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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs: Gloria Felix, Scott Liebfried
Maitre D': Jean Philippe Susilovic

Jason Thompson
Creator: Paul Jackson
Arthur Smith, Kent Weed
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Eleven Chefs Compete
March 12

Last time in the house that Ramsay built, Lacey was switched over to the blue team, where she fared no better than she did over on the reds. An Asian-fusion challenge turned into sumos ordering everything on the menu. At the end of a disastrous affair for both teams, Ramsay himself, having grown tired of Colleen, sends her home.

Andrea says she got what she deserved by having been put on the chopping block. She says it's not going to happen again. Meanwhile, J is looking at some pictures. He says he's here for a reason, and that it's disappointing that he's failed them again.

The next morning, after telling Lacey not to stop shining (she was on point for the most part last night), Ramsay informs the chefs that the next service is an important event... a bar mitzvah. "Those are my people," Ben says. Now for those of you who don't pay any attention to Gordon or Jason, a bar mitzvah, in the religion of the Jewish people, signifies at age 13 a boy entering into manhood. Coi says of one: "They're so much fun, they dance, they break glasses, 'l'chaim', all this stuff."

Ramsay brings out two of the most important chefs in Bar Mitzvah Boy's life... his mother Brenda and his gran Sally. His favorite foods: burgers, chicken soup, and brisket.

Today's challenge is thus: each team will create a burger dish, a brisket dish, and a chicken soup dish. Two out of three wins. Remember, we're talking about taking common dishes to levels unheard of. Ramsay is testing the chefs on their ability to innovate and think on their feet.

Forty-five minutes... starting now. Move your arse.

Blue Team has put their faith in Ben, being that he is Jewish and that he knows what he's doing. Andrea, on the other hand, can't stop talking. Carol also has a chip on her shoulder. J says he put on a show today, while Lacey trips.

And... TIME. Here to judge is Bar Mitzvah Boy... Max Rubin.

Giovanni: Traditional Chicken Soup with Pasta and Rice Balls
Andrea: Spring Chicken Soup with Pasta and Vegetables
WINNER: Giovanni

Ben: Traditional Brisket
LA: Brisket with Cherry Barbecue Sauce

Robert: Kobe Beef Burger
Carol: Bleu Cheese Burger with Lamb, Veal & Kobe Beef
WINNER: Robert. Blue Team wins, 2-1.

So as a reward, the Blue Team will relax at the Skin Haven Spa all day. The Red Team, thanks to Carol's cheese, will transform Hell's Kitchen into the dining room for the bar mitzvah.

Brenda returns to let JP know that he'll be working with a party planner recommended to Brenda... one he knows all too well. Meet... Francisco. JP says that no one is going to interfere with his job. Francisco respects his boundaries, while he summons the Reds to turn the place upside down for his party.

At the spa, the guys (and honorary guy Lacey) get loofah'ed up. At Hell's Kitchen, the ladies can't put together a simple floorboard. Carol & Andrea can't stop fighting. While the reward brings the Blues together, the punishment pulls the Reds further apart.

Now it's back to business. Because tonight's the first ever bar mitzvah in Hell's Kitchen, the menu will feature, on top of its regular offerings the winning soup and burger from the challenge, as well as the cherry barbecue brisket.

Ramsay says that tonight has to be a complete service because of the nature of the event. So with that in mind... and a basketball yarmulke on Francisco's head, it's time to light a fire. Open Hell's Kitchen!

The guests settle in, and the teams are ready. After welcoming Max to Hell's Kitchen, the first appetizers go out. Andrea says she just wants to cook the way she knows how to, meaning that the risotto is cooked... twice. At least it's out there.

Now for the second part of the punishment, the ladies have to stop what they're doing and help Max dance the hora chair dance, or as Ben calls it, "The Jewish Signature Move". Don't drop him. Meanwhile, Ben's upset that he wasn't asked to join in the hora. Enough dancing, back to the kitchen.

Appetizers prove too much for J. An hour and a half into dinner service, all the appetizers are out. But Ramsay will not allow any entrees out of the kitchen until the guest of honor has been served. The burgers are still in the back of the red kitchen. There'll be a bit of a delay, which is no problem to Max, who's distracted by the basketball with Francisco... much to JP's chagrin.

Red kitchen is having a hell of a time getting Max's table out due to cold burgers. They're really good... so now the other diners are served. Danny has to check his plates, because they're turning dirty at the pass. He has to wipe his station down. Coi needs more beef with her brisket, while too many cooks are spoiling her station.

Meanwhile, Lacey has her station under control... albeit with cold beef. We're still waiting for beef to get the table taken care of. The Reds' burgers are overshadowed by women stepping on each other's toes. But still, it's calm in the dining room until... Francisco drops the birthday cake. Oy. The teams now have to work out desserts to make up for the gaffe. And once the desserts are out... dinner service is complete for the night.

... but Gordon Ramsay being Gordon Ramsay has one surprise for Max... a visit from the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters!

*whistles "Sweet Georgia Brown"*

Okay, that's nice. Both teams clear down for the night, while Carol and Andrea clear the air about the fries.

Now to the results from the best dinner service so far. Both teams were pretty even, so determination and fight-back will determine who wins this service...

... and it's the BLUE TEAM! Andrea is selected as best of the worst, so she will determine two nominees for eviction. Carol says that he picked the weakest of the team. The rest of the team agrees.

Andrea says that Carol saying that she wants to punch her in the throat was inappropriate. Paula says that everyone was flatlined.

At the elimination, Andrea still doesn't know if she's made her decision. Ramsay chews her out for it. In the end, she chooses Coi (not up to par) and LA (she's giving 90%). LA says she's given 110% every time. "You haven't seen the best of me." Coi says that she's been a wonderful team player. She's always doing and helping her team.

Oh, and she feels like Andrea was the worst tonight. So does LA. So does Carol. So does Paula... nah, just kidding. She thinks that it's Coi.

And so does Ramsay. COI is eliminated. She thinks that Andrea should be standing where she was now.

"When this competition began, I thought Coi was going to be a really strong chef. But tonight, she was exposed, when she couldn't even cook a bloody burger."

Until next week... Mazel tov... L'chaim... Next year in Jerusalem.

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