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Eighteen players venture to Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars - ON THE SAME BEACH. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu, Samoa
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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Just Annihilate Them (Tikiano)
April 4


Troyzan walks with Mike and Jay, saying how unfortunate it was that Jonas had to be on the Manono tribe after the Tribal Shuffle a week ago. If he had come to Salani instead, he probably would still be safe instead of being part of the Jury. The three men stuck with their female Salani teammates...but Troyzan is wondering if voting their cook out was a mistake. Jay, on the other hand, knows that one of the girls needs to go; he doesn't want the OLD Salani to overpower the guys..


TREE-MAIL (and it's a message in an old-timey 7-UP(TM) bottle):

Your game may be going downhill quickly,
And most surely have your heart racing.
Win the crisp, clean taste of victory today,
And be refreshed from the stress you're facing.

At Challenge Clearing, Uncle Jeff meets with all eleven..and it looks like another temporary split into two tribes from the looks of it. Sure enough, he explains that this will be the case. One member of each tribe will head down a wide (and fairly steep) water slide, hit the beach and run out to a bunch of floating puzzle crates in the sea. They are to grab one and bring it back to shore before the next member can slide. The deal is that you don't have to be idle once you bring back a crate; you can join your tribe-mates to bring back OTHER crates. Once all seven crates are on the shore platform (including two which are already ON the platform), you work out the puzzle ON said crates. First tribe to get the puzzle right will be taken to a "7-UP Oasis" and will be treated to a barbecue of burgers, steak, key lime mergine pie...and, of course, all the 7-UP you can belch with. To TEASE Tikiano, Uncle Jeff offers a LITTLE taste of the Uncola(TM) by letting them share one bottle. Tribes will be chosen "schoolyard pick" style. When it's done Green is Jay, Troyzan, Chelsea, Alicia and Kat; Yellow is Leif, Michael, Kim, Christina and Sabrina. Poor Tarzan; he wasn't picked so he sits this out.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

Jay and Mike slide down first but Jay is faster to the crate and gets it back faster. Troyzan joins him on the beach as Mike gets his crate set and Kim joins him. She and Mike make up a little time with the second crate, but the Green tribe still leads as Kat nearly takes a header off the slide. Yellow evens things up when Sabrina joins them. Sabrina's speed to the third crate allows Yellow to take the lead, but it's pretty even as Christina and Chelsea join the fray. Green gets the fourth crate back first and Alicia heads on down (crashing sideways). As she runs, Leif drops for Yellow and tumbles twenty feet in the sand before getting his footing. Green gets their final crate to the platform before Leif can even undo Yellow's final crate.

Now to work on the puzzle. As Green moves crates around, Christina of Yellow runs ahead of everyone else to start on the puzzle herself. Troyzan stands up ON the crates and directs traffic as the rest of Yellow bring the crate in. While Green takes orders from one person (Troyzan), EVERYONE in Yellow has an opinion on what should go where. Finally, Yellow decides that Sabrina should direct and SHE goes up on the crates to lead. Tarzan...twiddles his thumbs. The crates spin around and get slid together...and, then Uncle Jeff, from his high platform overlooking both puzzles shouts....


So...Michael, Kim, Sabrina, Christina and Leif (who is excited about his "first" reward) get the drinks and the BBQ...and the rest (INCLUDING Tarzan) get to go back to One World Beach and dream about what might've been.


Dude, the Oasis has a POOL! Well, a short and shallow pool...but a pool nonetheless! Only drawback is they have to cook their own meat. But the chips, pretzels, tater salad and, of course, all that 7-UP make up for it big time. A quick saying of grace by Sabrina and these omnivores dig in. Kim is happy because being full means her brain can shift back into gear. And that "shifting" leads to her and Sabrina whispering out of earshot of the men. They'd rather have three good people along with them and Chelsea...and NOT anyone like Mike. In fact, Kim would PREFER it to be all girls like the original Salani tribe. They plan to trick Troyzan into thinking that Mike is aiming for him and bring him into the fold. Once it's six-against-four, Kim says, "We'll just annihilate them!".


Meanwhile, back at One World, Troyzan's taking the high road and saying that steak would do NASTY things to the stomach subsisting on rice and coconut for so long. Instead, the ones NOT gorging on meat talk about which one of the ones who ARE should be tossed. Troyzan wants Christina gone as was originally planned at Manono. While Jay agrees, Kat says she's not that big a threat in Challenges and that Mike should be next. This gets Jay distrusting the girls.

Aw, and here comes the Yellow team with the 7-UP cooler...and some left-over sodas for everyone! And while they guzzle down, Troyzan gets nervous about the girls. He wants to be certain that the Salani Alliance sticks together to the end...and that INCLUDES the girls he was allied with.


The weather is so ugly this morning, I'm surprised Jim Cantore isn't on the beach with a "Weather Channel" microphone in hand. The wind has picked up enough to wreck a side of Tikiano's shelter. Leif tells Tarzan to leave one side alone and Tarzan argues back that what he had wasn't attached to anything. Chelsea and Troyzan asked Tarzan about it and he argues some MORE, saying he's not stupid. Other tribemates want Tarzan to let the matter drop...but he can't; that's just how he is. And he also feels Chelsea is "subliminally harrassing" him...and he doesn't like it one bit.

But the thing is...Tarzan thinks Chelsea angry at him because a) he's a plastic surgeon and b) she must've had some BAD surgery in the past. Needless to say, when confronted with this, Chelsea denies it adamantly. But, although she's thinking Tarzan should be next out the door, she knows she has to think clearly. CRACK-BOOM!!! Into the shelter the girls run while the men work frantically to get the shelter more rain-proof. And that confirms to Chelsea that Tarzan is a) no threat and b) needs to stay around...as annoying as he may be. As the double rainbow appears in the sky, Kim puts her plan into action as she tells Troyzan that Mike is targetting him...and he FALLS for it: he's out for Mike's blood!


Another Tree-Mail:

You always work all the angles
And attack the Challenges with fury.
Lose your balance or concentration today,
And tomorrow you may be on the Jury.

And, at Challenge Beach, the tribe gets an INTERESTING course in front of them. As Troyzan gives the Immunity Necklace back to Uncle Jeff (and says it won't be gone for long), Jeff explains the chaos. Everyone was a ladder bridge to walk along while moving bags of puzzle pieces along a rope twisted among the rungs. The first four to get all bags across a finish line move on to the Final Round. In said Final Round, the four must use the pieces to solve a complicated cube puzzle. First to do so gets to relax tonight while someone ELSE joins Jonas on the Jury.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

Eleven people scramble to the start of their ladder bridges and move the first bag of pieces along that twisting rope. Only rule: you fall off, you have to run back to the start of the ladder. Mike, Troyzan and Jay are out to early leads, but Chelsea and Kim stay in the hunt as the rain begins to fall. Jay crosses the finish line first and moves on to the Final Round. A few seconds behind him is Kim as Mike and Troyzan get hung up. Alicia and Tarzan catch up to them...but Troyzan manages to yank the bags and come in third. Chelsea then goofs and falls off! This gives Alicia the opportunity to finish! So it's Jay, Troyzan, Alicia and Kim in the Final Round...much to Mike's disappointment.

As for the puzzle, the pieces are cut boards which fit into other boards to make a cube with a picture on top...and it's a LOT of pieces. When Jeff says, "GO," the four undo the ties on the bags and dump the sixty - that's six-zero, people - pieces onto their table. Alicia seems thrilled to get her first piece, but it's a long journey to go. Some do like many jigsaw puzzlers do and work on the outside first while others just fit pieces where it looks right. As time goes on, Jay falls behind, admitting he hates puzzles. Alicia gets close...but she has trouble finding a piece...meaning one of the OTHER pieces is at the right ANGLE but the wrong POSITION. As she tries to correct, Kim arrives at the same problem...so Jay and Troyzan are still in the hunt.

It's neck-and-neck-and-neck-and-neck after a while...and Alicia gets stumped on the LAST PIECE! Troyzan falls a bit behind as Jay and Kim battle. They get to their last pieces...and Kim's doesn't go in! But Jay's DOES! For someone who doesn't like puzzles, he's good at this one! JAY WINS IMMUNITY!!


The wind picks up again as Tikiano returns home. Jay is still hoping they can KO a girl tonight to even the genders up again. Specifically, he wants Christina sent to the Jury. Kim is straddling TWO Alliances: the ORIGINAL Salani Alliance (all girls) and the NEWER Salani Alliance (with Mike, Troyzan and Jay). But she feels it's time to stick with the older one and get the guys out of the game ASAP. The problem: Kim has to hope Troyzan - the patsy that will help get Mike gone tonight - doesn't blab to Jay.

But it's not Troyzan that blabs: it's Chelsea, with Christina and Alicia backing her up. When they ask Jay to vote for Mike, he says that he's scared the girls will go after HIM next. The girls go quiet after that. Still, Jay DOES think about the plan. After all, if he doesn't go along with the girls and ditch Mike, they'll more LIKELY ditch him next! This does NOT suit Kim well in the least when Chelsea finds her and Sabrina and explains what she said. And when Kim finds that Jay and Mike have wandered off, Kim beelines after them, muttering about "pure insanity". When she catches up to them, they haven't said anything about it...and Kim blurts out, "Let's do Christina." That seems to placate the men. Mike's not too worried; he can't see a blindside happening to him.

Back with Chelsea and Sabrina, Kim tells them that they need to decide whether to vote Christina off and make everyone happy...or make their move and vote off Mike despite the blabbing. She thinks that, no matter what, the game will change tonight at...


The Council Hutch of Doom...Uncle Jeff...Tikiano...and here's a much-cleaner Jonas sitting in the Jury Box. As usual, Jury members cannot address the other Survivors directly; they are only there to observe as they will have the final say as to who wins the million bucks in 17 days' time.

Uncle Jeff starts with a question that he wants a "truthful answer" to: who is genuinely worried about leaving the game tongight? Not a single person raises their hand. He asks Tarzan about people being confident in their alliances and the old man says someone is very good at deception in that case. Troyzan is so confident he left his bag at camp...and, if blindsided, it would REALLY freak him out. Everyone else agrees on that point. Kim thinks that some of them think they're part of an alliance that they're NOT part of. She also says that, though alliances and plans can be made, it's important to keep options open.

Chelsea thinks that one should ally with more than two groups and go with the one that works out best for you over time. Alicia thinks that nobody knows who's on which side...and that only a few more Tribals can work it out. Christina is sure the "girl power" talk is still going now that it's 6-on-5...but the Tribal Shuffle alliances are also in effect.

Then Tarzan speaks again, saying that the old alliances SHOULD stay firm...but, as stated before, "the game's afoot" and being "wishy-washy" is part of the strategy. Kat say that this is typical Tarzan: rant in a way that makes you say, "What just happened?". Mike confirms that there are at LEAST two alliances...but as to who is exactly in which...who knows? He knows that HIS alliance is strong.

It is time to vote. One-by-one, Tikiano marches to the voting booth and scratches down a name (but not Jay's as he's Immune). As the thunder rumbles around the hutch, Uncle Jeff tallies the votes, re-arranges them for effect, asks for 3Is, gets no takers and reads said votes:








Mike :(...

...and Mike!

By a 7-2-2 vote, the Seattle banker has been withdrawn from the game. He will be Juror #2 along with Jonas. And Uncle Jeff is certain that the votes for Christina and Tarzan will shake up the confidence of the remaining ten Survivors.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.