are 7-1-1 vote, Matt the lawyer is out...and any objection by him is overruled. Uncle Jeff has only six words for us as we go back to One World: "First vote...first blindside...game on!" But...wait...Tarzan wants to "rabbit hunt" and know the last two votes. Uncle Jeff says he can't. Coulton laughs and says, "Save those questions for me."

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.