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Twenty new castaways brave the islands of Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for
$1 million. Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu Island, Samoa
Airs 8p Thurs, CBS
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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All Hell Breaks Loose
November 5

Last time, Shambo was elected leader of the Galu, while Foa Foa continue to wonder why they keep losing. Cracks are beginning to show on the Galu side, though they did win immunity. Twelve remain, with the Foa Foa outnumbered 8 to 4.

Night 18: If rah-rah is what we need, I can be rah-rah.

Jaison thinks that the Foa Foa needs to bring it together, then divide and conquer. Russell says that they need a merge and they need one badly. That's probably what's going to happen next, he thinks. He has to make sure that his seed is planted in their heads.

Day 19: Tension

Laura says that Shambo doesn't like her. This comes to blows as the two look for canteens. She doesn't get it. She doesn't understand it. She doesn't like it. Shambo says it's not just canteens, it's about things becoming like high school. Erik says that anyone who dares to fight Shambo is not just as crazy as she is, but you're also a biatch.


"Again it's time to follow your leader,
Face to face with your rivals once more.
With your bodies pumped and your minds sharp,
Your taste buds and stomachs can score."

Russell digs up his immunity idol for safe keeping.

Both tribes arrive on the beach, but there's no Jeff, only a chest. In it... Paint... a blue flag... and new buffs.


"Congratulations Foa Foa and Galu, you are now one tribe. Replace your old buffs with the new ones, and leave behind your leadership necklaces and tribe flags. Before your next immunity challenge you must come up with a new tribe name. Use the paints and supplies to create your new tribe flag."

They will all go back and live at the old Galu camp, where a feast is waiting for them.

The tribesmen decide to get to know each other, while Shambo takes a lie-down. Russell notes that the Foa Foa is quick to do what he set them out to do.

Now it's time to make themselves to home. Natalie wants to find out if there are any cracks. "And there are cracks."

Brett names the new tribe: "Aiga", Samoan for "extended family".  Erik, who holds an Immunity Idol, says "What's Samoan for get the hell off my island?"

Russell gets his plan in motion, as he shows Laura his Idol. He wants top 7 in return. Laura doesn't believe for a second that he'll hand it over, telling him that she's pretty much running the show around here. So he tries again with Monica. Same deal, the Idol for top 2. He thinks that Monica doesn't believe a word he says. Perhaps if he gets rid of Laura. Take 3, this time with John. He thinks that Laura should go first. "Once she's gone, the girl power is over." John decides to go get some cavalry to drum up the votes.

Day 21: Back at the docks...

Shambo and Russell go fishing. Russell says that Shambo could be one of his numbers, especially when you think about her and Laura's thing. Shambo hates Laura, so at any point, she'll vote to get rid of her. Shambo says that she's cut from the same jib as Russell. Will Jaison go along? Will Natalie? Will John?

I-CHALLENGE: Survivor T-Ball

Swing toward the high score... Win Immunity. For today's challenge, one woman and one man will take home the hardware.

Dave: 3
Jaison: OFF
Russell: 4
Brett: OFF
Mick: 2
Erik: OFF
John: 5 - IMMUNE

Natalie: OFF
Monica: 2
Kelly: 3
Shambo: OFF... big stick, no love.
Laura: 4 - IMMUNE

This will throw a big stick into Russell's plans.

Erik and Laura will decide who will go home today. Russell thinks that he's being targeted, so he may just have to play the Idol. Erik & Laura decide to flush out the idol and target Jaison instead. Together, they put the plan into motion, but John wants to ax Monica, instead. John believes that it's still in his best interest to get rid of Monica. Erik thinks that getting Monica's trust will be good for him down the road.

The Galu Men decide not to talk to Shambo about the vote. Let her vote whatever she wishes. Dave thinks that Erik's a little shifty. Jaison thinks that Erik is talking down to the tribe. Truth be told, Jaison wants four votes on Erik.

None of the women trust Erik. Kelly and Laura say that Erik needs to go now. Natalie's putting all of her faith on Laura and Kelly... and Dave, apparently. All the girls want to vote Erik. All of the guys want to vote to flush out the Idol. Right now, nothing is certain. Well, two things are certain: John and Laura.

Night 21: Tribal.

Jaison says that living in Galu is frustrating. Monica says that you never really know who to trust. Someone could turn the tables. Erik struggles to see anything that Foa Foa could offer to Galu. Russell doesn't like pity. Erik might be surprised. Erik... isn't. He outs EVERYONE's plans. Jaison says that he had to push through obstacles that he couldn't go over or around. The point is that Jaison doesn't care about what Erik thinks. Russell thinks that they can still make this happens. Erik says that he doesn't respect Russell that much, but Russell will not stop fighting.

Russell: ERIC :)

Before the votes, Russell plays the Idol.

Shambo: JASON

And the other votes are for.... ERIK. By a 10-2 vote, Erik... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. But Erik will return as the first member of the Jury of Nine who will decide the winner.

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