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September 17


Twenty new castaways brave the islands of Samoa to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for
$1 million. Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Jeff Probst
Creator Charlie Parsons
EP Mark Burnett
Charlie Parsons
Packager Mark Burnett Productions
Survivor Productions
Castaway TV Productions
Origins Upolu Island, Samoa
Airs 8p Thurs, CBS
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Taking Candy from a Baby
September 24

Last time on Survivor, the tribes met for the first time, while Russell H told a whopper of a lie to get on his tribe's good side. What his tribe didn't know was that he was playing everyone for saps. As soon as Marisa gave an inkling that he might be up to no good, Russell arranged to have her eliminated by a 7-3 vote.

Day 4: "Marisa's gone for no other reason than me."

Russell's rubbing his hands in evil glee. "She's a strong woman. You can't have that out there. I can't have that out here." Betsy and Russell agree that they can't trust each other. Betsy felt fine about her vote, but she thinks Russell was threatened. He knows she has no faith in him.

Over on Galu, Yasmin's beginning the day by walking (and talking) like she has a bur up her butt. She was shaking, cold, and nauseating. "The hood's not the wood."

Foa Foa is about to roast up some lizard. Jaison decides to square it up with Russell about Marisa. Jaison thinks about Ben. Russell says that he trusts Jaison more than Ben. Russell tells him that he's going to start looking for an Immunity Idol that is supposedly hidden in camp. Jaison calls it "a preemptive strike".

But then, a breakthrough... Russell finds a bagged item in a tree, puts it in his underwear, and walks out to look somewhere else.

But guess what he found... the Immunity Idol. It's his, and it can't be taken away from him, and there's no way that Russell's going to give it up for anything.

Day 5: Treemail!

The debate between voting people out right now is between Mike and Betsy due to them being the oldest, but that comes later.

"All the bravado and talking smack may cost someone today.
A rumble and a test of skill will send someone away."

The tribes are instructed to come to the challenge painted as a Samoan warrior.

R/I-CHALLENGE: Rumble in the Jungle (for fishing gear and another twist, Monica sits out)

Three tribesmen will fight it out for three balls. They have to pass them to the rest of the tribesmen, who'll then shoot them into a basket. Each basket is a point. After each point, they'll switch. First tribe to three wins immunity.

And we have a big collision to start, and several smaller collisions to continue.

Round 1: ... goes to Foa Foa (1-0)
Round 2: ... goes to Galu (tied at 1)

Before we continue, Jeff issues one final warning. Any cheap shots, slap in the face, choking, whatever... You're out of the challenge.

Round 3: ... STOPPED!

Ben with a kick to Russell S's shins. That defines a cheap shot. RED CARD!

Round 3: ... goes to Galu (2-1)
Round 4: ... and Borassi's stunned by that last hit. But the shot is up for... GALU! (Galu wins, 3-1)

And the twist... Russell, the tribal leader, will select one person from his tribe to accompany the other tribe back to camp. They'll return after Tribal. He chooses Yasmin. Jeff gives her a note to open in private.

Before they go back, though, Medical takes a look at Borassi. After suffering from what we in the medical field call hypotensive SOB and passing out because of it... Mike Borassi is medevac'ed out of the game.

But other than that, nothing changes. There will be Tribal Council tonight, and someone else will be going home.

But first, let's check up on Galu to see if they're having any luck with their fishing gear. Apparently Shambo believes that fishing is her forte. It... isn't, but she's had a bath at least. Not only that, her mouthpiece is gone. The good news... there's fish in the ocean.

Yasmin makes her presence known early, because in her eyes, she's winning a not-fair fight. "I wanna help you guys. I don't want this to be a cakewalk. I don't want this to be like taking candy from a baby." The men of Foa Foa are like, "Screw you." Russell: "She's going to pay for that statement, I promise you."

In private, Yasmin opens her note...

"Congratulations, you now have a clue to a hidden immunity idol. It is up to you whether you share this information with anyone else."

The first clue...

"Search hard here at Foa Foa,
Your treasure's not easy to see,
If you don't find it in a little while,
You must be barking up the wrong tree."

As a reminder... Russell currently holds the immunity idol.

Yasmin talks to Ben about the "cheap shot". But it turns into a shouting match. "Yasmin has a big mouth, she has poor grammar, she smells bad. I think Yasmin's pretty close to being... a hooker." Everyone's seeing Ben in a new light. He's a loose cannon.

Night 5: "He's pounding over there..."

The ladies start talking about respect... Good luck with that.

Day 6: "Ben was up all night. I think he was asking to be thrown out."

No one is happy (again). Everyone thinks that Ben's outlaw act is just that, an act. After all, who the hell hammers in the middle of the night? Betsy believes that her head is on the chopping block because she thinks that she's the weakest. Even if last night didn't happen, Betsy would've voted Ben out. Ben has three big strikes against him, but Betsy's seen as the weakest link. Who would you rather vote out, a pain-in-the-ass outlaw or a motherly type such as Betsy? Now that Ashley thinks about it more, she has to make the right choice.

Ben's pissing a lot of people off at camp. The two are not physically equivalent, Liz thinks. Russell says that Betsy needs to go or else they're going to get their butts kicked. Russell decides to go down the line, because Betsy is seen as a threat. "Because whatever I want... happens."

Night 6: Tribal Council

Liz thinks that the tribe is one big happy family. Yasmin's visit... not so pleasant with Ben, though. Ben defends his actions by talking as if she's not there. Russell says that she came into the Foa Foa house and disrespected her. Mick says that Ben doesn't just show teeth; he bites. Betsy says that Ben would probably be the first person who is voted out tonight, but she's got her bag ready. She doesn't understand why her head's on the block and not his. Any regrets, Ben? "Do I regret tripping someone? No." He thinks he has a good a chance as anyone else at winning this game.

Yasmin is excused... and it's time to vote.

Betsy: BEN - "Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do... whatcha gonna do when they come for you... Don't use my name if you get stopped in New Hampshire."
Ben: BETSY - "I thought you were a good cop. But you were a bad cop."

The rest of the votes... are all for BETSY. By a vote of 7-1, Betsy, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN..

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