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Eighteen players venture to Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars - ON THE SAME BEACH. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
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Charlie Parsons
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Jeff Probst
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Thanks For The Souvenir (Manono)
March 21



Alicia was very pleased as to how Tribal Council went tonight, realizing that the old Salani Alliance was not worth her while now that the tribes have been switched around. Christina is stupified and a bit irked; she was the only one who DIDN'T vote for Monica to be ousted. Coulton flat out TELLS her that she's next...and that no one can save her now should Salani fail again. He calls Christina a "hermit crab" and a "cockaroach" and even says that, even if she DID make it to the Merge, she'd be quickly gone anyway. Christina says, "Maybe I am an idiot." She then gets into an argument with Alicia over sleeping arrangments...and Alicia seems to already be acting as if Christina's gone, not even acknowledging her. This is Christina's strategy: to show the guys of the tribe that Alicia is too big an a-hole to keep around.



If you were still a kid,
You'd play this in your backyard.
And if you're starving for something sweet,
I bet you would play real hard.

Only when we get to Challenge Clearing (and the cocky Salani gets to see us sans Monica) does Uncle Jeff explain. I'm not sure WHEN the producers were kids...but I doubt too many of the Survivors played a game in their backyards where they toss coconuts off a high stack of crates into a trampoline in the hopes it breaks one of five paper targets. And I'm PRETTY sure they didn't play that game in a tag-team format. Well, anyway, first tribe to bust all five targets wins. And that tribe will be taken to the Survivor Ice Cream Parlor where they can gorge one the cool stuff until their brains freeze permanently and their stomachs sue for abuse! Salani sits out Sabrina as the extra member.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

James and Coulton are first to run up the crates. They both toss...but JUST miss the center targets. Kat's next for Salani...but she busts it on the SIDE of the trampoline. And Alicia...she throws like a little girl. Troyzan and Christina just miss, as do Chelsea and Jonas. The first to bust a target is Kim for Salani, busting the center target. By ther time Tarzan gets UP on the crates, Kim gets back and Mike just misses...but the big lefty that is Tarzan bust the lower left target, tying up the score. Then Leif scrambles up the crates and busts the lower RIGHT target, giving Manono the 2-1 lead.

Coulton's second shot actually rebounds BACK at him...and Kat's HITS the target...but not hard enough to BREAK it. Alicia falls short again, and Chelsea's two-handed toss breaks the lower-right, tying it up again. Christina is short and takes her sweet time getting back. Next to score is Jay, nailing the upper-right and making it 3-2 Salani. But Tarzan, though slow, manages to nail the center target and tie it up yet again. Leif's next throw JUST misses an upper target...giving Kat the time to make it 4-3 by hitting the lower-left.

Coulton tries again...and this time JUST misses. Chelsea's shot rebounds on her. Alicia...just can't seem to get the knack (and gets ALL sorts of grief from Uncle Jeff). Kim with a shot for the win...OFF the rim of the target! Jonas just misses...as does Mike. Christina...WAY short (gee...wonder WHY?). Troyzan shoots...he SCORES!!! SALANI WINS REWARD...AGAIN!

And, of course, Coulton blames Christina (instead of himself for making Christina no longer give a Coulton's arse about her tribe!


"Thanks, Christina, for giving it all you've got," mutters Coulton when they arrive back at camp. But, hey, Christina's momma didn't raise her to be a quitter. And, if she's a cockaroach, she'll make sure to annoy the HELL out of everyone before she's squashed! Jonas thinks that Coulton and Alicia love "twisting the knife" in people before they vote them off. Christina talks to Jonas and Leif while the others talk among themselves and tries to convince them that Alicia still has an alliance with the OLD Salani girls.

As she tries to tell the men that it'll be a numbers game come the Merge...well, you know the sitcom gag where a person being talked about by other people approaches said people without their knowledge? Yeah, Alicia is said person. She gives the "slow clap" and tells Christina that she sucks at this game. Christina doesn't seem to care that she overheard, though; she seems to have gotten through to Jonas. But then Alicia claims Christina's been saying nothing but lies since the start. The truth is that Alicia DOES have an alliance with the other girls...but if she treats Christina like a "dead girl walking", she'll put the doubt back in Jonas' mind and will be safe...she hopes.


That night, Ol' King Coulton seems to have a tension headache...and a SPLITTING one at that. And, oddly enough, it's CHRISTINA who comforts him and cradles his head. Even though she's scheduled to be beheaded by Coulton, she can't just refuse a person in need of comfort. And, hey, if it helps Coulton's view towards her, all the better. Not working, though; Coulton KNOWS that Christina will do ANYTHING to stay around.

The next morning, Jonas and Tarzan work together to get breadfruit and bring them back to the home. When they arrive, Tarzan sees Coulton's tongue and knows he's dehydrated. Being a surgeon, Tarzan KNOWS about this stuff and tells Coulton to force down water. He claims it could also be any number of other things: appendicitis, gas in the sectum...you name it. Aside from the headache, Coulton has abdominal pains, is dizzy and is weeing brown instead of yellow.

The next we see Coutlon, he's on his side on the ground and crying. Christina spies him moaning and helps him back to camp. There's no denying it now: he needs professional medical help. So in comes Uncle Jeff and the Survivor Medical Team for the second time this game. Dr. Ramona asks Coulton about what's hurt and how long it has been. She presses down on Coulton's belly (near where the appendix is) and the pain jumps, as does his heart rate (by more than twice his resting rate). Her initial diagnosis: appendicitis. Coulton gets emotional as he doesn't want to leave the game. Uncle Jeff tells him that they have no choice; it's far too risky to keep him in because, if that appendix bursts, Coulton will be fighting for his LIFE instead of a million dollars.

Before they cart Coulton out, Uncle Jeff asks him what he wants to do with the 3I in his possession. Coulton's not sure. The rest of Manono come in to say their good-byes. Alicia...she thinking she's screwed since her biggest advocate is out of the game. Jonas is upset that such a big fan of the show has to go just as he's hitting his stride. Coulton's last words to the tribe: "Go get 'em!" As for the Individual Immunity Idol? He's gonna keep it as a souvenir (which cheeses Alicia off to no end). Jonas thinks Coulton was a victim of karma...and that it was a whole new game where ALICIA is in trouble instead of Christina.


It would seem that, due to Coulton being sent to the hospital, there'd be no Immunity Challenge and no Tribal Council. Well,...you'd be HALF right. No Challenge...but Salani gets a Tree-Mail saying this:

The game continues on
So don't give up the fight.
You haven't won, you haven't lost,
but you will go to Tribal tonight.

Well,..."Dubya Tee Eff" doesn't even BEGIN to describe the look on the Tribe's faces...but I'll let Chico expound on the speculation.

But that's SQUAT compared to what Manono feels when they get the same message. We had already LOST someone; why are WE going to Tribal?!? Alicia gets panicky; she thinks they'll just talk Coulton...but, in case there IS a vote, she needs to convince people to keep her and ditch Christina.

As the tribe huddles before going, Christina asks if Jonas would be her friend and he said yes. Tarzan says he wouldn't, though; he RESPECTS her (though he can't remember her name) but he doesn't LIKE her. She later tells Jonas that the plan is to gang up on Alicia with them and Leif...and she adds that, if she doesn't fly right from here on, they're free to kick her off. Tarzan tries to convince Leif that Christina should be the one to go...so Leif is obviously the swing vote, should it come to that, as we head to...


Well, this is an odd set-up, ain't it? The Council Hutch of Doom and Uncle Jeff welcome both Manono AND Salani this time. The twelve sit down and Uncle Jeff gets down to brass tacks: Coulton was pulled from the game due to acute appendicitis and has been taken in for surgery. Leif explains that it's quite painful as he had HIS removed as a teenager. Troyzan is shocked and saddened about Coulton's departure...but Kim can't deny that it's one more person gone from the game...one step closer to the million. Oh, and SHE had HER appendix taken out as well (and Kat looks freaked at the stories of the pain). Alicia then tells Sabrina that Coulton said, "Thank you for the souvenir", aka the 3I that Sabrina gave to him two weeks ago. The girls of Salani, however, don't believe that the 3I is gone.

Jonas refuses to fess up whether this talk was a ploy...and that leaves Jay wondering who to trust. Tarzan confirms what Alicia said. Kat doesn't know what's truth and what's a lie; she's more concerned about NOT getting appendicitis. Uncle Jeff laughs that, even though Coulton's gone, he's STILL leaving an impact on the game.

Oh,...and SPEAKING of the game,..."drop your Buffs(TM)!"


The new Buffs are black. The new tribe...well, they can decide a name tomorrow. The new HOME...is the OLD home on One World Beach. Troyzan is number-crunching and notes that the genders are equal again: six men, six women. Kim notes all the eyeball-shifting and knows everyone is thinking the same thing: who can be trusted? Tarzan says it best before the tribe heads home: "The game is afoot!"

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.