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Eighteen players venture to Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast in the classic game of survival for a million dollars - ON THE SAME BEACH. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
David Burris
Jeff Probst
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
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Origins Upolu, Samoa
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I'm No Dummy (Tikiano)
April 18


Well,...this is uncomfortable. With Jay having been blindsided by the Girls Alliance, Troyzan is all alone. He knows he can't trust the Salani Alliance anymore...and the men are now at a 2-to-1 disadvantage. Aside from somehow getting the Immunity Necklace at every Challenge, who's to say he's not next?

The girls - particularly Christina - try to apologize for what happened...and Troyzan asks Christina if she's EVER been loyal to the Salani Alliance. Alicia thinks Troyzan is "attacking" her verbally and Troyzan speaks LOUDLY at Alicia, saying he's just asking a question. The shouting match between Troyzan and Alicia allegedly answers the question FOR Troyzan; he is indeed alone. He is now officially ticked! And when he's ticked, he gets fired-up! And when he gets fired-up, he goes out to win...win...WIN!


And to win, he must...confront Chelsea and argue his case for staying in the game? Huh...but all Chelsea can offer by way of explanation is, "It's just the game." She then states that Troyzan should take it like Jonas did: like a man. Troyzan doesn't, though; he feels that, now that they have everything they need for basic survival, the girls don't need the men anymore.

A little later, Tree-Mail arrives with envelopes for each remaining Survivor:

Going once, going twice...
This should be some fun.
Spend your cash in clever ways,
And your hunger will be done.

The envelopes are actually "wallets" stuffed with US$500 in $20 bills. And, if you can't figure out what the "Challenge" is by the first line,...oy. Troyzan...he doesn't care about food; he will spend EVERYTHING he has to get something that will help him go further in the game.


Welcome to the Survivor Auction House with your auctioneer Uncle Jeff. Jeff will bring out items (some covered) and will ask for bids. Highest bid wins the item. Unlike most other auctions, Survivors CANNOT pool their resources or share items. And the auction will end without notice...so get your stuff while you can!

First item up for bids is three BIG donuts and a glass of iced coffee. Kim opens with $100, Chelsea goes up to $120, $140 to Kim, $160 to Chelsea...going once...going twice...*BANG* SOLD! And I'm sure Dunkin' Donuts will be after Chelsea like NOBODY's business when she returns to the mainland. Next up: tortilla chips, guacamole dip and a margarita on ice (complete with salted rim). The women are all over this...and Sabrina buys it for $400! Next is a banana protein shake with two bananas on the side. Maybe not the tastiest but defnitely useful at this point. The men finally get into the bidding and Leif gets it for $100.

Next item is to Jeff's left: a one-time "Survivor shower" complete with shampoo and toothbrush to feel clean again. The bidding is light and Kim wins it for $40. She gets in the shower (warning Tarzan not to stare) and gets all cleaned up from hair to toenails. A BLT sammich with tater chip and an iced tea goes to Kat for $180. For the next one, Jeff ot chocolate in his peanut butter and vice-versa. Big chocolate bars and a bowl a PB sets off a MASSIVE bidding war...and Kim even EXITS the shower dripping wet and in a towel to outbid Alicia and win it for $240 before returning to the shower with the prize. Jeff then comments that Tarzan hasn't bid ONCE...and Tarzan says (in all honesty, mind you) the money is going towards fixing the shocks on his truck when he gets home. (Guess that means any cash not used the Survivors get to keep.)

OK,...time to get serious. Next item: letters from home! Alicia IMMEDIATELY bids $500 with teary eyes, winning automatically. One letter is from her father, who feels she is prepared for this game and he is proud of her. This brings everyone to tears. Uncle Jeff then offers anyone ELSE with all their money to surrender it for their OWN letters. So much for the shocks; Tarzan gives it up, having broken down from Alicia's reading. He, however, keeps the letters to himself.

Uncle Jeff asks Troyzan what he's missing from home...and Troyzan says he feels completely alone after the last Tribal Council. He's sure a letter from his brother is there...but, though he's feeling down, he's hanging on to his money. Jeff closes the sale of the letters.

Speaking of Troyzan, the item he's been waiting for has arrived: an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. But...he does NOT bid the farm; he bids $300, leaving the gates open. Going once...going twice...$360 to Christina (who likewise hasn't spent a dime). Troyzan counters with $380. The girls talk Christina into bumping it to $400. Troyzan immediately says $420...and Sabrina wants Christina to bid all $500 to end the auction. Going once...going twice...*BANG* SOLD to Troyzan for $420! Troyzan is PUMPED at this sale; he knows he's a one-man wolfpack and knowing he can win Immunity and stick around...sweet! And he accuses the women of pressuring Christina to get this advantage not for herself but for the Girls Alliance.

Another item...but it remains covered and comes with a note. The bids go between Christina and Kat but Kat gets it for $160. The item...is a HUGE cake. But...the note has these provisos: the cake must be shared by the entire tribe and you can only eat it for 60 seconds. Let the feeding frenzy begin! After a minute, everyone has faces and hands covered in frosting.

And, with that, Uncle Jeff officially closes the Survivor Auction. Tikiano can head back to One World Beach and digest.


Troyzan opens the note he spent $420 on and it reads:

You will move directly to the second stage of this Immunity Challenge.
Your odds of winning have just increased from 1-in-9 to 1-in-4!

Awesome! And it's making Troyzan feel cocky! He even combs the grounds for a 3I if the one he handed in last night has been replaced...in broad daylight, no less! The Girls Alliance...they are panicky. Kim tells them that they, Tarzan and Leif should try to find the 3I before Troyzan does. As they spread out, Chelsea thinks that Christina made a HUGE mistake letting Troyzan get that advantage...and that the old swimsuit photographer will now fight with more heart than half the tribe.

While the search goes on, Kim looks over at Troyzan...and he shows a piece of cloth out of the pocket of his shorts to her before tucking it back in. It was actually the cloth that was wrapped around the advantage...but he's hoping she'll confuse that with a wrapping for a 3I. Some of the girls think that his cocky attitude MIGHT be a sign he has one... and they need to flush it out ASAP. Kim is VERY nervous about Troyzan at the moment...but she takes comfort that, when it's 1 vs. many, the 1 never wins in the long run.


Challenge Cove, Uncle Jeff...and some familiar sights. Chelsea gives the Immunity Necklace back to Uncle Jeff and Jeff explains that this Challenge is made up of parts of PREVIOUS Challenges. Firstly, the eight that DIDN'T buy their way out of it will compete in the First Stage: unknotting ropes like in that first DIY Challenge. First three to finish plus Troyzan will go to the Second Stage: bouncing coconuts off a trampoline to bust three targets. The Final Stage awaits the first two to do that: Coconut Slingshot Bingo. First Survivor to knock out three targets in a line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) wins the coveted Immunity Necklace and stays safe while everyone else is vulnerable to become Juror #4. Troyzan sits the First Stage out and everyone else prepares..

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

Everyone gets to pulling and twisting and yanking at the ropes. Jeff comments that Troyzan was worried about the Immunity Challenge rather than filling his belly yesterday. Some of the ladies make ground, though Tarzan is not far behind. It's nearly anybody's game as the rings get close to being loosened. Tarzan is the first to hit his mat with ring in hand and he lets out a yell that Carol Burnett would be proud of. Close behind are Kim and Christina. After a brief rest, Troyzan joins them, ready to bounce nuts on tampolines in the Second Stage.

"Survivors, ready...GO!"

Tarzan is the first to bust a nut...or, rather, bust a target WITH a nut. Troyzan evens it up after Kim's shot hits the rim. As Kim hits rim again and Christina...well, while she acts like she did the FIRST time she did this Challenge, Troyzan hits his second target. Kim finally busts one. Troyzan goes for the win...and JUST misses. Kim evens things up and so does Tarzan. Christina...let's just not talk about her, OK? The first one to break their final target...is TROYZAN! "This is MY ISLAND," he yells at the bench. "You CAN'T BEAT ME!" And the one joining him in the final fight for Immunity...is TARZAN, who nails it after Kim's final shot falls short! So...the -zan brothers get to play Coconut Slingshot Bingo for a 1-in-8 shot at a million bucks.

The Final Stage is not a race; the two men will fire coconuts one-at-a-time at the same time. First to get three in a line on the 3x3 board wins. (I'll call the boards by number, #1 being upper-left and moving left-to-right and top-to-bottom to #9 in the bottom-right.) First shots are fired. Troyzan knocks out #9, Tarzan #3. Second shots: Troyzan gets #2, Tarzan fires over. Troyan gets #8, producing a possible Immunity point...and Tarzan responds with #5 being obliterated. The first man to knock out #7 wins...although Troyzan can ALSO put out #5 to win. Ready...aim...FIRE! Troyzan...hits the corner of four squares! Ew. Tarzan...nails #2, giving him THREE chances to win: #1, #7 or #8. They load...aim...and Tarzan...JUST misses #1! Troyzan has a chance here. He shoots.........the coconut hits the beam above #5...but the momentum is JUST ENOUGH to knock #5 off the frame! TROYZAN WINS IMMUNITY! And he WHOOPS it up!! And he tells everyone else, "Don't @#$% with me."

And then the trash talking duel begins. The Girls Alliance says it just won him one round. Troyzan responds by saying he was operating at 50% and it'll only get better from here on. The GA: "Bring it on." Troyzan: "You keep scramblin'."


Tarzan gathers the tribe and requests Troyzan that, the next time he wins, he do it with dignity and nobility. Troyzan defends himself saying that he just "beat seven people" and he was being him: uber-competative. Tarzan says he understands...but to just shake his hand after a good win. Troyzan is happy to be stirring up paranoia over the fake 3I he put into play.

How paranoid are they? Chelsea and Kim are considering, ever so briefly, voting a girl out. Chelsea quickly dismisses the idea, not wanting MORE paranoia to be rampant. And Kim agrees that the next one gone should be either Tarzan or Leif. As for said not-Immune men, they're talikng it out while bathing in the waves, certain that either one of them will be in the Jury come tomorrow.

Troyzan plans to yack it up with Tarzan, Christina, Leif and Alicia to break the Girls Alliance and get the nastermind of said Alliance, Kim, kicked out. He feels that knocking one of the big four of the GA off - Kim, Chelsea, Kat or Sabrina - will crumble the entire Alliance and allow the others of the group to be picked off easily. Tarzan and Leif are all for it. Christina...well, she DOES listen as Troyzan explains that the GA would have her gone much earlier. Alicia doesn't want to make a rash decision...but she's not saying "no", either because what he says makes sense to her. Guess we'll see if things go Troyzan's way (much as it had the last two days) at...


Nine Tikianos enter the Council Hutch of Doom where Uncle Jeff has them sit. In comes the Jury so far: Jonas, Mike and Jay. One of the nine will join them soon.

Uncle Jeff gets right to the point: Troyzan is being a bit of a loudmouth at Challenges and is directing the bile towards the women. Troyzan defends himself the same way: it's his competative nature and the fact that nobody was cheering for him. But Chelsea says that the bragging at the Immunity Challenge was not cool at all and hates that he made the rest of the tribe look like bad guys. Troyzan denies that and Sabrina adds that, though he's a great competitor, the last 48 hours has seen a change in him...and she doesn't like it. Troyzan doesn't CARE if he's likable. Sabrina says she's just speaking the truth...which shocks Troyzan to no end. It descends into a shouting match between the two that even has Uncle Jeff hanging his head.

When things FINALLY calm down, Chelsea is asked about Troyzan's competativeness. She admits there's paranois spreading and she thinks of the "old Manono" (meaning the post-Shuffle Manono) and that Troyzan is trying to bring them to his way of thinking. Troyzan tells everyone of the big four of the GA and his plan to get rid of one of them, even calling out the ones he talked to and saying, "You have my vote...if you vote Kim out." Chelsea says that'll work ONLY if he wins every Immunity from here on...though he disagrees. Now that they are five, whoever DOESN'T get Immunity among the big four gets sent home!

Then Kim finally speaks. She says this is under a LOT of assumptions about who's alligned with whom. But she assures everyone (and the other three back her up) that Christina and Alicia are NOT "at the bottom" as Troyzan thinks. Christina admits that the proposition has merit. But there IS still the original Salani tribe to think about. The point is this is about "outplay, outwit, outlast", not perceptions. Alicia admits that the girls "would be screwed" if this plan works out...but why trust somebody out of the blue? It all comes down to one question, according to Uncle Jeff: "When do I make a move?"

It is time to vote. Troyzan is Immune; he cannot be voted for. The members of Tikiano saunter to the booth and write down their votes. Troyzan, of course, votes for Kim, though he admits Kim is "probably the best girl here". Kim's vote is for Leif, claiming he's been "wishy-washy from day one". All the other votes are secret. Uncle Jeff tallies the votes, asks for 3Is, gets no responces, and reads the votes:













"LEIF :("!

Troyzan's plan did not work. The vertically-challenged phlebotomist (that means he draws blood out of people and animals) is the fourth man to join the Jury. Uncle Jeff tells the two -zan brothers that they seem to have only two chances of survival: keep winning Immunity or find their way into the still-strong Girls Alliance.

To view this episode in its entirety, along with extras and blogs, as well as information on how to become a contestant, go to cbs.com/survivor.