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Twenty new castaways brave the islands of Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for
$1 million. Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu Island, Samoa
Airs 8p Thurs, CBS
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Tastes Like Chicken
November 12

Last time, two became one... and one became 12 as the castaways learned that in the game of Survivor, nothing is certain. This would be a good thing for John & Laura, as they became the first tribesmen to be immune in the singular format. This would be a bad thing for Erik as he was voted out, despite having a Hidden Idol. Now only 11 remain.

Night 21: Thanks, Shambo

Russell had a strong feeling that it would be him on the block. Thank goodness for that Idol. He's now in deep trouble. Laura called it "the dumbest move anyone could make". It flushes out the idol and exposes who the next target is.

Day 22: Rat trap...

Natalie goes for a walk and stumbles upon a rat. She grabs a stick and kills it. And in a throwback to the first ever Survivor competition, Natalie decides... hey, let's cook it! And everyone couldn't be prouder.


And Russell looking for the idol!

But back to treemail!

"And now for something completely different,
A challenge with digital display!
You'll work together with a bunch of nuts,
To win a feast and to get away!"

R-CHALLENGE: The Coconut Code (for a trip to a rock slide and a picnic lunch)

Divide into two teams of five. Each team will collect poles of coconuts. Then arrange them to form a four-digit number. Use that number to unlock a combination lock using only your sense of touch. First team to unlock the lock wins.

One person will not participate. That one person... Natalie. She'll root for one team. She will share in the fate of whatever team she chooses. The teams: Jaison, Laura, Brett, Mick & Russell in yellow versus Shambo, Monica, Dave, John, and Kelly in purple. Natalie goes with ... YELLOW.

Purple is the first team with their number: 4673. Yellow gets their number: 7346. But who will unlock first? It is... PURPLE! So Natalie goes back with the yellow team empty handed. The purple team will head to a rock slide lunch.

So how do you slide on a rock slide? Same way you slide on concrete and fiberglass, I imagine.

But there is a note...

"So you've won a reward
You'll have fun and you'll eat.
But you didn't come here for food.
You came here to compete.

"The real prize is information
On how to stay safe in this game.
Hidden at your camp is an idol,
And 'Immunity' is its name."

John's going to keep this on a need-to-know basis... and Foa Foa doesn't need to know. They also decide that Shambo's thwarting their efforts at voting out Russell.

Day 23: ... nothing happened.

Back at camp, Russell continues his frantic search for the next hidden idol. Under the bridge of the lagoon... Paydirt AGAIN. "I missed fried chicken and brownies for the second immunity idol. I call that a fair trade."

Day 24: "We got snails?"

Shambo gets news that Russell has the Idol. Shambo says that she's been aligned with Foa Foa for the last two weeks, and right now, she can honestly say that they trust each other. The plan now... Russell gets the votes... Russell plays the Idol... Laura gets voted out.

I-CHALLENGE: Hook, Line, and Sinker

Use a grappling hook to get two puzzle pegs. First three to do so moves onto a board. One of your pegs will fit onto the board. One will not. Once you place a peg, you'll release another one. The first person to place all of their pegs wins immunity.

Moving on to the final round are... Mick... Shambo... and Laura.

Shambo's the first one to start her sequence. And now it's a horserace as all three are fire on the board.

Winning the hardware tonight... LAURA! She's convinced that Russell is going home tonight.

Time for plan B. Shambo's pissed... so she'll target Kelly. Cause a little dissention.

Elsewhere, Russell tells Jaison of the second idol find and the plan to vote off Kelly. "It's gotta be Russell tonight or we're all through." Jaison tells Mick and Natalie about the plan, but will it come to fruition? We'll see.

The former Galus decide to plan their attack. They think about what would happen if someone were to find the Idol. They decide to either take out Russell or Natalie first. Russell walks by and he hears Natalie's name. Jaison says that Russell may have a few minutes to think of something.

Night 24: Tribal.

As a reminder, Erik, as a juror, will only listen to the goings-on.

Dave says that their tribe was weakened from within from Erik's presence. Kelly cites uneasiness, saying it all comes back to Erik. Natalie says that everyone has been welcoming to her, even though the numbers are on Galu's side. Shambo says that the original Galu is comfortable and that Foa Foa is holding on. Russell observes most of Galu all day, but he's hoping that someone comes to them. Monica doesn't see any Foa Foas coming. She'd give respect for trying, were she to see that. Dave is ready to see who's actually being met with the needs in order to win.

Laura is keeping her Immunity.

And after the vote... RUSSELL... plays the Idol, therefore nullifying all of his votes. "Keep hope alive." The end result, by a count of 4-0... KELLY, the tribe has spoken.

Way to shake things up.

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