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Eighteen players venture to Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars - ON THE SAME BEACH. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu, Samoa
Web cbs.com/survivor
Airs 8p Wed, CBS

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A Bunch of Idiots (Manono)
March 14



Troyzan informs the inquizitive girls of Salani that Coulton had the cockamanie idea to give up Immunity to kick Bill out last night. This seems to unify the women against the men of Manono as we march together to the next Challenge.


Challenge Clearing awaits as the fourteen remaining Survivors close ranks near Uncle Jeff. And that's when Jeff says the three scariest words of the game: "Drop your Buffs(TM)."

Ayup, it's Tribal Shuffle Time again!

And, just in time for Lent, the new Tribes will be chosen with dyed eggs...accept the dye is INSIDE the egss. Everyone takes one and, on Uncle Jeff's signal, smashes it against their body. Sky blue means Salani, Orange means Manono. Manono holds onto Tarzan, Leif, Jonas and Ol' King Coulton and gains Christina, Alicia and Monica. And Coulton could NOT be more unhappy with the switch, claiming that Salani know has all the muscle.

All right, NOW to the Reward Challenge. It's very simple: four tribe memebrs take bucket, fill bucket with water from a water tower, bring bucket of water back while keeping water from getting out of holes in bucket, dump water into BIGGER bucket, repeat until one bigger bucket is filled enough to lift the tribal flag. First to do that takes back a DIY PB&J sammich kit, along with coffee, sugar and creamer. That Tribe will take it back to One World Beach. The OTHER Tribe, however, will NOT be returning. They'll be sent to a whole different beach where they'll have to start all over again. OH, SNAP! All those alliances are no more!!.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

Monica, Jonas, Leif and Tarzan are the first for Manono to haul the bucket to the tower. The Salani group are smarter: two men carry and two women race head to start the water. We're quick to leave the tower...but Monica takes two hard falls en route back. Both buckets seem fairly even, though, as they're dumped and all the Manono girls (and, yes, I'm including Coulton in that group) head back for more. Manono's first to head back again with a nearly full bucket this time, but Salani takes its time to make sure there are zero leaks. they hold a SLIGHT lead according to Uncle Jeff.

The first four go out again for the third bucket. Tarzan starts leading back the others after a near-full bucket is made, though Monica wanted to stay on a little longer. The holes seem to leak heavily as they head back, close to dumping the water by the time Salani even finishes at the tower. Uncle Jeff said one more bucket could do it. We dump...and it's NOT enough! We start to head back as the blue-painted tribe return with THEIR bucket. They dump...the bigger bucket goes down...and the flag goes up! SALANI WINS REWARD! SALANI'S STAYING AT ONE WORLD!

And Manono...they get a map and the chance to start all over again. Huzzah. Coulton says, "It's like Greek gods vs. peasants." Well, at least Manono's fishing gear will be going to the new beach.


Coulton was muttering swear words to himself ever since the eggs got smashed and he found himself in a tribe of relatively weak folks and WITHOUT most of his Misfit Alliance. When Manono gets to the new beach, though, things are a bit more relaxed sinces there are cookware, ropes and other items to make building a new shelter easier. Coulton thinks they're not going to win another Challenge...and it seems Alicia is in agreement.

But, hey, the game's still going. Best Coulton can do is start a NEW alliance. He gets Christina and Alicia to vow he won't be blindsided. Monica also throws in, meaning the "girls" of Manono are unified. And this works best for Ol' King Coulton; he only needs trust to get info. Monica is worried herself that Coulton's a double-crosser and that she, being the strongest of the girls, will be first on the chopping block.

Coulton then confides in Alicia that he doesn't trust Christina in the least...and that she needs to go. Alicia doesn't think that's wise, wanting to keep the women together. She TELLS Coulton that this kind of in-fighting is EXACTLY what led to the guys going to Tribal last night even when they won the Immunity Challenge. And, sure enough, as soon as Alicia turns her back, Coulton tells Jonas that he's with the guys. Jonas is secretly jealous that Coulton is able to not work a lick and stay on top of things. He doesn't know which said Coulton is on...or even if he's on just ONE side!

(Once again, no excitement for Day 13. On to...)


Salani may have grabbed a rooster bare-handed two days ago, but Manono uses some crates to trap a hen of their own...for a minute or two before realizing the mesh on the crate was loose on one side allowing the hen to escape. "These guys SUCK at Survivor," says Coulton. He still thinks Monica and Christina are the two who NEED to go first...but it should be Monica as, according to him, she has more friends on Salani than Christina. She speaks with Alicia about this...but she's still wanting to keep the girls together as she still doesn't trust the men yet. Coulton says she only has to trust HIM...and that seems to be enough for Alicia to agree.


To Challenge Beach the new tribes go, with Salani giving the surrendered Tribal Immunity Idol to Uncle Jeff upon arrival. The Immunity Challenge this time is a simple game of basketball...in the shallow water. Three members of each tribe (as specified by Jeff before each round) race to grab a ball floating in the water. The ones who grab it then work together to put it into their tribe-colored basket while the other tribe try to stop them in any way possible. First tribe to three baskets gets the Idol and gets to relax.

For Round 1, Uncle Jeff wants three men from each tribe. Coulton, Jonas and Tarzan vs. Michael, Jay and Troyzan. When Jeff tosses the ball in, Jay dunks both Coulton and Jonas and passes to a wide-open Michael. He shoots, he SCORES! 1-0 Salani. Round 2 is two women and one man: Sabrina/Kat/Michael vs. Christina/Monica/Leif. Well, sheesh, this ain't even gonna be close, right? Michael runs out and gets the ball before anyone else is NEAR it...but he misses THREE shots before Leif and the girls catch-up. Leif wieghs Michael down and Monica grabs it. After a scramble, Leif comes away with it. He shoots...and it goes around the hoop and off. Another scramble with the girls. Michael grabs it, shoves Christina...shoots...and SCORES! Two-nil, Salani.

Round 3 is all girls: Christina/Monica/Alicia vs. Kat/Sabrina/Chelsea. The ball is dropped, Kat reaches it first and tries to deke out Christina. But Christina tackles her...though not before passing to Sabrina. Three-pointer by her misses. She recovers...but Monica pulls it out of her grasp...she shoots...she SCORES! Two-one, Salani! Round 4 is the same three men each for Round 1. Coulton SPRINTS to the ball once dropped and hangs on TIGHT as Jay and Michael gang up on him. "HELP ME," Coulton screams as Tarzan tries to help. Coulton escapes and tries a half-court shot, but falls short. Jay recovers and shoots...and misses. Troyzan rebounds...and misses. Michael rebounds...SCORE! SALANI WINS IMMUNITY!

Well, can't say Coulton didn't say so, right?


Everyone seems at least relieved that Monica ended the shut-out. But all Monica can ask is, "Now what?" Enter Coulton and Alicia for an Emmy-winning performance for Best Blind-siding on a Reality Show. While Monica gets Leif to agree to keep the tribe strong, Coulton tells Jonas to vote Monica. And Jonas is fine being "Coulton's b*tch" if it means he sticks around. Meanwhile, Alicia tells Christina they should vote for Tarzan...and Chrstina agreed with her readily. What's more, Jonas and Coulton LIKEWISE agree. And, when Monica comes over, they ALL tell her it's gonna be Tarzan going home. And Monica falls for it...hook, line and STINKER!

But, Leif,...well, after what happened three days ago, Jonas is leary about telling him ANYTHING about their plans...so Leif gets told by him it'll be Tarzan as well. What Jonas DOESN'T know is that, by the Tree-Mail spot, Coulton is informing Leif AND Tarzan that it's Monica going home. Of course, even THIS is an adventure to Coulton, comparing Tarzan to an Alzheimer's patient and knowing Leif's propecity to blabbing. He finds it difficilt being "a leader of a bunch of idiots". Well, we'll see if these "idiots" do what their leader tells them to at...


The Council Hutch of Doom and Uncle Jeff awaits Manono...who got there LEGITIMATELY this time. Jonas says that the Tribal Shuffle left Manono weak. Monica thinks the change was a blessing. Coulton thinks that if Monica thinks she can "right this sinking ship" then more power to her. Alicia says Monica's an amazing person and very competative. But...she's a threat. Monica thinks that's a PLUS as she's invaluable. And Leif agrees...maybe a bit TOO much...but Monica doesn't seem to notice.

Tarzan says some nonsense about "dropping assertiveness" and "different lodestones" and the like...and Leif can't understand him at all with HIS limited vocabulary. Tarzan doesn't say what he's shared with others about himself...but everyone ELSE shares. And ONE thing Tarzan DOES share there is that he has "nominal ephasia", meaning he can't remember people's names. But he DOES get everyone's names right...with a touch of help near the end.

OK, enough of this verbal regurgitation: It is the chronological period to make a democratic choice. The tribe marches to the alcove, scratches names down and marches back, one-by-one. Monica writes down "Tarzan" with a frowny-face. But what does Tarzan himself write down? We don't know; they don't show. Uncle Jeff tallies the votes, asks for 3Is, gets no takers and reads said votes:

Tarzan :(...






Blindside complete! By a 5-to-2 vote, Dante Culpepper's wife gets sacked. She leaves without a word. And Uncle Jeff wonders if giving up arguably the strongest player when they are admittedly the WEAKER tribe is a good strategy. Only time will tell.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.