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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs: Gloria Felix, Scott Liebfried
Maitre D': Jean Philippe Susilovic

Jason Thompson
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Two Chefs Compete
May 7

This season, 16 of the best chefs in the nation were invited to compete for a shot as an executive chef at the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. After some of the best dishes ever tasted... and some of the worst services ever endured... fourteen of them proved that they do not have what it takes. In the end, Danny Veltri, an executive chef from Edgewater, FL, and Paula daSilva, an executive sous chef from Pompano, FL, are standing at the doorway to their dreams. But the only thing standing in their way now... is each other.

The final and most grueling challenge begins... with two screens, each with Paula and Danny's faces on them, symbolizing the traditional split of the kitchen. From here on out, Hell's Kitchen will be divided in two halves, each with their own distinct flavor and ambiance to be designed by the final two.

It's time to start being creative. Paula and Danny say that it can wait until tomorrow. Tonight belongs to the bubbly. And boy does it ever. They end up staying up two hours drinking. Little does Danny know that unlike him, Paula can handle her alcohol pretty well. So we'll see how this turns out.

The next morning comes, and Danny is hung over. Paula... less so. The two begin plotting what their final menus are going to be like. And by "the two", we mean "mostly Paula." Danny is still standing around in the loft with his shirt off.

Next thing, the chefs meet with the HK design team, led by John Janavs, to start laying out their visions. Danny thinks that John's cues are a little hard to follow, while Paula already has a vision for what she wants. She wants "Sunergy"... Danny wants to call his eatery "Susan Murray's".

Now to craft the menus. Danny will be working with Scott in the blue kitchen, while Paula will be working with Gloria in the red kitchen. Paula wants to keep things as simple as possible to ease the burden on her staff, while Danny wants complex flavors.

Next 24 hours are crucial, as the chefs head to Atlantic City for some unfinished business. But they cannot leave the kitchen unattended, so they will each have two people looking out for each side. They will be your men in Havana. And the people chosen to look out for the place are... for Paula's side, it's her mother and sister. For Danny's side, it's his girlfriend and his old man. They're making their decisions for them, so they're going to have to learn what their visions are.

And they only have five minutes before the plane leaves.

On the plane, both chefs recount their journey.

Back in HK, there's a problem with Paula's restaurant. She wanted candles on the back wall behind the booths. The fire marshal says no. He's okay with electronic candles. Danny's girlfriend has no problem making her desire known, as she wants water.

The chefs arrive in AC and settle in. Not too long later, they talk to their loved ones via webcam.

Next morning, the two chefs realize why they're in Atlantic City. They're here to gamble... with their skills... in front of 500 members of the resort. These... could be your new coworkers. And this... could be your new boss, COO of the Borgata, Larry Mullin. He looks over the two menus. And orders. That is the next challenge.

After receiving their white jackets, indicative of their Final Two status, they have 45 minutes to produce Mr. Mullin's order...

Paula: Wild Mushroom Salad, Shellfish Medley, Roasted Black Bass,
Danny: Caribbean Jerk Lobster, Arugula Salad with Duck, Pan-Seared Filet of Beef.

Tasting will be Chefs Michael Shulson & Geoffrey Zakarian, and Larry Mullin.

- Mushroom Salad vs. Jerk Lobster
Winner: PAULA

- Shellfish Medley vs. Duck Salad
Winner: DANNY

- Black Bass vs. Filet of Beef
Winner: ...DANNY! He wins it, 2-1. Finally. He'll find out his reward later.

Back in Los Angeles, it's 11:02p local time, 19 hours before their final dinner service. Both chefs want to see what their loved ones have done. Paula's side has a lot to do, but they're coming along. Paula's more concerned with the kitchen, while Danny is wondering what the dining room will look like in the morning.

The next morning is when it all happens. They meet Ramsay to discuss their final challenge. Six domes, each with a key ingredient that they're going to need for this challenge.

They are... the heads of six eliminated chefs: LA, Giovanni, Carol, Andrea, Lacey, and Ben.

As the winner of the last challenge, Danny will have first pick. He goes with Ben.

The final brigades:

DANNY: Ben, Giovanni, Carol
PAULA: Andrea, LA, Lacey

Teams will get up to speed with the menus, because in the end, your fate... is in THEIR hands. Next week is the last supper, and one chef will be headed to Atlantic City when all is said and done. Which one? That's for Chef Ramsey to decide.

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