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Twenty new castaways brave the islands of Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for
$1 million. Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
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Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu Island, Samoa
Airs 8p Thurs, CBS
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Off With Their Heads!
December 3

Last time on Survivor, we replayed the last 27 days, recalling how the Foa Foas stuck together at the merge and how the Galus, though dominant to start, ended up split due to Shambo and John's flipping, ending with Laura joining the jury. Now nine remain.

Night 27: "Medusa has been dethroned"

John recalls the vote. He said that he was not going to go home on a rock-draw. Right now, he thinks that the next person to go would be Foa Foa. Monica is starting to see John as "the Judas to the Galu tribe".

Day 28: Treemail!

And it comes with cash money...

"Going once, going twice, gone.
This should be some fun.
Play it right and you just may have
a full belly by the time it's done."

Can only mean one thing...


Each Survivor has $500. There will be no pooling of money or food prizes. Bidding will be in $20s. Auctions will end without warning.

First item up for bids: PB&J. Natalie bids $200. SOLD.

Next is a mystery... SOLD to Shambo for $240... Your $240 bought you sea noodles and slug guts... with a little parmesan to taste.

Next... another mystery. SOLD to Monica for $340. Your money gets you... a whole roasted chicken.

Next up... a significant advantage in the next Immunity. Jaison is rolling the dice. He buys it for $500. We will not know what it is until the next Immunity Challenge.

Next up, burgers and fries for $500... and a cold beer. Mick says $500.

Next... another clue to the location of the hidden idol. John buys it for $200.

Next item... the shower. Sold to Natalie for $120. And she takes her shower...

... while the rest of the tribe bids for pie. Apple. $300, sold to John. Now he can keep the pie, OR he can trade it for an entire pie for four other people. Switching from Drew mode to Wayne mode. John decides... to keep his pie. Bad John.

Auction over.

Back at camp, John reveals the contents of his clue...

"This note in your hand holds much information,
Which if you'd better heed, or it will be your own loss.
The immunity idol is no rolling stone,
A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Will the idol be easy to find or impossible to locate?
Most likely somewhere in between.
At a fork in the road you'll see a structure of rocks
Which are covered with a blanket of green.
So search at the base, you may dirty your hands,
Remember it's HIDDEN, so it's not easily seen."

Russell already has the Idol, by the way.

Back at camp, Shambo makes a discovery... The egg laying chickens are for lunch today. Doing the eviscerating.... Russell. Doing the cooking... Shambo. Doing the arguing... Dave. Shambo: "He has absolutely no idea who he's picking a fight with today."

Night 28: Crazy dreams...

Shambo is having some "clairvoyant" dreams of voting Dave off.

Day 29: "Dave is the first to go."

Russell agrees that her dream is God telling her something, so he goes with that plan.

Day 30:

I-CHALLENGE: Walk the Plank

Each player has a rope and a log. Hold on for as long as you can. You will periodically switch hands and move lower on the rope by one knot.

Jaison has a significant advantage.... He can move his hand up two knots, reducing the tension and weight. He uses his advantage very early.

After 21 minutes... Shambo's out, followed by Russell. Another three minutes, and you're at the last section. Jaison though has another knot to hold onto. Monica drops her log, followed by John, Brett, Mick, Natalie, and ... Dave. Jaison wins immunity.

Back at camp, reality is starting to sink in that Dave's head is on the block tonight. John, though, is talking about the deal he made with Russell to vote off a Foa Foa. But then John wanted Russell to play the idol. Russell decides to tell him exactly what he wants to hear, though Russell is beginning to think that he has to get rid of John. Russell pretty much had a "before I kill you, Mr. Bond" moment. He tells you the info you want to hear, then he gets rid of you.

Russell tells Dave that he plans on saving him despite Shambo's wishes. "It will be you if it's not John. I want you to stay in the game." Russell puts his plans into motion. Russell thinks he can shore up the votes to get rid of John. Jaison's far more skeptical, thinking that they're leaving Shambo out to dry as Galu did.

Night 30: Tribal

Jaison says that he'll take any victory. Dave says that his hand slipped and Jaison's didn't. He just wants to play his heart out. Shambo says that today was peaceful and genuine. Russell says that today was completely strategic. Her vote is based on her survival in the game. Dave did his best in being as honest and kind as he can. John doesn't think that Shambo thinks that he's lacking in effort. Mick thinks that someone's going to get surprised. Russell thinks that someone will be shocked. Shambo thinks someone knows they're going home. Dave thinks that he'll be shocked. John doesn't think anyone'll be shocked.

Shambo: DAVE - "Thanks for the chickens. They were great friends."
Dave: JOHN - "You're going to get me closer to a million bucks. Sorry, pal."

The rest of the votes...

John: MICK

The rest of the votes.... say JOHN. By a count of 7-1-1, John... the tribe has spoken.

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