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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs: Gloria Felix, Scott Liebfried
Maitre D': Jean Philippe Susilovic

Jason Thompson
Creator: Paul Jackson
Arthur Smith, Kent Weed
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Six Chefs Compete
April 9

Last time, it was the king of all challenges, as Danny's king crab dish, originally passed over by the guys, won them their practice challenge. During the service, overelaborate menus crippled both kitchens as Chef Ramsay switched them both off. The Reds won on the strength of their entrees, but since he believes that Carol has given up, he takes HER jacket.

Ben says that he was ready to take his coat off. Robert says that he thinks he's better than anyone here. And he has no problem showing it.

The next morning, Ramsay asks who the weakest player in both kitchens are. Andrea and Ben step forward...

Ben says that he has so much more to give. He says he loves to cook. Andrea says that she's never given up.

But Ramsay wants BOTH of their jackets... so he can give them unified BLACK jackets. Welcome to the final six!

But now it's back to business. Here comes today's challenge, for a culinary tour of San Francisco. Each chef has the same 14 ingredients: red wine, penne pasta, mushroom, rosemary, capers, tomatoes, and chicken, among others. They will have to create a dish involving all 14. We're looking to see who can use these ingredients innovatively.

Thirty minutes on the click... Go!

The dishes...

Andrea: Rosemary-Skewered Chicken Kebabs
Gio: Pasta Pomadoro
Paula: Melange of Mushroom, Basil, Capers & Chicken
Robert: Chicken Cacciatore
Danny: Roasted Rosemary Chicken Bruschetta
Ben: Stuffed Chicken Breasts... in so many words.

Ben was the only one to cook the chicken drummettes. The level was across the board fantastic. It's down to Danny and Ben. And the winner is.. BEN! He's never been to San Francisco... and he's taking Robert with him. The others are prepping for service AND handling deliveries.

Robert's feeling guilty as Danny looks visibly upset about having the best dish of the rest.

Ben and Robert head to the city by the bay, and the first of a cadre of Sysco trucks head to Hell's Kitchen... with deliveries that the losers proceed to break.

Giovanni says that he doesn't feel like carrying the rest of the boxes from the deliveries. Meanwhile, Ramsay, Ben, and Robert head to One Market to partake upon their fine dining. Ramsay tells them to take the experience and put it into practice in Hell's Kitchen. Speaking of... it seems that the trucks have shorted the chefs two lobsters. Gio runs out to stop the truck... just as the ladies find the other two missing lobsters.

Ben & Robert return, and Ben shares every detail... as usual.

The next morning, the chefs get an early start on prep, because for the first time, it'll be one kitchen serving the entire dining room. In addition to Ramsay's menu, Ben's stuffed chicken will also be featured in the service tonight.

Ramsay gets in one final huddle and lets his crew know that the best way to impress him is by being phenomenal teammates.

But can it happen tonight? Anyone hungry?

"Jean Philippe... Open Hell's Kitchen."

One team, one kitchen, one dining room. Robert overcooks smaller scallops. Andrea uses the time to get ahead... maybe a little too much. All of Paula's appetizers are winning over the diners, and thirty minutes in, it's time to fire the first chicken. And it's time to refire the first chicken. Turns out it's his first time dealing with chicken.

As entrees are being prepped, Andrea has no idea what's going on around her. After another such instance, Andrea is sent through the front doors, jacket still on. JP follows her to try and reassure her that all he needs is fightback. Be strong, go back, and give it your best.

Robert fires the Dory with bacon... Trouble is that the bacon is going with the scallops. Gio cannot cook Ben's special. And Ben's not faring that well either. Both aren't angry at Ramsay as they're mad at themselves. Ben will have to end up cooking his own special. And he can't even do that.

Two hours into service, and only five entrees are served. Time's running thin. And so is communication. Andrea gets nothing from Giovanni. Robert's got his part of the dish ready.

Oh, did we mention that Giovanni ends up burning Robert's hand on a hot pan? Second degree. Gio apologizes, and it all just goes downhill from there. LITERALLY.

Now that we've closed up shop, it's time for someone to go home. But seriously, on the back of that performance, one can't help but wonder... just one?

Paula was solid on appetizers, so she will have to choose two people to go up to the block.

All Robert can say is... 500 degree hot pan in a fridge. Six professionals... and they can't make something happen together? Why?

Paula chooses Giovanni (not a solid force) and Andrea (determined, but struggling with communication). Andrea says she has given everything she's had. Giovanni says that he let his emotions get the better of him.

In the end, the person leaving, for "all the right reasons" is GIOVANNI.

The chefs settle themselves in for the night when they get a call to come see Ramsay in the dining room RIGHT NOW.

"I'm going to do something I've never done before... I'm shutting down Hell's Kitchen." With that, the lights go dim outside.

What's the angle here? Is Hell's Kitchen really closing up shop? Stay tuned...

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