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Twenty new castaways brave the islands of Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for
$1 million. Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu Island, Samoa
Airs 8p Thurs, CBS
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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It's Called a Russell Seed
October 1

Last time, Galu came off a high to win both challenges and happy (except for Shambo), while Foa Foa is still down in the muck (except for Russell), getting rid of Betsy in the vote and Borassi thanks to medical. Now 17 remain.

Day 7: "I did a lot of thinking last night."

On Foa Foa, Jaison wants Ben to go. He's a mental plague on the tribe. Russell's plan, though, involves a thought that no one is playing the game except for him.

Meanwhile, the tribe is almost out of flint. Ben says that he's the only one who knows how to use the flint to start a fire. Without his help, these people will die, he says. It doesn't help matters that he's right. Russell applauds him for trying to save himself, even though he's totally doing it all wrong. As long as he's being crazy, his butt is going to be on the line. Russell says that he's good for challenges and strength, so he's going to keep him around a little longer.

Over on Galu, it's nothing but yoga and sunshine. They don't always have to be in game mode... except for Shambo, who doesn't see herself as warm-and-fuzzy, but in Rambo-Shambo mode. We don't have fire, water, or food, so... screw yoga.

Back on Foa Foa, Russell tells Ben that Ashley is gunning for her. In the long run, Russell needs Ben to stick around, so he's going to gun for her. The "Russell Seed" takes hold and makes it easy for him to control the tribesmates. Ben goes to Ashley, and Ashley decides that he isn't worth a fight. But it seems like everyone has told everyone else that she was the one who brought the idea up.


"If you can't run or swim or lift or carry;
Then you better be damn smart.
Only one tribe stays home, safe and comfy,
While a loser shall depart."

Everyone gets new swimsuits. But only one tribe will get to enjoy them after...

R/I-CHALLENGE: Stack Job (for pillows and blankets; Russell H, Shambo, Yasmin, Erik & Brett sit out)

Two tribesmen at a time will run to get a crate from the sea, trying to avoid battle from the other tribes. Once they do so four times, they'll try to stack the crates so that no colors repeat on any side. First tribe to do that wins Immunity.

A lot of dragging takes place in the battle zone, as Galu is the first tribe back from the zone. They're also the first tribe to get all of their crates back on dry land. And Galu wins again!

Russell can take the comfort OR trade it for "function", in the form of more survival tools. He goes with the group and says no... He also has to send one person to Foa Foa for a while. That person is... Shambo.

Back on Foa Foa, Shambo bonds with the rest of the tribes. She begins on making interpersonal relationships as soon as possible. She gets them, they get her, it's all good. Mick always assumes that someone's lying.

Shambo reads her note in private...

Within sight of the fire
And close to the ground
Seek the root of the problem
And salvation will be found.

Again, to reiterate, Russell already has the Hidden Idol.

Back on Galu, the tribe basks in their reward. Russell believes that you have to take care of the women first. John and Erik don't think that this is a good move. He should've taken the tarp, if only because one day it might rain and all of a sudden, the comfort items aren't comforting.

Over on Foa Foa, Jaison makes it clear: it's either Ben or him. Ben has a personal vendetta against Ashley, whom Russell is convinced is going home. Mick says that Ben is a huge liability. He and Russell pact to get rid of Ben after getting rid of Ashley. To seal their bond, Russell shows Mick the immunity idol.

Day 8: "Want to start strippin' them?"

Shambo helps the tribe get a little more organized, teaching them a few more tricks, all the while looking for an immunity Idol that for all intents and purposes doesn't exist.

Russell tries to nip a possible all-girl collusion in the bud by getting rid of Ashley, but Jaison has other ideas, asking Russell the last good thing that Ben did in the challenges. He also says that the girls are so weak right now that getting rid of them would be suicide. Ben on the other hand is a poison around came that needs to be excised.

Night 8: Tribal...

Jaison wants to trade someone for Shambo, specifically Ben. Ben wants to vote out Ashley, because she's the weakest link. Ashley doesn't think she's the weakest one. Ben lashes out against that. Jaison goes out after that. Fight erupts between Ben and Jaison. Natalie... is just leaning back in case things get scrappy. Russell explains that Ben might have said some things that might have been racial. Is there any way that Jaison can heal this rift? Not really. He's not going to sit around and listen to this guy; that's not worth a million. And another fight ensues. Ashley notes that there's some more heat on them then on her. Ben tries to apologize... right. That's not happening.

Ashley: BEN - "I just think you need to grow up."

Ben: ASHLEY - "You knew it was coming."

The rest of the vote... are for Ben. By a vote of 6 to 1, Ben... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.

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